Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back View of Contemporary Resort

I got these pictures in my cellphone camera and transferred it to my T-Mobile album online. If my husband had his day off, we usually visit Walt Disney area. These pictures were taken at Disney's Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando. Owned by the Walt Disney Company is categorized as a 'Deluxe' Disney resort. The monorail runs through the interior of the Contemporary Resort. We decided to stop in this hotel and look around the area.
This is the back view of the hotel facing the Pier where the Disney boat load/unload guests to/from the the Walt Disney Parks. The bushes was trimmed into Mickey (at my back).Relaxing on the bench, the weather is very nice on this day. This resort is the place where Chef Mickey on the Grand Canyon Concourse, provide a buffet for the guests and features appearances from Disney characters. Chef Mickey's offers a view of the monorail entering the resort. Food is expensive and placed on reserve by the guests of the resort. There are children's items including Goofy's pizza, Mickeyroni and cheese, and other novelties. There is also an adult buffet which includes pot roast, steak, potatoes etc.
The Pier is located at the back area of Contemporary Hotel. The guests can saved time if they used the boat ride to visit Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studio. Awesome view right? There is a big swimming pool at the right side of this area. Food is not a problem, there is a restaurant in this vicinity.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yummy Blue Crab

I know it is not blue anymore, LOL! We went to the Front Beach last week and caught almost two dozens of blue crab and here it is now, cooked and all red. This is Marife's (my sister) favorite and not mine. Not that I do not like the meat. I do not like "hard work" during eating time, LOL.
My husband is the cook in the house so; he boiled the crab using Louisiana crab boil mix. I only eat when my husband already took the meat out, hahaha. Well, we will be having crabbing activity next week, everyone is invited hahaha. Bring your fishing license though, it's $11 for a year.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Multiplayer iphone Game

I can not believe that I am hooked on playing Real Racing and it is my favorite mobile video game as of this time. This game is so thrilling and heart popping, and I felt the rush as if I am truly in the real world of a racing game. I am still not sure if I can play it in a multiplayer iphone game platform though. If it is available in a multi-player format, I still do not know. But, I have high hopes that it will be. I play this game whenever I have the time. Mostly, I play it when I am at home. I like this game because of the brilliant implementation of tilt control and some fiendish AI as what the techno world calls it. Well, Real Racing is one of the best games in any genre on the system indeed.

I found this Website which provides the game developers with a full set of services. The mission of this company is to enable multiplayer gaming across all mobile devices and all the wireless networks. Is this for real? Yes, this is possible because the company is founded by a Microsoft veteran and a mobile content & entertainment veteran. They are the minds that became the pillar of this company. Together with Madrona Venture Group, a Seattle-based venture capital firm, came into existence. For more information, visit the Website now.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blue Crab in Ocean Springs

We went crabbing today and we caught some blue crabs and they are huge. Do you know how to distinguish the male or female blue crab? The trick is to know the common mnemonic and that is to remember that if the abdomen of blue crab looks like the Washington Monument, the crab is male and if like the U.S. Capitol, it is female. Interesting right?
This crustacean is native to the western edge of the Atlantic Ocean specifically from Nova Scotia to Argentina. There are so many natural predators of the blue crab and that include the humans. The eels, drum, Rock Fish, spot, trout, some sharks, and cownose sting rays loves to eat the blue crab.

The blue crab is an omnivore and can consume thin-shelled bivalves, annelids, small fish, plants and nearly any other item they can find. Well, that human waste is no exemption to crabs right? So, better do your crabbing in a clean environment or else, EWWW, LOL.

The Blue Crab

The binomial name of blue crab is Callinectes sapidus. The name is taken from the Greek calli (beautiful), nectes (swimmer), and Latin sapidus (savory). The blue crab is a crustacean which can be found in the waters of the Western Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Coast of Central America and the Gulf of Mexico. That is the reason why we caught this BLUE CRAB today. We went to the Front Beach in Ocean Springs,Mississippi and caught this huge aggressive and difficult to handle blue crab.
Whenever I saw a crab in the crab net, I can control my scream this time. We caught 2 dozen of crabs in 3 hours just sitting on the Pier. Time to chow in a minute now. Do you love crabs?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Plastic Cars

Road accidents are usually fatal and the vehicle can crush a person in an instant. Our own vehicle can hurt us since the body exterior design is made of metal. The risk is too high for that reason alone but, the risk can be lessened. It is solid, heavy and more expensive compared to other materials right? How about choosing plastic cars instead? Choosing plastics for auto body exterior parts not only lower the production costs but, it is a good innovation for safety issues. Plastics have more advantages such as improve energy management and achieve better dent resistance. Plastics are also proven to be more efficient and cost effective. For more information, just visit today.

Baptism Gifts

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This is a 6 inches wall cross made from Oak wood with a genuine pewter praying boy. If you need a praying baby girl, this company has it too. Just visit the Website today and start your online shopping.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hall of Fame Attraction in Disney

When I visited Disney World for the first time last year, I like this place. It has a head statue of celebrities who belong to the Hall of Fame in the Academy Television Arts and Sciences. I choose the statue of Oprah Winfrey because she is one of my favorite talk show hosts.
After long hours of wandering inside the Hollywood Studio, my legs starts to complain so; I rested in this area. I need to take the shady part too considering the sun is a scorcher. It was a 98 degrees and its frying my skin, LOL.
A closer look of the lady figure.

Fisheye Edited

This picture is so blurry but I edited it using Kodak Easy Share Software and this is the result. At least the objects in the picture is recognizable including that smiley face standing there LOL. Anyway, when I took pictures and the result is disappointing because of light factors, I edit it this way. Try it.

Natural Gas Generator

When there is a calamity in our area, electrical power supply will be affected first and foremost. I remember last year in Florida, hurricane Fay and hurricane Gustav affected some areas in that State. We do not have emergency power at home so; we moved to our friend's house that had one. It is always a relief if we own a Diesel Generator right? If you click the link provided here, you will learn the importance of having backup electricity. This company supply standby emergency power Diesel Generator and natural gas generator. This company can provide your needs from 8kW generator for your household consumption. They can also provide up to 2800KW for industrial needs of your company. This company can assist you because their skilled engineers are highly qualified. If you need electric generator accessories such as trailer or mobile generators for your household needs, this is the right place to shop. Their products are ultra quiet and made with a state-of-the-art electronics. Their natural gas generator is disposable with a life of less than 3000 hours and all you will experience is total relaxation. Their industrial generators are liquid cooled and can last up to 8,000 hours. Visit the Website now for more information.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Titanium Wedding Rings

I love to collect jewelries even if I do not wear those most often. I always surf the Internet to see the latest hot items for the season. I found this Website that sells titanium wedding bands, tungsten carbide rings and Wedding Rings. This company is based in Ohio State and they create handmade jewelry using contrasting metals for a contemporary look and style. This company has Tungsten rings which are known to be wear resistant jewelry. It is said that the hardness of tungsten carbide rings is compared to the Sapphire and Ruby gems. When you wear tungsten ring, it will always look great on your fingers. Their titanium bands have distinctive designs and made in quality. Titanium rings are machined made but hand finished meticulously polished for perfection. Visit the Website and view their Classic Titanium rings, Inlaid Titanium rings, Stone Set Rings and Tungsten rings. They also have Black titanium ring which shows a tungsten ring toughness appearance. The black ceramic rings and Tungsten rings are made with ceramic inlays and look flawless. Ceramic rings are the only black wedding rings guaranteed to be scratch resistant. If you are interested to buy these products, just click the link provided here.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Safe Travel With Kids

Do you love to travel? Do you have kinds with you when you travel? If the answer is yes then, visit this Website called They provide informative travel tips about traveling with babies and toddlers. Just check out baby banz today and explore their Website.

Agusan Elementary School

This is the school that I used to teach for twelve years. Actually, this is only the gate (of course) hehehe. This public school is located in the highway of Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines-located in the East2 District. Well, it is just different here in the US. I am talking about the school building. I miss the school building in the Philippines though.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Playing In An Online Casino

I play the slot machines every time I visit the casinos in Biloxi, Mississippi. There is nothing wrong with it if I play for fun right? The Player is responsible and should set a limit on their playing trend. Anyway, I am lucky to live in a place where casinos are with in the driving distance of my place. How about you? If there is no casino in your area, why not try Online Casinos? Did you know that this Website is called an all-in-one gambling portal? They offer their services as a portal for casino review directory and the source of the most updated news in gambling.

If you are looking for gambling guides, articles and tutorials this is the best place to start. They also welcome your suggestion, inquiries and ideas to make their Website a tool for inter-action. The gambling guide and review directory is offered for FREE and all you have to do is visit the Website today. serves as a guide for all the beginners of playing online casino. At, you will also find free flash casino games plus, casino tutorials. Through this Website, you will learn how to play casino games and which online casinos are safe for gambling.

Surigao Fish Products

My brother was assigned in Surigao City, Philippines specifically in Caraga Region. He worked there for 5 days and went home during weekends. Before heading home, he will pass by an ordinary market and bought few kilos of fish for consumption. Sometimes, he had orders from friends, so he will buy more and sold them at a reasonable price.
In Surigao City, the fish products are cheaper than in CDO. They also have so many varieties which are unique in thier own province.
Surigao is abundant with mineral reserves and fisheries. Blessed with aquatic resources and fishing is part of the local's source of livelihood.
Surigao is known as the "Gateway to Mindanao".
Surigao City is the capital of Surigao del Norte which is located in Northeastern Mindanao. It served as the gateway by land from the country’s largest island to the rest of the Philippines.
This city is blessed with natural scenic attractions such as beaches, mangrove forests, caves for, lagoons, waterfalls, rock and coral formations.
Island hopping is the best adventure that I am willing to do once I go back to the Philippines. I might go for snorkeling and scuba diving too, it's safe there than in the waters of Florida,LOL.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bedroom Furniture

When I return to the Philippines, I plan to extend my house and make it a four bedroom property. If everything goes smoothly according to plan, that will be next year. I already started looking for a bedroom furniture, kitchen cabinets and dining tables. I always love furniture's that look so elegant and have a fabulous detail like the furniture's in the picture below. This furniture's are available in This company provides a convenient shopping experience and offers an excellent customer service. They have wide selection of bedroom, living room, kitchen and outdoor furniture's that you can choose from. If you are particular with the moldings and carvings of furniture, this company has a wide collection of these designs. Just visit the Website and explore their products. If you are looking for Eco-friendly furniture's, this is the right place for you. If you need office furniture's and pet furniture's, this company can deliver it for you. This company is a one-stop online shopping store because everything your home needs is right here. Just visit the Website today and start your furniture shopping. For more information, you may also call them at 1-866-573-5897. They will be pleased to hear from you.

All About Home

If I stayed home and watch TV, I always tuned in my remote to HGTV. I can watch it whole day and never get tired of their featured home improvements. I do check some information in the Internet also and I found one Website that talk about Bathroom Design and Do It Yourself Home Inspection. This company has wide services to offer about Home Improvement Help for everyone. What I like about this Website is that it covers wide interesting topics and offer services such as flooring, painting, storage, handyman, home inspection and many more. We can also check a specific topic about each room in the house.

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100th Post Entry

This is a baby blog and this is my 100th post. Yesterday we had a party at home. It is the 2nd consecutive family party held at home in my father-in-law's place. Here is the cake showing an NFL design, luckily the New Orleans Saints won over the LIONS in yesterday's game.
Food entry for this week, just the leftover of what we had. I always forgot to snap a picture before eating time, LOL. I need to get busy too right? Or else, my tummy will growl.
A cake brownie bake with love from my hubby. Thanks for reading everyone.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Her Funny Picture

She is my new found friend here in Mississippi, LOL. Actually, she is beside me right now and she gave me instructions what to write. But, I am hard headed, Hehehe. So, I have to write what I need to write. First, she complain because, she wanted me to acknowledge that I am her grandma already. MY OH MY! Her mom is the daughter of my sister-in-law, therefore I am a grandma. Okay, she is my friend and I am a grandma already, LOL. She is a sweety and an intelligent girl. She is good in dancing. She is a ballet dancer and she already did a recital since she was three year old.
Here is a sample of visual effects using where you can do some photo editing.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Photo Effect Daily

I already shown here in my blogs some examples of pictures which were blurry yet, saved by photo editing and online photoshop. Today, I will show you pictures using the amazing effects in The pictures below are the final Photoshop of the pictures that I uploaded using the Website's effect. It is very easy to make and you will surely have fun doing it. You will be amazed because there are more than 100 effects available EVERY DAY. Go check it out now.

Here is my first choice, a very cute cat playing with my model's picture. You can download a clearer picture if you want and edit it more. I just prefer it like this. I really enjoyed using their effects because their collections are so cool and cute. Here is another picture with President Obama. This looks real right? You can choose some funny pictures from your folders and use this effect too.

The last picture I have here is a woman holding the funny photos of my model. I will surprise him with this cool effect using his picture. He will be amazed to see this sexy woman holding his two pictures. Do you like these effects? Then, visit the Website now and start making your Photoshop project.

Buffet in Hard Rock

We went to Hard Rock yesterday and as usual we eat in the buffet. When we come here every week, we eat and play the slot machines. We only go to a casual dining which is called Satisfaction Buffet. They have Asian, Grilled, Salads, Seafood, Pastas and Bakery. The bakery is awesome. It has a huge chocolate fondue, different cake, fruit patries and ice cream. Plus, so much more.
This is the Satisfaction Buffet, awesome place right? The Asian chef is a Filipino who came from Hawaii. Was thrilled to hear him say something in FILIPINO to his colleagues and he was teasing them.
Hard Rock wants their guests to enjoy especially those who play in the casino. Therefore, they offer this: WEDNESDAYS/FRIDAYS 50% OFF on Buffets

How to Avail:

*Just show your ID (Passport, State ID and others) and get a Players Club Card at the players card desk. It will take 2 minutes to get it.

* Proceed to the buffet. Once you pay, show your players club card and ID.

This is just an estimate:
You can eat around $10 for breakfast, $13 for Lunch and $22 for dinner. Now, if you have the card, breakfast is only $5, lunch is 6.5 and dinner is $11 only.

Remember: the discount is good only for Wednesdays and Fridays. On Fridays: make sure you come before 6PM.

We had a funny experience when go there on a Friday. We came in at 7:30 for dinner and we had $74 in our bill for the three of us. SHOCKS! We are so hungry so we proceed.

My father in law then played the slot machines. He won $125. So, we took back the money we spent for dinner. That was a LUCK.

Kodak Easy Share: Spotlight

I took this picture inside Hard Rock. My camera can't take good pictures inside probably because of the light that comes from everywhere. Each of these frames had colorful, strong and bright lights and once I took a snap, lights bounce. When I used flash, it turned out dark and blurry. When I download this picture using Kodak Easy Share, its really dark and blurry.
I tried editing and I got this result. I used the spotlight for fun effects and enhanced the color and the scene balance. My camera did not capture the real colors of this portrait but, after enhancing the picture, not bad at all.

Child Actors

There is no doubt that there is big money in the entertainment business. Young talents auditioned for singing and dance competitions hoping to go to the finals. Children even have a beauty competition which parents involved as a stage mother. These children and their parents are hopefuls vying for the limelight. Well, some got lucky and others are broken hearted. The children acting in films are in demand that is why parents are pushing their talented child. Sometimes, if there is Kid Photo Contest, parents are proud to submit the pictures of their child too.

There are child actors started from modeling and get discovered in film industry. Such big breaks right? Parents have been dreaming for their child to get into the film industry business. Children who started their careers will have to choose a Home School Curriculum to continue their education. This is one disadvantage for child actors. A regular school will never fit in their schedules. This educational set up is good for children who are working as actors. If you click the links provided here, you will learn all the rules and laws regarding children actors. If you need information about education and casting of child actors, click the Website now.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Get Back That Slender Body

I am the kind of person who does not judge someone by the looks. Sizes and age doesn't bother me at all but, character does. But, if you are conscious of your physical look, Slim'n Lift will do the trick for that. Do you wish to get back that slender Body Shape that you had when you were 16? The micro fiber garment will help smoothen out bulges. You can wear it underneath your jeans or dress that you desire for so long. When you wear it, you will look slender and confident the whole day. Wearing this comfortable garment will help flatten out bulges. Eventually, that will erase your uneasiness and gain back that confidence. So, check out this Website for more information.

Kids Thought I Am A Playmate

Here are the kids who enjoyed my company. They thought I am a playmate, LOL. First of all, I love cartoon movies so, you bet I can watch TV with them for many hours. When their mommy had to work and had a problem with their daycare, she needs somebody to watch for them. I volunteered to bring them over to our place. Both of them were so EXCITED hahaha. This cute little girl is very sweet. She loves Miley Cyrus and gosh, she inroduced me to her world of TV Viewing. I find it very interesting and child friendly.
The eldest is very enthusiastic to learn so, she brought books and I helped her do her assignments. That was FUN huh! When their mommy picked them up, they requested to stay there again the next day. The mommy laugh at loud because she never met someone that these kids adored. She said, "My gosh girl, my daughters adored you so much." Grinning!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wonderful Dining Set

Here is the type of dining set that I dreamed of having. It is a six sitter dining table set and made up of hardwood. The table and chairs were made out of solid rosewood and walnut veneers with maple inlays. It is very elegant and the design is unique as you can see the shape of the table support at the bottom.

This is casual dining furniture yet, it really looks so wonderful in this dining room. The finish of this furniture is dark rosewood that is why it looks so elegant. If you click on the links provided here, you will be in great awe for their collection of dining tables. Are you planning to buy nice formal dining furniture for your home? Check this Website and explore their entire collections of round dining tables and modern tables for casual and formal dining. Avail the FREE shipping plus save up to 75% in their inventory display. If you are looking for pub dining sets and bar stools, this company has it too. So, do not procrastinate and click the link now. Have a wonderful online shopping experience of your favorite dining set. This company provides money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your orders.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trading Online

My father-in-law has quoted, "You should know the strategy". He told me to invest money by buying stocks and leave it there for a specific period of time. Well, I have been pulling his stocks for 6 months now and I saw the trend. Some of his shares go up and some never recovered. Despite of that, he still keeps it and believed that it will recover someday. I don't know about that really. I will invest more to stocks who are doing great for the last six months.

Anyway, I would rather do a short term binary option using If you are on the computer most of the time, you can at least observe the trend and start trading. You can open a FREE account in this Website and invest in a binary option. It is less complicated and considered as highly profitable. After you sign up a free account, you can start by choosing an option to trade, type of trade and enter the amount you want to trade in. You can also change if you see the trend is going up or down then, hit the "trade" once you decide to lock it in.

Sounds easy right? But, please be responsible of your trading decision. You will gain easy if you are meticulous about the trade flow and time is really important here. If you need assistance, you may contact them at 646-666-9677. Good luck on your binary option trading business.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back View of the Isle of Capri in Biloxi

As I mentioned in my other blogs, my husband and I had our lunch at the Isle of Capri. We took the time to enjoy the Labor Day Celebration. After the lunch, we went casino hopping and play in Boomtown's slot machines. Of course, I lost including the $10 that the casino gave me as a welcome token. The day ended well even though we went home losing. Well, I gamble a funny amount. You wouldn't know either. I am not a gambler. I just love the food and pictures like this.
The Gulf Coast of Mississippi and that is the Deer Island view from the garage of the Isle of Capri. I am thankful I had a model that loves to listen to my direction, LOL.
The docking area of shrimp boats but, I don't see them here though. I saw only one boat at the far end.
The bridge connecting the city of Biloxi and Ocean Springs, Mississippi. I took the picture on the garage of the Isle which is located at the right side if you are heading to Ocean Springs.
This is a very bare PIER. I do not see any boats really. I do not know if they close this area since Hurricane Katrina. I saw men working and did some restoration of the area though. No wonder that there are no boats in there.
I know the area is so bare, no buildings being constructed yet. But, there is hope for this place. The view is spectatcular but, when there is hurricane, this place is really torn into pieces.
I did make a good shot huh? LOL, I just love this picture that is why I gave a tap to myself. Lighting is not perfect but, I can live with it. Hehehe.

Barbeque Party

Last Saturday, our family came over to my father-in-law's place for a cook-out. In my point of view, it is easy and less hassle to invite people here than in my country. Everyone here brought something for everybody but, to where I came from, if you are the host, you provide the food for everybody.
In the US, I noticed that everyone shares and they love to use the grill. So, we had this burger and hotdogs with foil so that it will not burn. The party went well and everyone had a good time. Everyone brought food and since they are all delicious, i forgot to take pictures. I am busy eating hehehe. Happy Monday everyone. Thanks for stopping by.

Beautiful Flower

I took this beautiful flower in the garden of Boom town, somewhere in Biloxi, Mississippi. I was just attracted with red flower and I do not know the name of this variety. Do you know? It looks like the tail of a cat but grew in group. I had one in my garden but, it only has one each stem. Just like to share it with you guys. Thanks for the visit. See you in your blog.

Commercial Trucks at Sherway

I was surfing the Internet about Ford commercial trucks today and I was able to view the trucks displayed in If your business needs trucks, check out this Website because this company has been selling Ford trucks for almost four decades now. That is a good reputation which is hard to maintain, right? They are recipient of Consumers Choice Award for 11 years and that is a proof that this company can be trusted. Visit the Website to see their Ford Trucks display or you may call them at (647) 724-4240 for more information. If I am a business owner and needed a truck, I would definitely contact this company.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Grand Casino

This is Highway 90 heading to Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Right side is the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and the billboard signage says: MARGARITAVILLE in 2010. It won't be soon though. The construction of the big hotel was put on hold for few months now. The Grand lay supreme in this area still. There is an overpass connecting Margaritaville area to the Grand Casino.
Here is the picture of the huge The Grand Casino in Biloxi. I wish the gambling business in The Grand will boom this year though.
This is the new building of The Grand Casino. The old casino was totally damaged by the hurricane in 2005.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Weekend

I did my blog hopping after midnight for the past days now and I like this routine. I usually blog hop those who left messages on my cbox first. Those who visited me for the day, thank you so much. Rest assured that I return the favor for the day. Happy Weekend everyone! I bet, you will have a get together party for the holiday right? Tomorrow, our family will come over for a Barbecue Party for Labor Day holiday. I will be busy today, setting what needs to be done. I will blog hop later tonight too. See yah all.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Online Shopping Coupons

Do you like to shop at Macys or Target? I just flip through the pages of and it gives me Target coupons. This company provides coupon from all major department stores such as,,, and many more. provides an up-to-date list of Target coupons. This Website also helps consumers like us to save through the discounted items given. I was checking for the price of the Sketchers that I need and it was so affordable. If you are planning to shop now, do not forget to use this coupon. For more information about, just check out the Website today. Get your online coupons now.

Home Theater Seating

Part of my plan for my home renovation in the Philippines is to build an entertainment room. When I saw this home theater seating at I was in great awe. I always love leather cover for my theater seats and the picture below is what I dreamed of having. There are two reclining seats on both ends and the middle is the love seat. Perfect for home relaxation and a comfortable seat for my theater enjoyment. This product has also a storage console wedges therefore, everything will be in place. This item is currently on sale with FREE shipping in all the US territories. I can only hope that next year, I can afford to buy one like this too. The price is reasonable and so far, their customers are satisfied with the quality and the style. If you are curious with the price, visit the Website today.

You can also find the products such as Berkline and Palliser. They have Berkline theater seats, Media room, entertainment centers, home entertainment furniture, recliners and many more. If you have any questions, you may call them at toll free 866-514-7665 or visit the Website and the customer service representative will handle your call. Check it out now.

I am So Excited

I am so excited today because we have no class on Monday. LOL! I need a good rest. Our class only meet every Monday and Thursday but the assignments were crazy. Every session, we have at least 8 assignments and two classroom seatwork using the software. Next meeting would be our first written quiz and first graded input using the software. At least I have a week to study and a week to blog hop too. Be seeing you guys. Thanks for always visiting my blogs.

I Am Your Desktop Buddy

I should not be talking to you because I am only a machine that you always use every hour. You never unplugged me even if you are out of my sight for few hours. When I complain and I run so slowly, you take the blame on me. You nagged, cursed and threatened me that I will be disposed if I will not be good to you. I helped you surf the Internet just like a Genie in the technology world. My only concern is that you need to press the "clean-up disk" as much as possible. I want to keep my memory fresh always even if you had me for three years. If you take good care of me I will be your desktop buddy for more years to come. I get hurt especially when you invited virus into my system. I know you cannot live without me and that is my consolation. I am a powerful desktop and proud to be a HP Pavilion Slim line. I know you are planning to have another HP as my companion. Please check out the coupon deals of HP family at They have $30 stackable site-wide coupon and you can use SV2132 coupon code to avail the $30 off if you order from $150 or greater. This offer is valid through 10/31 or while supplies last. Restrictions and exclusions apply. So, hurry and get me a companion now.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My New Found Lil Friend

We had a fun time crabbing the other day and we already had another date to do it again next week. This is the cute little girl who is with us and she is four. I first met her when she was three years old but she was so shy at that time.
She had so much fun and she was playing like my tourist guide. At four years old, I was amazed with her reasoning. A smart and witty little girl.
See how we keep smiling on the camera?
We sit at the middle now to get the "nanna' and uncle's picture too.
She was actually showing me that she can run faster than I am and I let her win of course.
They are checking how many crabs we caught.

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