Monday, September 23, 2013

Blimp in the Sky Above Us

We live nearby the airport so; private planes, gyrocopter and helicopters are familiar in the skies above us. Oh and also; space shuttles. We live in the Space Coast that is why. Anyway yesterday, it was the first time that hubby and I saw a blimp above us.

A blimp is a floating airship without an internal supporting framework. This aircraft rely on both a higher pressure of the lifting gas. The part underneath is called the buckle. Blimp refers only to a free-flying aircraft. They actually are common along the beach in Cocoa but, not in our area.

It actually heads to the airport.

It was mid afternoon and the sun was so bright upon us as we look up the skies. As it passes on our place, it gives a shade to our property which was so cool.

It didn't last long though. The blimp was moving so fast.

We thought it will go to the airport and land there. We really don't know. have you seen a blimp in your area? Have you seen a good year blimp? It was so big and fancy. Bigger than this one.

Thank you once again for stopping by. I will try my best to update my blog. There are times that I am so busy but; I will try to share to all of you some photos in our neighborhood and more. Thank you for dropping by every day.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Morning Ride Along the Indian River Lagoon at Merritt Island

Sunday after the mass, hubby took the route towards the NASA Parkway. I was seated at the passenger's seat so; I have an enjoyable time taking interesting photos along the way.
Astronaut Hall of Fame
Astronaut Hall of Fame is part of NASA's Kennedy Space Center's Attraction
Boater's Along the Indian River Lagoon
Draw Bridge along NASA Parkway
Driving Along the bridge on 528
Indian River both sides of the bridge on 528
I caught a bird flying
From our home, we took the route of A1A to Bennett Causeway then; we turn left on Courtenay Parkway to Kennedy Parkway.  Most of the photos above were taken along NASA Parkway. Check this place, you will like it. Oh, if you see a gator, you can't stop for long. Just take a snap of photo and drive. Happy Monday y'all!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Simple Craft Using Duck Tape®

This post brought to you by Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

Back to school is always overwhelming for parents. From enrolling, buying the school uniforms for the kids and accomplishing the school materials they needed are not easy. Budgeting is always a concern but, thanks to Walmart for making the shopping day with kids a good experience. Why? They always have affordable back to school products on display. Honestly, we can grab the things on our list easy because they always have a place for that in every store. Easy to find aisle exclusive for Back to School products.

I was able to buy Duck Tape at Walmart and I choose this pink color with awesome design. This is the best thing ever because when I look at the colors and designs of the Duck Tape®, doing simple crafts are on my mind right away. I bought one roll and when I reached home, I started looking something at the garage. I saw a styrofoam and I decided to make letters of my name.

I cover the styrofoam letters  with duck tape and here it is, an attractive simple craft which I did in 10 minutes. You can do it too, Try it yourself.

Dont forget to follow @TheDuckBrand in twitter for tons of amazing crafts ideas.
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Monday, September 9, 2013

Amazing Photos: Steel Wool Photography

Before I sleep, I took a one last browse of my Facebook account. I checked the updates of my friends and saw these beautiful collection of AWESOME photos taken by my brother: FRED NOBILLOS. I thought of sharing these wonderful photos for all of you, with his permission.

The materials he used to create this amazing photography are Steel Wool, Steel Cable and whisk.






Now, do you have a DSLR? Would you like to know how this is done? Here is a video tutorial from PhotoExtremist which is easy to understand. PLEASE .... PLEASE .... PLEASE, you should be aware that this is a FIRE HAZARD experiment therefore; take note of the SAFETY PRECAUTION!

If you want to experiment this type of photography, make sure that you AVOID areas with combustible materials; away from houses, trees, grass and forest.

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Grills Seafood Deck and Tiki Bar

Last week, a friend wanted to have lunch with us. She decided to meet us at the Grills in Cape Canaveral. This is about 20 minutes from our place but, it's more than an hour from her since she lives in Orlando.

Our friend loves to hang out by the Space Coast especially in Cocoa. Before we meet, she went to the beach to relax. We arrived here first and it was already crowded. It was a gorgeous day! We ordered when our friend arrived.

This place in nearby Port Canaveral in fact; when the cruise ships sail to their destinations, they pass along the waterways in front of these restaurants. While dining, we can actually see the Disney Cruise Ship, Carnival Cruise Ship and others sail away. The tourists wave at us ... well, they usually do that. It is common that diners wave back at them too.

The food here is great! The price is just right.  Their servers are good. You should check it out!

Next time, I will try to take photos of how it look like inside.

It was crowded so; we parked a bit further. Good thing we found a great spot here.

Great landscape!

The parking space is not a problem here. Would you like to visit thie Grills? Here is the compete address:

Grills Seafood Deck and Tiki Bar
505 Glen Cheek Dr Cape Canaveral,
FL 32920
(321) 868-2226

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Puppies For Sale

Last week, I was watching a video in YouTube about dogs. It was entertaining to watch because when the pet parent says "I Love You", the dog will say "I Love You" too. The gorgeous dog was saying the words very clear and he seems like a child. One particular dog was popular so; the dog and the pet parent were invited to guest on a TV Show. Of course, the dog says the words as expected. It was truly amazing to hear.

I was watching the same TV show a while ago and they invited another celebrity puppy. Oh my goodness, the puppy that they have on the show was very cute. I tell you what, I like dogs but, I don't see myself becoming a pet parent until today. After watching the show, I was thinking to adopt a puppy. How about you? If you love puppies, there are Puppies for Sale too. The price varies according to the breed. Well, there are families also that wanted to give away their pets because they cannot provide their needs anymore. It is better that way you know than have the pets starved to death. Now, it is time that you and I will try of becoming a pet parent. Do you have a favorite dog? What breed of dog do you want to own?

Anyway, to become a pet parent is not easy. It's not only the food that pet parents worry. If pet parents plan for a vacation, the need to find a sitter is very important too. When the pet is sick, pet parents should bring the pet to a veterinary doctor. Pets are part of the family in fact, most of the time; pet parents consider their pets as children.
It is like when members of your family got dental problem, you seek for dentist tauranga nz. If they are not feeling well, you call your family doctor. Pets need the same attention. If you choose to become a pet parent, you should plan it and consider that it entails responsibility.

Pet parent should also consider that when they love traveling, there will be times that pets can't be with them. When pet parents have a vacation and rents Holiday Houses for so many days, their beautiful pets will be left at home. Therefore; you should have a pet sitter too. That will be expensive so; consider too if you can afford that as well. If you think you can then; buy a puppy and get ready to become a pet parent.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

By the Indian River

We live just 5 minutes away from Indian River. Early morning, hubby and I love to come here to watch the sunrise. There are few people who comes here early as well pulling their boats. If it is holiday or weekend, they tag along their kids and enjoy boating in Indian River. Watching the sunrise on their boats must be an awesome experience.
Early Morning
This is me one afternoon while I was watching the VAB or Vehicle Assembly Building of the Kennedy Space Center (the tiny building across the river) when suddenly, dolphins shows up.  I posted the photos of the dolphins in one of my blogs.
One Afternoon
Here I am again having my exercise and enjoying the view of the Indian River.
Doing Exercise
Hubby was with me but, he was just sitting under the shade talking to his friends on his phone. I love doing my exercise down here. There are times that the river smells bad because of the algae but, on these days, the weather was great and the breeze was fresh.

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