Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Insurance is a Must

Our economy is in crisis and most of us are affected by this economic turmoil. It is very common that some families cut down expenses but, what worries me is the alarming ratio of people who cut down their healthcare insurance. Yesterday, I saw the news on TV that there is a dental clinic in the city that offers free dental services for people who cannot afford to have one. This is really good too but, I was just amazed that all of them admit that they do not have the insurance. They cannot afford it so; they cut it down from their expenses.

Having the health insurance in the family is already stress-free. Insurance maybe a burden to pay for now but, in the long run, it will save you more money. How? When any member of your family will get sick, insurance will cover all the expenses. Well, depending on the coverage that you pay. When you get sick, it will definitely consume all your savings because medicines and health services are very expensive. You should think twice now! Find the best health insurance quotes and look for the lower health premiums that you can afford.

The Best Way to Advertise

How was your Black Friday shopping everyone? Did you buy the gadgets that you have been dreaming to have this year? I bet you did! I was shopping on that day and it was amazing that affordable items were displayed even outside the store. There were logo canopy for BOGO (buy one get one) items and the products look so inviting. Even today, they used the big canopy to display the different Christmas trees on sale. Anyway, the spirit of Christmas Holiday is here and every store has their own way to get the attention of shoppers. Some companies promote their products in the stores by using the beautiful trade show flooring and colorful logo mats to advertise their products. If the display is unique and attractive, shoppers are usually drawn to that area. This is the best way to advertise a product and by using the bold colors and the company logo, shoppers will recognize the brand faster. When you drive down the road and see the logo canopy in an open space, curiosity will pull you to drive down to the area. This advertisement works especially when there are car shows, trade shows and more. Don't you think?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Digi Cam Captions

Oh Yeah! Do not bother me or else... (",)LOL. Well, I seldom drink coffee so, I am okay when I wake up in the morning. Some people are not in good humor especially before breakfast right? Anyway, these are the pictures taken while we were in Alabama visiting a friend. I took the time in taking some pictures using the zoom and the natural light in the room.This house sits on a farmland and have no WiFi connection. Not that they cannot afford to have one but, WiFi is not a necessity in their household. I have a Digi Cam that I seldom use so, I tried to get a sample of its functions.I had nothing to do so; I was exploring the different functions of my digi cam. They have collectible items in the house and I took theses pictures as a subject of my photography. Well, I failed! I am not happy with these pictures. The lighting is so bad as well as the angle. Considering these are the best shots that I have for these things.I am not good in taking indoor photos. I tried to get a picture out of an ordinary camera. Maybe, I was using the wrong function because it does not come out right.
The stuff above is really beautiful and vinatage looking. The detail of the subject is a work of art but, I failed to capture it in this camera. The zoom is not enough. I need a macro zoom.
The last picture was taken so bad. The picture is so blurry. I still have to master how to use this digi cam before I can use a DSLR. The focus just so bad. HMMM.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cheap Airport Parking

Whenever you need a parking space in the city of Orlando, you can find it easy thru mco parking. Cheap Airport Parking is a Website that provides the parking location that is conveniently located to where you need to go. There are parking spaces here in Orlando which are covered and within easy walking distance to the airport. If you want a valet parking, that is not a problem. Just click the link above and you will be directed to the Website. You pay for less but, you park in a secured location.

Why pay for a higher rate when you can pay $3.95/day at Cheap Airport Parking? You can choose from valet parking to self-parking, whichever you want. The rates are almost the same really. Most of these parking spaces offer baggage handling assistance and shuttle service to/from the airport. If you prefer the valet parking covered or outdoor, they offer Free Newspaper and a bottle of water. When you are in a hurry, these things are not really necessary but, it is always good to have it for free right? Click the link now and reserve your parking today.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Condo Property

Finding a perfect home is impossible so; we tried to take it easy this time. We bid for two houses last week and presently waiting for the response from the sellers. If we cannot get any of the two properties, we decided to just focus on finding another Condo Sale. We own two condo properties and they both have been paid off. Right now, we are ready to find a new property that we can rent out for some extra income. We really wanted to own a house with a big yard but in four months we have had no luck in closing our bids.

Anyway, while I was checking some condo properties, I was curious about the properties in Asia especially Singapore. I visited Condo Expert Website and I found a condo property nearby East Coast Park for $1300 to 1500. I thought the price is about right considering the location is great and the unit is ready to move in. If you are planning to migrate to Singapore because of work transfer, finding a good place is not hard. The Condo properties in Singapore are vast and the amenities are contemporary. Do you want to check it out? Just visit the link above.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Spending Time Together

Are you planning to have a date with your husband on Valentine's Day? Where do you plan to go? I bet you want to visit a place where you can spend time together, right? Visit a place where you can have the time to relax and away from the busy life at work. Do you want to surprise him with something unforgettable? Sometimes, we need to do extra special for our husband and surprise him with unexpected moments.

The relationship between husband and wives are sacred in the eyes of God. Spending time together is important so you can create that moment that will linger forever. When you are both alone and away from the stress of work, you ignite a spark of your relationship as a couple. It adds another year of a romantic and happy married life. The bond of marriage stays stronger if you find time to spend alone with each other.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lake Front House

Our friend lives in a beautiful neighborhood with the backyard facing the lake. They have a private boat dock and a cozy Tiki Bar. Their backyard was transformed into a beach front complete with Adirondack chairs and Picnic Tables. They added white sand to make it look like a beach front. It is really beautiful. The front of the house has different set up because it looks like a park with beautiful landscape and a flower garden with four Park Benches in each corner.It is a cozy place to hang out and we love to visit them. The tiki bar is all set for a party anytime. The green Adirondack chairs that they have are cozy and comfortable to sit on. Boating is the favorite activity during weekends. Friends love to hang out in their place for fishing and grilling. Everyone loves the sitting area in their backyard. Anyway, if you have a big yard, you should buy Adirondack chair because it is made for comfort. The design is truly the work of art. The design of Adirondack chair enhances the beauty of the backyard. If you plan to buy, visit Terrabound Solutions Company, the right place to shop for Adirondack chairs and other accessories for your backyard. Check it out today!

A Good Day

"We do not remember days; we remember moments." - Cesare Pavese Poet, Novelist (1908-1950) How nice it is to wake up each day with this beautiful sunrise.
"Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries. " -Sister Mary Corita Kent Artist and Educator (1918-1986) This will be more beuatiful if shared to someone you love most.
"The purpose of morality is to teach you, not to suffer and die, but to enjoy yourself and live. "-Ayn Rand Writer and Philosopher (1905-1982) That is why we need to live life according to the norms of the society but, most especially in Christian way. "People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within." -Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross Psychiatrist and Author (1926-2004) "A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely" -Roald Dahl British Novelist (1916-1990)"Some people think only intellect counts: knowing how to solve problems, knowing how to get by, knowing how to identify an advantage and seize it. But the functions of intellect are insufficient without courage, love, friendship, compassion and empathy. "-Dean Koontz Author (born 1945)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Finding the Right Product

Some people are just lucky to have a flawless and beautiful skin. I have to accept the fact that I am one of the unluckiest ones. I have been buying Skin Care Products especially Acne Products since I was in my elementary grades. During my Adolescence, it became my major problem. According to my dermatologist, I need to stay away from oily foods and should take enough time for sleep because stress and fatigue can cause it too. Though I am not proud of the scarring results, I got used to it. I switch products from time to time. I have breakouts from time to time. But, using treatment products help diminish, and prevents more breakouts. There are services that offer medications on Skin Problems and that include products with problems on Age Spots. If you are concern with your skin and wanted to lighten the pigment of your skin, visit Murad Website. If you buy products worth $60, you will get the free shipping plus a free gift. That is a deal that you do not want to miss right? Their products are clinically proven so; take advantage of this deal today.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Mens Cologne at Aeropostale

In less than a week, Black Friday shopping will be my top most activity for the day. I will not push myself inside the shopping mall because I know people are rushing to the stores. I have my wish list ready and that includes the school shoes for my nephews and nieces. My cousins were asking for mens cologne from aeropostale. My sister-in-law from the Philippines told me that the products of Aeropostale are popular for teenagers. She wanted me to buy the fragrance especially Hailey and Promise Me. The small size is very affordable and the budget that she sent is about right.

Anyway, I like their belts too especially the braided and the leather. My brother had been asking me to find him a leather belt. If you are planning to shop, hold on to your budget because the prices can only go down for Black Friday and for Christmas Season. This online store has the holiday deals too and they offer up to 40% discount. For more information, visit the Website now and make a wish list. Have the fun shopping on Black Friday!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Yacht Club Resort

Last Monday, Hubby and I were bored at home so; we decided to go to Disney's Yacht Club Resort and had our lunch in one of the restaurants of the resort. Since we had a yearly pass, we decided to visit EPCOT, one of the theme parks of Disney. The picture below is the dock area for ferry boats, the best transportation to visit Epcot or Boardwalk.Part of the grand building of the Yacht Club Resort facing the lakeside. If you have the money, you should check in to this resort. The money you spent is worth it because the access to all theme parks is easy and fast! The amenities in this resort is amazing and jaw-dropping!The picture below is part of the landscape of Yacht Club Resort. That is the life-size replica of a wrecked ship.This is the scenery that awaits you if you stay in this resort. As far as your eyes can see, that is Disney Property and you are in the heart of it! Okay, with this perfect scenery, it will cost you $350/day to $2,150/day on weekday rates with maximum of 5 days booking. Wheewwwww!
If you want to know the amenities, you can check it out in their website.

Puppies vs Babies

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puppies vs. Babies for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love freebies, contest and sweepstakes in fact, I won several times.  Right now, I am very excited because of this unique contest between Puppies vs. Babies. Come on, this is truly exciting because both are cute, right? Check out the picture below and let me know what's on your mind?


If you ask me, I would say that babies are cuter than the puppies. I love the giggles and the reactions of babies. I can play with them and they smell good too. Babies are fun to be with especially when I took the time watching over my nephew P-J. Puppies are cute but, sometimes they are unpredictable and let us all face it, they are animals no matter what and they have limitations compared to babies. My nephew already mumbles words and that is truly amazing. It is really good to hear them talk but, puppies will never do that, right? You can voice out your opinion by casting your vote now. Share your comments below and I would love to hear your ideas. The winner of Puppies vs. Babies online contest will have the chance to win $5,000. Let us give our support by casting the votes up to November 23, 2011. For more information, just click the links above. 

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It Is Not Too Late To Quit

Two months ago, one of our friends died of lung cancer. Dana Reeve, the widow of Christopher Reeve (Superman) also died of lung cancer. There is a shocking truth about their deaths, they do not smoke! Smoking will only harm you and other people. Do you want that the next victim will be one of your family?It is not too late to quit smoking! Do it now and stop for good! Every time you light a cigarette, you are burning your money and your days started ticking. Quit smoking for the sake of those people who loves you!

The View of Nassau Bahamas From the Deck of Norwegian Sky Cruise Line

Exactly a month ago, we travelled to Miami Florida to board the Norwegian Sky Cruise Line which was heading for Bahamas. The weather for that week was cloudy but, it was not a deterrent to cancel our trip for four days. It was an instant booking because we had a family from Spain and we wanted them to go with us too. We arrived at Freeport Grand Bahama Island on the next day and we stayed there from sunrise to 5:30PM. The port is clean and there were transportation waiting for the tourists. I admire the systematic accommodation that they have and we feel at ease when we transact the ride to our destination because the fare/rates were posted clearly on the information board of the port. We paid $10 each (back and forth rides) towards Port Lucaya and the Marketplace. It took us maybe 15 minutes ride towards that destination and it was a long ride really.The place is beautiful and no one approached us to beg for money. I am sorry but, I cannot help but compare it to my experience in Bohol when the bus driver charged me double than what we agreed upon. Anyway, the place we went to is beautiful and clean. It was pleasing to the eyes of the tourists!The next morning, we arrived in Nassau Island. This is Nassau, the home of the world famous resort --> Atlantis and the Paradise Island. Did you know that I was looking for trash on the port and found none? There were temporary tents built along the port, selling for local goods but when I look at the water, it was very clean and so blue. Most of the tourists noticed that too. You can access the Internet for free from the Port connection. But, if you stayed on the ship, the access is not too good because of the strong wind. Some of the cruise staff who were Filipinos took advantage of the free wifi. I saw them occupying one small sitting area inside the Port building and chatting to their families back home. I would recommend that you should visit Bahamas and see Nassau Island. I heard from the locals that the most expensive room in Atlantis costs 25,000/day and you can only book it for 4 days and more. I tried to search for it but, the highest rate available to public costs less than $800. I don't know if that $25K/day is true or not but, the view in Nassau is worth a million! I love Atlantis and it is really huge and grand!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Looking for an Advertising Company?

Do you have a business? Is it doing well? If the answer is NO then, it is high time to hire the services of an Advertising Agency. You need to let your neighborhood know that you exist in the business industry. You need to market your products and advertise it. This is not an easy task that is why; you need to hire an expert! That Advertising Agency is here to help you because they will provide you the positive result by bringing your business to the World Wide Web. In this generation, technology is the language and if you do not bring your business to the 21st century, your business will be left behind big time! Now, if this is not your forte, you need someone that provides the kind of service that you need for your business.

The generation of technology is very complicated for most people. Business has to conform to it by working with their SEO, promote their services and products using online marketing and more. What would you do now? Are you contended with the flow of sales that you have right now? You must think twice! You can triple your sales if your business improves the visibility in the search engines. How will you do it? Hire the company that is reliable and deliver the results! Click the link above and learn about the company. Just visit the Website today or call them for more information about their services! It will definitely work for you!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Scrubs Sweepstakes

Do you love shopping? The best time to buy the things that you wish for is during Black Friday. There are so many discounted items on this day and if you are lucky, you can avail products at 90% off. Just save whatever shopping budget you may have for Black Friday and it will be worth it. Now, would you like a free $1,000 shopping spree for the month of November? Do you wear lab coats as a uniform? Visit the Website for a chance to win a gift certificate. They will pick three winners daily for a chance to win $50 each and this sweepstake will run for the month of November. There is purchase necessary so; you can join the sweepstakes every day and the grand prize will be $1000. Black Friday is all about shopping and treating yourself with material things at reasonable price. Visit the Website and join the sweepstakes today. Check out the scrub uniforms shown above. This company has top and bottom scrub uniforms as well as scrubs for children. Your children love to imitate you so; you might as well buy something for them too. Please click the links above and sign up for scrub sweepstakes today!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Rain Barrels

Rain is nature's blessings for us. Some countries are not blessed with rain and for them; rain is their essence to life. We should think about them. We should practice to save and learn to appreciate the gift of nature. Would you like to save the rain water so that you can use it for watering the plants and other purposes? Check out the various selections of rain barrels or rain water barrels at Simply Rain Barrels Website. Their products are made from materials that last a long time. If you are seeking for quality and the price that does not hurt your family budget, purchase your rain harvesting containers at Simply Rain Barrels.

Back home, my mother bought one 50 gallon capacity barrel and it helps a lot in the water consumption for gardening. The water bill cuts down a fraction when she uses the water from the rain water barrels for watering her garden. Black Friday is almost here so; you might as well check out the amazing deals provided by this company. If you visit the Website now, I guarantee you that you will find the rain barrels for sale at low prices. Click the links now!

Miami Port: Admiring the Beautiful View

I just want to share this beautiful picture that I took last month while I was on board of Norwegian Sky. This spectacular view is the heart of Miami. The city is beautiful but, like any other places, it is not perfect. If you hate the traffic, this is not your place. While waiting for our ship to depart Miami, some cruise ships sailed away ahead of us. The Port of Miami is known as the number one container Port in Florida. Right here, the modern cruising was born. The drawing board here is 50 feet deep dredge.
The Port of Miami is the World headquarters for Royal Caribbean International. Right here, tropical cruising exist all year round.
The home to most of world's reknowned cruise line such as Carnival Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean and more.
I was just thankful for the blessings of seeing all these beautiful scenery. How I wish that I could bring my family and friends to experience these things with me (sighs). I need to win the lotto LOL.
You should try the Norwegian Cruise Line and drive down to Miami Port. The road trip is fun. have a good day everyone.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Printing Job

Hubby and I attended a seminar on Wednesday. We were given a packet and I love what they gave us. Inside the bag were awesome giveaways and materials. I was reading the brochure of the health insurance company and it was so informative. It was glossy and it was made in good quality material. The Brochure printing was in the right size and the picture was very attractive. I admit it was really a good brochure to save because the information was well-thought about. It was a good resource to flip over when I needed some clarification about the subject. Actually, it was given to us for free even though it looks like an expensive set. Everyone in the seminar loves the kit.

Well if you have a business and you need a company that offers the services such as business cards, letterheads, envelope simple seal, flyer printing and brochure printing, you should visit the Website of Superfine Printing. This company gives you the kind of printing job that you need. They have been in the business for so long serving the printing needs of the community. We need some printing job because we wanted to give out some important information fast right? If you need a company that provides printing job, click the link now. For more than three decades, this company is trusted by their happy customers. Their prices are very affordable and the quality of their job is irrefutable by many. Call the number today at 212-827-0063 for any printing job that you need.

Buying A Shed

The house that we just purchase this week has a big yard. We have a full page of paper with the prioritized "to-do" list when we move to the new house in two weeks. We will definitely buy a shed and put a Steel Storage Cabinet inside it.
My husband was sold out of the house because the garage has Garage Cabinets set up so nicely. It was actually huge because it has many Garage Storage Cabinets on the whole face of the wall. It was meant to be a working area for the family before. It was very clean and well taken care off and the property is ready to move in. Anyway, we might buy some add-on and my husband plan to buy the Arrow Spacemaker Storage Cabinets. This product is a good make and made in quality material that lasted long. We need storage for sure that is why it is on our list. We love to organize our things so that when we need it, we can find it right away. If you are planning to buy a shed or storage, check out this Website today. Just click on the links above and view their products.

Blind Date

Guest post written by Jeramy Sparks:

My big sister in my sorority is setting me up on a blind date. I thought I would be more nervous than I am, but I am actually very excited about it. When I watched movies about blind dates, they always turn out horrible and there are all these awkward moments. However, I have come to realize all these movies were before internet providers and Facebook. I have already “friended” my future blind date and the Facebook stalking has begun. We actually have a great deal in common. He is an avid snow skier, who actually grew up in Colorado. He appears to be very serious about school, but still enjoys a good time. I do not know how people survived blind dates before the internet. I am hopeful there will not be too much awkwardness because we already have a general idea about our mutual likes and we have already talked a little online. Our actual date is tomorrow night and I am hopeful it goes as well as I have made it go in my head.

On Hold Marketing

I love online shopping because there are so many deals and I can shop with no restrictions of time. I have the advantage of choosing the item at my own convenience. Though I had the fun with my online shopping, not every shopping experience that I had are the same. Sometimes, my orders were lost and I was charged with the full amount. I blame it with the quality of their online software and poor customer service. There is a particular online store that really has a bad on hold marketing services. This store is popular and their products are affordable but, when it comes to shopping online, their store is terrible!

I wish that they will purchase the on hold equipment which is provided by Earglue. This company has the commercial on hold service that is reliable and effective. One time during the check out, they process my orders successfully. In less than 24 hours, I was contacted that the order was gone and sold out. But, they provide a tracking number that it was sent already. I tried to contact them to know the status of my order. But, they made a 360 degrees run-around. Customers do not want that hassle, right? Anyway, if you need the on hold marketing for your business, check out the links above.

Finding the Scholarship

Do you plan to study and enroll in college? Are you looking for a scholarship? There are so many available grants and scholarships out there and you can access it thru College Answer. Once accepted as a scholar, it will definitely help you pay for your college. When I was studying in Education, I became a scholar too. With my scholarship, it pays for my full tuition provided I maintain the B grades. It was hard to maintain but, I managed to graduate my bachelor's degree with the help of the scholarship that was granted to me.

Meanwhile, there are so many ways to save for college and you have to search for it. You can also work as a self-supporting student. In college, I work as a student assistant in the library aside from the scholarship that I got. It really helps me financially but, it takes hard work and discipline to finish my studies. Anyway, if you really wanted to find a scholarship, just click the link and check out the listings in their data base. They have scholarships for minorities and listed according to the country where you live. Visit the Website today and find your luck. If you get a scholarship, your college is guaranteed.

Dollar Tree Online Shopping

Do you shop in the Dollar Tree in your neighborhood? If you are looking for affordable items that you need in the household, this store is the right place to go to shop. They have floral supplies and household decors, party supplies for any occasions, arts and crafts as well as school supplies. You will have the great savings when you buy at Dollar Tree because all their prizes are affordable and right on the budget. I found a coloring book and a story book for my niece that I gave for her birthday. She loves books and she brags about her busy activities by reading and coloring the books that I gave her. I was so thankful that Dollar General has it at super low price.

My friend back home wants me to buy school supplies for teachers. I need to send it thru the mail though and it is worth it. The price at Dollar General is cheaper than the prices at the mall where she lives. I bought a visual aide and super light materials which she will customize and use it as a classroom decor. Well, if you are looking for general supplies such as storage and filers, you can find it in Dollar general. Click the link now and check out their Website.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nursing Pins

Nurses should be recognized of their selfless dedication to serve the sick patients. Nurses care is the honest description of who they are. Do you want to initiate an appreciation and recognition activity for the nurses in your workplace? Are you looking for souvenir items such as mugs and nursing pins? I know a place where you can purchase an item which is very affordable. The only store online that has the variety of items that inspire is Pin Mart. This online store has the lapel pins and you can customize the items too. This company has been in the business since 1964 serving customers in Chicago area but in 1999, they open the online store. Their products are made in good quality at affordable price. That is the reason that the customers patronize their company for many years now. Visit Pin Mart today and check out their amazing products. I am sure you will find the souvenir items that you are looking for. Show the nurses that your institution appreciates their services. Click the link now for more information about this company.

Moving Industry in Canada

I have a friend who lives in Canada all his life. When his wife divorced him, he had no choice but move back to live with his mother. His mom was so happy because she lives alone in a big house. Having her son in the house turned out to be an advatage for both of them. He is a constant companion whenever she has a doctor's appointment. In return, he saves his rent money because he lives in the huge basement for free.

Anyway, on the day when he moved out, he hired Movers to help him. It was really a big help considering he has so much furniture's. Do you live in Canada? Are you searching for Moving Companies online? You can hire Toronto Movers, a company who has been in the business since 1994. If you want to be relocated to other beautiful city in Canada, you may visit Top Moving Company today. They have services for local movers as well as International Movers too. Would you like to take advantage to get free quotes online?

Beautiful Port Lucaya Marketplace

We live near the coastal area of Florida and even in Mississippi so; to visit the island of Bahamas give us the idea of what is great in the island. This is the International Marketplace with good size souvenir shops located at Lucaya in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island. It is nice and a clean place with full of charm. The architectural design of the buildings in the marketplace is almost the same when I went to Saint Augustine, Florida. If you visit the Old Town somewhere in Kissimmee area of Florida, their shops are build like the picture below.Port Lucaya at Freeport has a place where tourists and guests can have a peek of a Dolphin Adventure along UNEXSO. The water in the island is truly beautiful though and I must admit. At the Port, I did not see trash on the water. And honestly, I did not encounter beggars and street kids in the tourist area such as this marketplace.The UNEXSO offers the tourist a Dolphin encounter and you can actually swim with the dolphins in the open ocean. If you love scuba diving, Bahamas is a great place to have that experience and swim on the wreck and reef. If you are not afraid, get the shark feeding dives too. Well, I do not want that risky adventure, LOL!It is fun and exciting to visit other countries and Bahamas is relatively a nice place to have a short vacation. Their hotels are world class, beautiful and contemporary. Again, I am pleased with the beautiful place along the Lucaya area. They have the Ritz Resort, Flamingo and Pelican Bay Hotels and more.
They have world class restaurants and you can shop at duty-free prices. Because we are paying dollars, their prices are affordable and reasonable especially when we went for a ride from the cruise terminal to Port Lucaya for only $5. Boy, it was a long ride. This is the van that we have and most of them have ID's. At the cruise terminal, the prices for a particular destination are listed clearly. It was well organize and so far, they are trustworthy. No one scam us and they are very polite. The van has the capacity of 13 and it was full from the tourists. We did not sign up for an excursion and we only pay $10 for each person for a back and forth ride from the cruise terminal to Port Lucaya area. The beach is just a walking distance in this area. Bahamas is truly an awesome place!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Prototype PCB

We hire the services of a company because of their experience and expertise. If the company has a great customer service, that adds to its good reputation too. It is the best qualification proven which provides the quality of work that we need. For more than three decades, Finpo knew the PCB industry and they deliver what the customer needs for their business. Therefore, there is no need to look any further. You need to visit this company today and check out the kind of services that they have. This company focused on developing the skills and abilities to bring a faster and comprehensive PCB service. If you are looking for printed circuit boards, check out prototype PCB. They have the product that is used in high-tech applications such as: communications, industrial computer application and automobiles. You may click the link above and the teams of this company will aide you to solve your technical issues. If you talk about quality work, this company is the leading provider of prototype industry. Check out their Website now and contact them today..

Business Law Firm

Back home, I was a member of a small organization and financially, we put our share to keep the organization going. We call ourselves shareholder and legally we own a fraction of the share of stock. The organization promised everyone that we will be receiving dividends in five years. But, it has been more than ten years and I do not receive any dime. Anyway, this is the reason why most of the members of our organization decided that we hire a lawyer who has the knowledge on shareholder conflict. It will be a long process but, we know that something will come up in favor for everybody.

Business Lawyer is one firm that provides support and guidance to corporations, and the shareholders. This company provides advice and legal representation of a business, joint ventures, directors and more. If you are in a corporation and your business need a full service law firm that provides legal services on dispute resolution, business law, and litigation just to name a few, you should check out Stewart Esten. This firm has been serving the community since 1871. You cannot go wrong if you hire this firm. They have the experience and expertise combined. Click the link for more information about this company.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pay Per Click Agency

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Grand Bahama Island

Before we woke up, the Norwegian Sky Cruise Ship arrived early and already dock at Freeport, Grand Bahama Island in Bahamas. We went to the 12th deck to see the sunrise at 7:18 but, it was so cloudy and the sun refused to shine. We thought that this day would be boring because of the rain but, it wasn't bad at all. We went to explore one place in the island and that's the Marketplace and Marina at Port Lucaya.I already love the view of this island. The water is so clean and so blue! When we go to the gangway, we need to swipe our keycard and when we go back, we do the same thing. The prices of the transportation is posted clearly on the big information board. To the Marketplace, we paid $10/person and it's already back and forth. Sorry for the blurry images. It was so windy and I am using BB phone. Anyway, we rode in a van and we are about 10 on it. We told the driver that we will drop by in the Treasure Bay Casino. Since it was so early, there were only few people in the casino.Freeport is district and a free trade zone in the island of Grand Bahama of the North-West of Bahamas. Freeport has become the second most populous city in the Bahamas. The Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) operates the free trade zone so; in Freeport area they will pay no taxes before 2054. I noticed that most hotels on the island are located along the southern shore facing the Northwest Providence Channel.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Celtic Wedding Jewelry

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Charleston Real Estate

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Her Favorite Red Dress

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Kim Kardashian Marriage: Sham or Real?

We all know that the marriage of Kim Kardashian to Kris Humphries lasted only for 72 days. But, this will be her second failed marriage because in 2004, she divorced her first husband of 4 years Damon Thomas, a music producer. 72 days of marriage...whoooaaa... that was fast! Kim divorced Kris citing an irreconcilable differences. Marriage is not perfect! There will always be differences and if there is love and understanding, we learn to humble ourselves and work it out. Both parties should do it. If one will not conform then, marriage will fail. Do you think the marriage of Kim to Kris is real or just a sham? If you asked me, I cannot tell really.

The Best Orthodontist

Do you live in Texas? If you are looking for a dental clinic that specialized in cosmetic dentistry, you should check out San Antonio Orthodontist. My cousin and her family live in Texas for so many years now. We have the constant communication every month and we keep ourselves updated about family activities. Most of the time, we talk about the children's school activities and even doctor's visit is an agenda too. Anyway, she told me about the teacher of her youngest daughter. My cousin told me that the teacher really looks amazing after her visit to the Orthodontist. The teacher was awkward before because of her dental problems but, she really looks prettier now. My cousin just mentioned about it because she was planning to have a root canal procedure and have the alignment fix too. The teacher recommended her Orthodontist to my cousin. Well, my cousin saw the result so; she called the dental clinic and got an appointment by next week. She was afraid but, she was looking forward about it. I am more excited to see the result so she will not be bothered about her teeth. I hope that the procedure will be alright and she will be fine.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Free Link Exchange

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quality Products

Safety should play vital in our daily routines. To avoid accidents at home, we should separate hazardous materials such as pesticides and paints and secure it to the Flammable Lockers. These products are dangerous and should be stored away from the reach of children. If you have a shed, it is best that you buy Flammable Cabinets to secure such hazardous materials. Some companies secure hazardous materials in a Flammable Locker and it protects the workers in the workplace. Any substance that contains a great amount of energy that can produce flames should be separated from the household items. Household products that are capable of burning or causing fire is ignitable so; it should be secure properly. These lockers and cabinets are designed for protection because some substance that we normally use in the house or in the workplace can cause an explosion. Some items can release poisonous fumes when exposed to air, water or other chemicals. Safety should be first because if we take this for granted, accidents may happen abruptly. Check out the links here and visit the Website to view their cabinets and lockers. Buy the products now for the safety of your family and property. Be safe everyone!

Melanie Collins

What a lovely woman, right? This beauty is a Sports and Entertainment Host who covers sports action of NBA, PGA, NASCAR and many more. If you are a sports enthusiast, you know her pretty face while watching the E-News Now, NBA-TV, WPSU-TV,, and just to name a few.Isn't she pretty? She is Melanie Collins, a product from Penn State University. She is one of the studio hosts of The Big Ten Network. She was born and raised in Pennsylvania together with her two brothers. She is very athletic and she indulged herself into modeling, singing and acting. All the while, her interests landed her to a broadcasting career.During her sophomore year in Penn State University, she appeared as a weather reporter in AccuWeather. That was her first job on air where she was seen on She had to report the weather forecast for more than hundred cities of the US. In 2008, she graduated in Penn State University with Sports Journalism as her major with Kinesiology as her minors. Her career started booming when she was hired as a freelance host and reporter at the Big Ten Network right after graduation. Visit to know more about her.

Coach Products on Sale

We have a visitor from the Philippines last Friday and Saturday. His seminar was held at West Palm Beach, Florida and it took us three hours drive from Orlando. It was raining so hard so; our guest was not enthusiastic with the road trip. Anyway, when we arrived home, it was already 8 PM and we decided to have dinner in a buffet at Golden Corral. He was amazed with the huge selections of the buffet.The next day, we went shopping to Premium Outlet Mall. We went directly to Coach Store and my guest was so happy because there was a sale of 30% off on selected items. Aside from that, most of the products have 50% already so, what he got was an 80% off. His budget was $500 for a single purse. When he picked 4 items, he only pay less than $500. It was really an amazing deal. He was just lucky that they have 80% off on that day. Oh! I bought two items too, LOL!

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