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Homesteading and Ranch Equipment for Self-Sufficiency

Many years ago, homesteading was a land program offered by the government that gave 160 acres of land to the citizen who lived on the land and planted something on it for five years. After five years the land was deeded to the homesteader. Today homesteading is a term used to describe what someone or a group of people are doing when they choose to live a self-sufficient lifestyle. It is all about growing your own whole foods, less energy use, community involvement, and improving the overall quality of your life and the life of your family. You might add a wind turbine to generate electricity. Splitting your own firewood and hanging your laundry out are other examples of self-sufficient living. Happy Valley Ranch is an example of a company that offers the types of products that today’s homesteaders are looking for.
 photo Quality Cider Presses.jpeg
Food and Power

Other homesteaders are raising farm animals to supplement their diets. Pigs, cows, sheep, buffalo, turkeys, goats, ostriches, emus, and chickens are common farm animals to see. Some have ponds and are raising fish for their food. You might find a tiller for the garden that is gas powered, man powered or horse powered. If the homesteader’s land has a stream on it they may have a water wheel that produces electricity or a small grinder for their grains or both. Solar power is something modern homesteaders are using especially when their land is off the electric grid. The initial investment may seem expensive, but once the solar system is up and running, the results are great.

Equipment and Tools

You will find grain grinders, juicers, canning equipment, cider presses, bread pans, cheese-making equipment, yogurt making equipment, looms, spinning wheels, knitting and crochet needles, sewing machines that are either electric or treadle, herb-drying racks, cast-iron pans, skillets and pots, and, most likely, lots of books with instructions about how to use all of these things. There are so many blogs, books, and websites with guidance for the homesteader, that before you set out on your new adventure in self-sufficiency, you should have all the knowledge you need to get started and everything you need to be successful. Happy Valley Ranch offers some of the things you may be looking for to get you started off on the right foot.

The Gulf Coast: Endless Array of Scenic View

The Gulf Coast is blessed with endless array of scenic view. The skies display a spectacular shape of clouds, and wonderful colors. Even when it's gray, it sure lights up my day. So gorgeous down here. Hubby and I would take few moments to enjoy the view before we go inside the Isle Hotel and Casino. I took this picture at the garage.

Safety Concerns When Working on Your Own Vehicle

Repairing your own vehicle is sometimes a necessity, particularly if you don’t have the funds to hire a professional. While there can be a certain satisfaction in solving and repairing the various problems that arise as you use your vehicle each day, you should also be aware of safety concerns—issues that every mechanic takes into account as they work on cars in their daily profession. While you will find many suggestions here, there is more info about car safety online.
 photo Buick car.jpg
Working Safely with Vehicles

Cars are heavy; they are hot, filled with noxious chemicals, sharp, composed of spinning and other moving parts, and they are on wheels. With all of these potential danger areas, working on cars can be quite hazardous indeed. Here is a quick list of some of the major safety concerns that you should bear in mind as you work on your own vehicle:

1. Don’t use a jack as your only source of support for a car, especially if you are putting your body beneath the vehicle. Jacks are designed to raise and lower a vehicle, but you should use axle stands to hold the vehicle up once the jack has raised it to a sufficient height. Ramps can be used if you aren’t working on the wheels.
2. Since the wheels aren’t locked into place, use chocks (or some other blocking device) to stop the car from rolling off the stands.
3. When working on a vehicle, put on the handbrake, and put it into first gear (manual) or park (automatic).
4. Check your clothing and hair to ensure that no loose strands or baggy sleeves will be caught in moving parts. Also, remove rings, watches, and jewelry to avoid unwanted entanglement.
5. Make sure you do not run the vehicle in a closed-off space, unless you have the exhaust fumes running through a pipe to the outside. Even then, it is better to have the area open to the outside in case the pipe has leaks.
6. Be sure to protect your eyes with safety goggles.
7. If you are working on your back for extended periods of time, purchase a rolling bench to save yourself discomfort.
8. Make sure you have adequate light to enable you to see the area you are working on with perfect clarity. There are plenty of choices for illumination, from flashlights to lights on stands.
9. Never smoke near an engine, as gas fumes may be present.
10. Keep a fire extinguisher close by.
11. Never work on your vehicle when you are compromised physically from: drink, prescription drugs, or other health related issues.

If you follow these rules you will avoid many of the potential danger areas associated with car repair. As always, there is more info to be found on the web detailing these and other potential safety concerns when acting as your own mechanic.

Random Photo: Hard Rock

A blogger would take photos randomly. About 5 years ago, someone asked me, "Why do you always take pictures?" and I replied, I blog about it, I am a blogger. " A blogger? What's a blog?" Thank goodness that these days, people have the idea what's a blogger and a blog means. Everyone is doing it especially when Twitter, Instagram and Facebook became a way of life, right? Before, they probably thought it was my first time to see tons of food on the table LOL. You know those awkward moment when I took photos of my plate and all LOL. You can relate, I know that.

Taken at Hard Rock Biloxi

This was taken when hubby and I were at the elevator going down to the second floor where Satisfaction Buffet was. Oh yeah, we love to dine at Hard Rock. We miss Mississippi.

Dance Schools: Tap, Jazz, and Ballet for Little Ones

Your baby girl is finally old enough to put on those adorable leggings, leotard, and dance shoes and do more than just dance to the music in the living room. She is five years old and you have been waiting for this moment for as long as you can remember. You grew up dancing; in fact, your first memories include many dance moments. So when you were pregnant you were so excited to learn that you were having a girl. You have three older boys and you had almost lost hope of having a dancing baby girl. Now, the time has come to enroll her in one of the best dance schools in Charlotte.
 photo DanceStudiosinCharlotte.jpg
Ballerina School
One of the areas of dance the little ones start out doing is ballet. Ballet is a beautiful dance style that teaches graceful movements. The younger children start out by learning the first two or three positions and the simple movements associated with basic ballet. Before you know it your little ballerina will be perfecting her plies and leaps.

The second area of focus for the younger children is tap. This is one area of dance that the children absolutely enjoy. What child doesn’t love to make lots of noise? Tap shoes provide that tap, tap, tap noise that children love and also prove a percussion sound. Your baby girl will begin to learn the art of syncopation and dancing ‘close to the floor.’ Before you know it she will know the difference between the shuffle ball change and the flap heel. Tap dancing was always your favorite.

Jazz Dance
The last area of focus for the little ones is jazz dancing. The reason why most dance schools in Charlotte choose to focus on these three instead of just one is to give the children an opportunity to experience three of the most popular styles of dance which will usually allow them to decide which they like the most. As the children get older they can then begin to specialize. It may be ballet, tap, or jazz or a couple of each. It doesn’t matter what your daughter chooses, you just want her to have fun.

Juicy Watermelon at Grand Bay Alabama

My husband loves to indulge in enjoyable recollection of his memorable childhood. He mentioned that when he was young, a peddler of fruits would go by his neighborhood shouting "Grand Bay Watermelon" and he will always remember the yell that sounded like a song to his ears LOL. Summer time in Mississippi is fun with so many festivities. I also remember that hubby and I would go to the back road from Ocean Springs Mississippi to Grand Bay Alabama just to buy watermelon and other fruits. We bought huge and juicy watermelons and it was my first time to see a yellow watermelon. One time, my sister in law was with us and she bought fruits and vegetables. Do you like watermelon?

Three Common Questions about Visiting an Orthodontist

Taking care of your teeth is important for overall jaw and tooth health. Obviously, good oral health care includes the basics of brushing, flossing, and using fluoride. However, good dental care should also include working with an orthodontist. Following are three common questions about receiving orthodontic care:

• Why should I visit an orthodontic dentist?
• What age should a child first see an orthodontic dentist?
• Can adults get their teeth straightened?
photo Dentist-in-Baton-Rouge.jpg
Reasons for Visiting an Orthodontic Dentist

Most people think that orthodontics is simply a procedure needed to straighten crooked teeth. Therefore, they evaluate the situation based on how crooked the teeth are and whether or not a person will fit in socially with his or her current state of teeth. Orthodontics is so much more! One of the most important reasons to visit a dentist who has knowledge of orthodontics is to ensure the individual’s bite is correct and that the teeth align properly. This is important to maintain overall gum and jaw bone health as well as healthy teeth.

Age for First Visit

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children have their first visit to an orthodontic dentist when they are seven years old. This recommendation holds even if the child is showing no signs of problems. The reason is because the jaw is still developing at this young age, and the dentist can evaluate whether or not any problems might be developing. Early detection can make it possible to correct problems before they become extensive.

Adults and Correction

Although you might see adults with braces, many individuals wonder if it really is okay or even effective for adults to get their teeth straightened. The answer is yes. It is true that younger children have an easier time getting corrections made. This is because their bones are not completely developed. However, correction is effective for adults. More than one orthodontist has patients who are between the ages of 26 and 45. They may even have a few patients who are in their 60s and 70s. There are many different types of procedures and appliances that can be used that are helpful for adults, including those that are clear and not as noticeable to others.

An Awesome View of the Gulf

My husband won't stay at home when I was sleeping. I work at night and sleep most of the time on day time. My father-in-law and him would go out buying stuffs at Wal-Mart, drive down the Front and East Beach, and if there were garden and boat shows, they would go. One time, I woke up for lunch and they were gone somewhere. When they arrived few minutes later, they were excited telling me that they bought a pontoon boat, LOL. Anyway, the photo below was taken at the end part of Front Beach in Ocean Springs Mississippi. I was at the top floor (restaurant) taking this picture. What an awesome view huh?

How to Care for Dental Veneers

One popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry is installing veneers in Oklahoma City. Dental veneers are designed to enhance the appearance of the teeth, particularly when one smiles. Patients who suffer from tooth discoloration as well as damaged, chipped, crooked, or gapped teeth use veneers to cover up these features. A dentist will remove half a millimeter of enamel from the teeth before fitting in new veneers that will bond to your existing teeth. After the installation, be sure you as a patient understand how to care for the new veneers.
 photo Cosmetic-dentistry-Oklahoma-City.jpg

Although veneers do not easily discolor, you should regularly brush and clean them so the porous bonding agent does not retain stains. Brush your teeth with a whitening toothpaste to avoid this problem, since this type of paste is known to prevent film and plaque stains from accumulating. Brush and floss as you would on regular teeth. Gum disease and cavities can form on the teeth beneath the veneers, so work on maintaining your oral health. Remember that if the layer of teeth under the veneers becomes discolored, so will the dental veneers. If you’re unsure how to floss, ask your dentist. He or she can inform you on proper techniques so pressure won’t be misapplied. Too much pressure in the wrong spots can result in fissures and chips. A recommended technique is to floss sideways instead of up and down. Flossing is important for gum health since it can prevent gum recession. Gum recession is linked with veneer replacement, so be sure to avoid this by flossing regularly. Last, remember to visit the dentist for cleanings and checkups.

Other Tips

There are a few other ways to maintain your veneers other than cleaning. For one, know when to use them for biting. Stick to chewing food, and avoid ice, nuts, and other hard foods when you have veneers in Oklahoma City. Biting too hard on things can cause the bonding agent to loosen and the teeth will fall out. So don’t be tempted to use your teeth to open up a bag or another container. Tearing and ripping things with your teeth won’t be worth it. If you have a nervous habit of biting your fingernails or grinding your teeth, be sure to refrain from these harmful activities. One last tip is to wear a mouth guard when playing contact sports. You don’t want your veneers knocked out this way.

Shrimp Boats by the Gulf

When I got out from work at 7AM, I was dead tired so; hubby and I would go to Hard Rock for breakfast, it's halfway between my workplace and home. My father-in-law at that time was still asleep. Hard Rock has a Satisfaction Buffet serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The buffet truly satisfies my growling appetite and it's only $7 per person. On Wednesday's and Friday's, it was 50% off. Basically, if we dine on those days, $7 covers for both of us. Great deal right? The photo below was taken at the garage of Hard Rock in Biloxi Mississippi, viewing the awesome Gulf, shrimp boats and deer island. The shrimp boats were owned by the local fishermen and a number owned by Vietnamese. A pound of large shrimp was only $2. We sometimes drop by at early morning to buy a couple of lbs.

How to Prep for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

In many cases, teenagers often feel pain in the gums in the back of their jaw when they reach a certain age. This pain is related to wisdom teeth coming in. The name comes from the fact that you have to be older, closer to adulthood, to have these teeth emerge. These teeth need to be removed since they will only partly erupt at an angle or remain embedded in the jaw. If you are about to undergo wisdom teeth extraction, take comfort in knowing this is a safe procedure, especially when you prepare for it accordingly.
Food and Drink

There are certain rules that come with what you can eat and drink, particularly if you’ll be experiencing anesthesia. You will not be able to eat after midnight the night before the procedure. This is a rule because patients who eat too close to the surgery often throw up or experience asphyxiation thanks to the anesthesia. The only thing you can consume is medication, taken with water. If you expect the procedure to occur within a week’s time, be sure you eat a healthy diet full of vitamin C to boost your immune system.

Tooth and Mouth Care

During this week, you should also remember to carefully brush and floss your teeth. Following surgery, you won’t be able to clean your teeth for some time, so now is your chance to clean them up. Some even recommend visiting the dentist for a cleaning. The night before the surgery, think about wiping out the bacteria in your mouth. Mix in a cup 1 part hydrogen peroxide with 1 part water. Pour this combination into your mouth and swish it around for a minute before rinsing your mouth. One other tip is to apply petroleum jelly to your lips before you retire the night before. This will prevent your lips from chapping and cutting as your mouth will be open for an extended period of time.


Keep in mind how you should dress for the surgery. It’s advised that you wear comfortable and loose-fitting attire. Many people choose to wear sweats and t-shirts. Make sure your sleeves on your shirt are loose enough so the professionals can easily put in an IV. Don’t wear sneakers since these are not permitted; you may wear flip-flops instead. Long hair needs to be pulled back in a ponytail, and headbands are often helpful when undergoing wisdom teeth extraction.

Have a Wonderful Thursday

What a lovely day! This is an old photo that I took in one of our road trips back and forth from Florida to Mississippi. I was on the passenger's seat so; I got all the time to take pictures. I remember that during this time, I used my blackberry phone and an ordinary Kodak camera in taking photos. This picture is not the best but, you can tell that nature speaks beauty. As the sun goes down on the horizon, it somehow gives me that calming feeling that everything will be alright. Have a wonderful Thursday everyone.

How Employment Agencies Can Help You Find a Job

Looking for a job is hardly ever a pleasant task to undertake. It is stressful, frustrating, depressing, and discouraging. It takes a lot of time, with often no results that make you feel that time was worth it. It is hard to know when job postings are genuine and not a hoax, and it is hard to be rejected time and again when you put yourself out there so courageously. But there is a better way to find the right job for you. Houston employment agencies are there to help you do this. They do this by matching you up for temporary jobs or with full time job opportunities. They also provide opportunities to meet up with potential employers who are seeking good employees. They are a great way to find a great job.
How It Works
These agencies try to match up potential employees with employers that they think would make a good match based on credentials, experiences, and work ethic. This way, time and money is saved for both the employer and the employee. With these agencies, you’ll see a lot of times where they will match you up with a company temporarily, sometimes because they are just short-handed temporarily and sometimes because the employer wants to do a test run of sorts on what kind of employee you would be. After that duration, they’ll either hire you on or they won’t. Sometimes you know what job you are going for through the agency, and sometimes after they have worked you on some temporary job positions they will match you up with employers they see you working well with.
There are so many benefits with going through one of the Houston employment agencies that exist. They provide many opportunities for jobs, but only for jobs that are genuine and real. They don’t post for fake jobs like you find all over the Internet. They only post and hire for reliable job postings and employers. Another great thing is it saves you a lot of time and frustration running into dead ends with jobs that you apply for over and over. In an agency you start building a network and connections, which almost always leads to a great job and great opportunities.

By Ocean Springs in Mississippi

This was taken by the beach in Ocean Springs Mississippi. I love taking pictures of the sky, isn't it obvious by now, LOL? This place has the Front Beach and the East Beach. Hubby and I always hang out at the Front Beach. When I was working, hubby and his cousin would go fishing and crabbing. One time, hubby caught a dozen of blue crab and they were huge. Yep, hubby cook them and he ate them all LOL.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

3 Things to Look for in an Answering Service

If you own a business with a small staff and your company telephones are constantly ringing off the hook, then you may have a problem. Customer service is important, and if the customers can’t even contact you in a convenient way, then your reputation is going to be tarnished. Whether you simply don’t have enough employees to handle all of the calls or you want somebody to handle the calls when your business has closed up for the night, you can hire an answering service in Los Angeles. There are plenty of answering services to choose from, but there are a few things to consider before making your decision.

The first thing you want in an answering service is professionalism. The employees of the answering service are going to be representing your business, and the last thing you want is your business’s image to be tarnished because of something a phone operator did. You want phone operators who are businesslike but friendly. It is a good idea to listen in on a few of the call center’s calls before deciding whether to put your business in their hands.
You also want to choose a reliable call center. Just because the power is out in your area doesn’t mean customers won’t be calling. Customers may be trying to call you from counties or states away where the power is perfectly fine, so they will only see it as a customer service failure. If the call center has backup power for these situations, you’ll have fewer angry customers. Another part of reliability is relaying important messages to your business in a timely manner. 

No Hassle

Finally, the biggest thing you want in an answering service in Los Angeles is a no-hassle experience. If the call center is taking and relaying messages, you want the messages relayed in a way that is convenient for you and your employees. You should be able to choose whether the messages are relayed via voicemail, text, or email. When you finally find a call center that is up to the job, you’ll be able to provide better customer service with less hassle.

Boomtown: My Workplace

While living in Mississippi, this is my workplace ... well, was my workplace (wink). I was truly blessed when we lived there. Hubby's family were awesome especially my father-in-law. He loves to dine out and his favorite place is Hard Rock and also the Chinese Restaurant. My workplace was his least favorite casino. Besides, when he play the slot machines in Hard Rock as well as the Isle, he will go home as a winner. He was always lucky but, not in my workplace though hehehe. Hubby and I misses him every single day. His death anniversary will be on July 6th. We plan to visit Mississippi on that day, if the circumstances permit us.

What Kind of Gum Should You Chew?

You may love to chew gum, but did you know that some gum can actually damage your teeth? When it comes to deciding what gum to chew, talk to your general tooth doctor to help you pick out the best gum for your teeth.
Bubble Gum

Bubble gum is not great for your teeth. The sugar inside of bubble gum can cause decay. It is like giving your teeth a sugary bath. If you have braces or other dental work, bubble gum can stick to your dental work. The high sugar content can sit on your teeth for a long time because it is very difficult to brush away. 

When you look at the label of a gum wrapper, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or cellulose may be on the label. They all mean that there is sugar in the gum, and you should choose another type of gum.

Sugar-Free Gum

There are actually a lot of benefits to chewing sugar-free gum. It helps to prevent tooth grinding, putting foreign objects into your mouth, or eating candy. Not only does it keep your mouth busy, but it also helps the mouth produce saliva. The extra saliva in your mouth cleanses the mouth and gets rid of bad bacteria. It can freshen breath as well.

As with most habits, chewing sugar-free gum must be done in moderation. Excessive gum chewing of any kind can lead to jaw issues. It also causes you to take in more air so chewing a lot of gum can lead to excess intestinal gas. As long as you chew sugar-free gum in moderation, it can be a great snack option.

Xylitol Gum

Xylitol is a natural polyalcohol that is known to fight off the bad bacteria in your mouth. Some brands of gum profess that they contain xylitol, but to get the cavity fighting benefits of xylitol, you need to get a full-strength gum that is not offered at the store. Chewing xylitol gum is a great option because it gives your teeth a constant bath of protection. Like any gum, it should be used in moderation to prevent any jaw issues.

If you are interested in adding xylitol gum to your dental regime, talk to your general tooth doctor. Chewing gum is one habit that you can continue if you stick with the right kind of gum.

Awesome View Along the Beach Boulevard

You see when we were living in Mississippi, I have two days day off in a row. On my day off, after lunch while FIL was taking a nap, hubby and I would go shopping at the Edgewater Shopping Mall along Beach Boulevard in Biloxi. The road that you are seeing below is the Beach Boulevard. The big building is Beau Rivage and Hard Rock which are both casino and hotel. Almost everyday, we dine in those places because the price is affordable.

The view by the Gulf is truly amazing! If you know Alex North in Facebook or seen his collection of photos  in ( ) , you will be blown away! The Gulf coast is a beautiful place to raise a family. Well, as long as the weather is great and the skies are blue, the Gulf  coast is a fun place to explore.
Twice a month, hubby and I would just drive the I-90 and off we go to New Orleans in Louisiana. It's about an hour drive.  The awesome view by the Gulf is endless. I tell you, if you can't go to Las Vegas, visit Biloxi. There are hotels and casinos in Biloxi. You will surely enjoy the beach, the slot machines and more!

What to Know about Mouth Sores

Mouth sores are a very miserable thing to have. They are also fairly common among both children and adults. As a result, you should know a little bit about what mouth sores are and how to treat them in case you or a loved one ever gets them. They can sometimes be impossible to avoid, but if you are having a big issue with them you can speak to your Simi Valley dentist to find a more permanent solution.
A Little Bit about Mouth Sores

Mouth sores are normally small areas that are swollen and tender. They may be a different color than the rest of the mouth. They are usually caused by irritation in the mouth. They can occur on the insides of the cheek, on the gums, on the tongue, on the lips, and just about anywhere else in the mouth. The biggest drivers behind mouth sores are braces, chewing tobacco, irritation from a broken tooth, burns from hot foods, and the biting of an area. There are also cold sores and canker sores that can come from heat, stress, hormone changes, or illnesses. Cold sores are contagious, while canker sores and mouth sores are not. Mouth sores can be avoided by chewing slowly, using a soft toothbrush, avoiding hot foods, and keeping sharp things out of the mouth.

The Treatment of Mouth Sores

If you have a small mouth sore, you can treat it at home on your own. They will usually go away on their own within a week or two. However, you can speed up the process by avoiding hot or spicy foods or gargling salt water in the area of your mouth where the sore is. You can also eat Popsicles to help relieve the sore – this is an especially great treatment for children. Some pain relievers can help as well. If you have a canker sore, you can create a paste of baking soda and water, and apply it to the top of the sore. If your mouth sore does not go away in two weeks or is bothering you consistently, go see your Simi Valley dentist to get professional help.

Biloxi Bay Bridge

I was browsing photos in my Picasa and saw this. I took this photo along the Bay Bridge in Biloxi, Mississippi. I just got out from work (7 AM) and as we head home, the skies are gray but, the sun was trying to show up. I miss the view by the Gulf Coast and I was thinking, I will be posting more today. I hope you will like it. Thank you for stopping by.

Three Advantages to a Rental Chiller

Whether you’re a catering company on the move or a small business in need of a chiller for a specific project, a rental chiller is your best bet.

A chiller provides durable and sturdy air conditioning, as well as chilling for a wide variety of uses. However, many companies don’t think of renting one when they find themselves in need. If you’re on the fence between purchasing a chiller and renting one, check out these three advantages to rental.
1. Lower Cost
Depending on how long you need the cooler, rental chillers can be more cost-effective. Renting a chiller avoids high costs in delivery, installment, and warranties. By contrast, rental chillers are available for a small monthly fee.

This can benefit a company that needs a refrigerator for a small project, or a start-up that can’t afford funds for a long-term refrigeration investment.

2. No Maintenance Costs
Perhaps the greatest savings attached to renting a chiller comes from the lack of maintenance costs. Chillers often require regular maintenance and repairs, which can be costly. This is always an inconvenience, but especially so for young companies looking to get ahead in business.

Rental chillers, however, are maintained and repaired by the owner. If you have an issue, all you need to do is call the owner and you’ll have a repairman on the scene in a reasonable period of time. Unless you directly damage the chiller, you likely won’t have to pay for these routine repairs and maintenance procedures.

3. Many Size Options
Another great thing about renting is the size and capacity options available. If you buy a chiller, you’ll have to decide on a size. Many companies buy chillers too big for their needs, afraid that one day the company will need the extra space.

With rental chillers, you have the freedom to trade chillers based on your current needs. And, you can do so without incurring extra costs associated with new investments.

Choosing Where to Rent a Chiller
If a rental chiller sounds like a good idea to you, start checking out local refrigeration companies for a place to rent. If possible, consult business connections for recommendations. And, as with any service, research your potential rental company online. A Better Business Bureau profile, for example, will tell you the business’s rating, contact information, and history of customer complaints.

With this dedicated research, you’ll be able to find a rental company that supplies your company with a quality chiller that will serve you well, however long you need it.

This is a guest post which is provided to Beyond Photography for its readers.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our Honda Lawn Mower and the Lawn Guy

When a guy came knocking on our door, I thought it was the mailman for I was expecting packages. Nope! The face was familiar and I called my husband. It was the lawn guy. We hired him few months back but, he  was nowhere to be found after. He said he went up north. We told him we bought a Honda lawn mower about two months ago and we plan of cutting the grass today. He said goodbye and wish us luck but then, we feel bad. Hubby and I looked at each other as he walked away from the front porch.

Almost instantly, we both said ... let him cut the grass for we really think he needs the money anyway. Right now, the lawn guy is mowing our yard. There is something in the tone of his voice that he needed the job. It is good to help you know. Our lawn mower is Honda, check out the photo above. This baby will not feel sorry because I will be using this beauty later in the afternoon. We told the lawn guy, just don't include the backyard, we will be cutting the grass later. He was happy and smiling.

Test Track Attraction at Walt Disney World's Epcot

One of the attractions that I love to ride over and over again is the Test Track at Disney World's Epcot. This attraction is located at Future World. Everyone should buckle up because it is really fast. The car can hold up to 6 passengers. This is a “simulation car” so; guests will just sit back and enjoy.

During the Test Drive there is a straight-aways sometimes, maneuvering through inclement weather. There is also a hug curves banked at 50-degree angles and scale hills that are up to 3-stories high. It is as if, guests will fall out from the car. I tell you, you should buckle up and hold tight. If you are afraid, close your eyes LOL.

2013 Buick Enclave Leather

When hubby and I had a long distant travels, we rent a car at AVIS. We always have good deals using coupons sent to us by the car insurance company and the bank. Sometimes, we go for upgrade which is a good deal for us. Look at this Buick Enclave. Man, this car is luxurious, comfortable and sexy on the road. We got this one for one week, road trip to Mississippi. I tell you, this is expensive ... a brand new in red color is about $48K. Oh my my!

Monday, June 24, 2013

More Blooms in my Garden

It is summer time and it is so good to be out in the yard. Hubby and I spent most of our time in the gazebo. In fact, we have our brunch at the gazebo and enjoying the cool breeze from the river. Not only that we enjoyed the breeze, we also enjoyed watching the flowers in blooms. This is my Kalanchoe, a succulent flowering plants. We had our thunderstorms the other day, it fell down and I thought it will not survive. Look at it, still in blooms
I know, I took a lot of photos of these flowers. They are just gorgeous. How about you? What flowers do you have in your garden?

At the Beach

Oh yeah! Summer and the beach, what a better way to spend this season huh? I know that the heat of the sun is a scorcher but, we have a shade and that makes a difference. Hubby and I had no plans going to beach but, since it is just 20 minutes drive, who needs planning right? If we feel like it, we grab our beach chairs, some cold drinks and snacks ... bammm ... we are heading to Cocoa Beach or Satellite Beach. How about you?

Friday, June 14, 2013

My Gardenia in Blooms

After having my gardenia for one week, here it is in full bloom. It smells good too. I love the soothing effect of fragrant flowers in my garden.

Back home in the Philippines, my mother has fragrant flowers in the garden. At night, the smell of flowers are overpowering but, in a nice way. Having this gardenia plant in the gazebo brings back old memories and it's really relaxing.

We have sampaguita, dama de noche, roses as well as gardenia. All flowering plants made our garden smells good especially at night time.

Anyway, since gardenia has a very fragrant creamy-white flowers and glossy too with dark-green leaves, it has its own myth story to tell. It is believed to have been named after Alexander Garden who is a physician in Charleston, South Carolina and that's during colonial days. You can check it online about his life story.

Gardenia has over 200 species, a shrub that can grow 6'-8' with almost equal spread. Usually, gardenias bloom in mid-spring to early summer. They have a powerful, sweet fragrance, and can perfume an entire area. That is really true because our garden back home, smells really good at night time especially when there is a breeze.

The Toyrarium Gro-Project : Fun Project for the Family

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine.

There are two activities that inspire me in summer time, the beach and hanging out in the garden. Though the sun is a scorcher down here in Florida, I have chosen my time when to do gardening and it is always fun and relaxing. When I am out in the yard, I will never run out of garden inspiration because Miracle-Gro has tons of ideas for fun garden projects.

For today, I would like to share a very interesting project that I saw from the The Gro Project. If you have boys in the house, they will surely enjoy this project as well so; make this project a family activity for the day.
Toyrarium Project by Miracle Gro
This is really easy to do. Just gather all those materials listed above and follow these 5 steps.
1. Cover the bottom of the container with a layer of rocks.
2. Fill it about 1/3 full with potting mix.
3. Use the spoon to plant succulents in the potting mix, adding more mix to create your landscape.
4. Set the scene with your toys. Careful not to overwater! Use a spritzer to moisten only when it gets very dry in there.
5. (That's it!) Just add a little imagination and watch it come to life.

This summer, make sure that your children have lots of activities to do and this toyrarium is interesting, educational and fun project to do. For more fun garden projects, you should check out this video and you will be blown away with garden inspiration ideas. Don't forget to follow the Miracle-Gro Pinterest page for gardening stories inspiration.

Don't forget to check out the Miracle Gro online to access their library of articles and videos. They have tons of expert gardening tips for both beginners and professionals. If you encounter common garden problems, they have a solution to suggest and they will help you find the right products for your beautiful garden such as the LiquaFeed All Purpose Plant Food Advance Starter Kit.
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Monday, June 10, 2013

Snapdragons in Bloom

Here is another photo that I took from my garden today. The blooms are just so beautiful. Snapdragons are known to be cold-season annual plants. They do best in full or partial sun as well as in well drained soil. Here in Florida where the heat is a scorcher, this plant is like a baby that I need to water everyday.
Snapdragons are fascinating plants because when you gently squeeze the sides of the intricately shaped flower, you will see the jaws of a dragon head snap closed. The blooms come in gorgeous colors, including some with amazing color variations on each flower. I have red and white in the garden right now. I was reading on how to re-plant it and it's really easy because snapdragons are an outstanding cut flower. Snapdragons are cool-season annual, and a great for fall color. Check out this plant in the garden store in your area.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Busy Butterfly

I was watching the butterfly while I was at the gazebo. It was hopping from one flower to the other. Butterflies feed on nectar from the flowers. They nourished themselves from pollen and rotting fruit as well as from the dissolved minerals in wet sand and soil. No wonder I saw them just walking on the dirt earlier.

From what I read, "butterflies sip water from damp patches for hydration and feed on nectar from flowers, from which they obtain sugars for energy as well as sodium and other minerals vital for reproduction."

They use their antennae to sense the air for wind and scents. The antennae are covered with sensory organs called sensillae. Did you know that a butterfly's sense of taste is 200 times better compared to humans? "Many butterflies use chemical signals, pheromones, and specialized scent scales." That's all for now folks! Thanka for stopping by.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Beautiful Butterfly

I love to have my coffee at the gazebo, listening to the birds chirping and just enjoying the early morning breeze. The birds were up on the trees and very noisy actually when I noticed this beautiful creature flying nearby.  When I go out, I always bring my camera if in case something might pop up just like this one.

I love watching the butterflies. They are so pretty. Have you seen butterflies in your yard lately? What color was it?

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