Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tar Balls Reached Biloxi-Mississippi

I was so sad today when I saw hundreds of BP workers on the shoreline of Biloxi. The tar ball from the oil spill reached the beaches of Biloxi area. This will be the start of a domino effect here in our place. I just knew yesterday that Night Shift waitresses in the casino transferred to swing shift. They are affected since guests are not visiting casino more often due to crisis. Some small business had closed down especially those who rely on seafood industry. I will be posting pictures soon for you to see the action here in Mississippi.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Quality and Affordability at Zinni

I was reading the message board where Opticians answered a thread about patients asking their PD. I was amazed that they are indifferent to them. I thought that they are in that profession to give necessary service to their patients but, I was wrong. As what we heard from friends, Zenni Optical is the number ONE store for eyeglasses online. It is so easy to order plus the quality and prices are unbelievable. That is why people who needs prescription eyeglasses come to Zinni website.

Zinni care about selling affordable eye wear because they believe that it is a health necessity for people. Zinni takes pride in offering a quality product and affordable prices simply because they care and understand the present economic situation. When buyer visit the Website and order eyeglasses, they need a PD so; they go back to their Optician and ask for it. The Pupillary Distance is the distance between the pupils of the eyes, center to center, in Millimeters. Most of the opticians will not give away the PD result of the patients. Are they intimidated perhaps? I hope Opticians will show compassion to the patients and would give easily the PD result.

Friday, June 25, 2010


This is one of my favorite flowers. Usually it is called mums or chrysanthemum. The blooms of this flower are composed of many individual florets. Each floret is capable of producing seed. The disk florets are in the center of the bloom head while the ray florets are on the perimeter. The disk florets are considered perfect flowers for they possess both male and female
reproductive organs.Here are the kinds of mums:

Reflex: The disk florets are concealed and the ray florets reflex outwards to create a mop like appearance.

Regular Incurve: Similar to the irregular incurves, only usually smaller blooms, with nearly perfect globular form. Disk florets are completely concealed. They used to be called 'Chinese'.

Decorative: Similar to reflex blooms without the mop like appearance. Disk florets are completely concealed, ray florets usually don't radiate at more than a 90 degree angle to the stem.

Intermediate Incurve: These blooms are in-between the Irregular and Regular incurves in both size and form. They usually have broader florets and a more loosely composed bloom. Again, the disk florets are completely concealed.

Pompon:The blooms are fully double, of small size, and almost completely globular in form.

Single/Semi-Double: These blooms have completely exposed disk florets, with between 1 and 7 rows of ray florets, usually radiating at not more than a 90 degree angle to the stem.

Anemone: The disk florets are prominently featured, quite often raised and overshadowing the ray florets.

A red chrysanthemumSpoon: The disk florets are visible and the long tubular ray florets are spatulate.

Chrysanthemum morifolium - an example of Spoon shaped bloom.Quill: The disk florets are completely concealed, and the ray florets are tube like.

Link Building for Business

Lately, I visited some of the websites in my bloglist. And I noticed that some blog addresses changed to domains already. Everyday, I tried to update my list and add those who need a link to my blog. In an online marketing business, Link Building is important. In blogging, you need links to get visitors visit and read the blogs in your Websites.

If you have visitors coming in to your websites, the ranking statistics will go up and monetizing opportunity will also become favorable on your side. Make the SEO working good in your online business as well as in your blogging platform. There are company who offers help in any online marketing problems.

The best way to find customers to view your online Webpage is to find a reliable and expert in Internet Marketing. You need them as guides and they will work for your benefit. They can fix the technicalities using online tools after all, they are the expert on this field. Work on your Website now and do not forget to ask help from the expert.

Isle of Capri in Biloxi

One of the best experiences living in the Gulf Coast area is the chance to enjoy casino hopping. If you love to play the slot machines and play poker in the casino, visit Biloxi in Mississippi. During your stay, take time to visit the beach in Ocean Springs and the Beach Boulevard in Highway 90. If you are in Biloxi on Thursdays, take a food trip to the Isle of Capri and get a 50% discount or 2 for one buffet treat.

The food in Callypsos Buffet is great and affordable. For $8 (price for two already) , you can eat endless shrimps, steaks, cakes and pastries. You will get food satisfaction, good ambiance and great deal. By the way, this place is one of my favorite places to hang out in Biloxi area.

Branson Vacation

It is my wish to visit Branson, Missouri because I saw the pictures of my cousin visiting the place while they stay in one of Branson vacation rentals. Titanic museum, river walk, endless live entertainment, rejuvenating spas, restaurants, golf courses are just few of the many attractions found in Branson. If you plan a midwest vacation getaway, Branson in Missouri tops the list. Booking for a place to stay is not a problem because Branson has so many vacation rentals to choose from.

My sisters-in law and their family will visit the place by July avoiding the winter vacation. As for me and my husband, we plan to visit the place in winter times for me to experience the winter activities of the place. Actually, it doesn't matter what your preference for a vacation in Branson. This place is great and offers so many activities in four season variations. Depending on your free time, book your stay here and you will experience a wonderful midwest vacation only in Branson.

Bus Hopper

There is a big difference of public transportation here from my country. In the Philippines, public transportation such as taxi, jeepney, shuttle van, motorela and trisikad are common on the streets. You will get to your destination on time without compromising to wait for how many hours. Right here in Biloxi-Ocean Springs, Mississippi, bus like this is one transportation that you would see in this area.
I never had the experience of riding this bus but some people like it especially those who loves casino hopping. If you have no transportation here, this bus can go the distance.

Towers in Noth Myrtle Beach

Where do you want to stay for a family vacation this summer? What sort of amenities are you searching for to make your vacation a retreat and rejuvenating one? If you are looking for an oasis of relaxation and traquility with the wonderful view by the beach, think myrtle beach. This area is one of the busiest travel destination in the country because of the beautiful beaches, majestic ocean view, rich in wildlife habitat, endless golf courses to choose from and wonderful hotels.

Book your stay in towers at myrtle beach which is located in the coastline of South Carolina. You will enjoy an efficiency living and feel the comfort of an elegant stay. It has a cozy full kitchen, nice granite countertops plus, all the furnishings are stylish and contemporary.

All their suites are non-smoking and you can choose from one bedroom, two bedrooms and three bedrooms depending on the size of your family. There are so many activities of this place and you will only experience fun! Visit Website for more information or you may contact them at 877-540-3646.

Oil Spill Boom

The picture below is a set of boom used for oil spill in the Gulf Coast. Workers in Biloxi and Ocean Springs, Mississippi are ready to bring this boom as a containment. Boom is a temporary floating barrier used to contain an oil spill. It is used to reduce the possibility of polluting the shorelines and make the recovery easier. Booms are also used to concentrate oil in thicker layers so that skimmers, vacuums, and all other collection methods can be used more effectively. Our place is free from oil spill yet. Thanks to those hard working men and women. They put their life at risk upon working in the health hazard area near the oil spill disaster of Deepwater Horizon under BP.

Golf Course

Forgot to make advance arrangement for your tee times adventure? Stop your worries right now because there is a Website source that you can depend on this matter. Visit today and book your scheduled travel date, chosen golf course and the time you want. How simple is that?

You can also get your bookings without fee at all and no membership fee required. Are you looking for last minute bookings of golf courses somewhere in Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Sunset Beach and Pawleys Island? Check out the affordable prices of the Golf Courses listed in the Website and the great savings which you can get in 48 hour tee times .

Myrtle Beach area is a tourist destination in South Carolina which offers amazing world class golf courses. You will have a grand time playing golf with your family and friends. Enjoy the majestic landscape and the beautiful lush of bermuda greens. Book now and find your favorite golf course in this area. Affordability, great savings and exciting fun surely awaits you.

On Gulf Coast Situation

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico caused so much damages in the lives of people living in the coastal area in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. BP is responsible with all these mess. Since BP have no plan B when disaster like this happens and they are struggling to find solutions right now. It is more than two months and capping the source of the spill is a big problem. Here in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, the locals are still trying to live normal. Shown here is a family swimming since our shoreline is FREE from oil spill, yet. But, how long will this last? I hope BP will realize that this is a serious problem. Tony Hayward is so slow in his decision making and TIME is the essence here.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Since I work on a night shift, I noticed that I am always tired the whole day. I have been complaining to my husband that I do not like this schedule and yet, it took me 10 months to finally quit. My whole body is aching that as soon as I get home, I doze off to bed in an instant. For me, this is not a healthy lifestyle! It is not a human nature to wake the whole night and sleep the whole day. It is sickening! I was reading a chiropractic philosophy that explain about Holism. It further explain that our health is affected by everything in our environment. My workplace is a smoking time bomb and only few area which have non-smoking. I come home having a migraine and I had a sad disposition all the time. There was one time that I made an appointment and see a chiropractor because I dont like surgery and medication. It helps a lot! Anyway, if you live in Texas, there is a Chiropractor Austin TX who are eager to help you out. Start living in a healthy lifestyle as soon as possible. That is what I am aiming too.

Shrimp Boats in Front Beach

While we were routing the bridge connecting Ocean Springs and Biloxi, Mississippi, there were more than 20 Shrimp Boats lined up going to somewhere. Of course, we had nobody to ask on the whereabouts of their destination. I just grab my phone and took this picture because it reminded me of the picture of Magellan's Fleet. There are two things that these boats were sailing: (1) shrimping and (2) work for BP.
As of today, our shoreline here in Biloxi and Ocean Springs is FREE from Oil Spill caused by the oil rig disaster of Deepwater Horizon last April 20, 2010. I pray that BP can successfully cap the oil spill source before any hurricane strike. If that will happen, it will be an unimaginable catastrophe.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weight Loss Diet

Are you happy and contented with your body figure right now? I asked this question because everything around you will be affected positively if you have these characteristics. It matters in life to live in acceptance of who we are. Yet, if you are not happy because of your physical attributes then, do something about it to achieve what your hearts desire. Do you want your beautiful body back but, losing weight is a huge problem? This is not a simple problem that you can get a result overnight. It needs sacrifices and the will to live a healthy life. Eat fruits, vegetables, high protein bars and exercise daily even for few minutes. When you are doing your exercise routine, you burn your fats without spending a big amount of money. And because you are active with your daily activity, eating is not your main priority. You eat on regular meals and that is healthy. If your goal is to lose weight, do something about it now! Take responsible of your healthy life by doing what is right!

Homemade Father's Day Cupcakes

My friend Sonia is a loving wife to a very responsible husband. I was in College when she got married and now, the couple is blessed with three beautiful and intelligent children. Actually, we saw each other just few months ago in Facebook and we get to know each others activities in real time. Wanna know what I love to dig in her profile? Food!

At first look, this is just an ordinary cupcake which you can buy anytime in the grocery. But look and behold! Sonia bake this cupcake with love for her one and only husband. What a creative food decoration, right? Simple and sweet!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Myrtle Beach Vacation

It has been a long time that I played golf and seeing the magnificent golf course scenery in Myrtle Beach area amazed me. The lush of green landscape and the huge area is truly a beautiful place to enjoy golf activities. Are you planning to have a weekend getaway this summer? Visit and book your stay today. Playing a round of golf is a relaxing sport to play especially when family and friends are there.

At, you will surely have a wonderful vacation staying in any of their six properties. You will enjoy the beautiful beaches and will love the wonderful view of the oceanfront. Expect to have fun of the countless activities which they have from sunrise to sundown. Since Myrtle Beach is considered as the number one golf destination in the United States, you should take advantage of their affordable golf packages. Where else can you get a good deal? It is only right here! Check out the Website now and choose your next vacation at Myrtle Beach.


Last year, I bought a flowering plant called Hydrangea. This plant is native to southern and eastern Asia such as China, Japan and Korea. Right now it is a blooming shrub and the flowers really look beautiful.

I gathered some information online that hydrangea can change colors. I remember buying a pink hydrangea but as of this year, the flowers turned blue. If you have this flowering plant in your garden, you can change your hydrangea from pink to blue by adding aluminum to the soil. And, to change from blue to pink hydrangea, just subtract aluminum from the soil. Amazing!

Homestead Resort

I love vacation time and as a matter of fact, I look forward to it whenever I have my day off. It doesn't matter if my husband and I spent a night or a week as long as it is a retreat place, we go for it. I always research online deals and if I found one, I usually view the amenities and their services. Normally, to have a WIFI Internet access is a must for me so I can do my business even if I am relaxing. Are you planning for a vacation soon?Would you like to stay in a cottage-style resort with beautiful garden all over the place? Utah Lodging has a lot to offer for a luxurious vacation for you and your family. You will enjoy indoor and outdoor activities while staying in Homestead Resort. If you love scuba diving, you will love the warm waters of the Homestead Crater. Do you want to experience horseback riding, buggy, wagon and sleigh rides? This place is the best place for all of these activities. On your next vacation with your family and love one , plan your trip in Utah. Stay in Homestead Resort, a rejuvenating place to spend a relaxing vacation.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Assisted Living Facility

My father-in-law moved in to an assisted living facility today. All of us helped together to move the necessary things he needed in his room. I also cut his hair and he had the chance of asking me if I like living back in Florida. Of course I told him that I am excited to go back there. Then he said, he would like to go with us too. In reality, he doesn't want to go away from Mississippi. He doesn't want us to leave either. Anyway, he told me he is sad to live in the assisted living but, he is excited to live in his room too. Here is his room.



hallway between living room and bedroom bed
bedsider view
mini kitchen
living room

Brown's Wharf

When you are having a vacation, how would you like to have a view like the picture below? Actually, that will be the scenery that you will enjoy viewing in one of the rooms in Brown's Wharf in Boothbay Harbor. The place is awesomely perfect as a retreat and a getaway for relaxation and fun. Bring your family with you and enjoy a luxurious stay in Boothbay Harbor which is located on a peninsula in the Gulf of Maine.If you love boating, bring in your boat because this place can accommodate your boat as long as it is up to 165 feet. This place is a resort marina and staying in Brown's Wharf in Boothbay Harbor is the best place to enjoy the beach and the view. Book your stay at Boothbay Harbor Hotels now and have a relaxing fun-filled vacation.

In Boothbay Harbor Maine, you will not only enjoy the activities on the beach but also satisfy your cravings on seafoods. You will enjoy the seafood menu which is unique in this area. All the restaurants in Boothbay serves delicious lobster, fish, scallops, shrimp, mussels, and oysters. Looking for a cozy place with a spectacular view to visit? Check out this place today.

BP is a Failure

Fox News channel is showing the boom in Destin, Florida. I took this picture two weeks ago and people were splashing on the beach. This place is really awesome! Yet, on the day that I took this picture, the oil spill is less than 48 hours away from the shoreline. As I saw on the news, the local government had precautionary action done by using boom on the area. The beach is still open for the public.

As of today, BP had failed to close the source of the oil spill. For 60 days, BP is really SLOW in the effort of solving the problem in connection to the disaster of Deepwater Horizon Exlposion. WHY? Why it took so long? BP is a British-based global energy company, the third largest energy company and the fourth largest company in the world. But, when it comes to disasters which their company is responsible, BP is the biggest failure ever! Do something ASAP!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hope from Bankrupcy

The economy is still in bad shape! There are businesses that continually went down on its profit every month. To survive, they need to cut down expenses and workforce. Yesterday, I went to one of the malls in our area and saw many stablishements were closed to business. It was alarming! I asked myself what happened to their employees by now? For sure, there were employees who lost their job with big monthly homeloans. In connection to this problem, as we drive through the neighborhood, on sale signs were visible to many properties. Are you having this problem right now? There are private institutions that offer hope to people with this problem. There are available programs which are designed to keep homeowners from going bankrupt such as This institution educate homeowners on it's effectiveness. Just like American Residential Law Group which will give lenders a new hope from bankrupcy. Ask help and do not lose hope.

Boating Activity

When we were at Destin, Florida lastweek, I was so amazed to seeing so many boats out on the sea. We were on the bridge and as we look over it, people were fishing and swimming on the shallow area at the middle part of the water. Boat like this was a common sight. This boat is actually almost a hundred thousand dollars but, it seemed to me that this is a necessity to other families. Boating activity especially for summer vacation is truly worth it when we spend it with family. Truly worth it!

Chiles and Spices

Do you love to eat? If the answer is yes then, spices must play vital as to why you love eating. We eat good because we like the taste and the flavor of the food that we ate. Spices are used as food additive for flavor or as a preservative that kills harmful bacteria. Did you know that in the Middle Ages, spices were among the most demanded and expensive products available in Europe? It is a business that went up good. In 1870, DeWitt Clinton Pendery started his business selling the finest and quality seasoning. In Penderey's, you can purchase new mexico green chile and spices at reasonable prices. Many spices are used for other purposes such as medicine, religious rituals, cosmetics, and perfumery. Because of these, spices are very important especially when we talk about it in relation to food. If you are looking for an online store where you can purchase chiles and spices, visit Pendery's. They have hot sauces, chili peppers, chili pods, whole and also diced. Just check out the website today and find the product that you like.

Rusty is a Nomad

We call him Rusty. I don't know if that is his name though. One morning, a lady driving the neighborhood and calling out the name Rusty. When I go out to water the garden, this dog was snooping behind my back. I was terrified at first but, he is very friendly and so, he stayed in our yard for few minutes and went home. Probably, he is that woman's dog. The next morning, Rusty was outside the door and when went out, he seemed to tell us that he wanted to play. So, we play "fetch". He was so happy and like a child, does not want to stop. Every morning, he waited outside our door and we played with him as if he is our dog. We do not know where he lives but, we knew he got a home. The woman never came by the road and look for Rusty also.

Anyway, we noticed that Rusty smells bad and his body was covered with mud. We thought he must be in the woods wandering. There are days that he failed to show up and we thought, the owner must chained him. There are days too that we saw him with other mean dogs. We kept wondering what's his life like? When we tried to pet him, he had a defensive look as if he was afraid that we might hurt him. My husband wanted to adopt him but, before he could find out where he lives, he vanished! For almost two months, he was gone and we never knew if he was alright. Rusty is ver smart too. One time we told him to roll over, we were surprised because he knew the command. He also knew how to crawl and can play hide! Up to now, we are waiting for Rusty to visit us one day!

Monday, June 14, 2010


I was watching my favorite actor who had a reality show on the TV. He was a real cop in a city but he live most of his life in another country. The culture he grew up adopt an ancient way in healing body pains and proven effective worldwide. I am referring to acupuncture, a tradition which originated in China even before Shang Dynasty. The procedure of acupuncture is actually painful to look at because it involves inserting and manipulating needles into various points on the body. The main purpose of doing such procedure is to relieve pain or for therapeutic purposes These days there are so many companies that offer such services such as San Diego Acupuncture. Acupuncture is very safe if it is administered by a well-trained practitioner using sterile needles. For those who experience the service, they say it is a total rejuvenation of body and mind. When the friend of my favorite actor sprain himself, he brought him to the man who offer such services. With the live camera on his face, he was enjoying the acupuncture. He swear that the pain was all gone! It may look scary but actually, the man does not feel anything but relaxation.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ultimate Solution

Do you have bad credit? What will happen if you are in need of money to pay your bills? There are so many instances in our lives that we can not wait on the payday. If your daughter needs to buy materials for her school project or you need to pay your prescription, you cannot take these for granted, right? Do you have someone to depend on and would loan you an extra money? Most of the time, there is no one! You will get lucky if you find one to lend you money on your first try. To top it all, they will ask you so many questions with regards to your financial capabilities. What will be the ultimate solution when you are in this dilemma? Share your thoughts here.

Fort Maurepas Park

Ocean Springs, Mississippi is a small place compared to the city where I grew up. According to wikipedia, this place has a total area of 39.5 km2 way smaller than Cagayan de Oro City which has 488.86 km2 total land area. I miss my city but, this place is like a second home for me. This is the hometown of my husband.

One of the latest addition in Ocean Springs beauty is Fort Maurepas Park. It was officially opened on October 5, 2009. This is the view you will be enjoying if you visit this place. The beautiful scenery of the Gulf Coast.
The building in Fort Maurepas Park and the wide space in it.
The view of the Front Beach in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.
This is the pathway heading to the building decorated with flags historically important to the city.

Hubby and I always visit this place to have a picnic. Usually, we go there for lunch and spent few hours watching enjoying the breeze from the sea. Visit Fort Maurepas Park now and tag along your kids for them to play on the cool playground.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Mesa Verde - A Trip Back in Time

This guest post supplied by Oliver Wipps

If you want to see something man-made that’s totally amazing and, at the same time, marvel at nature and the environment, take a trip to Mesa Verde National Park. Mesa Verde is located in the Four Corners region of southwestern Colorado. After entering the park, I drove for several miles on winding mountain roads. A stop at the museum and visitors center is essential. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

They provided me with fantastic information on visiting the cliff dwellings that are tucked away in the nooks and crannies of the canyons in the area. Many of the displays in the museum explained the way of life unique to the area. It was my first trip there, so I stayed with the gentler walking tours. If you’re adventurous, you can climb ladders to reach some of the more secluded dwellings.

The park is quiet and uncrowded. The markers and information boards at the stops along the walk and drive are interesting and complete. To have the best possible time, it’s a good idea to follow my “to do” list before you leave. Pack plenty of sunscreen. Include extra water and a few energy bars for your hike. Set your Adt Alarm. Make sure you’ve got your camera. Next time you’re in the Four Corners region, take a day to visit.

Mississippi View

We will soon leave Mississippi and go back to Florida. I will miss the casinos and the restaurants that served Louisiana food, crablegs, shrimps and crawfish. Since we arrived here, all we did was dine out to different restaurants and buffet in the casinos in the area. I would surely miss that! I will miss the view of the Gulf Coast too. The beautiful view of the beach in Ocean Springs and Biloxi, Mississippi.
I took this picture at the garage area of Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Biloxi. That is the busy street of Highway 90.
I will miss this harbor where people launch their boats to have a ride on the Gulf Coast area.
I will miss the many events that will take place in this area too. This is a boat race which took place in June,2010.
This is Beach Boulevard in Highway 90. The island seen at the center is called Deer Island.
And this is the best view that I love, the Harbor in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Right where I took this picture is where we park our car. Hubby and I always have our picnic lunch here.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Flowers in Bloom

In Florida and Mississippi, the heat will really burn your skin if you stay outdoor. Some residents love to soaked themselves under the scorching heat of the sun aiming to get a tan colored skin. Others stay indoors and enjoying the taste of the cool drink caramel frappe or frapuccino. I belong to second description and I can't stand the heat! One thing that is worth waiting for in a season like this is our garden.
We have these flowers blooming more as the heat rises. As if they are more beautiful under the scorching heat of the sun.
The lily smells good too and loving its shady area where it can see the sun in 300 degrees.
The azalea is pretty but, soon it will wither and that is it's nature.
The tulips though it is in full bloom is like azalea. But, I am enjoying their beauty as long as it lasts. What blooming flowers do you have in your garden?
Enjoy the sun and look for positive blessings in your backyard. Have fun!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

California Escapade

California is one of the places that is in my wishlist to visit. I finally did able to see it and it was a great week of fun and wandering. I visited Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco in my 10 days vacation. We went to Hollywood walk of fame and I can't get enough of it. I never explored the places which I wanted to go but, I will definitely come back.
This is Kodak Theatre, one of the popular places that you should go once you are in LA.

I had my "despidida" lunch in this old building called The Old Sphagetti Factory, a restaurant that serves Italian food which I so loved! Inside, the ambiance is really unique because it is an old school back in 1900's. The decoration includes a chalkboard and flags which are displayed on the ceiling. Amazingly, Philippine flag is there too.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Search Engine

Let me ask this question to you, do you find the topic that you search on the Internet? Were you able to find the exact information that you needed in just one click of your mouse? It sounds frustrating for me sometimes really. When I was in College and do all my research in the Internet, it took me awhile to gather the zest of the topic I want. We all know that one word we type has so many links to choose from but, were they relevant? Sometimes it is not and you will be wondering how the link got the search connection, right? Anyway, these days though there are a lot of search engines you can choose from using such as game torrents. Because of these choices, you might find one site comfortable to use than the other. It is actually in your own prerogative which one is better to use. The most important thing is that the information laid out to you gives you satisfaction. When you start searching for a topic then the links given are relevant, of course you will use the same search engine again and again. To satisfy our searches, we only need important links and we can get that by the search engine that we trusted and used a lot.

I Need SEO

Two years ago, two of my blogs had a zero rank since I bought a domain. It did good though when it comes to monetization but, the rankings had never improved for sometime. Do you have this problem too? The process of improving ranking in search engine results is called seo. My friend suggested yesterday that I should do it soon to catch up. Search Engine Optimization will help improve the quality traffic that I already have in my other blogs. I should edit my two blogs soon because maybe there is a content that decreases its relevance. If that is the case, it can't be searchable. What I will do now is to check my blog and take the barriers by deleting some links which are not useful. Maybe my HTML is too crowded of crazy coding which I added before when I first started blogging. To increase visibility in my blogs, I might try the idea of crosslinking. I did that to my PR3 blog and so far, it maintain its ranking for so long. If you want a speedy result for your problem though, you might need an SEO Company. I might check on them if my plan will not work good.

Maternity Clothes

I was watching TV yesterday where they show funny videos of different occasions. Actually, the videos were submitted by the audience and from the viewers from all walks of life. I find it hilarious and at the same time sentimental when they started showing videos of grandparents. The series of videos showed announcements from their children that they will eventually become grandparents. They usually open a gift and it will take them awhile to realized that it is a note that they are grandparents. Their reactions were very funny that children submitted the videos to this TV show. Mostly cried for joy and others just screamed out loud! How amazing that grandparents showed too much happiness more than the actual parents perhaps?

I had a grin on my face right now to know such deep and real reaction of people in welcoming a new life in the womb. I bet the grandparents are as excited as the parents to buy maternity clothes for the new mom, right? There are so many cute dresses for pregnant women these days. Some celebrity had a fashion expo for that when they were pregnant. On sale maternity clothing's might not be hard to find if you just check it out online. Check it out now!

Destin Beach

I had a grand time yesterday when we visited the beach of Destin, Florida. Though I really wanted to swim because the water was so inviting, the heat of the sun was a scorcher. It was hot and humid with 92 degrees and we decided to transfer to the next beach resort.

The building behind me is where the Harbor Walk Village located and that is the majestic Emerald Grande in Destin, Florida. It is a condominium and if you live in that building, you have free access of the boating priviledge in the harbor.After we took a couple of pictures in the vicinity of that building, we move in this area across the bridge. This is a public area, FREE for everyone who wanted to enjoy the clear blue water.
So, we transfer to the next beach resort which is for Military family only. It is exclusive for military members but since my husband was retired in the Army, the guard let us in anyway. The parking fee is only $2. You will see this sign on the right side once you arrived Destin of course. It is the next tourist destination from Fort Walton, Florida.
The white sand is clean and free from the oil spill yet. It was known during this time that the oil spill has reach Alabama state. In 48 hours, it is believed that the oil spill will move fast towards this area. So sad to wait in great desparation, huh?
Blue sky and crystal water, what more can you ask? This is what you will enjoy in Destin, Florida. Oh by the way, even though you see the blue sky, the day before was a crazy weather. Florida is a sunshine state but the weather changes every five minutes :) Enjoy your stay!

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