Sunday, May 30, 2010

Search Engines

I can't live without the internet. Whether I am at home or at the mall, I have an internet access. I easily get bored when I had nothing to do for minutes. That is why, I love my phone and my handy netbook. Whatever things I did online which I can't finish at home, I make it a point that even if I am away from my desk, I can make it done. I love to download songs, games, and other things which I find interesting in my daily activities. How about you? I bet you love to download movies too right? Are you looking for a search engine where you can have access for a free pdf download? That will never be a problem. The access is enormous and there is a particular site that offers for FREE. It is always good to have Free offers right? Why pay something when you can get it for free? I do take advantage of free download. The only thing to consider though is that you trust that Website. The source should be virus free so you can enjoy what you download. Anyway, take your time to download now and have fun in all the activities that you love.

A Gigantic Clock

My husband and I were looking at the big house near the beach. It was put into market for several months now and we decided to look at the property. It was huge and has an outdoor living room facing the bayou. The house was semi-furnished and on the entrace hall, an old antique clock would welcome the visitors. It looks like a howard miller clock that has a unique design and displays very elegant in the house. Well, the property is the dream house of my husband and as for me, I love every rooms in it. The gigantic clock adds the essence of the house which I can call home. It stood in the hallway as if the activities in the house would be dependent on it. It is just a thought that comes to my mind. I love that gigantic clock and I wanted to have one in my hallway if ever we can't own that house. Somehow, it fascinates me to hear the sound of the clock ringing. It would be like the old movies that we watched where it rang mostly at midnight and the sound would echo in the entire house. Anyway, by blooking at the gigantic clock, I had a warmth feeling that something like it should be part of my house someday. Even if we can't negotiate that house, the thought of having that gigantic clock in my future house is a possibility that I should have.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


One of the amazing moment that I love to capture is the sunset. Wherever we are in this planet, sunsets are truly a sight worth a thousand meaning. It gives us a promise that despite the imperfections of each day, there will be sunshine the next day. Sunsets gives us Peace and Serenity that by just admiring its beauty, all our troubles seemed light to carry. photo courtesy from Helen

Friday, May 21, 2010

Visit to Universal City Walk - CA

I filed five days paid time off from my workplace plus, I took the days in between my day offs. So, I had 10 days vacation in Los Angeles and I had a grand time seeing my friend and meeting all her friends too.

On this day, we went to Universal Studio and these photos were taken at the entrance. I posted all the pictures in my other social media account and if you are my friend, you can view it there. Anyway, visiting L.A. is just like visiting Philippines. Why would I say this? My friend showed me a place called "Manila Way", guess that was the name of that place, LOL!

I had a wonderful time visiting Universal CityWalk in Hollywood because of the retail district. Shopping is my thing so, I love this place. They have a Guess store and their products are made in Italy, at least. Anyway, I was able to buy sun glassess which are made in the US and I was happy about that.

We dine in at TONY ROMA'S restaurant that evening and the price were alright. It was a bit chilly at this time so, we ordered coffee at Starbucks and my two friends were craving for Cinnabon. I wasn't because it was too sweet. And oh, they got it for free because Cinnabon is giving nurses FREE of their products on that week. Good Job Cinnabon!

This is Saddle Ranch Chop House and I like their building design. I bet their food is good but, my friends decided to go to Tony Roma's casual dining which is famous for ribs! If you want to visit City Walk, come early to enjoy the place. Have a good time!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Polkabal Dance Presentation

Presently, I am in Azusa, California and having a grand time with this Filipino community. In two years, this is the first time that I feel like I am in the Philippines. I can talk bisaya and tagalog while in the Seafood Market. It is really fun to see Filipinos everywhere. The most amazing and thrilling experience that I have in this place is the fact that I was able to see my own race and Filipino foods. This is the dance that we practice for a presentation today.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oil Spill in Louisiana

This is what happened to Deepwater Horizon, an oil rig built in 2001 operating in the Gulf of Mexico off the Coast of Louisiana. The oil rig had a sudden explosion on April 20, 2010 and discharging up to 5,000 barrels of crude oil daily.

Today, we drove by the beach and we smell crude oil moving to the area of Ocean Springs, Mississippi. The smell is so strong in our area and much more on the beach. This could result into an environmental disaster if the crude oil reach the Gulf coast. It could damage the eco- system, the Gulf coast fishing industry and of course the habitat of hundreds of bird species like seagulls, pelicans and ducks. I just hope that the clean up process in the Louisiana area will be fast enough to keep this threat away from our shoreline. Deepwater Horizon sank at the bottom of the sea after 2 days of the explosion.

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