Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy in Cocoa Beach: The Frankenstorm

Why Frankenstorm? Hurricane Sandy is a monster Storm. The high winds and waves washed sand onto coastal roads in Port Lauderdale. Click the link, I was there last August and I saw on the news that the road was covered with sand and ocean water. That is unusual that the water surge goes to the streets. The storm left power outages across the area and left many traffic lights out of order. Hurricane Sandy is the largest hurricane in Atlantic history with a maximum gale-force wind diameter of 930 mi or 1500 km. That is so wide, almost a thousand! As of today, I saw on the news that Orlando International Airport has so many cancelled flights from Orlando to Northeastern United States. That should be the case! Safety First! Hurricane Sandy is a wicked storm and I hope everyone will be serious about the warnings. These are photos taken last Friday at Cocoa Beach Pier, Florida and our beaches felt the impact even though Sandy was miles away.

My husband and I went to Cocoa Beach to see the 12 ft waves which was reported by the local news. The Cocoa Beach Pier parking lot was FREE that day and surprisingly, the Pier was crowded. We went all the way to Mai Tiki Bar at the Pier's end. This place is 800 feet over the ocean making it a spectacular spot to view the big waves from the Atlantic Ocean. See the photo above.

I took this photo from the Boardwalk area. This is the East side of the Pier. It was raining and very windy. I can't use my ubrella because it could flip over easily. The wind gust is so strong. No one dared to surf because of the red flag warning and rip current warning. In Daytona, I saw on the news, one man jump and surf despite the warning. I bet he was alright.

The photo above was taken on the WEST side of the Pier. It really looks scary. The waves are coming so strong and pounding the pillars of the PIER. I was standing at the back of the Tiki Bar facing the ocean and taking the pictutures of the big waves. I can feel the place shaking every time the waves crashing the stilts.

We are one of the curious 20+ onlookers at Mai Tiki Bar about 1PM. Usually, this area has an entrance fee but, it was free that day. The Atlantic Ocean Grille and Marlins Bar and Grill are busy with diners too. Anyway, here is my husband posing a souvenir photo from Hurricane Sandy.

I bet this man is reporting his video in youtube hehehe.

Here is Brevard area, we have beach erosion and we have no major damage. I thank God for keeping our place safe from Hurricane Sandy. I pray that the people up North are ready to brace the impact of Frankenstorm.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Halloween Costumes

This is the last batch of Halloween Costumes that I pulled from my picassa album. All these photos were taken from the parties that we attended in the neighborhood of our friends. One house had almost a hundred guests with their family and friends. It was a halloween party and a wedding too. Don't you think he is Casper in white? The blue man is cool too if you want to deal withn face paint.

The guests costumes vary according to age. Most of the teens are wearing the costumes inspired from the TV and movies. Some of the guests are wearing Greek and Roman inspiration. Some are wearing Gothic look, pirates, Renaissance and the little boys are wearing superheroes.
There are few of them who are wearing Disco and Humorous inspired costumes too.
These two ladies are beautiful in their costumes.
90% of the guests are wearing costumes and I took a bunch of photos during the party.
As I have said in my previous posts for Halloween Costumes, if you are hard up with your budget, you don't need to buy a new costume. Try to create your own costume. Just take a look at all these costumes and get your inspiration.

Here is my husband wearing a mask of Jason.

The trick or treat'ers in the neighborhood.

More cute trick or treat'ers.

This man lives on the next house from our friend, he thought that I am a child so; he said, " Come on little girl, you can pick as much as you want because you are with my neighbor" LOL. We don't want to tell him the truth besides, I want the chocolates hahaha.

More trick or treat'ers

This is our friend hehehe. We miss him dearly.

I did ask this gorgeous lady what her costume was but, I forgot. She could be Pocahontas without the mask huh?

Check out their cool make-up, looks like real sin't it?

If I recall it right, I think she had a preggy look in black dress and this devilish horn.

The host in one of the party.

A beautiful lady wearing the medieval/gothic/renaisance theme costume.

A she-devil costume...cute.

That completes my Halloween Theme today. I hope you enjoyed the photos. Until next time. I will see you around. Thanks for the visit.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Back Up and Recovery Storage Solution

About three years ago, I was a victim of phishing. The hacker was able to access my email and mess up all my saved files. I am no expert in IT and to further the harm done, the hacker spit a virus and all my files in my PC vanished into thin air. I was so angry and bitter for the invasion of privacy.

I learned my lesson well during that incident and I came to realized that working online is too risky. I armed myself with a Disk Backup now and I do not want to experience that big-time mess again.

In this world, there are people who are gifted but, they prefer to harm others. Though it is not physical, the damage has been done and it is so hard to forget especially when all my files were deleted. That is the reason why some people created an alternate option to counter such attack. delivers the back up and recovery storage that clients need. It is a hassle and truly annoying when someone put a virus on your PC and you have no back up. Your important files will be gone forever with just a blink of an eye.

If you are looking for storage, you can check out the following: Raid storage, Disk array and Data Storage Systems. The products of Nexsan are the following: SAN Storage Systems, NAS Storage System, Unified Storage System, and Data Archiving System. This company is one of the leaders in production of data storage. It is highly fitting to mention that they provide flexible data storage of digital data.
If you want to use the product for archiving, you can do so as well. Just remember that Nexsan will backup and restore. Nexsan served as a secondary storage solutions. It is very important to back up your files or have a sound disk backup solution because if you experience the incident that I had, it will be a disaster! Visit the Website now.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kigdom

This is the Tree of Life, a sculpted 14-story tall and 50-foot wide tree which is the centerpiece and icon in Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park. This is the best time of year to visit Disney World. On this location, there is a Theater in the Tree of Life’s root system where the “It's Tough to be a Bug!” 8-minute show is being performed. This is one of my favorite attractions in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and it is a 3D movie. I enjoyed seeing Flik, my favorite ant. This is a multi-media show and Flik’s grasshopper friend Hopper is there as well. If you happen to see the Disney Pixar film A Bug's Life, you know what I am talking about. If you don’t, ask the little children, they knew the cast and supporting casts of insects and arachnids of that movie. This is the Animal Kingdom gate.The Animal Kingdom is the fourth of four theme parks built at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. The other 3 themes are: Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Opened on April 22, 1998, the Animal Kingdom theme park is known to be the largest single Disney theme park in the world. I read it from Wikipedia. This theme park is more than 500 acres and dedicated around animal conservation, a philosophy pioneered by Walt Disney. To visit the Tree of Life, just follow the paths to Discovery Island Trails. If you are closer to the tree, check out the giant bark and you will recognize the 325 animals carved into the bark. It is very beautiful and creative. You will be amazed to see the Dreaming Tree of Walt Disney in Marceline, Missouri. You should check out the post soon. I will show you the Dreaming Tree of Walt Disney taken from his boyhood town, Marceline.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Medical Insurance Form Filling Software

Yesterday, my husband had a doctor's appointment. It was just a regular consultation and check up but, we were there for about two hours. The patients were pouring in every few minutes in that doctor's office. I thought, their services must be excellent for having aplenty of patients.

The staffs were nice, pleasant, knowledgeable in their field and systematic in fact; when we were paying the co-pay fee at the billing, the lady did all the forms needed. She even called the hospital and made inquiry if they take his insurance. I was impressed. With the help of the technology and some software's, their job was easier and faster to accomplish.
An example of software that do the job right and fast is ub-04 software. It is a medical insurance form filling software products that assists people in filling out medical insurance forms. There are 5 products and each one of them vary according to its' usage.

If your business deals with medical billing process, this software is very helpful. The billing cycle can take from several days to months to complete but, with the right software, claims will be processed a lot faster.

Medical Billing and Coding is the process of submitting up on claims to insurance companies in order to receive payment for the services rendered by a healthcare provider. Without the right tool and software, you might missed some key information and it will further delay your claims. You need to submit the right information in the medical billing forms or the ub04 claim form so; your company will get paid. For more information, just visit the links above.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Online Store for Golf Drivers and Golf Putters

Golf is one of my favorite sports in fact; I watch the U.S Open and the PGA Championship games on TV. It is exciting to see the player gets the Par. Playing the golf is not only hitting the ball but, aiming to put the ball to the right hole in single stroke is really hard to accomplish. It involves precise stroke and the player should analyze the distance minus the direction of the wind as it affects the direction of the ball as well. For me, golf is not an easy sport to play. It takes precise measurement to master the game.

Players use the right golf drivers and golf putters to play the golf. When the ball is in the rough area, a golf player knows that putters are mostly used on the green or in the surrounding rough area. The irons are designed to roll the ball along the green and into the hole. Well, if you are looking for Cleveland Classic Collection Belly Putters then, visit the link above for they have it. also has the Cleveland Golf T-Frame Putter so; you better check it out.

Are you looking for golf drivers as well such as Classic 270 and 290 or Classic Tour Driver? This company is your one-stop-shop. They also have CG Black driver and the Launcher Series.

Anyway, I am no expert but, if you visit the links above and check on their blogs, you will find good information about golf.

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