Monday, April 23, 2012

Spend a Vacation at the Isle Hotel in Biloxi

After spending so many days working on the "TLC" for the new property we bought, I think we need a good vacation right now. I am imagining myself in the Isle Hotel in Biloxi, sitting at the balcony in the room facing the Bay Bridge. What a wonderful scenery ... especially in the morning.Are you planning to get away from the hassle of city life? Go to Biloxi Mississippi and spend a good and relaxing vacation at the Isle Hotel. Remember, this is not only a hotel but, a casino as well. Their slot machines love their guests and you can win good here. My father-in-law won $600 before he spent $20, that's lady luck on his side huh?Biloxi offers beautiful white sand beaches, amazing scenery and many casinos. And wait, here's my favorite...GOOD SEAFOOD. If you go to a boat dock where shrimp boats are, you can buy a $2.50/lb large shrimps (seasonal). Where else can you buy shrimps for that price? Anyway, if you stay in the Isle, take advantage of their buffet. It's really good.Here is the view of the balcony we stayed in. It might be gloomy but hey, look at that view. Sunrise is on that direction. You will surely love it on a clear and sunny day.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Mississippi Welcome Center and Rest Area

Did you have a road trip lately? If you travel towards Louisiana on the I-10 you will see the Mississippi Welcome Center on the right side after you cross the state line.You should stop by and see the design of their well decorated building. Visitors are given free coffee and sodas.These photos were taken at the courtyard of Mississippi Welcome Center.The artists used the dead tree probably Oak as canvas. They re-used it and beautify by carving birds artwork. These birds are common in Mississippi such as cranes, seagulls and pelicans.It's really beautiful and you can see these art pieces when you travel along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi towards Louisiana.I have been traveling from Florida to Mississippi since 2008 but I never noticed these trees until February. I really think this art work is newly put up.The welcome center always have an amazing landscape. That is why, you should check it out.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The View is Simply Beautiful

Beautiful. We were at the boat ramp along US 1 this morning and it's about 2 minutes from our new neighborhood. The sun rises from this direction. This is Indian River and we were here early this morning to see for the last time the space shuttle Discovery. It was an amazing experience to witness the orbiter being carried away by the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. I am using a blackberry phone so; I can't capture a nice big picture of what we saw.Anyway, I just love our new neighborhood. It's nearby the beach and the river. Of course, Kennedy Space Center is just across the bridge. Maybe 20 minutes away and there is no traffic here.In times like this, I really wished I have a DSLR camera. I will definitely buy soon.Isn't this view amazing?Oh, this man wanted me to take his picture hehehehe. People here are friendly!

Monday, April 16, 2012

UMAC Balikbayan Box Tracking Tool

Planning to send a Balikbayan Box? If you live in Orlando, I recommend UMAC. I have been using this company for 4 years now and so far, I have no problem. They are reliable and dependable. It is worth $70 for the big box.To track your box, visit and click on the country where you live. Scroll down and you will see Track Your Box logo. Just follow the instructions and it will show up the information once your box arrived the Philippines. If there is no info given, do not worry. The box is still on the way. Good luck!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rusty's Seafood Restaurant at Cape Canaveral Florida

Are you cruising and your port of call is Port Canaveral Florida? If you still have the time, you should check out Rusty's Seafood Restaurant at Cape Canaveral. You can actually see Rusty's from the deck of your ship. We love to dine at Rusty's because of the ambiance, the scenery at the deck side area and the food is really great. If you love mussels, fresh oysters and grilled foods, this is your place!We can tell that most of these people at this time were tourists. They are talking about Bahamas and how they love this location and so on. They keep glancing at their huge ship at the distance too. The cruise terminal is just nearby in fact when they sail away, they will pass here and this deck area is a good location to see.Oh I love them when the tourists waved at us and vice versa. They cheer and we did too which is really fun.If you love seeing seagulls and pelicans, they are everywhere in this area. They sometimes hop in the railings at Rusty's. I have never been to Rusty's at night and one of these days, we will be there for sure. They said it was nice and cool with the live band around.
This place is always crowded maybe because their servers are very friendly and well-rounded and the food is great.I will be posting their menus in my Food Delights Blog. Come by and see the pics okay? Thanks for the visit. See you again.

Selection of Stainless Steel Tile Back Splash

Do you plan for every activity in your life? Sometimes we just go for it and make it done right? We purchased new stainless appliances for our new home but, the kitchen is outdated. When we measure the refrigerator area, it was smaller so; we decided to gut the whole kitchen and install new cabinets. This is a major renovation and we do not set aside a budget for this but, we need to pursue the plan so; we could move in sooner.We have the stainless appliances and we already pick the color of the cabinets. We are still in the dilemma to get a nice material counter top or get the granite which we really wanted. To match everything in the kitchen, we already chose a stainless steel tile back splash.

The stainless steel mosaic tiles back splash is an ideal for us because we wanted a clean look. Besides, we like the smooth texture, superior durability and the quality of metal tiles backsplash. How about you? If you are planning to look at some designs for accent wall and back splash, you may check out today. Visit the Website and you will like what you see as much as we did.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Some People Prefer to Live Nearby the Beach

Some people prefer to live nearby the beach area for they love to swim, see the the perfect sunrise, smell the salty breeze by the sea, go fishing and crabbing, boating and loves wearing the beachy wear such as sleeveless, comfy shorts and flip flops .... you know, just living a good life near the waters. My husband loves that and finally, we found a place that we could do all that simple living lifestyle. We took this road if we will go the island, the cruise terminal and the beach.This road is along the Indian River. People came here for fishing and boating. During the lift off of Shuttles in Kennedy Space Center, this road is crowded. Not a good spot but, people will have a good view of the shuttle in the sky. this is the Indian River.... houses near the river banks are beautiful The cruise terminal for Disney, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian is nearby our place too.We love our new place because it has a country setting but, few miles will be the tourist district. We love the seafood restaurants in this area. Good place, beach, no traffic and good eats, it's all here.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Interpreting Services in Shanghai

When I enrolled in college, I was so ready and excited to study the Spanish subject. In fact, I took the time to learn few Spanish words using the Spanish dictionary. But on that same year, the Spanish was taken off from the curriculum and introduced computer as an elective subject. Spanish was considered as an obsolete subject so; they took it out and honestly, I was a bit disappointed. More than two decades had passed, I migrated here in US. Isn't it ironic that here in Florida, job applicants who are bilingual are sought after by the employers? Lucky are those who studied other languages. They sure can get an easy job as interpreters.

I heard that there is an international translation agency which is based in London which is good. Most of us do not speak multiple languages therefore; an interpreter is a must. If you have a business in China, you need to hire someone who can translate your business goal to your client. Chinese are nationalistic people so; if you have no time to study their language, you might as well hire someone who is expert in Chinese. If you need an interpreter between Chinese to English and vice versa, check out interpreting services in Shanghai. This company will provide you an interpreter and it will make your business dealings easy to understand in both ways. Visit the Website for more information.

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