Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bar Snacks

If you visit the supermarket, there are so many good snacks that are rich in fiber which facilitates regular defecation. This is important to most people who are having problems on how to balance the intestinal pH. Dietary fibers help stimulates intestinal fermentation production of short-chain fatty acids so, it does help reduce the risk of cancer. One of the main functions of dietary fiber is adding bulk to the stool so, it usually alleviates constipation problems. My snack which look like bariatrics, it seems that it helps the passage of foods through the digestive system easier. It just feels my uneasiness totally gone. No wonder that some people loves bar snacks with fiber content for their weight management target. Getting enough fiber can also help curbs the hunger and feel satisfied. It will work since the focus is the target of weight loss. So, if a person has healthier body weights, they probably have higher intake of fiber rich food. As for me, I love my bar snacks for my digestive health to keep it working smoothly by regularity. So far, it's working with me and my snack taste great too. It's just like eating a candy bar with so many texture once it's in the mouth. I am enjoying it every morning.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Saints at New Orleans

When I was in the PI, I love to watch Fox News and Food Network. Basically, I know the famous US food chef by name because I watched their show on cable TV. One time, they featured the BEIGNETS in Louisiana showing the Cafe Du Monde place, the origin of the famous beignets. I was so curious about the taste. When we live in Mississippi, I told my husband that I want to eat Beignets and off we go to Louisiana. Then, we frequent the place and always stop by at Cafe Du Monde for a quick snacks. The picture below was taken in February, 2010 at New Orleans.I can't wait for the Football Season! I want to cheer for my favorite team, SAINTS. In 2010, they became the NFL Champion and we head the place to witness the welcome parade for the SAINTS team. That was a freezing day in New Orleans and despite the 200K crowd, everybody was freezing to death! After the parade, it took us 4 hours to get out from the hotel garage and took us another hour to get out from Downtown area. That event was fun and exciting!

Simply No Deposit

When I was a child, my playmates and I like to play our own version of free bingo no deposit but, it's not an online game. That is why, we call it our own version! It was just a child game to consume our boredom after doing our assignments. The consequence that we gave for the loser is drawing an art on his arms. Anyway, it's totally different with the free no deposit bingo which is played online. There are so many online games available for everyone but, as long as it's not a game of wagering, the law is lenient. If you are playing no deposit bingo, you should be aware that there are consequences: winning and losing. If you want to play bingo no deposit, you should be aware also that some sites are not reliable. So, be sensitive to know the difference!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monte Carlo: Selena Gomez

I have good news for all the fans of Selena Gomez out there! Grace is her character role in the new movie Monte Carlo which will be in theaters July 1st. This is a comedy adventure movie which my niece and her mother talks about all week, a mother-daughter bonding moment this Friday. Are you planning to watch?.
I was actually envious because I would love to watch it with my mom too but, she's not here with me. Anyway, I have friends to watch this movie with. One is like a "mother-figure" since, she treated me like her own daughter! She's fond of Selena Gomez, would you believe that? Now, check out this Monte Carlo Movie trailer in AMIABLEAMY BLOG. See it?  This movie is truly exciting to watch! We all enjoyed watching the movie trailer especially when she wore those beautiful dresses and roaming the place of Monte Carlo! That place is truly the best location to have a never ending adventure! 

Pool Side

I think I am starting to like swimming in the pool especially in the evening. Our community pool is open from 9 AM to 10 in the evening. Usually, a lot of the homeowners are sun bathing at noon time. Few of us do swim after sun set when the surrounding cools down.

The water is heated naturally so, it's really good to swim at night! Our place is well-keep, very clean and tidy. Each of the homeowners are given the key to this facility. No tresspassers can come in since this is gated! Most of the time, I swim after they clean it twice a week.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mom and Dad Making Changes

Guest post from: Constance Rodgers

My mom and dad are getting older, and I still worry about them out on the farm. It’s so isolated and I know they both have failing physical health so I worry quite a bit. We got them a security system from  last year and that’s made me feel much better…now I know they aren’t unsafe out there at night all by themselves. My mom recently told me that Dad has been talking about what it would be like to live in a retirement community. I can’t believe they’re even considering it! I guess they have stocked a lot of savings away for just such a thing, and it would make it much easier to visit them, that’s for sure. I like the idea of someone being there 24/7 in case they need help and there would be tons of social activities for them to get involved in. I love my parents and I just want to make sure I’m doing everything I can to take care of them in their old age.

Crabbing at Summertime

One of the few things that I missed in Mississippi is crabbing. Aside from this beautiful view of the Gulf Coast, there are endless activities to do here too.

Emily and I were shouting at the top of our lungs when we caught our first crab.

Hubby and his cousins were having a feast time with what we caught. I don't like eating crab especially when I have to be messy while separating the shell from the meat.
Crabbing is fun and this place is amazing! Everyday, hubby and I hang out in this place!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


As I look around my kitchen today, I noticed that it lack something. An item that does not take much space and stylish. This spice rack is one of the things that I need on my counter top. I have a wall spice rack in the kitchen but, it's overflowing already. This is perfect since I love the design and it's finished with decorative chrome coat. A product like this is a good quality and made to last. Any spice racks that looks like the picture above is an amazing accent in the kitchen and anyone will surely notice. This comes with 20 spice containers, I sure need an extra kitchen spice racks to spiced up my home made cooking. If you want to buy one of this, check out the links now!

Angel Birthday Card

Last year on my birthday, I did not receive my angel birthday card from VS. Come to find out, someone stole it. Today, it arrived sooner before I can use my other $20 Gift Card that they sent me last month. It's from the points that I earned from using my angel card. Yay! Got $30 worth shopping spree at VS. Angels are given $10 rewards for every 250 points earned. Every year, angels will receive a birthday card. And whenever there are new products, angels will receive a free beauty samples and free products plus many VIP access to store events. You should become an angel too. Check their Website for angel benefits!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Web Hosting Directory

Are you looking for a trusted web hosting directory with in-depth information? Since 2002, Web Hosting Rating provides the real web hosting reviews which are coming directly from independent reviews of customers. It's a resource of honest reviews and opinions from contented customers and that is reliable.This company is doing the research to lessen our burden. Finding the right web hosting company will then be easier for us. listed in their site the hosting companies that received Awards and Certifications which delivers exceptional service to their customers. Click the links here and you will find the list of categories which are good resources of finding what you need for your business online. They just posted the best 10 web hosting services in 2011 and by looking at it, you will get an idea which hosting site are recommended by their customers. So, visit the links today!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Keebler Danish Wedding Cookies

I saw this in the cookie isle in Walmart! I have been looking for this cookie for so long and I can't believe my eyes when I saw the Danish Wedding Cookie made by Keebler which was displayed at the top of the shelves! It was in 2008 when I attended the "Christmas Party" of the whole clan of my husband in Mississippi. It was a huge party in the house of Aunt Myra, the sister of my hubby's mom. The best sweet treats in the party includes the homemade EGGNOG and homemade Wedding Cookies. Sort of like a tradition that these two should be on the table.I love the homemade wedding cookies of cousin Margaret and it was the first time that I tasted such delicious cookie. I must admit, I am not a big fan of cookies but, this wedding cookie totally got the approval of my taste buds!I look forward for every occasion for this cookie because it's the specialty of cousin Margaret. She shared her recipe in verbal but, can't remember half of it, LOL! That is why, seeing this in the grocery was truly big deal for me! Pardon my shallow madness LOL!

Health Directory

There are times when we wanted to know certain medical terms, we run to the Internet to browse about it. We tend to research it thru google but then, we end up with so many suggestions and it's up to us which Website to check first. With Health Directory, you will find a comprehensive resources suggested by a human-edited directory. What they have are quality directories such as Fitness Directory and Health and Wellness Directory which are good resources to start with what you are searching for. If you want to know about the latest topic of men's health, nutrition, beauty, wellness and other related information, you should check out now!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Comfortable Scrubs

Would you agree that these scrubs are comfortable to wear? I like the V-Neck design and the cotton cloth material. Scrubs are worn both by men and women. The school where I worked as a part time before require us to wear scrubs but with cheerful prints which are truly interesting right?

My iPad Portfolio Case

We went out to Walmart yesterday to buy an iPad accessories such as screen shield and standing portfolio case. This store has good buys and offer super low prices compared to other store in the US. Walmart is one of my favorite stores here in the US.I found what I have been looking for. I bought this iPad case and it's perfect for me. It has the traditional hard shell case and soft fabric folio case. I love the sophisticated style, it's thin but, it gives that protection that I needed from scratch and impact.It has that soft magnets that secure the lid closed and has that soft, scratch-resistant interior. It also has that protective lid that adjusts into multiple angles for displaying, viewing, typing or FaceTime.As you can see from the top picture, there is a camera hole cutout on the back. It has an easy access to all buttons and ports, therefore when I charge and sync my iPad, I can perform those things without removing my iPad from the case. Check it out! It only cost $30 bucks!

Blogger Blessings

Here's the latest blessings that I received as a blogger. An advertiser wished to have an ad in one of my Websites. He offered me a product of my choice from their Costume Site in return for an honest review. I had fun writing about the product because the quality and design of the shoes are great. This is a flapper shoes supposedly worn in the 20's.
This is size 6 but, it is a little bit bigger for me. I truly love it and if I can't wear it, I plan to give it to my cousins. I am sure they will like it because it is comfortable to wear and the detailed design is really great. I will be sharing you another good stuff that I have next time. Thanks for stopping by and keep blogging.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Poker on the Internet

Poker on line is simply the game of poker on the Internet which is legal and regulated in many countries especially in Mac poker UK-United Kingdom. There was a common fear by most of the novice of the game about the absolute safety of their money when playing. In whatever aspects, you should be careful for whatever you do on the Worldwide Web especially with money matters. It is your prerogative to examine if the site is legitimate.

The US Poker Online however, have that window of safety since there was a bill passed to legalize and regulate online poker card room operators in the country. Poker Deal is everywhere online and it's tempting but, as long as you practice safety measures for your own good, you will have the fun playing in a safe online poker rooms.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dreaming of Cool Weather

I dreamed of the cool weather especially the months of January. I can deal with 50's and 60's where I can wear my boots and cuddle up with my two layers of sweaters. We have no snow in Orlando so, my version of cool weather truly is a cool one!Back in where I lived in Mississippi, we have at least 37 degrees and it just enough to have a frozen lake. It was an amazing sight, a breathe of fresh air, and the kind of moment where everybody just look forward for mardi gras . This is our broken bird bathe, just laying at the back of the house. The rain water is frozen solid like a crystal! I can't stay long at this area because gnats are truly bad at this time of the year. They would start attacking me and eat me alive, LOL. But, I love to stay at the screened back porch, I still can smell the fresh green grass and the freshness of the morning. I can only sigh for now.

Walk in Tubs

Are you having a difficulty in using the traditional bath? Your bathing experience is important that is why some manufacturer's created a new design bath that will served according to your needs. The walk-in tubs was innovated to provide you safety, functionality as well as encourage and support your independence. Reward yourself with the freedom to enjoy a relaxing bathing experience. Just visit the Website to view their products. Their walk-in tubs and showers comes in many designs such as Majestic, Victorian, Classic, Universal, Cameo, Paradise, and Avalon. The best design and the greatest innovation of all is the EZ Bath Lift. If you find it hard to get in and out from your bath tub, this is the right bath tub for you. Visit today for more information.

Brutal Heat

I am sickly especially in summer time. It is not summer but, it feels like it. I just found out that I have allergy and it's terrible during this time of the year. A friend called me this morning if I could go to Disney World with them. I just said NO. I know what's it like in Disney at this time. I wouldn't enjoy it because the heat index is brutal.Well, there are so many attractions to go to avoid the heat outside. We can stay indoors such as watching live shows of Nemo, Lion King, Little Mermaid, Bugs Life, Beauty and the Beast, and many more. But, once you go out from these places, the muggy feeling will meet your face dead on! This is our weather forecast this week and I can't wait for November, LOL! Let me laugh a lil bit, I am still sick from this brutal heat but, I need to work! Thanks for stopping by.

Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever thought of having a Website for your business? If you already have then, you should check the traffic of your site. If you get customers and your sales are improving every month then, your site served the purpose. But, if it's not working right, you need help right now. The need to get clients from the Web is important otherwise; your site is nothing but a dot in the whole sphere of the Internet. You need the search engine optimization where your presence will be known by search engine users. For every Website or Webpage, the process of improving the visibility is very necessary and that you need SEO since optimization is the key to drive traffic to your business online. In the Worldwide Web, there are consultants who carry out this optimization projects in behalf of clients like you. If you are looking for a company that will help you carry out the SEO of your business, visit today. This company also offers search engine marketing, web design, social media, reputation management, analytics, and more. Webimax has the experience and delivers the end results that you are searching for. If you want your online business to grow, you should visit now and ask for a FREE consultation.

Fun Activity

How's your Father's Day celebration everyone? Hoping that you spend it with extra special and memorable. One of my friends said their family went out fishing for Fathers Day. His dad loves fishing so, when he asked him about that short trip, he did not hesitate.The picture above with the view of the Gulf coast taken last year was typical place in Mississippi to do those stuff. Fishing, boating, crabbing and just go that little island, stay on a tent and just enjoy the beach. Since I took this picture on January, cooler weather is great from noontime to three. Or, it will be chilly when your out on the island. Anyway, no matter what activities you do, if you spent it with your family, it is always fun and memorable.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

House Plaques

Are you looking for Residential Address Plaques? is a good Website that I want you to check out. You will enjoy the selection of beautiful designs which you will definitely love. This company also have commercial address plaques which are truly beautiful and attractive. This picture is an example of their work and I like it because it's very simple. If you are looking for Address Numbers and Address Posts, start your search from this Website. They also have Specialty Plaques and Mailboxes which you have so many to choose from. This company guarantees a low price and you can even transact business through their live chat. What are you waiting for? Check it out today!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Progressive Lady: Stephanie Courtney

If you live in the US and you love watching TV, you have seen her face thru Progressive advertisement as a sales agent named Flo. She is so funny! I always enjoyed watching her wacky movements like when she's rolling her eyes and those crazy facial expressions. I always have a big laugh whenever she played her character as a witty and funny agent.The Progressive Lady hails from New York, Stephanie Courtney, 41 years old and married to Scott Kolanach in 2008. If you haven't notice her ad, take a moment and watch the progressive advertisement on your TV. She is just a natural comedienne!

Anthony Weiner Resigns

I can't help but take a peek on the latest scene of politics. Super hot news about Anthony D. Weiner, the New York's 9th District Congressman announced his resignation today.

I heard his arrogant speech, the unpleasant jokes he cracks toward his opponents, and now look at him, he turned himself into a disgusting old man. He took obscene photos of himself posted to a social media account. Sometimes, a successful politician as he was can be a "pinhead". What made him think that he can get away in this type of craziness?

Credit Cards

Are you searching to apply for low apr credit cards? If you have a good credit score, you will be overwhelmed with credit cards offer. The selection is endless but, you need to pay attention to the available credit card reviews. By knowing which credit cards give rewards such as cash back, frequent flyer points, gift certificates and more, will give you an idea which credit card can give your money back as a loyal customer. You should also consider how much is the APR or annual percentage of rate because it will really affect your annual payments. It is more advantage on your end if you have low APR because you are paying low percentage of the amount you used at a certain time. For more information, visit the links provided here.

Apple iPad 2 Winnings

When I received a tweet message saying i won an iPad2, I can't believe what I was reading. But, since it was tweeted by IZEA, an authentic social media marketing company based in Orlando, I knew it was for real.Today, I received an email from Apple Company informing me that my iPad is on the mail and sent me a tracking number. I won this iPad2 when I joined the contest called "tag4cancer" sponsored by Bumble Bee product using my Twitter account @amiable2amy. The contest run for months and here I am , one of the winners. The contest was all about tweeting for cancer awareness and that's what motivate me to join. My winning is an extra bonus and of course, amazed that Internet contest truly is for real. I will be joining more contest from now on.

iPhone Video Converter

Technology nowadays are constantly changing, improving and what is new today might not be new next month. It is just a continuous process of improving technology. Updates and Upgrades are the modern tool to keep up with the fast changing cycle of new inventions of technology. One of the best phones invented so far is the iPhone. It has everything that you want in a phone and I am jealous of those who own this kind of smart phone. Anyway, if you have an iPhone and looking for an iPhone 4 Video Converter, you can check out this link for all your media management solution. Are you tired of buying ring tones all the time? The solution is the iPhone 4 Ringtone Maker. You can now transfer converted ring tones to iPhone directly without iTunes. What a clever innovation right? Visit the Website now.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Traveling to Saint Augustine

When hubby and I arrived Saint Augustine, Florida, I was just blown away with the historical importance of this place. There are so much to see in this place besides the beautiful beaches. You will be amazed with the Castillo de San Marcos, Lightner Museum, learn the legacy of the huge Flagler College. This was built in 1887 by Henry Flagler and listed as a National Historic Landmark with a Spanish Renaissance Architecture.You can also check out the wax museum, the lighthouse, alligator farm and ride the trolley. We had a funny experience there because when we roam the old buildings of the Old City, we made a wrong turn and we are lost. It was already 9 PM and there's no one around but us. Huge Oak Trees and houses as if no one was there. Anyway, we managed to walked towards the big building and all of a sudden, we are inside Flagler College.We finally saw two security guards and asked where we are and if by chance, they can give us the direction towards the parking lot. Sure did! Just two turns and we are back to the crowded place. I suggest, you should bring a map in the Old Town, it's Free in the hotel lobby. Familiarized the place so, you will enjoy your sight seeing.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Beat the Summer Heat

Oh, summer is here and what a better place to enjoy it but stay outdoors! Let's take out our swimsuits, wear our sunglasses, rub the sunscreen and jump in the pool to get cool, right? Are you all set to beat the summer heat? Have you checked your pool after covering it for the winter? I bet you did! Keeping your pools covered for the winter protects your property and will last longer. So, visit this link if you are searching for above ground pool covers, pool supplies, pool liners, solar pool heaters, floating loungers and many more. This company also have pool equipment which you can check out such as pool decks and ladders, pool pumps and filter systems, diving boards and many more. This is an online pool superstore where you can find what you needed to maintain a speck and span pool.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Missing: Lauren Spierer

Lauren Spierer is a student from Indiana University vanished after a party. She is 4'11 ft tall and weighs less than a 100lbs was last seen on June 3 around 4:30 AM walking to her apartment from a friend's party.She suffer a condition called QT Syndrome, a heart rhythm disorder which medication is very important. Whoever kidnapped her, probably was stalking her on that street. The video surveillance on her apartment shows no sign that she got home. If you seen her, call the Bloomington Police Department at (812) 339-4477. I hope she is alive and will be home safely, I hope and pray.

Pop Up Trade Show Displays

Have you heard about pop up trade show displays? If you have been to trade shows, events and job fairs, you already seen pop up displays. It comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and sometimes come with graphics.Do you want to order a trade show pop up for your business? Check out the website today to see the different products which are easy to set up and no hassle to transport. You can get a frame that opens up like an "EZ UP" canopy which you can hang either fabric or graphic panels to the frame. The case can convert to a podium stand using either a graphic or fabric wrap to surround the case. Custom pop ups are also available as well as Backlit pop ups which are like a giant light box. Special panels and lights are hung behind the display and a large transparency graphic is hung on the front. If you choose to have 3D pop up displays, this is a unique way of displaying graphics and are the easiest to set up in your pop up booths. The most unique ones are exhibit with the custom designed graphics for higher impact and better results. Check it out today!

At San Francisco

One of my visits to San Francisco, I was actually shopping at Macy's when I took this picture of the street below. This place is one of the busiest city in the US and it's really true. Finding a parking space was as hard as finding a needle in the haystack!I was actually drinking my cup of Starbucks coffee at this time while stretching my tired legs. We were roaming the whole city at early morning plus the shopping which was really out of the plan, made my foot hurt.
This view is relaxing! If this is the surrounding area of my workplace, I can deal with that! I love the busy street where nobody care what you wear or what you look like! I will definitely visit San Francisco again and again.

Connecticut Movers

Moving to another place? I know it is so hard to pack your things to make the big move. For whatever reasons you may have, it is not easy to do this on your own. You need professional movers to unload this type of burden on your part, right? Are you Moving To Connecticut area? If so, are you desperate to find Connecticut Movers? The Connecticut Moving Companies will help you pack and unpacked your things in professional manners. You have nothing to worry because all their staffs are weell-trained in this type of job professionally. They also have Connecticut International Movers so; just Google the words and it will direct you to the best movers in your area. You can also get your FREE moving quote. Don't procrastinate, check it out now.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

On the Bridge

At Mississippi- My camera was new at this time and I forgot to set the date that is why it's showing 2005. My husband pick me up from the casino where I work at 7AM. The weather was awesome and cool. I love the moment every time we pass by the bridge because I can see the Gulf Coast, the beach area and the sunrise!I think I took this picture because the sun shines different. There is no ray! The surrounding area was so calm and it was really cold during this time.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Medical Training Company

Are you searching for a Medical Training Company? This must be your lucky day! You hit the right site and you should start looking from This company offers various skills which a doctor should gain knowledge from. This is actually an Oxford Medical which offers the following: Interview and Management Trainings, Teaching Courses and Career Development. If you are interested with a consultant interview course, this service is run by Oxford Medical. Under an expert trainer, it will be done in a small group size and the workshop is only limited to 3 to achieve a quality learning. Now, if you are looking for a medical teaching course, visit this link today. This is by far the best course because by reputation, it is considered as excellent nationally. The medical management course is run for 3 days by Oxford in a regular manner. It covers a lot of topic such as: Managing Team, Personal Effectiveness, Business Planning and more. In the teach the teacher course, this service is considered as number one in UK and is one of the original courses of Oxford Medical. You can't go wrong if you enrol in any of these courses. For more information, check out the links provided here.

Laughing Out Loud

I just can't control myself from laughing like this! DA! DA! DA! DA!DAAAA! It is so aggravating that people out there wants to make money by leaving a comment with links embedded. The comments are not related to the topic anyway! By commenting that way, it is very obvious that they just want to post a comment to Websites with higher PR ranks! Come on people, where's your pride? Earning few cents that way is truly a low class!Make your own Website, work with it and be passionate about it. Then, you will have your own Site to posts all your crappy links and you can earn few dollars! I will not publish your spam comments anyway so, why do you have to keep trying? LOL!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Web Hosting Searches

Are you searching for an Internet hosting service to make your Website accessible to the World Wide Web? The web hosting may vary accordingly. If you are looking for a service that provides small-scale file hosting to hosting a bigger and specialized software, finding a hosting company is not hard at all. What you should consider is the kind of service they can deliver to you.

If you plan to have a managed hosting service usually, you can have your own Web server. You can manage your data using a remote management tools. Also, you can't modify the server but in this type of hosting, the provider can guarantee a quality of service.

Have you heard about colocation? You can own the colo server where the hosting provides you the physical space. They say, this is the most powerful and expensive type of web hosting service. Whatever hosting services you need, choose the service you needed most. For more information, you can check the links provided above.

Paranormal Activity

We celebrated our wedding anniversary last month and we spent a short vacation in Saint Augustine, Florida known to be the oldest city in the country. We visited Fort Matanzas National Monument along the inlet of Matanzas River. I love to take pictures, I took so many angles in and out. Here's what I noticed: The picture below was taken outside and it's really clear. It is because I was outdoor, right? Typically, the result was normal.Here is the inside shot using the same camera. I took this picture and my hands are steady but, the result was blurry. I deleted the first shot and took another picture, here's the result. The indoor lighting is not at all dark but, the result of the picture is blurry. Every single shot inside was like this. Could it be because of "paranormal activity"? This is a historical site and when it comes to death, this place is gruesome in 18th century. This building stood in it's original condition. Could this blurry image a ghost tried to manipulate a camera? I am just making my hunch!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Advertising Agency

Do you own a struggling business? Are you satisfied with the monthly flow of customers checking in to your Website? Are you aiming to triple the sales of your company? If the answer is yes then, you should hire a competent agency to do all the promotion of your business or company. You need an Advertising Agency who is dedicated to create, plan and handle all the advertising and promotion for your business. They have the ability to sell your products and promote your services to the costumers. They will handle the overall branding, sales and marketing strategies to reach out the target consumers, clients and customers. Let the agency worry this aspect of your business. The agency is responsible in creating ads and can provide media services too. They served as mediator between a consumers and businesses. It will be a mental torture if you have to worry about the promotion of your company right? Let the expert handle it for you. Visit the link above for more information about advertising your business or company.

When you choose an advertising company, make sure they not only do the planning but also knows how to follow-up. Your business should yield a positive outcome according to your objective. Hire an agency that can deliver the end result of reaching out to the customers and make your business searchable on the Web. Check out and request their portfolio for FREE. Their services might be the one you need to boost your business. Visit the Website today. Online Shopping Experience

I love shopping online because it is easy and I don't have to go to the mall. Sometimes, I am too lazy to roam around the mall so, having the comfort to shop online is truly fun. I have a store card that I don't use for months so I thought of using it. I went to KMART.COM and ordered 7 pairs of footwear. After 3 days, the customer service told me it was cancelled due to OUT OF STOCK and I was not charged.After a week, I received my first box which contain 3 pairs of footwear. To my surprise, there are four pairs supposedly but, they sent it to other customer but, the receipt was sent to me and I was charged.

I sent a complain and they replied I was not charged. It pissed me off because KMART charged my card the whole amount of 4 pairs of footwear. I had a series of emails and most of the time, different customer service replied to my complaint. I had to explain over and over again what had happen.

Then, since they don't research who made the mistakes, they asked me to show my bank account that I was charged with. In fact, they knew that I was charged the full amount because they have access to my account. I ordered from KMART.COM but, customer service rep who replied to my inquiries were from SEARS.COM.

My second box came and it has only one item with exact amount paid. The third box did not come. After two weeks, I inqured about it and came to find out, it was sent to the same address in Illinois. They refunded the amount after a week.

Presently, I am still fighting to get the refund of the first item. I am not pleased with the customer service representative of KMART/SEARS. I swear I don't want to use their Website again. In fact, I close my Sears account. Oh by the way, this happened TWICE in a row! Few months ago, I ordered different perfumes and it was mess up! POOR online service! Dont SHOP in KMART.COM!

Animal Kingdom in Disney World

If you visit Disney World in Orlando, you should explore the breathtaking attractions in Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Taking the Kilimanjaro SAFARIs is just one part of the attraction that you should start with. Kids love to see animals in their normal habitat so, take the Maharajah Jungle Trek where they can see tigers, bats and more.You can also take the Wildlife Express Train to Rafiki's Planet Watch where you can have picture taking with Rafiki and other Disney Characters. You should check out Pangani Forest Exploration Trail and Flights of Wonder attractions too, I bet you will enjoy these attractions for sure.
There is a new attraction called Wild Africa Trek, it is so thrilling and this expedition is privately guided where you will be fitted with a harness attached to a cable system. My personal favorite attraction is Animal Kingdom are: It's Tough to be a Bug, Festival of the Lion King, Wildlife Express Train (especially when I am tired walking hehehe), Finding Nemo which is the BEST.
The TREE at the middle is called TREE OF LIFE. You should go that direction because it is the home of BUGS LIFE! Young and old will love this attraction. You will get out laughing and grinning I will bet you on that!
The picture below showing the mountain with white cap at the top is the Expedition Everest the Legend of the forbidden Mountain. Inside the cave of that mountain, you will be face to face with the famous YETI. If you love high speed trek to the mysterious Himalaya Mountain, this is the thrill you have been looking for. I must admit, I am afraid with this ride hehehe.
For sure, if you take this ride, you will scream the longest scream ever! If you call it FUN then, take the challenge of this ride! Have Fun!

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