Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Boosts Your Business Online

In this generation of technology, the society basically breathes in technology. Look around you and tell me, can you go on with life without it? Your computer, cellphone, car, and even the microwave are now in digital. The implementation of technology truly influences the values of the society.

Of course, the notion of efficiency in terms of human productivity arises. An example would be the banking industry where they rely on technology so much so; the traditional way of really talking to people became scarce. Have you ever experience such incident? Do you think technology is a big help.

Do you have business online? If you do, take advantage to use the technology to boosts your sales. If you do not know anything about SEO and how to bring traffic to your business online then, do not despair. You should consider hiring someone or a company who is reliable and knows a lot about traffic and SEO.

Once you find the company, all you have to do is sit-back, relax and enjoy the traffic that you are getting. The result would be more clients searching for your services; more customers are buying your product and definitely, business sales will rise up.How is that sound?

Gorgeous View Along the Indian River

When I'm on my desktop for hours, my husband knows that I was tired in the middle of the day. He would always ask me to take a break. We live about 5 minutes away from Indian River so; we always go there. We take a short road trip along the Indian River Drive. See the photo below? A nice weather, blue skies and calm waters, such a rejuvenating scenic view.

The houses here are super gorgeous and huge with manicured lawn. I will be posting the beautiful houses next time. Thanks for stopping by.

Things to Do in Aruba

This post brought to you by Aruba Tourism Authority. All opinions are 100% mine.

After cruising to Freeport and Nassau in Bahamas, the husband and I planned to have a relaxing and exciting Aruba travel. We are drawn to its beautiful beaches, sunny skies, and warm temperature.  Aruba is a perfect place for sun bathing and water sports activities because to sum it up, Aruba has the perfect weather. One of the widest and most attractive beaches in the Caribbean can be found in Aruba. Their beaches are open for public but, despite for this easy access, Aruba is beautiful and their beaches are one of the cleanest beaches in the Caribbean.

We would love to experience snorkling in Aruba. Based from what we heard from friends, Aruba is one of the best places for snorkeling especially when the dive goes to Catalina Bay where one will experience swimming with the fish.  Antilla Wreck is another destination great for snorkeling, home to exotic fish such as butterfly fish and green moray. The Arashi Reef is also abundant with colorful tropical fishes like the parrot fish and angel fish. I would definitely do this activity with a guide for safety precaution though.

There are so many activities which Aruba can offer in both land and water. We would also want to experience the Sunset Sails or just a short sail on a Catamaran. I prefer sailing on a Catamaran minus the engine powered ride. It would be exciting to experience sailing on a sailboat and off with the wind.

How about you? Would you like to try snorkeling in Aruba? What interesting travel activities you have heard in Aruba? Please share your thoughts and I would be happy to publish it.

Please check out the video above. Would you consider traveling to Aruba one day?
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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Such a Beautiful Sky

Beautiful formation of clouds right? There was no traces that less than an hour ago, we were battered with storm and with hails falling on our windshield as we were routing the 528 from Orlando towards Titusville. We were nervous driving the 528 because the rain was blinding us. We were relieved when we arrived Titusville and the rain had stopped.
We were just thankful that we arrived home safely. Thanking God for this awesome display of beautiful colors in the sky. Was there an incident when you were driving and caught in the middle of a stormy weather? Did you stop on the side of the road?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Weather Transition in an Hour

It was already dinner time. After traveling on a stormy weather from Orlando routing 528, hubby and I decided to drive towards Titusville. The rain had stopped! The sky is truly wonderful that time and as you can see in the photo below, the moon is showing up too.

Amazing how weather changes abruptly! There was no sign that few minutes ago, there was a hailstorm and the rain was blinding the commuters. Some drivers stopped on the side of the road. Check out the photo below, a happy bird is flying low in its easy glide.

There was a rainbow too. It was fading so fast but, I was able to take a shot.

Some areas in the Space Coast are still battling the storm at that time but in Titusville, storm had passed. Most people noticed the wonderful display of colors in the sky and I was not the only one who took pictures of the sky that time. In fact, I saw few friends posted photos on their Facebook wall.

I took the photo below before the storm. The dark clouds were heavy and lighting strikes every second. It was really scary especially for us that we were on the road.

The pouring rain is blinding us. I used the cellphone to see it clearer. There were hail falling on the windshield and it scared us the most. It seems that it was a long drive. Hubby was driving slow looking out the distance from the car ahead.

We really had no choice at that time but, keep on driving and watch out for other drivers. Some drivers have no regard for safety because they were driving so fast. Anyway, we arrived home safely. The sky is brighter and lovely. That's all that matters. Happy weekend everyone.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The New Place

Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy

Moving into this new house couldn’t come soon enough. My husband and I found out we were pregnant and started looking immediately. It was an exciting time but about a month after we started looking for houses we found out we were pregnant…with triplets. Yup – completely naturally we became pregnant with three babies at once, all boys, and the search got kicked into overdrive. We found the perfect house without a minute to spare and we just moved in and I’ve got about 2 weeks to go before I’m going to have to go in for my C-section. I have been doing a lot of research online and actually a lot of my shopping for the boys, too. I’ve ordered their crib and in the same day looked up electric companies in dallas to get a better rate than we’d been paying at the condo. What did people do before the internet? I’ve had just about all I can take of being pregnant so I’m happy the new master bedroom is so big because it’s been so nice to have all this room to spread out since I’m basically on bedrest. I love being pregnant for certain reasons but I’m just really ready to not have to worry about whether or not I’m eating the right stuff or moving too much but you know, I guess that’s what I signed up for when I got pregnant in the first place! My mom is going to fly in when the boys are born to help me take care of them for the first few weeks and you know, it’s going to be a lot of fun. I love spending time with mom and it’s also been nice to have so much of my husband these last few weeks. We can’t wait to be parents but to be honest, I’m also really excited to be homeowners for the first time! Having our own place right when we’re getting a family is the nicest thing.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sunrise in Port Saint John Florida

Such a beautiful and inspiring morning! I took these photos in Port Saint John along the boat ramp near Nicols Park. It's always gorgeous here especially at the break of dawn. The body of water is Indian River and yap, warning signs say "beware of gators". Never heard anyone attacked by gators though. Across the waters is the Merritt Island where NASA's Kennedy Space Center is located.
 photo SunsetatIndianRiverFlorida2_zpse6fa4fd2.jpg
We live about 5 minutes away from here.
 photo SunsetatIndianRiverFlorida_zps00078dbd.jpg
I would love to wake up every morning with this gorgeous view. Can you think of any place in your neighborhood that you can watch the sunrise? Wake up early tomorrow and watch the sunrise for a change. Have a good Monday y'all.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Join the Crocs™ #SplashofColor Today

This post brought to you by Crocs. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you like to win great prizes? Are you looking for an awesome sweepstakes? This is just your lucky day and because you are my friends, I am sharing this sweepstakes to you. For sure, you have Instagram account right? Now, all you have to do is join the Crocs Instagram Sweepstakes for a chance to win a whooping shopping spree of $3,000 from Crocs. Are you excited? I bet you are so; here's what you should do.
 photo ScreenShot2013-05-14at35030PM_zpsf6f90f08.png

Using the Instagram app of your smartphone, take 3 amazing photos that capture the Splashes of Color. Upload them to your Instagram Account with #splashofcolor hashtag. You need to connect your Instagram account to the Crocs Instagram Sweepstakes page and enter.  How simple is that? Hurry and you must enter today for this will end on May 20.

I just entered and these three photos are my #splashofcolor entries. The Crocs Splash of Color is so easy, fun and exciting sweepstakes to join plus, the prize is like music to my ear. I love shopping and winning the $3,000 prize is what I wished for. I know you want the prize too so; what are you waiting for? Take photos and download them to Instagram and enter the Crocs Instagram Sweepstakes now!

Do you like the prize? Tell me, why do you want to win the sweepstakes?
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NASA ParkWay West and Space Commerce Way in Merritt Island

My husband and I love to drive this route especially before sunset. This is NASA Parkway West which is also known as NASA Causeway West. The NASA Parkway West crosses the Indian River Lagoon. There is a bascule bridge (drawbridge) which permits boats on the Inter-coastal Waterway to pass through the causeway. About 2 miles from the bridge is the property of the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and the John F. Kennedy Space Center. See the building at the far end, that is already the entrance of the Kennedy Space Center. I took the picture of the ditch to point the location where, at times wild gators love to sunbathing.
 photo NASAParkwayandSpaceCommerceWay4_zpsf37b6bdb.jpg
I took this picture right at the intersection of NASA Parkway and Space Commerce Way  which is also known as Government Road. The Merritt Island peninsula is at its widest in this area extending towards Cape Canaveral.
 photo NASAParkwayandSpaceCommerceWay3_zpsfc095eed.jpg
The public cannot go beyond the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. As I have said, that building at the far end. The general public is not permitted beyond this area. A NASA security only permits access to authorized tour buses, Kennedy Space Center staff and supply vehicles only.
 photo NASAParkwayandSpaceCommerceWay2_zps379a34c0.jpg
There are tour buses allowed to access the Vehicle Assembly Building and the Saturn V Center area. If you visited my blog more often, you already saw the pictures of what I am referring to. Anyway, the photo above was taken along the Space Commerce Way. Again, there are wild gators seen floating on the ditch. If you happen to pass by here, just look closely and for sure, you will see one or two.
 photo NASAParkwayandSpaceCommerceWay6_zps5366456d.jpg
I saw a big gator right on this end. I did not take my camera at that time though.
 photo NASAParkwayandSpaceCommerceWay5_zpsb8417cc8.jpg
On the exact location above, I saw this floating on the water ^_^
 photo wildgator_zpsa1cd485e.jpg
This wild gator probably about 8 or 9 feet. It is definitely bigger than I am. I used the zoom of my camera. I took the photo from inside the car along the road.

 photo NASAParkwayandSpaceCommerceWay_zpsfbd6f228.jpg
This ditch was taken along Space Commerce Way. I saw baby gators swimming here. That's all for now folks. Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beautiful Traditional Crafts

Such a great art don't you think? The photo below is a beautiful ceramic tile which is an imported product from New Zealand. This beautiful country is rich in culture and it shows in their art work. New Zealand is blessed with growing numbers of great artists who do traditional crafts in carving, painting and weaving. The subject of their art works are usually depicts figures of humans and animals. But, when it comes to surface patterns, their subject consists of spirals and ridges. They somehow use bold colors and nature inspired pieces of art.
 photo ceramictile_zps3adc0e13.jpeg
Here's another interesting product showcasing birds and nature. New Zealand is best known for the flightless Kiwi, weka as well as the endangered kakapo which is the world's largest parrot. Since this country is home to beautiful mountains, green countryside and a haven for unique plants and animals, birds and nature are common subjects used in the artist's canvas.
 photo birdclock_zps13e5169d.jpeg
When you check out the Possum Merino Clothing, you will observe that most products are a reflection of their culture by showcasing the Pacific and Maori images. Do you like Greenstone Jewelry? You can also Buy Greenstone in New Zealand. Their Merino Baby Clothes, t-shirts, rugs, posters and cards have the images of birds and nature. Their people are nationalistic and proud of their heritage.
 photo Uggboats_zps3bd1e2a4.jpeg
Wool has been one of New Zealand’s major agricultural exports that is why; when you check out their products, you still find sheepskin and great wool bedding's. Overtaking the wool export is the dairy and wine which became New Zealand's largest export earner at present.
 photo woolcushioncovers_zpsf2854932.jpeg
New Zealand is home to unique species of animals and plants so; if you are a nature and animal lover, this country will surely fit your lifestyle. New Zealand has diverse natural beauty of jagged mountains and rolling pasture lands. If raging rivers, scenic beaches, and active volcanic zones are exciting for you then; you should visit New Zealand and learn to diversity of their culture.

Would you like to live in New Zealand? If you love the outdoors and wanted to live in a mild and temperate climate, New Zealand is for you. If you move there, make sure that your place has excellent Home Insulation. This is such a better way to live a healthy and energy efficient home for you and your family.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wild Gator Along NASA Parkway

I told you one time that we saw a big gator along the ditch at NASA Parkway but, I didn't get a good picture. Today, while driving on the same area, I saw this. It is about 8 foot. I took this picture while sitting inside the car along the side of the road. Believe me, the car is a bit distant away. The ditch here has no fence so; they can always crawl on to the road if they wanted too.
 photo wildgator6_zps1f687026.jpg
The gator tried to submerge its body. Trying to hide from me and made a left stride trying to see what's going on to where I was.
 photo wildgator5_zps56309aa3.jpg
This gator is huge and fat. When I first saw it, it was swimming straight at the middle of the ditch. Now that he saw me. it went on the side and trying to feel the area.
 photo wildgator4_zps989668bb.jpg
What you see here is just part of the head, Believe me this is huge. Gators in this area is seen as ordinary sight. This area is part of animal sanctuary. The Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge has 140,000 acres. This place served as a refugee that provides natural habitat for more than 1,500 species of plants and animals, that includes this creature.
 photo wildgator3_zpsd51d13eb.jpg
This is the second biggest gator that I have seen in the wild. There are tiny gators that looks cute and adorable LOL but, this one is rough looking.
 photo wildgator2_zps00492304.jpg
I wish I will the big gator again so you all can see it. Remember, this is Florida and the water here is not safe to swim. When you see gator warning, don't dare and be stupid to check.

 photo wildgator_zpsa1cd485e.jpg
Gators are just lurking nearby. When we drive on the road like NASA Causeway/Parkway, I always look for gators and sure enough, I found one. Actually, I found 4 on this day but, they are tiny. This is the biggest so; it's worth taking a picture.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Watching the TICO Warbird Airshow

I was taking videos from our backyard during the TICO Warbird Airshow here in the Space Coast Regional Airport. I just check my camera today and forgot to post it in youtube. They fly so fast and before I can click a shot, they're gone LOL. The  airshow was really exciting and thrilling to watch. 

I took the photo below as they fly so low from our neighborhood.

Here, they are having an exhibition making a loop, a heart and a circle smoke. They also have an aerobatic performance in the sky. Pretty cool..

We were at our front yard for the last three days watching the Tico Warbird Airshow. Sometimes, I can only watch them and mesmerized by their beauty in the sky. Now, this is a vintage war plane.

I suspect it is a part of the show. Showing vintage war planes that they used during the wars.

Later that final day, hubby and I decided to go to the Space Coast Regional Airport to see the finale exhibition. Oh my goodness, really amazing airshow! For our eyes only because it is really hard to capture it on video.

Later that afternoon, it was reported that the show will end sooner than what was planned. A nasty storm is headed in Port Saint John. See the clouds above? It is showing signs that bad weather is heading our place.

Here is our neighbor friend who took his chair and watch the airshow with us. The boy was restless because by then, we can't see the airshow no more because of the thick clouds. We can only hear the thundering sound passes our neighborhood.

Here is hubby, ready to drive to the air port to see the airshow finale closer. Anyway, we also watch airshows while we were in Mississippi and Pensacola. It would be exciting to watch it up close huh? How about you? Have you been to an airshow before?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

High Fashion Style

When I think about new york clothing, high fashion comes up in my mind. The fabric, color combination, pattern and total look of a dress elaborate the trendy style and elegance. To mention one, here is a great maxi dress in thick stripes with orange and gray combination. The back design adds comfort for it has a racer back style with elastic band at waist for a synchronized look. This maxi dress is best if paired with flip fops. This maxi dress is a great summer get up for party on the beach or in any casual events.

This company offers trendy apparel, gorgeous wedges and flats, great accessories and more. For this season, my favorite collection is the off the shoulder tops. To beat the heat this summer brings, a casual look with flip flops and shorts are great ensemble to wear. I love sheer fabric, tank tops, and loose outfit. Wearing these types of clothing is a sure comfort, trendy and fashionable.  With these tops, I prefer wearing jeans in any given day with a pair of sneakers. 

How about you? This summer, flaunt your fashion sense and trendy look. You can always get a great look even if you are a bargain shopper. For more details, check out the summer collection now!

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