Saturday, June 27, 2009

Alabama Trip

Taken at the parking lot of Mobile Landing. I supposed this is the parking lot of that park because at the far end where I am facing is the Park already. The terminal guards directed us to just make a circle if we can not find our family inside. That is really tiring so we decided to just park this side. Anyway, its a free parking I supposed. No signs whatsoever. While we are waiting for our family, I took the time in taking these pictures. Because of this crazy hobby, my migraine attack like a tornado when we got home.
That is the Holiday Cruise Ship and it will be heading again to Mexico. From here, I can smell the food that they prepare. It is already 9:00 AM and the 97 degrees heat is pounding on my skin. My sister-in-law said, on the ship, there were 80 cooks who has their own specialty of cooking. They were sent to a culinary school for 6 months and then, they were given a training job on the ship. From the lowest rank, they have to work hard to get to the top. Some work straight for 6 months and some 10 months.
This is 1-10 going to Pensacola, Florida. I love that building and the Wallace Tunnel ahead. This view is in Mobile, Alabama. The terminal is on Exit 26 on the right so, this ride were heading there.
I already had a slight migraine but, nothing can keep me away from taking this nice view and my favorite building. The heat was really torturing!That is the parking lot of Mobile Landing. I am standing in the vicinity of the park. The bridge on the right side is the 1-10 and the building on the left is the parking lot of Holiday Cruise Terminal. If you travel on that cruise, you can park your car for the whole duration of the cruise for $75 fee. It is secure and has a surveillance camera. Unlike the terminal in New Orleans, safety is really a problem. One tourist went cruising and park his car on their terminal but, when he arrived, the car was vandalized, ransacked and the car windows was broken. They say, Alabama Cruise Ship Terminal is the safest one.
That is the view of the Port of Mobile. There were so many cargo ship mostly. I think there were Filipino seamen who docked their ship in here. If they docked in Alabama, this area must be it.
the Magestic Holiday Cruise Ship
MS Holiday cruise ship sails through the Western Caribbean from the Alabama Cruise Terminal on Water Street.
the Skyline of Downtown Mobile
The Holiday cruise will be discontinued late this year and the Carnival Fantasy will replace it.
entrance to the Alabama Cruise Terminal on Water StreetThis is exit 26. Heading to the terminal. Hoping you like the pictures. Enjoy viewing. You can click on the picture to zoom in.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Parade In Hollywood Studio

Having been here in Hollywood Studio at Disney World, Orlando Florida for the second time in a year is still FASCINATING! I did not see all the shows because there are so many and it is so hard to catch the schedule even if you have the fast pass ticket. You can only do so much in a day. Usually, the show will last 15 to 30 minutes but, along the way, you will be amazed with all the characters that you see on TV. I am a grown up alright LOL! But, the excitement of being here in one of the World's Most Traveled places totally mesmerizing!These are the pictures of the parade that took place in the afternoon. All the Disney characters will be on the colorful floats and it does amazed the grown up here. LOL! I can not even go to the front to take a good picture. Sigh!
In this area where I was standing, the crowd was not so enthusiastic to dance along with the characters. Maybe because they were so tired from hiking 'to and fro'. I was too!
I just take the closest details of their float. They use this when they parked in a corner and entertain the crowd. That is why you see the stairs and gadgets.
I wonder how these Disney Characters maintained their smiling faces amidst the heat of the sun. They look so tired but, they are still smiling. Then, next day is another day to work.
See the people? They are grown up and since I can not squeeze a space, I took a step back and got this view instead.Remember the animated movie flick? This is it. But, I am so frustrated. I want to take pictures of all the characters but, the crowd is really pushing in.
Okay, they are dancing and the parade is moving. When the announcement says parade is on their way, find a good spot for your kids to enjoy. The parade is really fun to see and they will do tricks to amazed you and your children.These are the "convoy" LOL that announces the parade is coming. Look at their cute cars and carts. These characters are also talented. When you are tired and sit on the park, a character will come to you and show his/her tricks. They are pretty funny and sometimes would share jokes and people will soon gathered around and will be entertained.

My advice: take your whole family, stay for a week and take the package at Disney World. You need to stay in one of their hotels. Gosh! They are enchanting too! Each hotels has its own magical theme that you see in animated movies. I did not stay there, I only take a peek and take pictures hehehe. It is open to public if you can get in the entrance...hehehe.
They are cheap if you take the package deal. If I will win the lotto, I will bring my family in Disney World hahaha. I met a family of 21 members from Makati, Philippines and they stay for a month in Orlando. They just rent a van and that was April of 2008 and all they did was spend their whole month at Disney. I kept thinking, wow...they must be millionnaire. They are so nice and down to earth. They talk Filipino and they approached me. That is nice right? How I wish all Filipinos are like that.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Beauty And The Beast Stage Show At Disney World

If you visit Disney World, please do not miss Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage. This show will last for 30 minutes located at the Theater of the Stars in Hollywood Studio. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite animated movies so, I was thrilled watching it live. Your kids will love it.
The location of the stage play is an open theater. You can hear the chirping of the birds in the surrounding area and in fact, one bird kept flying back and forth towards the audience. Well, the crowd was fascinated with that unusual incident. Anyway, I am using the story taken from Wikipedia, for more info just click on the link provided.Wikipedia: An old beggar woman arrives at the castle of a prince. She asks for shelter from the cold, and in return, offers the young prince a rose. Repulsed by her appearance, the prince turns her away. The beggar warns him not to judge by appearances, but the Prince ignores her and shuts the door on her. The woman then throws off her disguise, revealing that she is a beautiful enchantress. The Prince tries to apologize, but she has already seen the lack of kindness in his heart. She conjures a powerful curse, transforming him into a hideous beast, his servants into anthropomorphic household items, and the entire castle and all its surroundings into a dark, forbidding place, so that he will learn not to judge by appearances. The curse can only be broken if the Beast learns to love another and receives the other's love in return before the last petal of the enchantress's rose withers and falls; if not, he will be doomed to remain a beast forever.
A beautiful young peasant woman named Belle has moved to a nearby village.
She is seen as strange due to her preference for reading books.
The local hero Gaston, whom she perceives as an egomaniac and 'positively primeval'. At one point Gaston offers his hand in marriage to Belle, which she rejects. This serves a hard blow to Gaston's ego.
Lumiere, along with the other servants, welcomes Belle warmly and entertains her with an elaborate dinner. ( Cogsworth, Lumiere, Chip, Mrs.Potts)
After dinner, Belle asks the servants for a tour of the castle. Lumiere and Cogsworth happily oblige....
....but Belle manages to sneak away from them and penetrate into the forbidden West Wing....
...where she discovers an extremely disarrayed and desolate room, a slashed portrait with strangely familiar blue eyes, and the enchanted rose...
The Beast finds her there and frightens her with a terrifying display of temper. Belle flees the castle, disregarding her promise to the Beast, and, in the dark forest, is attacked by wolves. The Beast appears and fights off the vicious creatures, but is wounded during the fight; a grateful Belle returns to the castle and, while tending to the Beast's wounds, thanks him for saving her life.
Over some time, the two start to become friends. The Beast even gives Belle "ownership" of his immense library. The household items are excited and optimistic that Belle may fall in love with the Beast and cause them to become human again.
"BE OUR GUEST" music, excellent performance
"Beauty and the Beast" music
dancing at the ballroom
The castle becomes beautiful again and the enchanted objects turn back into humans. The last scene shows Belle and the prince happily dancing in the ballroom and they live happily ever after.
I hope you like the pictures.ENJOY!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Disney World's Hollywood Studios

This is my second visit to this park and yet it is not enough for me. We are always on the rush in fact, we stayed only half day on this park. But of course, I will be back! The hat of Mickey at the background is the focal point of Hollywood Studio. It is situated at the middle area of the park.It's so warm on this day. The weather is at 94 degrees that is why you can see people walking in shorts/sleeveless and eager to get the tan. As for me, being a Filipino, I wear the opposite...LOL. I have enough tan and wished no more.
This people in here must be well-off. The normal ticket for Disney World per park is $72-75 per person plus $12 parking fee. That is already expensive right? There are nine parks of Disney World and the most famous are Hollywood Studious, Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.
If you are a resident of Orlando, you will be given freebies like buy one ticket and the one is free. Being a resident too, we just let the freebies pass by. Maybe because we are so busy with work and no time to visit these parks. I missed my chances. Anyway, I will be back soon.
For us, our ticket was good for one year and good for two for all the parks of Disney World. It was a complimentary ticket given by Disney to my hubby's company for bringing so much tourists on their park.
Just taking pictures of some of the busy streets in the park. Healthy people and healthy pockets ha? I am so envious in a good way.
Did you know that most of the items sold in their shops like mugs, hats, little stuffs for remembrance are made in China? That is really good for the economy of China huh?
This is the ticket booth. If you come this far and have no tickets, you can buy it here too.
Just taking the pictures of the parking lot. If you visit Disney World, make sure you remember which parking area your car is parked. This happened everyday and to hundreds of tourists. Remember your parking area, like that you see in the banner : Stage Area and remember the lot number. If you forget, you will be depressed in many hours looking for your car. The parking lot is so HUGE! Disney employee will help you find your car though but, be very patient. So, the best way to avoid? Remember the area and the number.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Davis Bayou Boat Lauch

This is Davis Bayou Boat Launch . The people in Mississippi loves the beach. They also love fishing, boating, crabbing and loves sea foods. What a better way to eat sea foods than catch it by themselves.
This is my father-in-law heading to his car after his boat ride on the bayou. At 89 years old, he loves outdoor activities and that includes boating. He lost his big boat during hurricane Katrina but, this time he bought a small one for the bayou.
This is his bayou boat, 20 ft and would carry at least 4 people. Today, three of them went for a ride at the Biloxi, Mississippi Gulf Port.
This is me, waiting at the Pier and afraid of the sunshine. It is 87 degrees in here at 2 PM.
The boys at my back just arrived from their boat ride.
Beautiful and Relaxing Place in here. If you travel in US Highway 90 heading to Louisiana State, you can pass by here and spent an hour to relax. The parking is free.
You can launch your boat at this dock. Earlier, it was crowded but all of them already on the bayou.
Do not trust the nice water, there are gators lurking in there.
Preparing to go back home.
The men who were happy with their boat ride.
Imagine if the gator will swim beside this 20 ft boat. It would be a very frightening experience.
They are preparing to load the boat on the ramp.
When we arrived at the bayou, some of the people launched their boat already.
This is a signage going to the fishing pier. We came from the bayou boat launch area.
On the way to the Bayou Boat Launch.
This park has so many amenities. Like this one here, half a mile trail if you love hiking.
Nice view of the bayou.
A Mexican family having a picnic in this area.
Dock area
Because it is Sunday today, a lot of the people went for a boat ride. You can see the cars parked here and all of them, their boats were already on the water.
I got two of them on this picture. They drove fast. Hoping you enjoy the pictures.

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