Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tinker Bell's Butterfly Garden in EPCOT

There are so many beautiful things to see in EPCOT in Springtime such as the amazing and spectacular gardens, topiary displays, outdoor kitchens, appearance of designer celebrities from HGTV, concerts, festivals, and more. If you haven't been here in Springtime, you should schedule a visit this time and I am sure, you'll going to love it.
This is Tinker Bell topiary by the Tinker Bell's Butterfly Garden.
entrance to the garden
The blooms inside the butterfly garden.

the chrysalis

The butterfly garden is just a good size area located at the Future World in Epcot. This is a fun place for kids who loves butterflies. The flowers are beautiful and colorful. I will be posting more photos that I took in EPCOT on my next post. Please comeback to check them out. Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The #SpaceShuttle #Atlantis Attraction in #KennedySpaceCenter

The excitement of seeing the Space Shuttle Atlantis up-close is so unreal. The Atlantis is a space shuttle orbiter. It's first flight was in October of 1985 carrying a payload for the US Department of Defense. In July 8, 2011, Atlantis made it's final mission before it retired and made Florida it's final home at the Kennedy Space Center. It made 33 missions and was able to deploy 14 satellites.

The front fa├žade of Atlantis attraction at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
The view from the inside of Atlantis building.
The bus parking lot down below.
The Atlantis up-close.
The Atlantis building in Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

Watch out next week for more photos of the inside look of Atlantis.
Atlantis is my favorite attraction at the Kennedy Space Center.

This Spring break, you should visit the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It's about an hour drive from Orlando. I can assure you that you will be delighted to be here. I will be seeing you in Florida soon.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Adventure Is Calling - Is Your Vehicle Ready?

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Your Vehicle and You

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Roam If You Want to

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Blooms Inside the Tinker Bell's Butterfly Garden

Our visit to EPCOT in Disney World was just done in few hours. We wanted to stick to the plan: take three rides, stay in Future World and take photos in few areas there and the entrance. I tell you what, we were roaming about 30% in Future World areas. Yes, there is so much to see around but, since we have a pass holder, we are not in a hurry. We can comeback anytime. I already posted few photos of the topiary display in EPCOT as well as the fairy houses display. I still have more photo's to share though and for now, these are the flowers found in Tinker Bell's Butterfly garden.
This is one of my favorites. The blooms just explode.
I am not sure if this belongs to sunflower family.
Here's another color.
I like this too, it's like a scepter.
This is pretty too in fact, I got this one in my garden one time.
Here is Tinker Bell standing at the side exit/entrance of the garden.
This flower is my most favorite.
Very Pretty
This flower is nice too.
I think this flower is called Everlasting.
This is another color of everlasting flower.

That's all for now. What do you think?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

#ButterflyTopiary : International Flower and Garden Festival in EPCOT

My husband and I were at EPCOT in #DisneyWorld last Thursday to see the #InternationalFlowerandGardenFestival which is presented by #HGTV. My goodness, fun is in bloom indeed. We love taking the monorail because it is really cool to see part of EPCOT up above the monorail tracks. The first blooms that I saw was the garden near the Tinker Bell's Butterfly Garden. It was so colorful and the Disney Character topiaries are gigantic so it was beautiful and visible up above.

We decided to stay in Future World and take 3 rides. I already reserved my fast pass online but, since hubby can't get his fast pass, we took the standby. We won't be long anyway coz we get tired from walking around so; I  told hubby that we will stay in Future World and take the photos of Topiaries and the garden display at the entrance. We will be back next time before the festival ends.

As we were walking towards the Tinker Bells's Butterfly Garden, this giant Butterfly Topiary caught my eyes. Such a gorgeous display don't you think? There are over a 100 topiary displays in Epcot. Some topiaries are favorite Disney Characters and some are seasonal topiaries so; every year is truly different. We did not go to World Showcase.

It is spring break so; it is super crowded in Disney World.  All the rides have 30 to 80 minutes stand by , crazy right? If you plan to visit Disney World, get your ticket ahead of time and reserve your fast pass online or on your cellphone.  You save time and your energy will not be wasted with the queue. With our case, it is alright because we have a yearly pass and we can visit anytime on weekdays and in any parks. We can take the standby of 30 max. When we went to Soarin' Attraction, the wait time is 80 minutes LOL. We did not go. We took the Land instead and it was pretty interesting.

The Amazing topiary displays are in the World Showcase area. I will take photos of the topiaries in that area on our next visit. I really wanted to go there alone though LOL. My husband hates to walk from pavilion to pavilion. Goodness! LOL!

Yep, for now , I am sharing this butterfly display.  I took more photos inside the Tinker Bell's butterfly garden. If you love flowers, I use the zoom feature of my camera phone and take photos to some blooms and the flowers are all pretty.

I hope you enjoyed viewing the butterfly display. Do you think you can you make this art work in your garden? Thanks for stopping by. Come back tomorrow for another exciting and interesting photos. have a great day!

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