Thursday, July 30, 2009

Favorite Houses in Ocean Springs

There are so many unique houses in Mississippi. These are just one of the many architectural designs that fancy my eyes. They are simple and unique in this location. We drove by the East Beach and Front Beach in Biloxi, Mississippi and I can't help myself but took these pictures. This is the favorite house of my husband. Probably, I will build him one like this when we go back to the Philippines. But, I will make it a vacation rental when we return back to the US. This is really a nice looking house built on the beach area. Its full view from the terrace would be the Gulf of Mississippi. The original house looks like this but was destroyed by hurricane Katrina. That's the history of this house.
I like the house below because you can see this often in the movies, right? Ocean Springs and Biloxi are places in Mississippi that has rich in history. You can see some of the architectural designs would bring you back during the French Colonization.
I like the simplicity of this house and the two colors. This house has the old and contemporary look in it. Most properties here have no fence yet, this house had one. I prefer to have one myself.
This house is located in the East Beach area in Ocean Springs. All the descending area on its front is planted with blooming flowers. This is really my best favorite among these houses.

Messy Back Porch

My brother-in-law fixed the screen at the back porch. He built it actually for our protection from bugs. We love to stay at the backyard but the gnats and the mosquitoes refrain us from doing so. My Father-in-law decided to install the hurricane shutters few days earlier. Hurricane season is not over yet so, his biggest preparation this year so far. After the hurricane shutters was installed, he immediately plan another project and that's the screen. It was done! But then, he wanted to repaint the doors. I volunteered! Back in the Philippines, I repainted my classroom with the help of my home room PTA of course.
It's messy right now but, I am almost done. First coating, done! I took a break because the heat is a scorcher!
This goes to show that I am bored. I volunteered to have my time useful. Seems funny that I like this kind of activity. And I love HGTV. I watch Clean House, Flipping Houses, Rate my Space and anything that involves house renovation and designs. It's weird but, I love tool sets. From hammer to lawn mower. LOL!
Anyway, now you know that I have weird activities huh?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville Statue in Mobile Landing

Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville was a soldier, trader and founder of the French colony of Louisiana. He is a very important person in the history of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. In fact, D'Iberville in Mississippi is named after him. In 1699, he completed a fort in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. This fort was known as Fort Maurepas or Old Biloxi. This fort was destroyed long time ago but, they built a replica which was also destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.
These are the buildings that I like in Mobile, Alabama. I like the view especially before the drive under the tunnel. The scenery is so wonderful.
The statue of Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville located in Mobile Landing in Alabama. The scenery in this place was huge ship docks and warehouses.
The statue of Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville standing tall. My favorite building, the RSA Battle House Tower is Alabama's tallest building and owned by Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA). It is known to be the tallest on the Gulf Coast of the United States outside of Houston, Texas. Amazing huh? I read these facts through Wikipedia.
When you stand beside the statue and look to the right, this is the view that you will see. That is the Holiday Cruise Ship and the future site of The National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico.
Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville is also known as a ship captain, explorer, colonial administrator, knight of the order of Saint-Louis and an adventurer.
The statue is facing the huge warehouses.
This is the base of the statue.
The statue will be found in this park.
This is the information about the National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico.
Showing the pictures and the purpose of the Maritime Museum.
This is the future site of the National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico.

Nap Mat

Back to school is with in few days so; I bet parents out there are almost done buying school supplies. If you have children entering in preschool or daycare, a nap mat is one of the school's requirements that your child needed. Visit and you will find so many designs to choose from. During nap time, your child will enjoy the design and comfort of this product. You can check the Website and start ordering online now.This company also have laundry bag and towel wrap products that you might like to check out. Their laundry bags have designer shoulder straps that give you the easy grip and carry on. It has variety of colors to choose from. If you are looking for something to give as a gift, towel wrap is an ideal option to consider. They come in three sizes and nine colors plus you can personalize the name of your orders. Visit now and start shopping.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Extreme Stunt Show In Disney World

I still have so many pictures in my files that I keep procrastinating to post. Since I have extra time this week, I have to accomplish it now or never. My last visit in Disney World was last April. It is just 5 days visit and as usual, a rush! I have been living in Orlando but every time we go and hang out in Disney Land, its always out of impulse. We had to use the ticket because it will end on the month of April. Among the nine parks, we manage to use three. A wasted chance!This is my second visit so, my husband and I went to few of my favorite attractions and this is just one of those. This show is live. Real action, real explosion and real stunts. The picture below is really the finale. They are just showing the audience how a Disney movie was made especially when there's a car scene and stunts.
Those buildings were also part of the stage presentation. The big monitor at the top of the building will be used to show the footage of the stunts after editing. Very clever because after the live show, in minutes, they will show the finish product.
The black car is chasing the red car and doing some dangerous maneuvers. Then, there will be crashes and ignite the gallon of gas....Explosion from one end to the other.
The motorcycle driver burnt by flame. Part of the stunts. In the finish product, the man died because of explosion and burned down. But, during the scene, after the cut, the crew will see to it that safety precaution is taken seriously.
This is the scene prior to the explosion and accident. The gang of motorcycle riders were chasing the main character.
There was a scene that they are chasing on a river but, it is just like this part. Looks so real in the finish product.
The man at the top right was explaining how a fighting scene was done. There will be a fighting scene at the top of the building and of course, the bad guys will fall down...drop dead. They will show the secret of making an action films.
Car chasing still. They show the inside of this car. It does not look the same as it appear. The stunt show started with a car chasing another. Then, out of nowhere, another car appear at the front so, the main character will have to drive in reverse...backing up so fast. Unbelievable that the car manage to drive in reverse with all the dangerous obstacles. Then, they show the driver seat was really on the back seat and not on the normal side. I hope you get what I meant.
The director is showing the movie secret of the car chasing stunts.
The very talented and skillful driver and the director explaining what to expect. Showing the secret of the inside of the cars they use.
The monitor is showing the driver of the car chase. The other driver is a woman, can you believe that? Very talented woman.
The monitor is showing the live checking of all the crew, set up, actors and everything which is needed for the stunts and action. The fruits there are plastics hehehe...looks so real. This will be use for the flying motorcycle stunts and crashes.
If you happen to visit Hollywood Studio Park Of Disney World, Orlando Florida, check this attraction. You will love it as much as I did. I just do not like the walk in order to reach the audience area...LOL. Huge place that is why.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh Blurry PicTure

Dang! I love this picture but its blurry. I was embracing the poster of Madonna. LOL. My hubby hurriedly took the picture when groups of people were heading our way. The far end is the elevator door towards the garage of Hard Rock. Anyway, got nothing to share but this crap...LOL!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Victoria Secret Orders Arrived

My husband teased me that I am Imelda Marcos Jr.LOL! But, I guess every woman loves to collect footwear, jeans, jewelry right? I bought these during the Fourth of July Sale. I am happy with the product but since I ordered size five, it is smaller. I need to change it to size 6 though. As you can see, I have colorful choices LOL. I noticed that I have different preference of colors now. I usually have black, brown and white. Well, I like the style and colors plus, it is comfortable to wear.This needs to be returned and exchange to size 6.
This yellow is size 5 too.
I love this so much. Very light and comfortable. Size 5 but, it seems like a size 6. I already use this orange flip flops. This is my favorite.
The white is size 6 but too big, seems like a size7.
I like the blue sandal, 4 inches but its okay. I need to exchange it though for a size 6.
Cute design and I like it.
Needs to be returned, it has a damage.

Favorite Armani Jeans

I would like to share with you my favorite Denim Jeans featured in This is a Skinny Flare Fit which I really love to recommend because it is created in low rise style. Made up of cotton fabric plus the design of these jeans will make you feel comfortable for daily activities.

Skinny Fit Jeans can make women's figure put into place. The style of these jeans was created to showcase the sexy body from waist to the bottom. When I wear this type of jeans, it feels like I am taller. The cut was designed to get that long lean fitting. You can find these products in Armani Exchange, a company that offers the creation of Giorgio Armani. For this season, this company offers New Premium Denim starting at $98 only. What a good deal right?

To show appreciation to their customers, Armani Exchange is giving away a gift card worth $20 off on the next order of $100 or more. Just purchase a full price of denim either in store or online. This offer is good with in the period of July 7-19, 2009. The gift card will be valid from July 30 through August 15, 2009. That is a good promo which is hard to resist! Armani Exchange also offers an on going contest called "text AX" and it runs for the month of July. Join the contest now to get the chance of winning a pair of denim wear every day by texting the keyword "DENIM2" to ARMANI (276264).

These jeans are my favorite, which one do you like? Don't just like it, buy it now. Check out the website and place your order. Take time to visit also the AX Blog and follow them in twitter@ArmaniExchange.

Hanging Out In Hard Rock

This is the SATISFACTION Buffet, a casual dining place which you can find at Hard Rock Biloxi. They offer 50% off on their meals for Players Card Holder. It is easy to get one, just provide your ID to register and you will be a member.Every Wednesday's and Friday's, we love to hang out in Hard Rock. That is becoming a "trend" so to speak, just for us (hubby and I). We ate either Lunch or Dinner at the Casual Dining Area as shown in the picture above. Guests were heading to my direction and I rushed to take these pictures. Dang! I must be tensed because my toes says a lot when it comes to personality. Yep! I am slim and I have a hard time to gain weight. If others find hard to slim down, my problem is the opposite.

These two pictures were taken at the Casino Floor Area. That is the lobby of Hard Rock Biloxi while guests were looking at the Display. Click the link to see what they are viewing. {HERE} and {HERE}.
It is really good to see tourists keep coming back to Biloxi area. The business here are back to normal. The Casino and Hotels are starting to attract the tourist again. After the horrible hurricane Katrina struck this place and wipe so many establishments and buildings, it was really a struggle.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hearty Shrimp Meal

Since I went home with no Air Supply ticket on hand, I just direct my attention to food. My husband do all the cooking and I requested for shrimp and Mc&Cheese. I had a hearty lunch but, my disappointments still very much over powering me right now. Well, I still have so many concerts to choose from of which I love. That will be my new activity and yes, without my husband. LOL!
Bon Appetit!
I was standing in line to buy my ticket here so, I took two pictures here. The door that you see at the far right is the concert venue of Air Supply tonight.
Not my lucky day! When I reached the counter, it was sold out! Of course, the people behind me was devastated. Oh, well, I have to eat and go shopping instead to console myself!

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