Friday, April 29, 2011

Tile Flooring

I was watching the show about flipping houses and it gave me an idea on how to make money by merely doing it. Home designing is not an easy task to do especially when you deal about the rotten wood floor, water pipe, electrical and insulation problems. It will be a headache too if you deal with building permit and flipping an old house. It will become a money pit if you are not careful. I love the idea of fixing the house that would bring money in and not over spent the budget for the project. Checking the right materials to use such as Laminate Floor or Tile Floor, which has a lesser budget to spend? You should consider the location too when you flip the house. If you spend a high end material in a "not so nice" neighborhood, you will end up losing. Flip wisely that you will gain more from what you invest. But, the most important of all, flip the house correctly that it will not compromise the quality of your work. If the client is satisfied with what you did according to the building standard, that matters a lot. Business is good when clients are happy.

Delay of the Last Mission of Endeavour

I was looking forward to witness the last mission of Endeavour today. Much as I wanted to go closer to Kennedy Space Center area, the thought of 750,000 expected crowd made me stepped back. I already set up my best spot in the place of our friends backyard by the lake here in Orlando. We still can see it as long as the sky stay clear. This week was stormy specially in the Southern part of the US. In fact the other day, Tornado touch down made a horrifying casualty in Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Virginia. See the weather yesterday in Florida (below picture) from NASA website.
Just few hours ago, NASA announced that there's a delay of the launch due to technical reasons, something about the heaters in the shuttle's auxiliary power unit . It will be re-scheduled to launch not later than Monday at 2:33 PM. I am hoping by then, everything will turn out alright.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Worth of a Blog

I was just browsing awhile ago when I came to a website that feature the worth of a website. I was just curious and so, I typed in my site and guess what, this site supposedly worth $107,600. Whewww! I was blown away! If ever that's true, I would sell this site to whoever wants to own it LOL!

Anyway, it's just nice to know that it's worth like that according to their calculation. At least google rank this site as PR 3 too.It means a lot that this personal travel site has a good number of visitors and for me, that's what matters. For all my visitors, thank you for spending your time on my site.

Perfect Movies and Sitcoms on Satellite TV

Guest post written by my buddy Franklin Davenport

My favourite television sitcom of all time has to be Friends. This sitcom is a perfect family adventure with well acted scenarios from a cast of excellent actors and actresses. Courtney Cox who plays Monica is fantastic as a neat freak who has to have everything perfect within the home. She will freak out if a cup has been placed on the table without a coaster to protect the table. My brother who is only fourteen years old loves her like crazy and is similar to her in the way that he likes his bedroom perfectly clean with everything neatly in place.

In one episode she books a future wedding between herself and Chandler Bing who is another main character in the sitcom inside a museums' main hall. Ch! andler had not even proposed to her yet and when the curator rang to say that the Monica and Chandler wedding could go ahead he lost the plot and ran from the room. To watch the show is hilarious and the whole of my family except grandad watch the show. We watch it as often as possible on satellite tv from as it has always been the best way to watch movies as well as sitcoms. I am sure that if we watch it anymore that we should be entitled to free trip to the studios to watch it being made.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Home and Garden Show

Last Saturday, we went to the Convention Center in Orlando to see the display in the Home and Garden Show. We went to the North Concourse area, pay $8 for the parking and we were glad for that amount knowing that they charged $14 for the regular parking.

Even though this area is so huge, we noticed that the parking space is full! We have to circle around to find a spot. When we went in, it was already almost 2PM so, paying $10/person is ridiculous! Lo and behold, we got in for FREE! There was this lady who hand over three tickets to us so, it was really a lucky day!

I was overwhelmed to see the huge area with so many tents displaying beautiful products from mops to sailboats, from tiles to kitchen, from flower pots to garden and so on.
This display caught my eyes! This vehicle is used in the farmland or huge backyard for lawn purposes. What a good innovation right? It looks like a nice car to ride in a small town!
This is a garden display with boulders, waterfalls and nice landscaping. There were so many to see and so many to buy if you are looking for anything that matters to home and garden.
We actually ended in subscribing 3 months of local daily newspaper and nothing else. We came to see the display of home and garden products. It was fun and the three of us enjoyed that weekend.

Monday, April 11, 2011

At the Beach Feeding the Birds

This is one my favorite set of pictures taken last year in Mississippi. It was freezing but our cousins from Missouri wanted to feed the birds on the beach. Husband and I accompanied the kids and the hungry birds swarming above us.

There were no one on the beach area during this time because it was snowing. The original plan was really to go fishing but, weather turned bad. Honestly, after taking these pictures I went back inside the car and turn the heater on. I was freezing to death! The wind blows from the gulf was like ICE!

We were having fun when we put a piece of bread on our head and let the birds dived onto it. Very scary at first but, we got used to it as we close our eyes or cover our faces. During this time, the wind was blowing so badly and once it hits my skin it's like a painful pinch of needles. I could not even hold my camera in steady position because I was shaking. The kids were used with snow in Missouri so, they were enjoying this moment unmindful of the freezing temperature. Hubby and I left the kids until such time they run out of food to feed them. The weather was just too much for me even if I was excited to play with snow. The picture below shows the kids tried to feed the birds. The piece of bread was on their heads.After an hour, the kids decided to go back home and getting warmed up! I love this weather really! It gives me time to just chill out indoor, watch TV and just have a lazy day!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Pia Toscano: Voted Out

Top 9- Pia Toscano is voted out and only 8 American Idol Finalists left vying for the American Idol 2011. I was looking at the judges when Ryan announced the result. From their reactions, I can tell how disappointed they were. This contest is all about popularity. There is no denying that Stefano got so many fans who shows their undying support for him. Too bad that Pia is the bottom favorite of the voters.
Based on Performance, Stefano should be voted out but, fans love him too much. The judges are biased! If it would have been him, they will be smiling! The voters have the power over the judges now. The underdog is Estefano and I bet, his fans will grow more. But then again, I maybe right or wrong!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cleaning Business in Austin

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Kirstie Alley in Dancing with the Stars

Do you watch Dancing with the Stars? I hope you did not blink! Have you seen what happened to Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy during their performance? If not, check this video from sagit entertainment channel in YouTube. Well, a slight disaster that took few seconds but, the whole performance I think turned out fantastic and one of the bests for that episode.

People should learn to appreciate Kirstie's talent and respect her for who she is. Sometimes, people can be so mean to her especially when they talk about her weight. Bullies are everywhere and they masks themselves with perfection! Yet, we all know that bullies are attention-seekers and for them to be recognized, they will find imperfections with others. Kirstie's approach was ignore them which was a very wise decision. Her positive attitude will always make her a winner in life! Keep Smilin Kirstie! Punish your detractors with envy!

It's Fun to Travel

I am so lucky to have so many friends from all walks of life. Would you believe that I have so many gay friends and that I am so proud to have them in my life? First of all, they are so witty, fun to be with and talented in all aspects. For me, they are friends for life and they are always available when I need them. My girlfriends love to hang out with them in Restaurants and Coffee Shops. We usually have knacks on good food. We all love fashion and the topic pertaining to men will be the fun talks that we can't resist without. That is the other side of the coin though! We all manage to face life so seriously too. Most of my gay friends are educated, highly intellectuals and professionals. One of them, traveled to many places for work related activity. But, when he got the time, he would call us informing he was staying in different Hotels. He loves traveling and he loves his hectic schedules at work. When he's in town, we routinely hang out and talk what's new with our lives.

Scott McGillivray of HGTV

Today is the birthday of Scott McGillivray, the host of HGTV's Income Property. Happy Birthday Scott :-) (feeling close,LOL!). Anyway, this 33 year old gorgeous Canadian is an inspiration for those problematic home owners with nightmare rental properties. He usually come to rescue the homeowners by fixing their rental properties. He presents two options to the struggling homeowners and gives the pros as well as the cons. It's up to the homeowners which of the options to choose after all, it depends upon their reno budget.
I love watching HGTV shows because I am fascinated with home selling/buying, remodeling/flipping houses and income generating ideas. Lately, my husband became interested about home buying as a property income. Scott's Income Property is one of his favorite shows now! Amazing huh? We just bid two properties lately and hopefully those offers will be accepted so that we too, will become members to the landlords/landlady club. By the way, I snagged these three pictures from Scott's Facebook profile. I hope he won't mind. Hoping that you too will watch his TV show every Wednesday evening at HGTV channel! You will never regret it!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Travel Reservation

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Jobs at Disney Cruise Ship

Today, hubby and I invited one of our friends to go with us in Port Canaveral to have dinner at Rusty's Seafood and Oyster's Bar. It's just our way of mediating the boredom at home and besides, we love to travel. To reach this place, we had to travel an hour from Orlando to Port Canaveral. If you love cruising, Port Canaveral is a Port of Call for cruise ship. Today, we watched the Disney Cruise Ship sail to it's destination.

Disney has four gigantic cruise ships: Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic and Disney Wonder. Usually, the regular price per person ranges from $800-$6,000 depending on the choice of staterooms and also the length of days you want. Take note, the price does not include other charges such as gratuity and etc. Hmmmm...

Disney Cruise is really expensive but, if you are lucky, you might find a good deal. Usually, your credit card will offer deals from time to time. Who knows you might get an offer from them. Disney ships usually ends their cruise itinerary in Castaway Cay, a private island owned by Disney. Imagine yourself sun bathing and in an open air massage cabana? Luxurious! As for me, I can probably be on this dream cruise if I will become one of the cruiseline crews LOL! That's if I will apply and I will be taken LOL! Seriously though, it's so challenging to work in the cruiseline. Do you want to know where to apply? Check this out: There you go. Hoping your dreams will come TRUE!

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