Friday, April 30, 2010

Houses For Sale in Jacksonville

Are you interested to move in other state? Have you decided where to live? Even though we live here in Mississippi temporarily, we plan to move back to where we once live. We wanted a place just like here where the beach is nearby. Actually, we already figured a price range for the house that we want. The property should be a three bedroom, spacious, more backyard space and nearby downtown. If you want to buy a house, do it now while it is very affordable. Make a checklist for what you really want in a property. The location is important depending on your preferences. As for me, nearby the beach is a must.There are so many units that you can find in Jacksonville NC houses for sale. If you want to move there, a lot of interesting property listed in that site might spark your interest. My husband and I decided that we need a bigger space because we plan to buy an RV and a boat. We love to travel and exploring the new place is better when we have these transportations. Having our own house again in the place where we love is what we look forward to. How about you? What kind of house do you want? Is it nearby the mall or the church? As long as you keep looking in both print ads and online, you will find it somehow.

Bungee Jumping

Are you a sports minded person who loves adrenalin rush? Well, I am not afraid of heights and the thrill of this kind of sports is extra ordinary. It needs guts and will power to really jump from the highest point in order to enjoy the moment of falling down. This kind of sports needs extreme safety measures. I have not tried one yet but I am curious about the feeling of doing such kind of sports. When I am in the situation of standing on the base, I will then know if I will try it or not. As of now, I have so much fun watching the bungee jumpers jump. It is scary and fun to watch especially when you see their faces lit up when they are having the free falling moment.

If you are a thrill seeker and loves this kind of sports, there is a bungee jumping activity that will take place soon in London. I am sure that will be a big event to look forward to for all those bungee jumpers out there. The thrill of free-falling and the rebounds probably makes it inviting and fun to try. Despite the inherent danger of jumping from a great height, there are so many who tried and successful jumps have taken place perfectly. That is why bungee jumping is a very popular sport that attracts men and women either professional or not gives so much passion on bungee jumping sport.

Zenni's Cheap Eye Wear

My father-in-law have an appointment to his eye doctor this week. He wanted a new pair of eye wear since he complained of blurry vision using the old one. Well, I need to have one myself because sometimes it triggers my migraine. Nowadays though, there are cheap eyeglasses that are available online. They can be as cheap as $8 a piece and you only add the costs of shipping. Just like the picture below, fabulous style at $8. There is no reason why you cannot wear eyeglasses these days. If you have no eye insurance to cover your expensive eyeglasses, here is an alternative. It is cheap because you order it direct from the manufacturer and the quality is guaranteed. You can have prescription eyeglasses without hurting your family budget. My friend asked me if I am ready to wear eyeglasses and she's worried that I would look older once I put it on. That is just a common fear for young generation, right? I saw an online company that has a wide selection of eye glasses and the style is totally fashionable. It varies with colors too and I for one found so many style that I love. For me, the picture above is what I like because it is simple and not too flashy in style. Are you worried about your prescription eyeglasses? Well, worry no more because finding the affordable eye wear is right here.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Doggie Friend

We had a new neighbor and luckily, we found a new friend too. When our long time neighbor put their property in the market, we kind'a sad but they needed it because their house here is too huge for them to maintain aside from two others. So, a 68 old man who looks like 50's (LOL) bought it with his three dogs.

When I was gardening one day, someone smooch on my heel and when I look back, a huge dog is looking at me. This is Rusty and came to find out, he is not our neighbors dog. He is like a stray dog and he is new in the neighborhood too. He came from the house further. Anyway, he is so friendly and bigger than I am. When we went to a grocery, Rusty has his own share of treats. I bet his old owner train him good. He loves fetching the ball, he can crawl too. It was so funny! He had many tricks and when my husband tried to say "roll over", he did! Well, he visit us almost everyday and we feed him. Sometimes, he would bring 2 dogs as if bragging that we are his friends. Amazing dog huh?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Welcome Centers of Florida and Alabama

Just for fun, I always manage to take pictures of any landmark of the places we visited. For the month of April, we decided to visit our cousin in Gulf Breeze. The place is so amazing because of the white sand beaches that they have. You will see this nice US Navy plane in Florida welcome center.

This is Pensacola Beach and before we park our car, my camera kept rollin' already. I took this picture where the function stage for live entertainment area located. If they have free concerts or live shows for the beach goers, it will be right here.

The benches with in the entertainment area facing the stage and the beach too. On this spring season, the beach is super crowded with tourists and locals alike.

Our first stop is Alabama Welcome Center. Actually, we just traveled for 9 hours exactly and we traveled three states already namely: Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. We see some relatives, dine out and go back to Mississippi.There are so many places and sights to see in Alabama but, I will explore it soon. As of now, we just came here to dine out and drive down to Gulf Breeze for lunch before we go back home.

Expect to see more pictures, see you next time.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

All About Cars

Talk about fancy car that I saw? A year ago, I was able to go with a friend and we came right into this rich neighborhood of Winderemere, Florida. All houses are huge surrounded with the view of the golf course. Then, I saw the most beautiful car as we park into their garage. It is the Lamborghini and I could not help my eyes glued to it. Oh well, I admire it's beauty but, there are other cars that I just love when it comes to affordability and comfort.When it comes to my preference, jeep wrangler prices and honda element prices are just about right. We had an old jeep and we had no plan to get rid of it because it is very comfortable to drive plus, spacious inside. I love these kind of vehicles because I can sit up high and the comfort of seeing the road in 180 degree angle is just one of my preference in a vehicle. When I am driving on the road, I will never get intimidated because of the size of my vehicle. If you want to drive a car with style, mazda mazda6 prices are good option. You can have a push-button start and an audio system with satellite radio. How cool is that? Well, having this gadgets added would be an additional price of the vehicle too. You can also have a built-in hard drive, a navigation system, rain-sensing wipers, and a Bluetooth interface. I can imagine myself driving and enjoying my road trips more with all these added features. For those of you who love sports car, check out ford mustang prices. You can also visit the links provided here for more information about all cars that you like. provides information about car reviews, car performance and quality, car features and specs, and many more. Just visit the Website now and learn more about your favorite cars.

Mattie's Tree

Yesterday, I had a wonderful time traveling to three states in 9 hours. It may not be a record breaking event (LOL) but, I enjoyed it a lot. The purpose of our travel was to get our car tag and visit Mattie in Gulf Breeze, Florida. From Mississippi, we had to passed Alabama then, Florida but, the travel is only two hours so, I just elaborate for the three states. Anyway, we arrived Gulf Breeze before 1PM and we had lunch at Pensacola Beach area. The views are truly amazing! Of course, it's Florida! It should be!Meet Mattie and her 38 years old tree. This tree is as old as I am really! It is amazing because it stood there elegantly in her property. Mattie planted the tree from a twig she found in the yard. She just stuck it on the ground. Never would she imagine that it will survive and grow like this. The husband put a wooden signage to it with her name and the year she planted it.

This is one of the amazing stories that gave me a deep thought. With all the trees I planted in my whole life, was there any of it survive like this? How about you? Mattie is an amazing woman who made an amazing contribution to the environment with this beautiful tree. If you visit Gulf Breeze, Florida, look for Mattie's tree. She lives nearby the UFO man.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finding a New Place to Live

Travelling is my passion. I love to travel to any places especially if it is an island and close to water. When I first arrived here, I was in great awe when I saw hundreds of Pelicans and Seagulls by the beach. It amazed me to see how they just blend in with the people on the beach. The birds are part of the view by the beach and it adds the beauty of the natural landscape. Emigration is adaptable not only to humans but also to the birds. All of us are looking for a place to live that are comfortable and most of all, close to everything that we need. Are you looking for a place to live that you can finally call a home? There are different reasons why people emigrate, and work related concern is just one of them. One member of the family works, brought his family with him after a period of time and live in the new place for good. Onother reason for emigration is marriage. Either the man or the woman would decide to leave his or her place to be with the love one forever. This is common to inter-racial marriages and mostly, it is the woman who leave her place. Finding a new place to live is not easy but, once settled in, adapting the community is just instant. How about you? Would you prefer to stay or explore another places?

Total Relaxation

My husband and I climbed to our van drove all the way to the beach and park. This is the view of where we are at this moment. It's 1PM and we just bought a Roasted Chicken and a Chocolate Cake and decided that we will eat lunch by the beach. This is the Harbor in Ocean Springs, Mississippi where we always frequent for crabbing and fishing activities.

The place is wonderful and peaceful. We listen to Escape Channel of our XM Satellite Radio and enjoying the cool and icy drinks. Visit this place and you will love it!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Auto Repair Shop

We love our car and sometimes, we have a name of endearment to our prize possession. We took care of it deligently and maintain a well-kept car. But if something happen to it, it is so hard to find a company that would give the services that we really need. If you are looking for auto repair services San Francisco auto repair shop can really help you out. Just visit the links provided here to get the important information that you can use to troubleshoot your own vehicle.

Do you own a 2001 honda accord? This company in California provides online car repair guide which is easy to follow. Basically, this company offer so many kinds of "how to" guide for a quick solution regarding car problems. Just check the website today to get the estimate on your car repair, car info, and use the Website to find a car shop near you.

Starting today, if you have problems with your car, learn to troubleshoot first. If you are having trouble with your car's timing belt , engines and breaks, do not go any further. Open the link now and is a company that you can rely on.

By the Beach

When I arrived from work today, I still have a pounding migraine. I was thinking what to eat to satisfy my cravings. I am not pregnant! I am just like this if I have a headache. After taking a nap yesterday, I took a long cold shower to ease the feeling of burning sensation of my head. It is like a volcano ready to explode violently, LOL. Oh well, the crazy thing that I did? I cut my hair 6 inches shorter. Got long hair so, I still have below the shoulder length right now. We went to the beach area to cool down from this humid and warm weather. There were teenagers playing volleyball and we hang out there for an hour.
Anyway, I want to smell the fresh air so, the beach is the right place to spend a relaxing snack time. By watching the view of the ocean, it made my vanish all too suddenly. It really helps! Thank God! Right now, I feel the relief already. Hoping it will go away for so long.
It is windy today and it is not good for crabbing or fishing. In a distance, I can see people fishing though.
There were few kids playing in the playground. This place is called Fort Maurepass in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Myrtle Beach Hotels in Oceanfront Location

I always love to travel and staying in a hotel with ocean view is my favorite destination. I live in the Gulf Coast and driving along the beach is a daily routine that I enjoyed doing. For that, choosing the hotel which gives me comfort like a home is what I always look forward to staying. The beautiful picture below is a property in Myrtle Beach and my husband told me about his visits to this area. You can click the link here for information about Myrtle Beach hotel reservations.
Myrtle Beach is famously known as a coastal resort city and a major tourist destination in the Southeastern part of the US. Tourist loves this place because it has a humid subtropical climate. During this time of the year, I can only think of the blue water and sunbathing under the beautiful blue sky in the Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel. I already imagine myself in one of the rooms in this hotel and having a relaxing afternoon watching the view of the ocean. Are you interested to visit this place? Check out now.

This area is also known as the Golf Capital of the World because as what I gathered, Myrtle Beach has 120 golf courses. Therefore, if you are planning to have a vacation and play golf, this place truly has it all. Myrtle Beach Accommodations have so much to offer for a relaxing vacation. This place is close to anywhere you want to go. I will consider Myrtle Beach for my vacation destination for sure. How about you? Visit the Website now.

Migraine Migraine Migraine

Here I go again. I was working for eight hours and I was doing fine until the last 30 minutes. I was so exhausted and I can feel my head is pounding. All I can think of was go to a sink and splash water on my face to cool down. I did that and since my hair was in a braided style, (to keep my hair off on my face) I re fixed it. I actually just set it in pony tail. I felt feverish and my head is truly igniting with pain. When I arrived home, I slept for two hours but, awaken because of pain. This has been going on almost every month since " i don't know when". It seems that my body is ready to erupt. Before, I took Aspirin and now, it will listen to Excedrin. It is really painful!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Home Loan Modification

As I mentioned in my blogs too often, I love watching shows about home designing, house flipping and shows that features first time home buyers. Most of the time, first time home buyers are scared to get into the contract afraid for the future outcome. There is nobody knows anyway, right? All we really need is have a goal, trust our instinct but, have a good sound judgement.

Budgeting and planning is a key to save us from financial ruin. We should live according to our means and we should save for rainy days.If you do not save and an unfortunate events happen in your lives, you will be crushed for sure. With the sinking economy that we have right now, thousands already lost their job. If you can't pay your mortgage then, the fear of losing your house eventually become a reality.

What will happen if you are in this situation? You should call for help asap! Humble yourself and ask the help from your family and friend's to guide you about your home Loan Modification. If you are behind on your mortgage, you need to act faster. You should make a decision now before it's too late and you will end up losing your property.

Have you notice that there are so many home property for sale in the market today? This is a good time to buy a property for investment. In three years or more, our economy will bounce back and you will be getting huge profit.

Friday, April 16, 2010

A Day in French Quarter

One of the major sights in French Quarter is this ride. We did not take advantage of this ride because we have certain stops in our itenerary.This is a French style building and is common in the street of New Orleans.While I was in the Philippines, I was watching Food Network and featured Cafe du Monde's famous coffee and beignet. This is the place and I love the food because it taste like "Butchi and Siakoy" Filipino delicacy.These buildings are not houses. These are bars, restaurants and special stores. The sidewalks are jampack with tourists.The mime on the streets. I really do not how they look so perfect. You can not even recognize if they are breathing, lol.We really had a wonderful time there. It was my fourth time and yet I so love every visit that I had.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Earn a Cash Back

Have you tried shopping and earn a huge deal because of cash back? Well, I did and believe me, it is fun especially when you get your cash back of course. But, how would you like to Get Paid To Shop? Did you know that there is a new revolutionary shopping program from Market America? It will save you money and pays you to shop too. If you purchase online, you will get paid and have your orders delivered right to your door. You will earn 2% cash back for purchasing a Market America branded products. If you purchased from their Partner Stores, you will also enjoy the cash back. Not only that, you can also earn a 1/2% on referral purchases forever. Shopping online is truly fun because you will enjoy the comfort of your home and the convenience of not being rushed. By shopping online at Market America, you will really earn an unlimited cash back from purchases. To participate is easy and it is Free. Visit the Website to see over 35 million products. When shopping, you have the chance to compare their products. Take advantage of the cash back on referral purchases too. This is open to 5 countries and the good thing about this offer is that there is no restictions on resale. That is a good offer right? Visit the Website now and if you use an online coupons, you can surely earn a cash back.

Divine Mercy Sunday 2010

I was looking for some information online about Divine Mercy. Then, I found this pictures in Website. The first three pictures were taken by/Courtesy of the Philippines military. I am proud to share to all of you, the gigantic 50 foot Divine Mercy Statue located in Misamis Oriental, Philippines. This place is called Ulaliman which is located in El Salvador City just few minutes away from Cagayan de Oro City.Every big celebration such as today, the Divine Mercy Sunday, expect that the crowd in this place will be like this. The statue project is done but, building the church has not yet started. If you would like to share your blessings, material or monetary, contact the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro City and you can ask how to send your donation.This is the aerial view of the property of Divine Mercy Hill. On this day, Divine Mercy Group of Gran Europa attended the celebration of Mother Mary's Birthday held last Sept.8,2008. Today is the Fiesta Celebration in some areas of Gran Europa Village, Cagayan de Oro City. Earlier at dawntime, the group travelled to Ulaliman to say their prayers. People from Luzon, Visayas and some areas in Mindanao, came in convoy and already made an overnight stay for today's big event.The amazing view of Divine Mercy Hill. If you want to visit this place, you can book your stay in any hotels in Cagayan de Oro City. If you travel by land and chartered your own buses, a place is provided for you in the property of Devine Mercy Hill. There is a huge camp ground where you can set your tents. Two years ago when I was there, it was Free of charge. If there are fee, it will be minimal donation for maintainance of the place.
Happy Fieta Everyone!
Recite the Chaplet and attend the mass today!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Friends on Vacation

Taken yesterday at the Harbor in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Local and tourists love to go fishing and crabbing in this place. They wanted to experience that and so, here they are. See more pictures HERE. This is my friend, the woman in the picture above. Taken two years ago during my wedding. She is the made of honor.
More pictures to be posted later this week. Next stop: French Quarter, Cafe du Monde and Harrah's Hotel in New Orleans.

Friday, April 2, 2010

$8,000 Tax Credit

Tax season is here once again. We pay our taxes deligently so that when we file our tax return, we may get so much in return too. Now, how would you like to get an $8,000 tax credit? It sounds good but, you may ask how it is possible? This is possible only if you are a first-time homebuyer or if you have not owned a home for the last three years. If you qualify then, act now and file your tax return and get the benefit of this tax credit. Did you know that the federal income tax credit for homebuyers has been extended? Not only that, it was being expanded too. The video below will give you a specific idea about this good news. Watch the video and you will be delighted to know about this huge tax credit.

Here is another information that you should be happy about. If you are a homeowner who have lived in your current home consecutively for 5 of the past 8 years then, you will be entitled to receive up to $6,500 tax credit. If you are qualified, you must act now because there may be no future extensions. If you are single, income limit is $125,000 and for married, it should be $225,000 with a $20,000 phase-out for both. $800,000 is the limitation on Cost of the Home Purchased for either first-time homebuyers or Current Qualifying Homeowners. For more information, visit the link provided here.

Kids Love to Play

I sent a package to my sister in UK and most of it were for my niece. Of course, mommy would love to receive clothes for the kid right? But, children have their own choices. My sister and I were laughing when the little girl got this toy and play with it. She ignored the pants.
She had the blast of wearing the beads right away and keep it for the rest of the day. See?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

On Medical Line

Few months ago, I find it hard to look for a new job. While searching for online jobs and flip the pages of Classified ads, available positions were very few. While looking for print ads, I just realized that there were so many available jobs in the line of health and wellness. If you are in a nursing, care giving, medical billing, massage and speech therapy school right now, your future is secured. That decision of having that course is very wise because hospitals and health care needed more manpower. This type of profession is in demand in the market today and I am planning to take one as my second degree. It is also good to have a business like Utah medical equipment, spa and wellness, and nursing home. Such businesses will profit for a long time because people will grow old and will get sick. The demand of medical resources and services will always be needed globally anytime. My friend told me to enroll as soon as possible because the job is everywhere and the pay is really good. I have no fix choice yet but, definitely I will start soon. I am just fixing my schedule at this time and fit my schooling in priority. My future career will be much fun and exciting if I pursue my plan.

Sports Fan

When I was in college, I love watching sports activities in school such as basketball and softball games. I can scream my loudest cheer to my picked team but, of course with the company of my sport buddies. On TV shows, I watched big games such as NBA and boxing. We can't help it but too proud when our favorite team won the match. From then on, I always make it a point that I will not miss any big event locally and on TV. My friends and I would subscribe a pay per view event especially on boxing. Have you ever tried sport bets? Well, we do bet when there is a fight of our favorite boxer. Of course, I always win because my favorite boxer is undefeated.

Anyway, sports betting is interesting when it comes to football and you can win big. Our friends would bet for their favorite NFL team and those who won had the biggest laugh. Of course, having to take home the "moolah" from friends who joined the fun is a major accomplishment already. Others would do it online too and if you learn how to bet on sports, the happier you can be, right? Presently, I am a sports fan of basketball, boxing, golf and football and I enjoyed every game that I watched. How about you?

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