Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Office Room Decors

Today, we went shopping and looking specifically for furniture's and wall decors to put in my office room. We first called our friend because she loves the home store that we will be going to. The three of us ordered our lunch meal first before shopping around the store. This store has a restaurant and the food is really great and affordable. Of course, since I do not have a breakfast meal, I ordered a full fish fillet entree'. We sit there for a while and talk about the good times just to kill the time. Then, I showed them the book shelves that I wanted to buy. Actually, we end up buying so many stuffs for the kitchen and the office room. I was almost tempted to buy a clock which looks like a hermle clock but, we prioritized the big furniture's first. I was happy with what we purchased today. In fact after our dinner, I assembled the kitchen rolling table and put the necessary kitchen wares under it. For the office book shelves, I will assemble it by the weekend because I will go to Disney World tomorrow. I need some relaxing time away from the house and enjoy my favorite park. Everyday, wall decors and furniture's were being put together in each corner. Probably, I will finish unpacking in two weeks time. Moving to a new place is FUN, right?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cagayan de Oro City Fiesta 2010

It is so nice to see these pictures right? These are the property of SOCORRO, taken during the city fiesta of Cagayan de Oro 2010.
After seeing these pictures in her FB account, I asked her if I can share it to my readers in this blog. She gave me permission of course.
I remember this area. I saw the sign of DXCC so, this is Velez St nearby the junction of Marcos Bridge( W), Macabalan (N) and heading to Lapasan on (E).
The location of the photographer is in the park of VICENTE de Lara which is nearby Central Bank and the Provincial Capitol of Misamis Oriental.

I can only imagine the crowd in this area who came from the East side of the city such as Lapasan, Cugman, Gusa, Bugo who occupied this place because it is very convenient.

Here's one of the participants of the parade, I guess that is Bugo National High School. I am not really sure though. I wish to come home next year for the Fiesta Celebration!

Home Projects

I am not bored at home despite of not having a full time job. When I'm tired unpacking the boxes in the Florida room, I switch into my blogging activities. Right now, I am in the other room fixing decors and arranging to make my office/game room/lounging room-in-one cozy. I love doing home projects so, I am trying to find my collection of pictures to use for wall decors. All I have to buy is a wood frame and a staple gun. I always have crazy projects in my mind which I am hoping to make it realized before the year ends. I wanted to make promotional calendars too, a home made of course just to show to my family and friends some of my photo collections. Since this room is still a mess (moving in for two weeks), I am taking one day at a time. Home projects are on stand by but, I can do it anytime when I am ready for decorating. Oh well, ideas and inspiration is just like snap of the fingers, right? As long as I have my camera, Internet and printer then, everything will be alright. How about you? What is your home projects? It could be anything. From arranging your walk-in closet to renovation of your whole kitchen. No matter what you do to make you more productive and maintain the cleanliness of your home is truly rewarding. Start your home projects now and be confident to show it to your family and real friends. I am sure they would appreciate it.

Bankhead Tunnel in Alabama

This is the tunnel in Mobile, Alabama from Government Street which emerges to the Battleship Parkway. When we travel towards Florida, we saw this tunnel but, pass by the George Wallace Tunnel.This area is gorgeous and of course, you will see the tall buildings. The Alabama Drydock and Shipbuilding Company is also just nearby.When you reached the middle of this tunnel along I-10, you will have no electronic signal but, it would only lasts a minute.
It is pretty safe because the big trucks that carry gas and petroleums have their own route and they are not allowed to pass by the tunnel.
I really have a funny but nice feeling everytime we pass here. I sure would love to explore the battleship area in the future.
Oh by the way, the Bankhead Tunnel was used by Steven Spielberg's movie called Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Yap, it is an alien movie.

Golf Course Bookings

I know that you need a break from all the stress in the office. Have you decided where to go yet? Is it an instant plan to visit a golf course? No worries because even if you need the place in 48 hour tee times, you would surely find it in the Website If you are undecided where to go, let me suggest to have your tee times in the place where you can relax and find diversity of activities. Myrtle Beach area is the best venue to visit. All you have to do is click the link and choose your travel dates, area golf course and the time. Book your reservation online and it is open for business 24/7. No hassle at all because there is NO membership fee and you can select from many golf courses in the area. Click the Website NOW! Enjoy your vacation!

Home Decor

Moving is stressful but FUN at the same time. First of all, when you unpack things from an old boxes, you will discover the things that you have but forgotten. The candle holder here was from the old house while we live in another street here in Orlando. That was two years ago and since we moved to Mississippi, it was in a box for so long. As I was unpacking, I saw the candle holder and it sits in the living room for almost two weeks without a candle on it because I can't find the set of candles that goes with it. It was big and round shape and must be hiding somewhere in the other boxes. The candle accent is inexpensive but was attracted to it because it has a soothing scent. The blue gives the pop color in the living room.

My arrangements might not click for your taste but for me, it looks good. The vases are expensive. I was trying to find a plastic that looks like ceramic but, I have no luck LOL! Therefore, I took a deep breathe and hubby bought this items. Oh, we mix and match the items and we got this. I was happy that we found perfect three items in the same color, design and style.

More to show on the next posts. Keep coming here and invite your friends too. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, September 27, 2010

North Myrtle Beach

How would you spend a relaxing vacation? I would prefer a weekend getaway in a place where I will enjoy the view of the sunrise and sunset by the beach. My ideal place of total relaxation is when there is a white sand and blue water such as the area of myrtle beach. What about you? Check out the Website today and explore the amenities that they have. This might be the place you have been wanting to visit. If you are a sports minded person and loves to play golf, this is the right place to play with your family and friends. Stay in towers at myrtle beach and create a wonderful memories that would last a lifetime. What are you waiting for? Click the link now.

Lemonata in Olive Garden

My favorite Italian Restaurant is Olive Garden and I always crave for their soups, salads and bread sticks. It's an endless refill and it's very affordable. Of course, I can only finish one serving, it will be lucky if I order another soup. I love all the pasta dish that they have and also their appetizers. My favorite drinks though are the lemonata. This is a lemonata with strawberry and the taste is refreshing.
Would you like to try? Visit Olive Garden in your area today.

Bali Holidays

I will tell you why you should have a relaxing Bali Holidays with your family that will give you fun filled memories. Would you like to spend a vacation in an island surrounded by beaches and coral reefs? As a matter of fact if you look closer, the map of Bali looks like a fish. It is pretty amazing that Bali is blessed with blue water as well as the greenery where animals thrive in the mountains. If you love adventure, visit Bali Indonesia and observe the culture where locals worship the bats in the temple. It will be a once in a lifetime experience to learn the fauna and flora of this enchanting place called Bali. Visit this place and create a wonderful time with your family and love ones now.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Filmslam #8 in Orlando

First Saturday after we settled in our new place, Ann who works in Delta Airline invited me to watch Filslam. I love any activities that gives me an inspiration to write on anything. At first, Ann told me that we will be there to vote the film of our friend who is in the lead role. I was thrilled to go.

When we arrived, the place looked like a haunted house that you see in movies, lol. Kidding! Well, the outside looks that way because it was surrounded with old oak trees. The movie theater is called ENZIAN, the venue for Florida Film Festival. How cool huh? Wanna see the venue? Visit Anyway, there were six short films on that day and we have to cast our votes viewing from 5 minutes to 20 minutes per film. Here are the films: 1. Rewinders 2. Plenty of Fish 3. Drift 4. After: The Kellie Greene Story 5. Tape Found, and 6. Gary's Gang

The winner on that event is AFTER: THE KELLIE GREENE STORY (2010) by Lavado Stubbs (wearing red checkered, R-L: 2nd person) Produced by Aaron West.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Don Gregorio Pelaez Sports Complex

Here are some of the pictures taken by SOCORRO. This is Don Gregorio Pelaez Sports Complex in Cagayan de Oro City. When I was in elementary, our classroom is just on the other side of the stadium.During recess time, part of this area is the playground of my classmates and I. When we have school demonstration, this place is the main venue. I lost count as to how many times did I perform in this place, school activity of course.
When I was in high school, my friends and I love jogging. This place is the usual endpoint of our sporting activity. I miss those days. Anyway, since I am not a sports minded person, I can't make a single turn in this huge area. For every big activity in the city, this is always the venue. If there are concerts either FREE or not, this is always a good venue for that. When my friend took this picture last August, I was so happy to see the improvement.
Photos were taken by SOCORRO.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vegas in Real Life

Guest post written by Dawn Allister:

I've watched so many movies about Vegas and most of them make it seem really crazy and fun, within reason. So after i went and saw teh movie The Hangover with my girlfriends we decided that we wanted to take an all girls trip there.

But there was a lot that I needed to do before I left on the trip. So I made sure that I had an appropriate wardrobe, so I went out and bought some party but still appropriate dresses, and did some research on some hearing aids Dayton. I had been wanting to get some for a while because my hearing had been a problem so I thought going on that trip was as good of a reason as any. I went to Miracle Ear and got some hearing aids.

Our trip was great, it wasn't nearly as exciting as the stuff that they couldn't remember on The Hangover movie, but we had a good time that was OK with us. We got a lot of shopping done, saw some shows and even did some gambling.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Mama

Today is already September 22 in the Philippines. What's memorable on this day? It is my mother's birthday and she is 69 years old. She was actually three months old during the WWII air attacks by Japanese forces. My aunt-grandma Bem-Bem told me that grandma and family used a cave to hide from Japanese forces. It was so hard for my grandma because my mother would cry a lot specially when she was hungry. When they knew that the Japs were gone, they would return to their home and continue living as normal. The family of my mother live in a countryside and they have their way of knowing when the enemy is around. Well, the whole family survived the WWII.

When my mother started schooling, she was a fast learner and very active in school. My grandpa was against the fact that his daughter loves to study. Born in a Spanish descent, grandpa said that women should not go to school but, men does! Women should stay at home and help the mothers while men will provide for the whole family. My mother was forced to stop schooling before she finished her Primary. My mother was devastated! She promised herself that when she will have a family, she would provide a good Education!

My mother left her town and went to the city to work as a saleslady in one of the biggest movie theatre in the city. Considering her level of education, it was not a hindrance! She was good in handling money for the biggest canteen in the movie theatre. Then, she met my father and got married. They have a son and when my mother was 8 months pregnant, my father left us. I was that child and my brother was two when parents separated.

I can not imagine how my mother survive life especially when the movie theatre went bankrupt and all workers lost their job. She was a single mom with two kids. I was in elementary when I volunteered to accompany my mother every weekend to help her do the laundry OF OTHER people. I will never forget those tiring moment of hard labor. On weekdays, before my brother and I wakes up in the morning, she already delivered the meat and seafood orders to her customers. She work tirelessly to provide us. As I grow older and realize the real scenario of our lives, I can tell you this that I seldom saw my mama cry! I never saw her helpless! You know why? My mother PRAYS a lot and take refuge to God in her weakness moments! She is a good Christian and a devotee of Mother Mary. She spent most of her FREE time in the church with her group such as Charismatic, Handmade of the Lord, Divine Mercy, Legion of Mary and many more.

Mama, thank you for everything! Happy birthday!

All I really wish from God is to give you an Excellent health always. I love you and I will be lost without you in my life.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Geico Commercials are the Best

Authored by Raymond Whitney:

My favorite commercial, of all time, is the Geico - but only when the Geico is actually present and talking. His body moves around so smoothly and perfectly that it is difficult to believe that the words are not actually coming from him. Now, I generally do not fall for a number of commericals I see on television but I actually did change my car insurance to Geico. As a result I ended up saving a couple of hundred dollars a year.

All of the Geico commercials I have seen on TV have been excellent. They are always tasteful and well done. My children enjoy them - but not quite as much as I do. It is always exciting to be watching my satellite TV ever since I signed up for a direct tv promotions a saw online and see the little green Geico pop on the screen.

Anyone who has not seen the latest Geico commerical is in for a real treat. The little guy is at some type of business meeting. Next you see him standing on top of a podium talking to the group of gathered business executives. However, the man actually giving the presentation, while talking to the Geico, has some type of major problem and he is stopped in his tracks.

Fancy Cappuccino Machine

While waiting for a response of our house bidding, we stayed in a hotel in Altamonte Springs in Orlando, Florida. Of all the hotels that we stayed for the last three weeks, this hotel is the best. I will review the hotel in one of my post next time. For now, I will just share to you their fancy cappuccino machine. The FREE breakfast was delicious and has everything you need for a good breakfast meal.
The usual rate of this hotel is $79 but because we had a coupon from the rest area, we only pay $49/day. Plus, our room was located near the dinning hall and front of the swimming pool with a very awesome waterfall.

Avista Resorts

I must admit that for the last three months, my husband and I have been to a lot of stress. My father in law died last July, actually it was two days before my birthday. It was a painful ordeal because we enjoyed having him with us. The problem was, he was too tired to live at 90 years old. He just lost interest to embrace life because most of the people in his generation were gone. One day, he just quit breathing and all we could do was let him go.

After the military funeral, my husband and I decided to buy a new house in Florida. The journey of house hunting and bidding the price was very exhausting! There were days that we move from one hotel to another and wait for the response of our offer. Finally, we bought the house and the tiring moments of moving begun two weeks ago. We are ready for a big vacation!

One place that I would really love to stay is Myrtle Beach hotel. I was able to browse and see how wonderful this place through their Website: The beauty of the beach amazed me because it gives me the calmness and the view of nature always fascinates me. This place is devine and total relaxation is what this place can offer. The resorts in Myrtle Beach is truly fantastic. The blue water and blue sky is amazing. This is the only place that I would rather be to relax and rejuvinate myself.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bad Service by Brighthouse

It's been almost a week and here I am back to blogging. There is an inner voice telling me to blog, LOL! Kidding! As much as I wanted to blog and be on my computer table, situation won't permit me. First, two weeks had passed and still we don't have internet. Brighthouse cable company can't fix the wiring! How hard it can be? They will just have to drill on our wall right? They have the HOA permit already so, what else they need? Oh! I know what they needed! They need competent and knowledgeable employees! Would you believe it if I say, there were 5 people who came by to figure why they can't get a signal? Two of the 5 knows what they are doing! This place needs rewiring! GRRRRR! I will call AT&T to switch!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Busy...Busy Days

Oh it's been a long while, right? I took pictures but, never been posted because of my hectic schedules! I will be back to active blogging and that will be soon! I am just waiting for the hook up of our internet connection in this new place. Right now, I am busy unpacking boxes to organize in the kitchen and living room. One day at a time and I will be fine! My friend invited me to watch a documentary show to vote for. It's about rape victims documentary short film! I will blog about it so you too can vote. Thanks for always dropping by.

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