Sunday, January 31, 2010

Houston Rodeo Tickets

One of the greatest shows that I wanted to watch live in the arena is the Rodeo in Texas. Everyday, the Houston Rodeo events are followed by concerts featuring artists in country, rock, hip hop and Latin music. Favorite performers might be on stage too such as Miley Cyrus, Hanah Montana, the Jonas Brothers, Bon Jovi, Maroon 5 and so many more. Visit the Website now and purchase your ticket to get he best seat available. I never been able to watch the rodeo as a live audience yet but, I am so eager to experience it. I wanted to see the competitive events such as roping where cowboys had to capture the calf using the rope in a loop. On TV, I watch the saddle bronc and bull riding rodeo events and I find it very interesting. This is the reason why rodeo is very unique. It would be different watching it live plus see the concert of my favorite performers afterwards.

Charcoal Paint

I took this souvenir portrait from my sister-in-laws' wall display. This is a charcoal portrait of Ron when he was 19 years old. I plan to have a charcoal portrait too but, I still have to find time to get a nice still picture. It is so amazing when we can preserve our image using charcoal painting. I know one artist back home, she is a teacher and she is really gifted. I will contact her when I return to the Philippines.

$6,500 Tax Credit

Are you a first-time home buyer? Do you live in your property for 5 years already? There is good news for you this year. The federal income tax credit for homebuyers has been extended and expanded. It includes homeowners who live 5 years in their property and those who are first-time home buyers. If you do not own a home in the last three years and you are a first-time home buyer, you can receive up to $8,000 tax credit this year. If you are a homeowner and lived in your property for the last 5 years, you can receive up to a $6,500 Tax Credit this year. If you qualify, do something now, bind your contract by April 30, 2010 and should be close by June 30, 2010. Remember, this year's income limits are $125,000 for singles; $225,000 for married couples with a $20,000 phase-out of the credit for both. By the way, you will qualify if the home you purchased is below 800,000.

Watch the video above and it will help you understand better about the tax credit that you will get as a first-time home buyer. Check out the video and visit the Website which is provided here.

Mardi Gras Beads

These are just few of the beads that we catch during the Elks Mardi Gras Parade in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. I brought with me my digital camera and of course, was planning to send pictures to Facebook. The weather was below freezing and even if I wore three jackets, I was still freezing. I can not hold properly the digital camera because I was freezing. Despite of that scenario, I took some good photos and be posting it here soon.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Getting a Domain

My blog is in PR 3 right now and I am still in the process of whether to buy a domain or not. If I decided to get a domain in this blog, I might lose my PR in two months. Just like what happen to my two other blogs. But, I will have more opportunities if I have my domain. I didn't make up my decision yet but, I will really push on getting one soon. I got three blogs and this is my baby blog that I planned to get a domain. I was just reading about a web site hosting that provides a good customer support whenever they are needed. That is exactly what I need this year. Last year, I have a problem with my two blogs and I can't contact the customer representative. I ended up solving the problem myself with the help of my brother. If I decide to get my domain in this blog, I will make sure that the company has a support team that I can call and talk the problem right away. Technical problems are real mess which can be encountered daily. But, with the help of a support team, I can relax that anything will be fine.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Elks Mardi Gras Parade in Ocean Springs

January 30 is the most anticipated Mardi Gras Parade here in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. The Elks Mardi Gras Parade marked as the first in this area and there will be more Mardi Gras Parade that will follow after. Expect that I will be posting new pictures tomorrow.
one of the most decorated floats
people on the float who gives away beads
mardi gras unique characters
This was taken a year ago specifically, February 7. It was my first experience so; I only grab few beads and my scream was not showy, lol. The technique is that, you will cheer so loud that would attract those people on the float and they will give you more beads. If you are lucky, they will give you the most cherish beads they have.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Remote PC Access Software

Have you heard about Proxy Pro 7? It consists of different edition of remote desktop software, a product that you can buy or download for a FREE trial in This software offers modules such as remote access, remote control and remote management. Proxy Pro 7 is available in four editions namely: Workstation Edition which is good for peer-to-peer remote access connection; Gateway Edition, an ideal for larger networks; Screen Recording Edition which is used by contact centers and SDK Edition good for vendors' access to market-leading technology. Check out the Website to know more about this Remote PC Access Software.

This company is the leading provider of remote desktop software and considered as the backbone to help-desk technicians, network administrators and IT managers. They are fast, reliable and a business oriented company who takes pride of their functionality and security. Proxy Pro 7 supports the platform of the following: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Mac OS X and Red Hat Linux Fedora 11 with VNC server.

If you want to purchase their product now, please contact or you may call them at 617-453-2700. Their very skilled representative will be happy to help and assist you.

So Ironic

Sometimes, it is so ironic to comprehend how bad the problem of the world hunger if your pantry looks like the pictures below.
I know someone who had a pantry measuring 25 sq meters and they were only three in the household. Their caretaker said that some of the foods inside the pantry were already expired. To avoid that, why not take a day off and get rid of those canned goods which you do not need. Then, make a habit of checking every three months and the old stocks but not expired, give it away. Others need it more than you do.
I know we work so hard to buy the foods that we want. But, let us make a step of change in our lives. Let us start buying the things that we NEED instead. Let us learn to share too. Try taking a bag of stocks from your pantry that you do not need and drive in the city. I am sure you will see a homeless person on the street begging for pennies. Just give it to him and go. Do not communicate with him. Just hand the bag, smile and go. For that hungry person, you are an answered prayer and you are an angel.
If you do this, you will feel the change in you. Imagine if thousand do the same act of goodness to others everyday? Thousands will not get hungry in a day and it will drive them to have a positive outlook of life.
Remember to learn to share your blessings to others.
Show kindness even to strangers! The time is now!

Monday, January 25, 2010

National Finals Rodeo Tickets

I was looking for the NFR Las Vegas 2010 ticket prices which will be happening in December 2010. It is really a wise idea to get the ticket ahead of time or end up not getting a good seat at all. In events like the National Finals Rodeo, tickets are sold out fast for months before the scheduled sports event. If there are tickets available at the nearest date, the price is expected sky high. In the link provided here, you can get your ticket ranging from $70 to $561. This is a reasonable price that you can ever get so; check it out today.

I really wanted to watch this sport because it is considered as the "Super Bowl of Rodeos". On TV, I watch the bull riding show and I was curious what it is like to see it live in the rodeo arena. Bull Riding is one of the Professional Rodeo's seven events namely: saddle bronc riding, bareback riding, calf roping, team roping, steer wrestling and barrel racing. The National Finals Rodeo is very interesting to see because it is absolutely different. The event is showcasing the skills and speed of the participant cowboys and that is interesting for me.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Kodak EasyShare M320

Last Christmas, my husband gave me a Digital Camera, a Kodak C140. I used it for 2 days but, I do not like the features of that camera. I return the product and ordered this camera instead.
This is Kodak EasyShare M320 Silver 9.2MP Digital Camera which features a quick 3x optical zoom. It has Face Detection technology for improved portraits and group shots. The product includes a camera case, rechargeable battery and AC adapter/charger that can connect direct to the camera.

Other Features:
  • 2.7" LCD screen, 230K pixels
  • 5x digital zoom
  • Face detection locates up to five faces and automatically adjusts camera settings
  • 21 scene modes
  • Blur reduction compensates for camera shake, subject movement or fast action
  • On-camera cropping, undo/delete, and panorama stitch mode
  • High ISO up to 1000
  • Takes HD pictures in 16:9 format
  • Records VGA videos with audio
  • 16MB of internal memory
  • SD/SDHC memory card slot (card not included)
  • Includes EasyShare software to organize and edit photos and share them at the Kodak Gallery, or share videos on YouTube
  • PictBridge-enabled for printing without a computer on compatible printers
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Audio/video port
  • Includes rechargeable lithium-ion camera battery

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quick and Easy Fix Meal

Are you struggling your time when it comes to meal preparation? Honestly, I am having this problem after I got hired for a permanent job position. It's so hard to adjust my time. There are days that I am just lazy to cook for lunch or dinner. That is why buying a good countertop toaster oven is a wise decision that I did for a busy working woman like me. I used it a lot to make a toast, struddle, mini pizza and many more. Quick and easy fix meal is my only hope especially during my work days. Food that are delicious and healthy is important for me to keep me going at work.
During my day off, I cook my favorite food and spend extra hours in the kitchen. I really do not mind as long as I have no work that consumed my thoughts. On the other hand, whoever invented an oven toaster must be a genius. No hassle when it comes to preparing quick fix meals. Well, struddle especially the strawberry flavor and toasts are my favorite snacks. It really fills me up for many hours and I do not have to worry for the rest of the day. How about you?

Quality and Affordable Eyeglass at Zenni

Today, I read an article about cheap eyeglasses from Zenni Optical. It is a reality that consumers spent so much money for just a pair of eyeglasses. Let us say if your child is wearing an eyeglass, there is a tendency that you will buy a back up if in case it will break. This should not be the trend! The author of the article made mentioned that, "eyeglasses don't have to cost a fortune". I believe that he is absolutely right and so; he shares where to find a good deal. Eric's review of Zenni Optical is convincing because he is a regular customer who bought quality eyeglasses at affordable price from them for the last eight years. At Zinni, you can buy full prescription eyeglasses starting at $8 which is an amazing good deal. The picture above is only $8 which is very affordable. How come it is that cheap though? The eyeglasses of Zenni are made in China, and they offer products in good quality and durability. Prices are at the lowest because it is sold at factory price. You will get quality, durability and for practical reasons, buy your eyeglass at Zinni. Check it out and visit the Website now.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Treasure Bay Hotel and Casino in Biloxi

This is the new building built at the adjacent lot where the old casino was once stood so elegant. When Hurricane Katrina hit and damaged the city, the huge Treasure Bay was totally wiped out.

I will be showing you the inside look of the casino next time. Observe the bare side lots? Well, if you travel highway 90 heading either to New Orleans or coming back to Florida, you will see how that hurricane devastated this place. Thank God that casino business still thriving and attracts the people to visit this city again.

Wild Blue Satellite High Speed Internet

The only relaxation which is common in every household is watching TV. But, to have a wild blue high speed internet at home is much better because you can access unlimited entertainment online. I basically use my internet to watch my favorite movies and play my favorite music videos. Internet access is my cheapest way to communicate my family back home. Are you having problem with your internet provider? Is it downloading poorly and oftentimes in disconnected status? It is high time to get a high speed internet access through My Blue Dish website. They provide high speed internet access including those in the most remote rural locations in the nation. You will get a satellite internet service in a smaller dish. They offer faster internet speeds, very affordable and easy to use. How do you like to surf the Web at lightning-fast speeds? Well, I do love that kind of speed and downloading of my favorite music and movies will never be a hassle. Check out the link provided here and change to a high speed internet. If you are not satisfied with the services you paid for, check out this Website today. Get the internet access that can make the most of your entertainment pleasure.

Joe and Sandey Galloway

I enjoyed living in Mississippi for one reason; the city where we live has so many activities happening all year round. Activities like Peter Anderson Festival where art work just like the picture below was featured on display. It was a fun day for me and my husband because we had time to unwind with family here. This particular art piece is what I like in the gallery of Joe and Sandey Galloway. I do not have their business cards but, maybe this year they will again participate in the festival and I will definitely ask one. Only by that time that I can share to all of you where to find them and see their art works.
As far as I remember, the art work was made up of pieces of glass. I like this in particular because the fruit tree looks so great. My sister-in-law bought a crucifix with the same materials in it. It was a fine piece of art which my sister-in-law loves.
Starting this month, Mardi Gras will be celebrated in New Orleans, Mississippi and Alabama. There will be another activity to look forward to which I am very excited to participate. For now, enjoy the art decoration from Joe and Sandey Galloway.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

That Itchy Puppy Fleas

Do you have pet animals at home? How do you keep their good grooming? Most of you probably have a dog at home and keeping the dog clean is hard work. It pays off though because dog can be a playmate and a good companion in the house. Dogs can scare away bad elements or burglars too thus, keeping your property safe. Dogs are the kind of animals which are loyal to the owner especially if they are well taken care of. What are the activities that you do together? Playing the game of throws must be one of the activities. Your lovable pet is exposed with the heat of the sun and outside germs which make him vulnerable with fleas. Do you have this problem with your pet puppy?

If you are looking for treatments that help get rid of puppy fleas, visit the link provided here. The picture above is a flea from a dog. It is very ugly to see and much worst it will make your puppy uneasy because of itchiness. Visit the Website today and learn how to treat the dog fleas. Do not let your pet dog scratching for itchiness. Treat it today and treat it now.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sculptures of Sean Corner

Four of us in the family went to the Peter Anderson Festival in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. That Festival featured local artists who come from different States in the US. Some showed their artwork, special unique decor, wood carvings and many more. Of course, there were food display which were unique recipes of Mississippi.
Here is the space of Sean, the gifted Sculpture Artist.
The most admired area is the space of Sean Corner, a very gifted artist. Here he is, I presumed that he is Sean Corner because he is doing art pieces on the spot. Here are the wonderful art works in his gallery:
I love that art piece with two faces and a hand.
This is a product of a real gifted person right?
This art piece is just one of my favorites in his gallery.
There is no price tag in any of these art work. We did not bother to ask the owner too.
What do you think of his work?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lunar Roving Vehicle

When we visited the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, this vehicle was an amazing display that I was so excited and curious to see. This is the moon vehicle used by the astronauts. The LRV was designed to operate in the low-gravity vacuum of the Moon and capable of traversing the lunar surface. This is the real lunar vehicle used in the Apollo program. The display is in the Apollo/Saturn V Center Building.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Seagulls

Whenever we feel like going to the beach, my eyes will always be delighted to see the birds on the beach. My husband doesn't like these birds because for him, they are lazy birds. They just wait for some shrimp boat and steal what the fisherman got. Well, they just hover on the boat though and if given the chance, they can steal what they caught.
My husband doesn't like the idea that they just stay in flock and wait for something. The Pelicans on the other hand, were out by the sea and fishing for food. The Seagulls can do the same and can dive on the water but, seldom you see them do it.
It just amazed me how they are flock together and if it is windy, they faced the wind blows. I find it as amazing behavior especially during storm and so windy, they just stay here like this.
Just wondering why can't they just fly and stay on the trees like what other birds do usually.
Well, if I have bread crumbs and I throw it at them, they love to fly above my head. All of these birds would and it entertains me a lot.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bed Bug Bites

Before, we live in a rented old house. It is big for both of us and maintaining the cleanliness was hard. We only prioritize to clean the bedroom, living room and kitchen. One day, I did my general cleaning in those unattended rooms. After doing so, I noticed that I have tiny red bites on my legs. I never really saw it until it was itchy. I was just worried about it and my friend started telling the symptoms of bed bug bites. I really can not tell what insect that bit me because I did not see it. I bought an ointment to ease the itchiness so; it helps a lot. According to my friend, I probably got it in the old upholstered love seats that we have in the patio area. It is very common for bed bugs to nest in chairs and love seats. She notices also that the bites look like a raised red bump or flat welt. The red mark is the allergic reaction to the anesthetic which contain in the bed bug's saliva that was inserted into my skin. The bites were like mosquito bites but, they last for longer periods. She may be right with these observations though.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Childhood Sports Activities

I just can not forget my childhood activities such as biking, skating and riding in my brother's scooter. Those were really fun memories with all the sweat from playing and having the endurance of pain upon miscalculations. Minor bruises were not at all painful with these hobbies. I never had the chance to play the longboard skateboards because I am scared to fall and hurt so badly. My brother and cousins will not say no to this kind of sports. Boys love to play this and would even try new tricks to jump higher than the others. I can only watch them play and applaud if they are showing excellent moves. Sometimes, I would just cover my eyes if someone would fall to the pavement and hurt their ankle. There were accidents but, it was just minors as far as I remembered. If you are looking for skateboards, click the link provided here. You can find skateboards for boys as well as for girls. If your teenager wanted a skateboard, buy it here. Just visit the Website today and make sure you will also buy a head gear and knee pad for protection. It is better to be safe than be sorry after untoward accidents happen.

Hurricane Shutters

Before the Hurricane Season last year, my father-in-law bought a new hurricane shutters for all the 9 windows in the house and the three doors. It was really a wise idea because his property had so many tall trees surrounding the house. If there is a strong wind gust and picks up a bark of a tree and hit the window, it will be dangerous. Having the exterior shutters means a worry-free during stormy weather and a deterrent from this type of dangers. He ordered an accordion type of shutters for easy access for him. The price is expensive but, the quality is really good. It can hold up to a hurricane type of wind. When we are inside the house and a storm is coming, we had no worries at all. The shutters protect us from any flying objects that hit the window. Without the shutters, glass windows are vulnerable to break when branches of trees slammed to it. If you have a glass window all over your place, secure your property with shutters. There are so many types of shutters available online. Through the link that I posted here, check out the website now. Scan their collection of shutters and this company will ship them to your door.

The Frozen Fountain and Me

It is winter but, we never had snow. We have cold weather but not for almost three weeks of below freezing temperature. This weather happened because of Arctic Blast or Cold Snap as others call it. I never experience living in a snowy place so; seeing a frozen fountain like this, fascinated me.
We really had to drive all the way here just to take this picture.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Withered Plants

Remember these pictures last Summer? What I meant was, can you remember how this area looks like last Summer? If not, check my garden BEFORE. I know, it was so sad that the blooming flowers were gone because of the Cold Snap. I do not have the time to cover it with blanket.
I was sad seeing my plants like this but, I can't do anything. I can not just go out the yard and put them inside the house. Even the garage area is at freezing point.

The picture above is my round flower bed area. All the flowers were gone, just withered because of the cold weather. I do not think if the roots underneath survive though. But, lets look and wait if there's a miracle under those brown leaves.
The flowers in the pot were all withered too! Just look at the link I provided here to see how blooming this space here before.
How about in your garden? Still in bloom?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ice in the Bird Bath

The past days, we were experiencing a sudden period of cold weather, not just cold but, below freezing temperature. Outside, I stepped in the bird bath just to convince myself that the water here is not liquid anymore. Kidding! This picture is for the purpose of picture taking only. I love cold weather but not freezing weather like this.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Lost USB Drive

I misplaced my usb drive which contains all my pictures that I took for three months. Actually, those pictures are all snap shots that I took on the beach. I love that collection of pictures because I have so many good shots in that usb. I have so many flowers, sunset and bird pictures that have awesome caption. I know it was not lost but, I admit that it was just misplaced in my bedroom. I was really hoping that I can find it soon. Anyway, if you are looking for affordable Bulk usb drives, visit the link that is provided here. This company offers a guaranteed lasting return of investment in terms of quality and superior bulk pricing. You can select from their collection of personalized usb sticks in so many designs to choose from. They have rounder, jewel, combo, wave and many more. You can customize your order by adding the logo of your company. Their products are guaranteed for a lifetime and you have the option to have them load a multi-media content that you need. For more information about this company and what more they have in store for you, just check it out today.

My Dream Summer Vacation

I look forward for a summer vacation spent in the islands of Hawaii and Guam. I saw these places for few hours because these islands are my point of entry into the US. I love the panoramic view of the island and admire the friendly faces of the people. From above, I cannot forget the beautiful mountain that I saw and the green trees all over the island. The memory was so vivid. How I dream to go back there and spend a summer vacation staying in the beach resort. The Key West in Florida is also one of the best places to visit for Summer Vacation. Though we live in Orlando last year and we travel as far as Miami, we did not get the chance to drive all the way to Key West. Both of us agreed that this year, we will make plans to visit one of these places. We also consider a trip to Costa Rica and stay in a nice costa rica resorts. We saw the pictures of this country and fell in love of the beautiful beach which this place is abundant. These places are my dream summer vacation destination which I hope one will be fulfilled this year.

Memorable Christmas

I have an exciting and fun experience last Christmas. We have the traditional Christmas family party which took place in the home of my niece and we hand over gifts to everybody. I love giving gifts even though I got the least in return but, I am happy. The only missing in all my gifts is the touch of words of Christmas cards. With all the rush that I have been through during holiday, I stop giving cards. Ironically, I received Christmas cards from my friends through the mail even though I never sent one t any of them. I was in great joy when I read the message of their cards. Three of my banks sent me Corporate Holiday Cards too. It was a simple greeting but so special and warm. Well, my employer gave us a gift card and provides us for almost a week of bountiful food in the break room. That was really a good gesture from the company who appreciate the hard work of employees. It was our supervisor who gave each one of us a holiday card. That was a nice gesture also. Back home, I enjoyed watching my family opened their gift checks with delight in their eyes.

My Christmas Gifts

Last Christmas, I bought this Apple iPod as a gift for myself. I love the features of this gadget and my husband love the GPS apps in it. Basically, I use it for my face book, music download, chat in YM and I am online 24/7. I also use it for my listening pleasures using the YouTube website. This is indeed a mini computer which is very handy.
What I love about this gadget is that it is an iPod Touch so; it is very easy to navigate.
This Portable Dvd was given by my husband as one of my Christmas presents. I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a portable Dvd. The sound is excellent and the screen color is fantastic.
Here is the Description:
The Philips 7" Portable DVD Player features a bright TFT LCD screen and up to two hours of playback with the built-in rechargeable battery. Enjoy DVD movies, MP3/CD music, and JPEG photos on the go. Philips 7" Portable DVD Player:
Compatible with these disc formats: DVD, DVD +/-R, DVD +/-RW, (S)VCD, CD, JPEG photos burned onto CD, MP3 music burned onto CD, CD-R, and CD- RW
Up to two hours of playback with the built-in rechargeable battery

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Safeguarding Our Identity

I saw a movie about a woman who met this very problematic person and since then, her life was ruined. The main character is the victim who had a nice job, a nice house and a husband. She is working as a teacher but, the impostor woman is very envious of what she has and tried to steal her identity. The teacher's bank account has so many charges and she received demand letters from banks that she never has opened an account. She reported the incident to the authority but it took her years to clean up the mess of which the impostor committed. She was even arrested in the airport and her life was totally devastated. The movie has a happy ending because she finally taken her life back when the woman was apprehended. Because of this problem, there are companies that offer help to the victims. But, not all companies are committed to help. We need to safeguard our identity and if worst happened; make sure that complaints should reach the right authority. There are organizations that focus on helping victims not to be victimized again.

Icycles From Orange Tree

The weather here in Mississippi is below freezing but no snow yet. There is a possibility though. Because of the cold snap, there was one casualty in our area already. Cold Weather is dangerous specially to those people who live in old homes with no heater. An old man was found dead in his home suffering from hypothermia. This Cold Weather brings danger to humans, vegetation, fruit crops and animals. The picture below was taken in Plant City, Florida shows an orange with hanging icicles.

Pretty ironic that the weather in the Sunshine State will turn like this. Anyway, the farmers spray a fine mist of water to cover and protect oranges.

Send SMS for Free

Have you tried sending SMS messages for Free? If not, check out Text4FreeOnline Free SMS Text Message 2Way and you will be amazed of their services. It is very useful especially when you have no extra minutes and this Website can save your day. Check it out today.

Seagulls by the Beach

When you drive on Highway 90, the beach stretched for so many miles. You will appreciate the beauty of the blue sky and the calm sea. The old oak trees that stood on the opposite side of the road and the thousands of seagulls flock to each other. In the picture below, it is blurry because we are running 35 mph and I am not using an SLR camera.
In this picture, I use my Canon digital camera and I zoom in 5x. The seagulls are on the beach enjoying the wind which blows really hard. I noticed that even there is a storm coming, they stay on the seashore in flocks and face the wind blows. It is really weird because they could find refuge on the trees at the other side of the road.
During this time, it is just windy and it is so nice seeing so many birds flock together on the seashore.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Display in Peter Anderson

One of the most amazing display in the Peter Anderson Festival.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Road to Nowhere

After work, my husband and I went for a ride and just enjoy the beauty of nature. As you can see in these two pictures, it seems that the road lead to nowhere right? Anyway, the weather today is chilly, about 38 degrees.
I told my husband to go to the boat dock and see if there are boaters by the sea. Not a single soul, LOL.
This place might look like a deserted area but this is a National Park. There is an area for campers and RV park too.
This is a marshland where the alligator usually frequent. It is not huge though. As you can see here, they make a bridge made of wood for people stand and look around comfortably.
It is low tide and the muddy island is visible. Since this is Mississippi, it is not safe to wander in marshland. Alligators and other animals might be lurking in there.
I am standing at the parking lot now and looking at the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. Nobody here but us just wandering around.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Political Message on T-Shirt Designs

During the Peter Anderson Festival in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, there were many popular art and crafts display. I was just really observing the group of people when I noticed an area which was so crowded. I squeezed in and saw these T-Shirts. At first, I just shrugged my shoulder but then, people had big grins when they read the message.
If you are not really familiar with American History, the pictures might not appeal to you. The message imply deeper meaning. The significance of the message depends upon the political preferences of each person though. Some might be offended and others would find it a laughing sight.
  • Wolf Robe- is a famous Indian Chief
  • Red Cloud - is a war leader; one of the most capable Native American opponents of the United States Army.
  • Geronimo- is as a prominent Native American leader and medicine man who fought against Mexico and the United States.
  • Chief Joseph - a chief who became a humanitarian and peacemaker

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