Friday, September 30, 2011

Make A Prediction is a very interesting Website and I tried it today. I made a prediction about my favorite NFL Team and you can check it HERE if you are curious to know it. This Website is unique and inter-active because once you create an account then; you are all set to use the platform. "Predicts That" will let you create your own predictions in any popular topic such as sports and politics. You can also invite your friends to interact with your predictions whether they agree or disagree.

If you click the link, you can comment on my prediction too. Please feel free to give your opinion and even if you disagree with my thoughts, I encourage you to sign up and make your own account. This is fun and you can post it to your Facebook or twitter accounts too so that your friends can interact with what you predict. Visit the Website now and create your own interesting prediction. You can also follow the predictions of other users in the Website. Do you have predictions about Sports such as NFL, basketball and golf? Are you interested in politics? Do you think Obama will make it to the next presidential election? Make your predictions now!

Menopause Month

The menopause is the transition period in a woman's life. When the ovaries stop producing eggs and when the body produces less estrogen and progesterone, the woman is in menopause. This is the stage when menstruation becomes less frequent and eventually stopping altogether. During this stage, women will experience the menopause transition that disrupts the daily activities and her sense of well-being. Menopause occurs as early as 40 years old.

There is an online resource about menopause, and you could check it out thru The Website tackles the 35 Symptoms of Menopause, and it suggested the natural treatments of menopause. The Website also talks about the symptoms and treatments of peri-menopause which is all about the hormone imbalance from 10-15 years back. This Website also mention about the menopause weight gain and treatment and recommended the Amberen as the healthy choice for menopause. September is associated with Menopause Month and if you want to know the latest news, just click the links in this post. You can get some information about the event and you can read the latest publication thru Women should know the menopause so that, when it comes their way, they know what to do. For more information about women's health, just visit the Website now.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Beautiful Sunset

The Gulf Coast is one of the best places to watch the sunset. I took this picture a week ago while we had our vacation in Mississippi. Oh! Cover your eyes because this sunset is still shining so brightly! We were checking in the Beau Rivage Hotel and Casino when I saw this beautiful sunset at the garage of the hotel. Of course, I had to asked my husband to stop so I can take a snap of this view. Beautiful, isn't it?Hoping you like it. I am using my Kodak Digital Camera.

Rehab Center in Birmingham

According to the study, there is a high rate of suicide in alcoholics and other drug abusers. The long-term abuse of alcohol and other drugs can cause the physiological distortion of the brain chemistry as well as the social isolation. Because of the acute intoxicating effects of the drugs, it will make suicide more likely to occur. Alcohol abuse is also associated with increased risks of committing criminal offences including child abuse, domestic violence, rapes, burglaries and assaults. They need help!

Bradford Health is a drug abuse rehab center that provides adult care as well as adolescent care. This company has the treatment programs design towards recovery and healing of individuals who are alcoholics and drug users. It is not too late for them, and if you are a family that cares, you should admit them to Birmingham rehab center.

The drug rehab facility in Birmingham has the experience, the knowledge and the understanding about alcoholics and drug abusers. This company also offer the Extended Care Program designed for those who suffer depression and bipolar disorder. Sometimes, this substance induced psychiatric disorders can persist long after detoxification, such as prolonged psychosis or depression after amphetamine or cocaine abuse. Bradford Health is a rehab company that provides treatment for over three decades now. Call them at 1-888-577-0012 for more information about their services.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Living on a Farm

Our friend lives on a farm in Alabama and he got a huge shed where he stored his farm equipments. I lost count as to how many equipments he got but, he has all that he needs to use for the farm.Their house is located in a farm land and a bit distant from the road. We sleep good for the night. They have no wifi in the house but, they use DSL. I was checking on their goat farm which is located at the huge area at the back of their house. I was really careful because there are rattle snakes in the area. I was on my way at the back of the house when Lo and Behold, I saw a snake. I was really scared and I ran away from it. When I look back, the snake never moves. So, I took a picture and zoom it and showed it to our friend. He said it was not a poisonous snake. It eats rats in the farm.
Our friend has three big sheds and it looks like a "man cave" which is full of gadgets for the farm. If there is a wifi and cable in the area. I think I can live here. But, I do not know if I can manage a farm land. That is too much of a work to maintain!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Language is Not A Barrier

Usually, the business companies in the US have the business partners in Japan, China and other countries of the world. When they have meetings, they usually have the presentation in other languages. If your company has to attend a business meeting in Japan and you are required to present the outcome or the trend of the business in your area, you need a translator. You need to find a Japanese translation company to translate your presentation into Japanese. When you translate your presentation to a Japanese language, your business partners in Japan better understand about the trend of your business.

When you visit Japan, you also need a Japanese translator if you do not know how to speak Japanese. You need translators who are knowledgeable and expert on Japanese language. They can make your job easy and you can communicate well with your business partners. Check out the Japanese translation agency and they will help you translate a legal document, financial papers as well as medical or technical reports.

Japanese people are Nationalistic and even though they can understand English, they speak their own language all the time. When you hire a translator and let the Japanese translation agency translate your presentation, it will make your job easy.

The Beach Area

This is Fort Maurepass Park in Ocean Springs, Mississippi and it is located at the Front Beach facing the Bay and the Gulf of Mexic0. My husband and I drive down this area last Wednesday just to hang out and have a picnic. The right side of the picture is the children's playground. The park has Picnic Tables which the public can use. There are Park Benches around the area in fact; we occupied the bench which was located at the front of the park. The park has the playground equipment too such as seesaw and slides which are made of eco-friendly materials.My husband and I love this park because the view of the Gulf is spectacular. There are children playing inside the playground and it accommodates a crowd of five dozen kids. This park is surrounded by a residential area and the houses nearby are huge. Almost all the houses have the Adirondack chairs on the front porch and we can see it as we drive down the Beach area. The houses are located in the best areas along the beach. The Adirondack chair is the most comfortable thing to sit and relax while drinking coffee, and watching the sunset every day.

Huge and Lovely Dogs

I took these pictures a year ago during the Mardi Gras. I was browsing the albums of my PC and I thought of sharing these photographs here in my blog.Well, this community loves animals and in fact, they are not just pets. These dogs are not only friends but, they are their babies.The owners joined the Mardi Gras to showcase their beautiful pets.It was fun and the dogs come in different breeding and different sizes. Most of the dogs in the parade are really huge.

Bedroom Has Water Damage

We went to Titusville, Florida two weeks ago to see the property that we are interested to buy. The price was very low but, it was in a good neighborhood. We were baffled that something might be wrong about the house. The property has a good size backyard, new paint and new appliances but, there are traces of water damage in one bedroom. The location of the bedroom was in a low level and there was a canal at the back of the room. If we pursue on buying the property, we have to create a concrete fence and that could be very expensive. Without the canal, the house would be perfect to live. If the problem was only easy to fix such as the paint colors on the wall and carpet flood damage Austin, we will be interested to buy. My friend had flood damage in Austin Texas; they rely on the Steam Team Company. The people behind can restore the water damage in any area of the house such as the basement or the bathroom. The house in Titusville needs a lot more than that because the room is flooded by the water from the canal all the time. It needs a major renovation so; we decided not to buy the property.

Along the Gulf Coast

We arrived home safe and sound from our week vacation along the Gulf Coast. There is no changes after two years. Fort Walton and Panama City always have tourists around the area because there are shopping malls nearby, restaurants and bars are open for business. In fact, most of the high rise hotels are fully booked. The pictures here are rental houses along the Gulf Coast. It was like a ghost town really but, these properties are facing the Gulf of Mexico with awesome view of the beach. Not so many tourists came here because the locations of these rental properties are located further from the shopping districts. On the other hand, if you want peace and quiet, this is truly the best place to unwind.
The house above is not a rental property. This house is really beautiful and huge but, it is located in a remote place but, along the beach highway.Most houses and rental properties here are made of stilts. If there are hurricanes, the water surge can reach this area.Here is another huge house along the beach. As I have said, this neighborhood is away from the shopping districts and all they have is a nice beach view and the beautiful yard full of trees.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Restaurants

I visited the Bay Area a year ago and it was a beautiful place with breathtaking scenery. I was with my friends when we had the road trips from Los Angeles to San Francisco and when we arrive, it was already evening. We were so hungry so; we tried to find Restaurants nearby and we came to a bar jam packed with diverse people.

We enjoyed the night because the food was great and though the music was loud, it was manageable. We had the fun talking to the occupants of the next table who were cross dressers. Of course, we thought they are real women because they are so gorgeous but, when they started talking to us, we realized they are not. The place was crowded but, everyone mind their own business.

There was another place that these two cross dressers usually frequent. They say, they have friends like them who lives along San Diego Hillcrest Area. They love the place because nobody bothers them in fact, it is known for its tolerance and diversity. Whenever there are restaurants, caf├ęs, bars, Coffee Shops and clubs, they thrive in the area. They just love the action and they enjoyed meeting people just like us.

We Had A Road Trip

We had a road trip for a week and we booked three hotels all together. First we stayed in Beau Rivage and our room was on the 23rd level over looking the city of Biloxi. The second is the hotel below called the Isle and had a balcony facing the Gulf and the back bay. Our room is at the 10th floor and I was looking at the Ocean Springs area and the bridge. The last hotel was at Fort Walton along the beach boulevard in the Florida Coast.The big building at the far end is the Isle hotel. Both are hotels and casinos -Beau and the Isle which are located in the Biloxi area of Mississipp.If you do not want to travel as far as Las Vegas, this is a good place to start. Biloxi and nearby city has at least 9 casinos and everyday they have activities for the tourists.The picture above is a private property but, along the Front Beach and East Beach of Ocean Springs, people can go fishing in a harbor and pier complex.This is one of the favorite places where my husband and I went for fishing and crabbing. It still looks the same after a year. The place has an awesome view of the Gulf of Mexico right?

Garden Arbors

We went to visit our family in Mississippi for a week. It was almost a year now since we left the house of my father-in-law. It was sold few days ago so, we drive down to see the house for the last time. It was sad to see it because we took care of the place and we had the fun memories with my father-in-law. We love gardening and every morning we spent time outside the yard planting or watering the plants. We have garden arbors and we planted flowers around it.It was simple but, beautiful and it was an attractive accessory in the yard. Wooden arbors are very common in the yard if you visit the small towns along the South of Mississippi. Some houses have the vinyl arbors in the yard too and even if you drive down the Gulf Coast, you would see arbors in the garden of the houses along Beach Boulevard. The arbor in the house was still there and the new owner of the house kept it as well as the bird bath and the brick garden we made. The neighbor next door has New England Arbors so; the two houses together jive with the garden decor.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Huge Windows

I was laying in bed resting and amazed at the big windows of this guest room. Our friend lives in Alabama and this is the guest room that we occupy. The windows are bare and no window treatments. It is intended to look like this so that guest will enjoy the view of the trees outside. I like it this way too. I like the natural light and as long as there is no peeping tom outside, I am good.This house is located in a country and away from the neighbors so; this home design works for them there. I like the accessories they have in the bedroom such as the lamp shades and the vanity mirror. Beautiful huh?

Monetizing and Advertising

I started blogging about four years ago and I tried many options to monetize and advertise my Websites. I am not lucky with Google Ad Words and Pay per Click so, I am trying other ways to earn money online. The first time I tried Adwords was three years ago but, because I was a newbie, it was complicated for me. It did not work and so, I took it off. Anyway, have you experience the same fate as I did? Do you want to try it again?

There is a company that offers a service called AdWords management and they are knowledgeable in this topic. If you want to try again, you can tap their expertise regarding this matter. They also offer Retargeting and Online Reputation Repair issues therefore; it will work out good this time. If you are interested, just click on the links provided here and you are set to go.

Google sent me free credit to use for Adwords but, I just did not use it. I have no one to ask at that time and I was too busy to read the rules about it. It may be so simple for IT experts but, as a newbie at that time, everything is complicated for me.

Using a Hygienic Product

Road trips are fun but, when we travel for long hours we need to stretch and respond to the call of nature. Stopping to most of the rest area is a routine for us because we are not in a hurry this time. All the bathrooms in the rest area of Florida, Alabama and Mississippi are very clean. The bathrooms have electric hand dryers, a must to all public rest rooms. I prefer using the automatic air hand dryers because I do not like touching the unit. If it is not automatic, I prefer to use the paper towels. In every public places, bathrooms are the major point for germs growth. Though we saw it clean, it does not mean it is free from germs. That is the reason we need to wash our hands before we leave the bathroom. The restroom hand dryers are hygienic and most people use it. Some prefer to use the paper towels if they are in a hurry. I do that when the bathroom is crowded because it is faster to just pick up the paper towels and leave. Anyway, in hand drying method using either ways is hygienic. But, it will be odd if we do not see a hand dryer in the bathroom, right? This product is hygienic and affordable therefore every bathroom should have it.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

House in a Remote Place

Last Monday, we arrived in our friend's house in Alabama. I was expecting a dirt road but, from the main street to their house, it was all paved with concrete. From their mailbox which is a couple hundred feet to their house, they paved it with concrete at their own expense. I would say, that's a lot of money. See the picture below? You can't even see the mailbox on the main road. I enjoyed being there a lot because it reminds me of the province of my granny's when I was young. Anyway, their place is far and so many streets to turn which our GPS can't even locate. We pass by a big warehouse for cotton and peanuts because in that area, long stretch of cotton farms are endless. So, we arrived here at five in the afternoon while our friend was feeding the animals. They got a nice house and it's really huge for two occupants. I started to take photos of the surroundings and when I was about to get finish, I saw this big snake on the pathway at the back of the house. I was really running away from it and it never moves. So, I slowly take the picture of the snake and return to the front porch of the house. Whewww!.
Our friend told me that he do not kill this snake because it helps him eradicate the rats in his property. He only kill rattle snakes and he got plenty in his property. After knowing that, I quit going out the yard alone. Dang! They look like sticks on the ground, right?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Successful Events

A successful event is not created overnight! The people behind it are the brains that make the event glamorous and glorious. If it is well-organize and the people behind the event focus as a team then, positive outcome is likely to happen. If you are engage in managing an event, you need an innovation to augment your ideas about it. You need software to lessen your burden and it will make your project easier to do. Check the Website called Eventish. This company provides software about event registration, marketing, promoting and ticketing matters using an online tool.

This software is easy to use and very affordable. Big organizations, successful companies and even individuals are using this tool from There are so many fundraising events, fundraising dinners and corporate meetings became an unforgettable event, thanks to the thorough planning and organizing event using the software. Visit and buy this software because it will help you a lot. This software does not require training, easy to register, easy to manage and easy to promote. Most important of all, it is easy to sell to your target clients. Check it out now for more information. You will never regret it if you have this software so, call them at 1-877-990-1416.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Walk Tour at Old City

When we were in Old City, hubby and I did our own walk tour. There were tourists that tour the area in groups with a tourist guide. Since we do not want to spend for that, we manage our own tour with a map of the area. Look at the narrow street and the old building, you will really see the charm of this place.
Here is another plaque that says about a historic house here in 1798.
There are so many things to do here aside from a walk tour. You can also rent a Segway if you do not want to walk. I would probably do that on my next visit. Segway is fun!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

On My Wii

When I am tired working online, I play Bejeweled and Luxor with my Wii Console to cut my routine. Back in PI, these two games are in my PC and I love to play them every weekend and when I have free time. Have you played this game before? This game is a little bit difficult as you go on the higher levels but, it yields higher scores too. Both games are thrilling that enhances your alertness and strategies. If you are interested to learn about these games, you can find it online

You can download games to your PC or Mac and you can play these games online too. Just visit the Website and you will find hundreds of games. If you want to play it online, make sure that you are using Internet Explorer seven or higher. I also like to play super collapse and jewel quest because they are mind-bugling.

Game House is a Website that provides you the top PC and Mac games. You can find action, adventure, arcade, board, brain and puzzle games. If you love playing the word games and simulation games, you can check it out in this Website. Click the link now.

Patagonian Tours

The Republic of Chile is a country with long narrow strip on the coast situated between Andes Mountain and the Pacific Ocean. It looks like a stick located in South America. This country is stable and prosperous. Along the Southern Chile, the place is blessed with forests, lakes, grazing lands, and strings of volcanoes. The southern coast is also rich with fjords, inlets, canals, twisting peninsulas, and islands. By the way, fjords are long and narrow inlet with steep sides or steep cliffs. With all these amazing land and water formation, the Chile tourism is booming. On the South, Puerto Montt is a beautiful place to visit and have a coastal stroll with your family and friends. This city is the commercial and financial hub of Chile as well as the Salmon Capital of the country. As you can see on the picture above, the beautiful Osorno Volcano is towering down on the city. Look at the blue waters that make this country the leading and largest salmon producers of the world. There are so many beautiful places to visit in Chile and you can contact Patagonia tours for information about the rates and schedules. Plan your Patagonia adventure and travel to Puerto Montt with your family or friends.

Saint John's County

Florida ranked as 22nd in size among the 50 states of the US and the capital is Tallahassee. Jacksonville is the largest city of Florida while Orlando is the fifth largest city. Florida is devided into the following: Central with nine counties, Central East with five, Central West with eight, North Central with 16, Southeast with 5, Southwest with 5, Northwest with 12, and Northeast with seven and here you will find Saint John's County. In this county, Saint Augustine is located. I took this picture along the bay of the Old City of Saint Augustine. It reminds me of the bay in San Francisco minus the bridge. If you love to visit historical places and the beach, include this place on the top list.What an awesome view, right? This is nearby the Castillo de San Marcos, a very interesting place to explore.

Clear and Beautiful Skin

Clear and beautiful skin, who does not want a flawless skin? I was the unlucky ones who got Acne at an early stage. I tried a lot of medication, change my diet, do exercise and I stay away from oily foods but, it seems I have to deal this for the rest of my life. I was browsing the Acne Complex Website and read through the real stories of people. These people are sharing real results after using the Acne Complex by Dr. Howard Murad, a world renowned Dermatologist. Users of Acne Complex experienced a reduction of acne breakouts. That is really something to hope for, right? I probably would check out acne complex, use it and hoping that it works for my skin.

Dr. Howard Murad also develops Resurgence that revitalizes and restores a hormonal aging skin. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and it brings out youthful, soft and healthy glowing skin. The people who tried this product did attest that they experience positive results. If you want to have a radiant skin in four weeks, visit the Website and try resurgence. They guarantee that you will experience a younger looking skin. If you want to purchase these two products, check out Murad Coupon Codes at now.

Cathedral of Saint Augustine

If you are planning for a Florida vacation, you should visit Saint Augustine Florida. It is less than two hours travel from Orlando and the place is really breathtaking. The picture below is Saint Augustine Cathedral. Just click the picture to zoom in. Here is the stone plaque, just click it to zoom in and read the history about this building. I recommend that you should see Saint Augustine.
I love the old city because the buildings are very interesting with European style. You can see it because it was well-maintained. The Flagler College buildings are huge with very luxurious design. Just visit the place and you will be blown away with admiration of the old city.

On A Stormy Day

The weather in Florida changes every minute. It is very unpredictable even on a clear day and it will change to a cloudy day before you know it.Here are some of the pictures that I took on different location in different days.It is very scary when you have a dark skies like this. We usually listen to the radio to know if there are storms or tornado nearby.Did you know that when we have storms, we have so many lightnings that endangers our national forest? There are so many incidents here that forest fires started because of the lightning.
As long as we are at home during stormy days, we are safe. But, there are times that the storms started when we are having road trips.
That is a hassle so; what we do is stop on a gas station and let the storm pass by first. Even on a stormy day, the cloud formation is still interesting huh?

Discover Anna Maria Island this Fall, on Florida's Gulf Coast

I love traveling the coastal area of Florida. There is a place along Tampa Bay which is known with its breathtaking beauty with golden sands, turquoise waters and beautiful scenery. Anna Maria Island has three cities namely Anna Maria at the north, Holmes Beach in the middle area and Bradenton Beach located at the south. This island is a nice place for wedding ceremony and wedding reception. In fact, anna marie island is the Wedding Capital of Florida and annually they have wedding festival in this island initiated by the Chamber of Commerce.Like most of the coastal places here in Florida, this island has warm and fantastic waters. If you plan to travel to Anna Marie Island, I suggest you do it before the holidays and after the holidays to avoid the big crowd. The prices of anna maria island rentals and anna maria island hotels are lower before and after the holidays. It is very affordable and you will enjoy your time exploring the island. Most Island visitors enjoy the accommodation of vacation rentals because of they will have their own private pool, garden and even a waterfront garden. If you come with your family and friends for a vacation, the vacation rentals are ideal.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Favorite Photos

I don't know why but, I love taking pictures of people looking on something. I am intrigue by their action and wondered how they feel for that day.
Do you think he was hoping to be on that ship next time?

Is she happy or lonesome on this one?

Elegant Coat

I was looking for a present for my aunt who lives in Mississippi and thought of buying her something she could use for the winter. I got a couple of choices in my mind, and it is either a coat or a nice thick blanket, but knowing my aunt; she is a bit of a classy lady who loves to collect shoes, and stylish clothing so; I have decided to go for a coat!Now, I forgot to mention that my aunt is actually a plus size so getting her a coat from a high street usually takes a lot of time looking around for the exact size and design. Tried it yesterday and it took me 4 hours at the mall, but still no luck in finding the right size and style that suits my aunt! When I got home, I so was exhausted, so I had my diner and went online to shop for a designer or at least designer looking coat.

Eventually, I found one at from their Plus Size Coats collection and I think it is perfect! I do love the elegant look of their coats, specially the one I have chosen for my aunt. It is a reversible black and brown long hooded water resistant coat. The coat can be worn for any occasions or for everyday use when out and about, and with that I think it really suits my aunt’s lifestyle.

On Our Road Trip

When we were traveling for a road trip down the Gulf Coast, there are so many hotels and Inns along the high way. Some of the places are not in a good neighborhood and we did experience having to stay in a remote hotel. We had to stop one time in a cheap hotel because we were so tired. If you stay in a remote hotel or inn, you will have this cautious feeling of being watch like in a horror movie.This hotel is not in a remote area though and located at the front of the highway 90 and front of the water facing the Gulf of Mexico. A good place to stay when you are so tired from the road trip. A good sleep does matter a lot.

Scrub On Sale

My sister came over yesterday and was talking about getting a scrub uniform for her training at the hospital. You see, I have always been supportive with my sister and happy that she is now on her way to getting a degree in nursing. I told her that I will get it for her as my gift. Anyway, I found some scrubs set for sale at and this is so far the cheapest I saw online!

Now I am not very familiar with scrubs and their styles but I think the scrubs for sale on this website where all gorgeous! The hospital requires them to use a light blue scrubs which actually match the Ceil blue color on the website so; I e-mailed the URL of the website to my sister to show her the photo of the scrub set. She does love it and she even made two choices!

Anyway, my sister should not have a problem with it as I had a little research on the website and they do have a good reputation based on the quality of clothing and delivery, plus the whole set of scrub clothing only cost $44 so I think it is a really good deal!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Christmas Tree

Did you know that it's 19 weeks and 4 days more before Christmas? In the US, Christmas is not around yet but, in the Philippines, the countdown has started. The mall already display the Christmas decors and Christmas trees. You can hear Christmas songs on the airwaves already.Here in the US, we still have Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations. Then, Christmas season will come flashing by and before you know it, it will be over.
I took these pictures of giant Christmas Tree last year at Lim Ket Kai Mall in the Philippines. It was a grand Christmas Tree!


When my husband was diagnosed that he was a diabetic, we did not know that his health insurance covered the medicare part d. He is eligible for prescription drug coverage and is entitled to the all the benefits. He was able to obtain the Part D drug benefit through the Medicare Advantage plan that covers both medical services and prescription drugs. We really feel the importance of this benefit especially when my husband got the medical services without spending a dime.

My husband was referred to a company that provides him the free glucose test strips. That was really a huge savings for us because the test strips alone cost so much. The blood glucose monitor was also given for free when we call a number advertised on the TV. Not all drugs will be covered at the same level as what they say. But, we are just lucky that my husband got the right health coverage for him. The Medicare Part D is important and you should not take it for granted. If you can afford the premiums, you should get the plan that covers both medical services and prescription drugs. It does make a difference in the future once you need it.

Chrysler Jeep Dodge Dealer

I am not ready to give up the dream car that I want to own and drive. Even though the price of gas is sky high, that will not stop me from driving big cars. How about you? Do you want a compact, SUV or sports car? If you are still looking for what type of car you need, visit the new inventory and featured vehicles in Chicago area Chrysler Jeep Dodge Dealer.

This Website gives you the freedom to view the show room without leaving your home. They also have used car inventory the information about the car's year and mileage information. It is provided for you so; you can have an alternative option whether to consider buying used cars. If you find the car that you want to purchase, you can check out the financing option that they have. There is an online application and you can submit it right away. If you want to know the car ratings and what cars are highly recommended by consumers, check out their blog. They have so much information about cars for you. If you need car parts, Napleton's River Oaks Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Chicago has it for you. Visit the Website now and start viewing their new and old inventory.

Lim Ket Kai Mall at Christmas

I am excited for Christmas! It will be more exciting if I can go home and spend my time with my family and friends. Well, we really do not know yet if we spend Christmas in the Philippines or in Mississippi. But, if I will visit PI this year, it will be a long vacation once again.I took these pictures last year during my rare visit at LimKetKai Mall, one of the grandest malls in my city.You can name the things that you need and you can buy it here without driving to another area. From groceries to appliances, movie theatre to fine ding, massage and spa to kids plaza, it is all here. You will never get hungry because food chains are everywhere. The Florida Mall is a shopping mall and if you want to buy for groceries, there is nothing there. You need to go to a grocery store in another block or two. But, LKK Mall has it all.I miss Lim Ket Kai Mall because this is the mall where I pass by everyday from my work-to home commute. Looking at the pictures, I miss home for Christmas already.

Put an End to Credit Worries

I know a lot of people who started having an excellent credit then in a span of two years, their credit score sank to the bottom. The problem lies within the person's spending. If you have a credit card and you use it for shopping clothes and shoes which you do not really need then, you will be in trouble soon. You should understand that the amounts in your credit cards are not your savings. If you use it, you owed money from that bank and you need to pay it with interest.

If you do not pay your credit card then, you will get penalties every month. If you disregard to pay your credit bills, that will damage your credit history. It is so hard create a good history once your credit rating goes down unless you pay it off but, it takes months rebuilt a good credit. That is why there are companies who are devoted to help you out. Hire a Credit Repair company that provides The Best Credit Repair Service in your area.

Aside from Credit Repair, this company also provides credit repair information so; you will have an idea what to do with your credit problems. Visit now and put an end to your credit worries.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Disney Dream

I was browsing on the Website of Disney Cruise and I found out that they are hiring for a newly ship that they will have by 2012. They are actually hiring not only for the US but also all over the world. It must be exciting to work in Disney Cruise Line but, only if you have no kids. You will be working most of the time away from the mainland but, the benefits are exciting.We were at Fort Canaveral last week and we watch the Disney Dream sail to Caribbean. I do not think I can afford the Disney cruise. These people are so lucky! But, I can keep on dreaming that someday, I will be on that ship too.

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