Friday, March 30, 2012

Live Healthy and Happy

I am not a health conscious person. I eat what I want and I do not count the calories on the box when I do my grocery. I have no vices, I believe that I am a very healthy person and I am happy for that blessings. Being said that, I also know that I am not immune to diseases. I am aware that I lack some of the daily dietary count that is needed for my body. That is why; I take vitamins and nutritional health supplements to improve my immune system. How about you?

Good Advertising Technique Logo Mats and Canopy

Do you own a business? If so; what sort of advertising technique do you use? A week ago, my husband and I went to Disney World with our friend. We are supposed to ride the Soarin attraction but, our friend was hesitant for not knowing what to expect with the ride. She called us today and she is ready to take it a try. At Disney, logo mats are everywhere showcasing the Disney characters or the movies. It is very colorful and attractive for the kids as well as for those who are young at heart. It is a very effective marketing strategy because the visual familiarization of the merchandise becomes sellable to the tourists.

Aside from that, you can also find a logo canopy and trade show carpet in some areas of the attraction. If you visit Disney, you will see all these in bold prints. Children who are in nursery and kindergarten know exactly what's on the carpet or floors even if they do not read yet. Using these products inside the park is an effective advertising. Children patronized what they saw and if it is colorful, that's what they are all excited for. Parents could only do one thing, buy it for their children.

View of Biloxi from the Beau Rivage

My husband and I stayed at Beau Rivage Hotel for three days vacation. Our hotel rate is low even if it is a peak season and our room is perfect in size. We have a double queen size bed, bathroom is humongous with gigantic bathtub, big standing shower and double vanity. The room that we have is one of the best hotel rooms that I have ever been to. The picture below was taken from our room.

Let me tell you what I don't like in Beau Rivage. Wi-Fi is not accessible to all the guest. I have my Apple iPad with me and I was searching for the entire area to connect to the Internet but, I got no luck. I can access from the connection of the coffee shop but not from the hotel. RIDICULOUS!

I need to open my emails and do my blog so; hubby and I went to the ISLE for lunch and hey, access to the Internet is ANYWHERE in the premises!

I think our room was in the 23rd or 24th and I took a good shot of the picture of the horizon below.

Here is the Beau Rivage Hotel which is so grand but, access to Wi-Fi is only limited to the expensive rooms perhaps.

I was a bit disappointed with our stay at the Beau but, I endure for three days because of the excellent bedroom.

On the fourth day, we check out and move to the ISLE.

Flowers Have Meanings

Most of us love to receive flowers for special occasions such as birthdays, graduations, weddings and anniversaries. With flowers, the sender can express a range of emotion like friendship, everlasting love, loyalty, concealed love and more. When someone is unable to express the feeling of love and care, flowers can speak the volume of emotion. Flowers are sent and meant for all occasion therefore, whoever received them surely brings a delightful smile on the recipient's face.

When a person lives far away from his dearly beloved, the means of communication would be flowers to deliver, phone calls and the Internet. All these ignite and touch every string of emotions between each other. Flowers are oftentimes the weakness of women and they tend to give meaning of the kind and colors of the flowers.
Some people give flowering plants to their love one so they can add the variety in her Gardening hobby. I prefer to receive a flowering plant from my husband so that I can add it in my collection. Whether you send a flower to express your love, sympathy, peace offering, or fidelity, just make sure that the flower you selected is right for that occasion. Check out the links if you want to order flowers today.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blue Heron Beach Resort in Orlando

This picture was taken when I visited a friend who stayed at Blue Heron Beach Resort here in Orlando. The resort is located at the heart of Lake Buena Vista area and close to all the attractions of Disney World and Universal Studious. This resort offers a superior accommodation and it is fully furnished with full kitchen. I highly recommend this resort if you want to visit Disney World, stay at Blue Heron.
The name of this lake is Lake Bryan. I was dumbfounded when I saw the back view of this resort because the front is totally the opposite. This view is a relaxing retreat amidst the busy tourist area at the front. Check out the Website for more information.

Love my Job

Authored by Greg Fletcher:

I love my job but I hate my boss…don’t you hate when that happens? I feel like I’m constantly stuck in the middle of he and his wife. They are divorced but they decided to keep running the business together for whatever reason so he’s all “look into T1 Manhattan” and she’s like “No! No more money on technology!” and I don’t know which one of them to listen to. I thought that when I took this job it would be a great chance for experience that I didn’t have before but you know, at the end of the day it feels like what’s really happening is that I’m being used and abused as a catch-all employee. I’m not their therapist which is what I keep telling my boss but they don’t seem to care – anyone and everyone who will listen to them gripe about their issues with each other are going to get an earful. I just wish they’d learn to work together instead of making us play mediators between them.

At the Port of Macabalan

Do you know where this is? I took this picture in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines at the Port of Macabalan. My husband and I were waiting for our ship to sail to Bohol Island and saw the kids swimming and begging for money. Some passengers throw coins at them. The kids had to catch it or swim under water to get it. Most of the time, they got the coins.  That's a hard work huh? I wonder if the waters are still blue today? I did not throw any coins but, I throw foods.
I decided to buy cookies and throw it to where they are. It floats so; it is easy to get.

Enroll in Online Degree Programs

Currently, we are living in a computer age. No matter how we call it, our lives are well adjusted with all the comforts of what we have at present. At home, most of our appliances are digital and very convenient to manipulate. We use the remote control to operate our TV, AC, shower and more. In our workplace we use computers which make our workload a lot easier.

Literally, our world depends on technology and it is all good right? We are living in Information age where access to knowledge is just all around us. Amidst all these convenience, we cannot keep up if we don't go along with the trend.

If you seek for a job, companies are in need of people who are computer literate. You have all the advantage in the world if you know office software's and formal knowledge in information technology. Enroll in online bachelor degree programs and gain entry into a number of well-paying company. I am working online and I saw the need to take an IT course or an AA degree. and the easy way for me to get it is enroll online degree programs.

Experience, skills and the right credentials are the way to get a good job. If you have the right job, aim higher and increase your knowledge of the industry you are in right now. Enroll in online masters programs the top credentials that can lift your career up.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hot and Sunny Day

How's your day everyone? All excited for spring time? Here in Florida, spring is like summer time and if you stay outdoor, you'll end up sweaty hot! Anyway, I took this picture a while ago. It is sunny today and the weather is very nice. Hubby and I went to Walmart for a quick grocery and went to Lowe's to price some appliances that we need in the new home. I am excited to live in Cocoa Area because I noticed that it is windy and more breezy there compared to Orlando. I should expect that after all, Cocoa Beach is just nearby.Thanks for stopping at my blog. Hope to see you again. Enjoy the rest of the day. 

No More Bad Hair Day

Summer is just right in the corner and it is the best time to hit the beach.  I am excited for summertime and the beach here in Florida is one of the best places to visit for surfing, boating, and fishing. Aside from that, the view of the coastline is breathtaking and beautiful. That is one of the reasons tourist come here for vacation. For wedding ceremony and wedding reception, beaches here are also popular. In fact last year, we attended the wedding of our friends. I remember that day when I almost did not make it because I have a bad hair day. Summers make my hair so frizzy. It is hard to manage my hair if it is hot, muggy and humid. But, thanks to my chic friend who introduced, the best place to buy the X Heat Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron.
This time of year, I have no bad hair day because I have a flat iron to help me through. If you have a bouncing wavy hair but unruly, use this tool and sleek strands will be yours in no time. If you are frustrated with your frizzy hair, proper hair care and right tool is the answer. Get one of the X Heat Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron now and enjoy the summer fun with no bad hair day.

Mini Photo Shoot

I have series of pictures about the two lovers down below. If I post it together, it can surely make a long story LOL. They were taking photos in every single corner of the Port. People passing by were looking at them because sometimes, the passing people had to stop both ways. The are just taking their time as if it is a photo shoot. One time, the girl almost fell of the water. Oh that would be fun if she did huh? This picture was taken at Nassau Port in Bahamas.

Fun Activities

What's up you guys? Are you excited for Spring? Any vacation plans? If the price of gas doesn't bother you then, have a vacation to Bahamas. If you think it is expensive to cruise, it is not. Just check out your credit card company. Sometimes, they offer travel rates at low price. That's where I got mine you know. So ridiculously low as in 4x lower!
While we were on the cruise ship, we got acquainted with some cruisers. They are veterans in cruising all over the world and they told us, NCL cruise line is the best because of Freestyle Cruising.We took Norwegian Sky cruise ship and I recommend it.If  cruising is too expensive then, just spend time with your family in land. Go to the beach or have a camping vacation. It should be fun!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Favorite Photo

This is one of my favorite photos taken when we are on board of the Norwegian Sky Cruise Line. We just came from Atlantis at the Paradise Island and we are watching the passengers/tourists walking towards the cruise ships. Some tourists from the other cruise line that just arrived the harbor were heading out to the beaches and to the Atlantis.

It was almost 4 PM and we are on our way back to Miami. There were activities inside the cruise ship but hubby and I prefer to watch the commotion down below. It was interesting especially when we saw a family running towards the ship when they saw the gangway being lift up. The gangway was put back again, giving the late comers the passage in. There were announcements, calling the passengers who are not on board yet. When we leave the port of Nassau, 3 names were being called and they did not return to the ship...we leave them behind.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Springtime and Allergies

My allergy started to kick in two weeks ago and every day, I only have few hours of relief. It's on and off, and it's killing me. I have to change my bed sheets every day too because if not, my sneezing will be twice longer. Every day, I sanitize the floor, vacuum the carpet, and turn on the AC higher than normal. Allergy is common and environmental exposure is the common ground to get it. This factor may contribute to a predisposition to allergies.

I have a bad allergy when spring comes. When I breathe in the allergen such as pollen or dust, it triggers my allergy. I hate summers and the hot, dry, and windy days increases the amounts of pollen in the air therefore; it increases my allergy reactions too. On cool, damp, rainy days most pollen are washed to the ground and I don't get sick when the weather is cool.

Some allergies are often passed down through families. But, I can't think of someone in my family that has allergy in fact, when I was growing up; I do not have this allergy. Take note, if both your parents have allergies, you are likely to have allergies too. The chance is greater if your mother has allergies. The common symptoms that I have: stuffy nose, runny nose, and post-nasal drip. As soon as my allergy triggered by airborne allergens, I will have non-stop sneezing and nasal itching, as well as coughing, and headache, fatigue. The allergens also affect my eyes, causing watery, reddened, itchy eyes and puffiness around the eyes. I just hate it!

I won't let my allergy pull me down to stay at home all summer time. So, I take medicines for allergy relief and of course, I am buying a new air purifier that has HEPA filtration, can trap pollen, dust and mold spores. It is always good to smell fresh air so; I am buying a unit that can eliminate unpleasant odors. So far, I have windows of relief if I take medicines, stay indoors, purify the air inside the house and maintain cleanliness.

Paradise Island Bridge Toll

When we arrive in Nassau Bahamas, hubby and I wanted to go to Atlantis in Paradise Island so we took the van. The fare is $4/ person, $3 for a ferry ride and $50 to rent a motor bike:Heading to the Paradise Island, any motorists have to pay a toll. Check out the rates listed above.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Grand Graduation Invitation

The sweet memories of accomplishing the ladder to success happen once in a lifetime. For students, graduation is the end of the journey inside the campus. The real journey is facing the real world of finding luck of the chosen career. But one should not disregard the importance of graduation. One should celebrate the moment because the hard work and perseverance paid off.

I remember my graduation day in college. I was a member of the Glee Club in the University and our group was invited to sing the National Anthem and the Lord's Prayer on Graduation Day. It was so surreal because I was singing on stage wearing the Graduation Toga. It was a big accomplishment for me since I was a working student with extra-curricular activities and able to maintain my grades and pass all my subjects.

My family especially my mother was so proud of me. She is a single mom and she sacrificed so much just to send me to a prestigious school. I promised her to give her my diploma and on my graduation day, it was my gift for her.

She gave me a grand celebration and without my knowledge, she handled the graduation invitations perfectly. Some of her friends gave me gifts, flowers and cash gifts. It was a celebration that I cannot forget because after the guests went home, my mother and I talk until dawn time. We look back on those times when we struggled to make ends meet. My mother had been to a lot of odds and sacrifices, and I am thankful for her of what I am now.

The party was fun but, the memory that lingers on my mind was when my mother and I have our own time alone, just talking about our journey together: me, as a student and her being a great mom.

Isle of Biloxi Hotel: The Beautiful Sunrise

I remember the moment when I took these pictures. Hubby and I were staying in the Isle hotel in Biloxi, Mississippi. I was excited to see the sunrise so; I open up the balcony french door and just lay in bed, waiting for the rising sun.From the bed, the view was amazing and I was admiring the beauty of the bay. There are few Vietnamese shrimp boats sailin to go shrimping.There were birds flying and the morning was a bit foggy.I know I am seeing a calm sea but, I also wonder what's it like during Hurricane Camille and Katrina.Accross the water is Ocean Springs. Hubby and I always go there for fishing and crabbing. The houses nearby the beach are built in stilts. If you drive down the beach, you will see the remnants of Hurricane Katrina like a concrete stairs that survive.Hurricanes are scary but, it has always been my dream to have a house near the beach so I can enjoy this view every morning.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Switch to Car Leasing

It's a reality that we are facing a massive economic collapse. If you are still in denial to protect your stand, so be it! We are living in a world that is becoming increasingly unstable. Insurance is high, gas price is rising daily and if each family will not change strategy to face these realities, to survive is tough.

We all love to spend a family vacation and traveling to so many places. But, with the economic recession that we have been experiencing at present, don't tell me your family budget is not hurting? We need to cut down unnecessary spending right? When matters about family specially for bonding moment, never cut it down. For travel expenses, you may rent a car for less and find more ways to spend a vacation with minimal expenses.

Anyway, if you are planning to buy a new car, why not try to rent or lease for a short term period? Did you know that in UK, Cars on Demand is popular? As soon as you sign the car agreement, this company offers a full car delivery service. This business has grown to be the major force in the leasing market because it is affordable, has flexible terms and has low deposits which are really ideal. One of my cousins uses this type of arrangement. It is very convenient because of the low monthly payments. For more information, check this out today.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How Much is the Ticket in Disney World

Are you planning to visit Disney World this summer? Wanna look up the prices at the gate? Here's the price at the ticket area located at Magic Kingdom premises.If you wanted to stay longer, take the park hopper option. That way, you will not rush to visit certain park in one day. If you missed one attraction from a certain park, you can always come back to it anytime.If you stay longer, you will enjoy your vacay more. And, if you stay in Disney Resorts, you are so lucky! You can go in and out from the theme parks fast and easy because you have the ferry boat and monorail to take you all the way to your hotel. If you hate warm weather, avoid summer time. It is really really hot in here. Been there with 110 degrees,'s brutal!Visit the online site of Disney World to find good deals. If you come and buy your tickets in the park, there are days that you will have tough luck. Long lines, humidity and all?'s miserable! But, there are times that you can buy your ticket right away and no lines at all!To avoid the hassle, purchase your ticket online. It's a wise decision and saves your precious time. Enjoy your Disney World vacay!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Just Having Fun

When we were waiting for some passengers to board the cruise ship, hubby and I went to the top deck. Some cruise ships started to head their way to their destination.I took some pictures and for fun, I did these:The passengers waved to us and some were cheering for excitement.Miami is an awesome place and the port is full of cruise ships. The long highway near the port is so familiar because it always featured in CSI Miami. From the Norwegian Cruise Ship, the view of Miami is beautiful.I took some pictures and mingle with some passengers. Then, we went to the garden cafe' and had snacks before our ship depart to Bahamas.For real, cruising is fun and I want to do it again. Hubby and I wanted the same cruise line because we love the free style cruising.Anyway, I am just having fun taking these photos and I love sharing it.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Paradise Island of Bahamas

Bahamas is one of the places that is truly beautiful and has a spectacular view. No wonder that some Hollywood stars consider this place as home in fact, Anna Nicole Smith was buried in the island. Look at the deep blue waters, so clear with birds hovering, prying on fish.Sean Connery, Eddie Murphy, John Travolta, Mariah Carey, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan has a property here as well as Nicholas Cage who owns two properties in Paradise Island and Exuma Chains.There are many more celebrities who owns a private island here. If I am rich, I would surely make this place a summer home.The place is very clean.That is Atlantis in Paradise Island, an island in the Bahamas known before as Hog Island. It is located just off the shore of the city of Nassau ( where I took the picture). Paradise Island is located on the northern edge of the island of New Providence, best known for the sprawling 'Vegas-by-the-sea resort' which is the Atlantis.Paradise Island is connected to the island of New Providence by two bridges that cross Nassau Harbour. See the picture of the bridge above.This is the Festival Place, a welcome area in Nassau Harbor.Isn't it beautiful?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Take Advantage of the Clipix Tool and Start Organizing Your Photos

Just few hours ago, I organize my photos according to categories: Food, Nature, Places, and Gadgets. These are the pictures that I usually use for my Websites and thanks to clipix, organizing is so easy. Once I have the pictures in my clipboards, sharing to friends and family is just one click away. In fact, I tried sending one picture to my social media account, it was posted in my wall in seconds. How cool is that? Sign up today and you will be amazed with this tool. If you have an iPhone, you can access your clipix clipboards when you download the iPhone apps. Check out this video:

It is so easy, right? Are you excited to use it? It is free so; sign up today and start using clipix tool. It will make your photo organizing fun, exciting and convenient because you just clip it and it goes to your clipboards. See my personalized clipboards below:

This is the nature category in my clipboard. When I need a picture about it, I can always find it my clipix account and it is so easy to send and share. If you browse the Web and you want to clip funny videos, just hit the clip button then, it goes to your clipix. What are you waiting for? Visit now and start using this tool. I am sure you will like it. After you sign up, please leave a comment about your experience. I love to hear about your feedback on clipix tool. Have fun using clipix!

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Hanging out at the Port Canaveral Area

When my husband and I gets bored for the day, we hit the road and travel 30 minutes to Port Canaveral. This area is a strategic location to leisure destinations and cruise lines. We dine in to a restaurant along the area where we can see the cruise ships leave the port.This cruise ship is Carnival Sensation heading to Bahamas destination for 4 nights.When we had our cruising to Bahamas last October, we travel to Miami Port because our cruise line is Norwegian. It would be nice to cruise again and Port Canaveral is the perfect departure port for us.Here I am watching the Carnival Sensation passing by the restaurant ...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cool Attractions at Magic Kingdom in Disney World

It seemed that I am now an agent for Disney World for this free honest to goodness info huh? When I started blogging in 2008, I blog and share about our Disney trips since I live just 30 minutes away from Disney World. When we live in Mississippi for more than a year, I blog about the places in the Gulf Coast. But, we are back in Orlando so, back to posting about Disney World. What are the cool rides in Magic Kingdom? All of them actually!My niece teased me that I love "baby rides" LOL. Slow moving rides such as: Haunted Mansion, It's a Small World, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, Jungle Cruise, Liberty Square Riverboat, main Street Vehicle LOL, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tomorrow land Speedway, Walt Disney World Railroad and more.If you love adrenalin rush rides then, take the Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Mad Tea Party, Astro Orbiter and Splash Mountain. The latter is not bad at all. I have been to Magic Kingdom many times but, I did not dare to take these rides. But, last Wednesday, I was convinced by my niece (9 year old) to ride with her. I love it. I never felt dizzy, nor had headache. It was a cool ride actually. I think I can't ride and will never ride the Big Thunder and Space Mountain.My favorite attractions are the following: Speedway, Transit Authority, Riverboat Ride, Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain.If you go back to your resort through the monorail, you should try riding the ferry. The ride is nice and the view of Disney World is very beautiful especially at sunset time.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Epcot at Walt Disney World

Epcot is one of the 4 Walt Disney World theme parks. The picture below is the famous icon of Epcot, the Spaceship Earth.As shown on the Braille's map below, Spaceship Earth which looks like the giant golf ball is located at the main entrance of Epcot, the Future World area. Did you know that Epcot is twice the size of Magic Kingdom? It's size is 300 acres comprising the Future World and World Showcase.If you hate walking, you need to plan your itinerary for the day. You might want to rent a segway.Last Friday, hubby, his niece and I went to Epcot and stayed in Future World for the rides.We rode the Spaceship Earth, Soarin' which I love,Test Trak, The Seas with Nemo and Friends, and more.I love the Soarin and Test Trak attractions and hubby and I plan to visit again on Monday. Would you like to come with us? See you at Epcot then.

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