Monday, July 30, 2012

Electric Umbrella Restaurant at Disney World's Epcot

Hubby and I were at Future World enjoying our favorite rides. We took Soarin, Test Trak, Spaceship Earth then, we got hungry, LOL. We grab some foods at Electric Umbrella Restaurant. The food is typical American and this place is ideal for a quick bite of burgers and fries. Their food is very affordable and my favorite place is at the second floor. It is less "traffic" LOL. This place gets really crowded at mealtime. Their food is satisfying and delicious!If you want fine dining, check out Tutto Italia at Italy Pavilion. Make a reservation ahead of time.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom

I tried Splash Mountain once and I do not know if I can ride it for the second time LOL. The ride will plummet over the mountain peak on 52.5 feet fall that ends in a massive splashdown into the refreshing pond which is Br'er Rabbit's home, his laughing place.Whewww! That was scary and after the ultimate plunge, it will drift some of the southern critters and of course, the music definitely calms my pumping heart! The ride has twists and turns plus 3 dips that will lead to the grand drop down which is 5 stories high of rushing water. The experience was exciting but, when I think about the fall, I want to step back. Yep! I am chicken, LOL!

Coupon Codes

When we travel, I always use coupons and sometimes, I make business dealings with the hotel in exchange of honest hotel reviews. If the service rendered, price offered and the amenities are excellent, I make extra effort of acknowledgement.

When I shop for footwear, clothes and do grocery, I use coupons. I use store coupons and manufacturer's coupons as well as print the coupons from the Internet. Have you check out yet? Visit the site and click Cabela's Coupon Codes and use them while you shop. They offer free coupon codes and discounts so; you can use them and bring you savings in your pocket. Remember, before you shop online or go shopping in the mall, make sure you have Cabela's Coupon Codes with you.

Rowan Atkinson: Mr Bean in Olympics 2012 Opening

Hello everyone! Are you watching the Olympic Games? During the opening, I sat at the living room with my husband who was watching the Olympic Games 2012. I was glued on TV when the "Chariots of Fire" instrumental music was played by an orchestra then, a familiar face was focused ... it was Mr. Bean. The crowd started to cheer.

I just fell off my chair when he was doing his signature comical character. He was so hilarious and for the longest time, I had a good laugh that moment. Rowan Atkinson's appearance is one of my favorites in the opening. He aged a little bit after the Mr.Bean era about two decades ago but, his comical act still is the best.

I was in college when my brother and cousins would really look forward to watch the 25 minutes comedy show on TV. Mr Bean rarely speaks and the humour of the show is from his interactions with other people. Though it was bizarre when he shows his solution to whatever situation he's in, we enjoyed the show and we had a good laugh all the time. That's what matters most and it is nice to indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events right? Enjoy watching the Olympics everyone!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Electronic Ab Toning Belts

I have a friend who is body conscious. I admire him for that. He would go to the gym regularly, eats healthy foods and he would do anything just to look fit. He bought an ab belt device so that when he is at home and doing house chores in his apartment, he can do something to tone his abs. He had been bragging about his firm abdominal muscle. His girlfriend has a flat stomach too and though she doesn't go to the gym, her ab belt did do wonders for her.

I was trying to get some more information online and came across with This Website offers good information about how ab belts work. If you are looking for more information about ab belts, ab machines, ab workouts and whether it really works then, you should click and try this site.

There are testimonials from real users of electronic ab toning belts which might help you out. If you are aiming to work out in getting a flatter stomach then, this Website might help you. I am planning to buy me a flex belt so; I can use it around the house since I am real lazy to go to the gym. Visit the Website now and do something to tone and acquire that flatter stomach.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Audition Submissions

I was in Miami yesterday and all I have was happy memories and fun! People in different races unite as one when they dance with Latin music. Most of them are born dancers but, some really needs the grace in the art of dancing. That's where dancing coach come into the picture. If you click the link of Cliff Jones, you will meet one of the best talent coaches around. Planning to have an audition? Check out the audition submissions link in the Website and find out how you can send your videos.

He will critique your performance and send you the points which you needed to improve. He can sharpen your skills in dancing, singing or acting. He is qualified for coaching talents because he is a script writer and has written music compositions for TV, films, radio and stage shows.

He is an award winning script writer and composer acknowledged in the National as well as in the International scene. I bet you know the comedian Martin Short right? How about the singer Anne Murray who popularized the song "You Needed Me"? Both famous stars as well as many more are his clients and if you are aiming the path to stardom then, hire the expertise of a talent coach. Visit the Website to know more about Cliff Jones.

Intercontinental Hotel in Miami

Probably for the last two weeks, you will be reading good things about this luxury hotel in my blog. I wish to download photos but, I will delay that enthusiasm for few hours. I promise to show you some awesome photos that I took in this hotel. For now, I will give you brief review about Intercontinental Hotel.

The location is great. It stood gallantly in the heart of Miami action. Guests will definitely enjoy staying here because the music, excitement, fun, awesome view, good eats are just walking distance away. The Intercontinental hotel is nearby the Marketplace at the Bayside and if you stay in this hotel, you will not miss any activities and fun in the nearby areas.

The employees in Intercontinental Hotel are nice, accommodating, and pleasant. They always wear a smile and guests definitely love that "aura" because it relays the message of warm welcome. Thumbs up for that.

The lobby is elegant and I love the light fixtures and charm decors. The ambiance is excellent the moment I walked in.

My room has the view of the city and it looks amazing at night with all the lights. My husband and I enjoyed the view. Would I recommend this Intercontinental Hotel in Miami? Absolutely!

Check out my blog tomorrow for the room review in this hotel.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Prescription Eyeglasses

I have regular headache at least once a month and I presumed it has something to do with my eyes. It gets tired especially when I am glued on my laptop for wholeday. I guess I need prescription eyeglasses in fact earlier today, I made an appoitment for an eye check up and was scheduled nextweek. I couldn't wait! It will be a hassle to wear glasses but, I will live by it as long as my headache will ceased. How about you?

Do you wear prescription Eyeglasses? For as low as $6.95, you can buy good quality and stylish eyeglasses at Zinni Optical. Their products feature an anti scratch coating as well as full UV protection. Before you purchase an expensive eyeglasses, you should check out the Website of Zenni. You can choose many designs to choose from. You can also choose the colors you want and the best thing about the eyeglasses at Zenni is the price.

I like rimless eyeglasses as well as full rim design because it fits with the shape of my face. Zenni Optical also has googles, Sunshade, sports and half rim type glasses and with that, you have plenty to choose from. Do you like aviator shape eyeglasses? Zenni has it so; check out the Website today and find the eyeglasses that fits you comfortably.

Monorail to Epcot

My husband and I usually do not go to Disney in summer time. It is super crowded and besides, the summer heat is a scorcher. Here are the popular parks in Disney World and their famous landmarks: Magic Kingdom (Cinderella's Castle), Animal Kingdom (Tree of Life) , Hollywood Studious and Epcot (Spaceship Earth). The last park that we visited last month was Epcot. We usually park our car at Magic Kingdom parking lot then, ride the monorail to Epcot.It will take few minutes to arrive Epcot. This park is all about human achievements such as international culture and technological innovation. Epcot is one of the most visited theme parks in the US. Epcot is an acronym for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. It has two sections: the Future World and World Showcase. The attractions that I love in Epcot are the following: Test Track, Soarin, and Spaceship Earth. If you visit Disney World, do not forget Epcot so you will have the fun exploring the World Showcase.

The Flex Belt

I sleep late so; I stayed in the office for long hours. The TV will be on the whole time and I noticed that the TV advertisements at night are more on fitness machines, treadmills as well as flex belts. The ads are pretty convincing and I can't blame the viewers who are fascinated by those machines and buys them. I would do the same for sure.

Do you think you are body conscious? Do you want to have that gorgeous 6 pack abs especially at summer time? If you are striving to lose weight, wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, and aiming to have that juicy abs then, I can direct you to someone who says that your goal is achievable. I have a friend who goes to the gym and he told me about this site. Check out the reviews in If you visit the Website today, it will definitely help you find the right answers from the man who uses ab belt or The Flex Belt.

He uses the official manufactured device so; it is safe to use. He explains thoroughly the PROS and CONS about the device and if you have more inquiry regarding the flex belt, you can ask directly from him. Good luck everyone!

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Lady and the Beautiful Sky

I took this picture before the heavy downpour of rain yesterday. The dark clouds was scary to look at but, as it moves towards the blue sky in our area, I captured a calming photo below. The rain stops in few minutes giving my garden a breath of fresh air and my plants were happy with their soaking wet soil. We needed the rain because it was super hot here in Florida. We have 90's and because of the passing rain, it cools down.Take a look at the picture now. Have you seen the plane? Did you see the lady standing and wearing the V-neck styled dress? Well, hope you find them. Good luck!

American Silver Eagles

My father-in-law was smart, business-oriented and hard-working father and would do anything for his family. I have known him only for few years and in those times; he taught me one thing, to protect hard-earned money by investing. It sounds big time right? But, it is not! Each million started from humble beginnings so; there is no easy shortcuts to earn it. Success in every endeavor needs dedication, perseverance and hard work so; whether it works for me or not, it will definitely work with somebody who is destined to earn big through investing.

Whether you are driven to stock investing or interested in American silver eagles, you can't go wrong with it. There is always profit to business especially when you use your common sense and logic about the trend of the company you are investing with. When you have the money and you put it in the bank without the right plan, it will only earn a fraction of interest each quarter so; big money sitting in the bank is earning nothing in reality!

If you invest it and wanted to diversify your assets such as buying American gold coins or gold eagle coins as investments, I salute you for that. Investing in gold and all other precious metals are long term ventures so; please conduct due diligence. Every venture in business especially in expensive coins involves risk. You must be very careful and have a thorough research about the business before you put your money in it.

Here are tips to consider in buying gold coins online: make sure that the key executives are listed in the site. Are they audited by a recognized accountancy firm? Did they have personal concierge to assess client's inquiry? Did they disclose their product pricing? The return and delivery polices should be clearly stated in the Website. Most of all trust your judgment and do not feel greedy. If you feel something fishy about the company, don't venture into it. Buying gold coins are good investment but, make sure that the company you bought it from is reliable. Do not get scammed for if you do; your hard-earned money will just go right in the drain for nothing!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cocoa Beach Pier

Planning to have a vacation in Orlando? If you visited Disney World to see Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck or Universal Studious for Harry Potter's wizard adventure, how about a surfing adventure at Cocoa Beach?Type this address and navigate to Cocoa Beach Pier: 401 Meade Avenue, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931. If you came from Orlando area, it will probably take you an hour drive. You will love it here. Make sure that you check the weather forecast before you head the beach. Sunny Florida is a nice place for vacation but, we also have nasty weather here.They offer Free Parking after 4PM but, you may ask the attendant in the area to make sure. Cocoa Pier is a nice place to hang out with good restaurants and bars that will satisfy your tastebuds.Your children will enjoy surfing, swimming, fishing and they can even play volleyball in Cocoa Beach. If you forgot to bring your bikini, don't worry. Just check out the the gift shop in Cocoa Beach Pier and for sure, you will find the swim suit that will fit you good. See you in Cocoa Beach Pier soon.

Apartments in Monte Carlo

How many times did we hear the place Monaco and Monte Carlo in a movie or in a song? The latter was mentioned in the song "I've Never Been To Me", a popular song sang by Charlene, a one-hit-wonder talent in the 70's. Most of the Hollywood stars and celebrities would travel as far as Europe to experience an oasis of serenity away from the chaos in the entertainment world. It holds true for anyone who can afford to live in Monte Carlo.

The Principality of Monaco is not only known for its beautiful beaches and amazing coastline but, Monaco is world famous in sports and entertainment. The Formula One which is the most prestigious automobile races in the world is held annually in the streets of Monaco. If you can afford to buy monaco properties then, you should start looking for one now. There are gorgeous apartments in Monaco which have easy access to the tourist district. If you are looking for luxury property for sale monte carlo with concierge service, just visit the links and you will definitely find the right property that reflects your lifestyle.

If you check it out now, you will be blown away with the location and the ambiance of the properties. How would you like to be in the middle of the street celebration or just be there in the Monte Carlo Rally? If you love that then, visit the Website for more information.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Nicol Park in Port Saint John

Nicol Park is just 3 minutes away from our place. This community river park is 5.03 acres big which features benches, grilling stations, picnic pavilion, drinking fountain, a good size parking area and beautiful playground for the children.This park is a good location for shoreline fishing and shuttle viewing either from Kennedy Space Center or Port Canaveral Air Force Base.The walkway is paved which is good for strolling. It is very clean and the park sits along the banks of Indian River.The playground is huge. The restrooms are clean and the whole park is well taken care of.Nicol Park is located on US 1 in Port Saint John area and was named after Deputy Robert Nicol Jr who died in September of 1987 while on duty.If you travel in Florida along the scenic route in US 1, check out Nicol Park. This place is good for family picnic and just enjoy the breeze from the water.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Carlton International

In less than three months, hubby and I will be having a vacation in Europe. We will definitely visit Paris, Spain and Germany. We are still looking for a place to stay either in the city proper or a place overlooking the vineyards. I was browsing some of the luxury villas in South of France and I was just blown away with the beautiful scenery of the villas in this location. It's a total oasis and I look forward to spend a relaxing day at villa rentals South of France.

My husband lived and travelled in Europe for years so; he knows where and what places to show me around in France. I will be contended if I can visit Notre Dame, Mont Saint Mitchel, Palace of Versailles, and Eiffel Tower. I don't have any other itinerary and I leave all the planning to my husband.

Anyway, are you planning to visit the Monaco area? Check out the French Riviera villa rental and I hope you will find the place that's right for you and your family. As for us, we will consider these places but, we are still looking for more options. I hope we can find an affordable place with awesome views!

Sky Watch Friday: Beautiful Sky After the Storm

After the storm, I took this picture outside our home. Isn't it gorgeous? I love taking pictures of the skies and was lucky I took this one yesterday. If you want to see more photos of the sky, check out the link below.See more beautiful sky photos all over the world on this link Skywatch Friday.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SEO Toronto

If you are new into business and wanted to venture online, you have a long way to tackle to attract online clients and customers. You need to create a Website, make an attractive lay out, plan a strategy so that your business will be searchable online.

Do you think you can do it? I must tell you upfront that it is not an easy task! Anybody who has hands-on knowledge of computers can create a Website but, there are technical issues that entails to it. Therefore, you need an expert who can handle online marketing concerns. If you live in Toronto then, check out seo toronto for information about analytic services, Website design, logo creation and more.

You need to be visible and searchable online so that when a person uses the search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, your business will appear every time they search for your services or products. It will take months to build up traffic on your Website and it demands your time and effort. If you want to get away with all the hassles, I suggest that you hire an expert. They will optimize your Website and eventually, it will direct traffic to your site. That would mean, more customers and clients, sales will increase and your online business will be a success.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Gorgeous Cocoa Beach

You probably heard about Cocoa Beach in Florida huh? Ever wondered what's so special about this place? The waves from the Atlantic, the white sand, the magical view at sunrise, amazing place for moon and star gazing, and the food at the Pier is just deliciously good. Just look at the shoreline below.I took these pictures at the Fishing Pier on a Sunday about 9 AM and people started to crowd the area. On this particular day, a storm is coming but, it never stops people from going to the beach.The Pier has 5 restaurants that serves tasty food, has 4 bars, gift shops, and you will not get bored because there's a live band that entertains everyone for free.If you come here, you should check out Mai Tiki Bar at the edge of the 800 foot long fishing pier. It has an entrance fee but, you will enjoy the view, have a quick drink and just enjoy the breeze from the sea.If you are hungry, food is just an order away. It's affordable and if you love the beach and seafood, this is your place.If you are having a vacation at Disney in Orlando, travel about an hour and you will reach to this beautiful beach. You can play the volleyball, go swimming and fishing, have fun eating sea foods and most of all, try surfing at Cocoa Beach. This place is famous for it! See you at Cocoa Beach soon!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Baby Carrier: Mom and Baby Bonding Up Close

My cousin is a young mother and just had a baby 4 months ago. She was looking for a comfortable baby carrier and mei tai carrier is just her style. She wanted to make her baby close to her all the time even when they go for a grocery or attend a church gathering. Baby carrier that provides good support is great and that the baby will be relax and comfortable.

She is a young mom so; she wanted something nice and in style so it will also make her look alright. I have seen moms who use wraps because they wanted the baby close to them. According to my cousin, she loves to cuddle and snuggle the baby which is a normal reaction of mothers. A baby carrier is a good support to use because it is adjustable and provides a secure fit for the baby.

Would you like to check out this mom's mei tai review? Click the link for more information about baby carriers. There are many styles to choose from and you should check out which one is good for you. Babies are heavy if you carry them for longer period so; you need a baby carrier to distribute the weight of your baby. Visit the links to know which one fits better for you.

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