Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Guitar Plucking

Lately, I have been listening to guitar plucking and I was mesmerized. It was so good to listen to the artistic way of playing the guitar. The guitarists played so well and wow, they are truly skilled and amazing artists. I play the guitar but, I can't play plucking. It's hard! If I only I know how to play it, I would buy an arz400t for sure.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

#BeachBoulevard in #Biloxi MS

I know that since we sold our house in Cocoa Beach Florida, my blogging activity dwindles down. That was in May and I was so busy. Imagine this, sell the house, packing and moving to another state, looking for a new home, buying a new home, unpacking, and looking for a new job. Whewww! Tiring huh?

Here I am and hopefully I will be able to blog everyday from now on. Yes, we bought a house and I have a new job. Life is great down here in the Gulf coast. As I go to work, this is my route. Beautiful view huh?

This is the Beach Boulevard in Biloxi.

We bought a house just 5 minutes away from here. This is such a gorgeous place!

Expect that I will be sharing more about this place, What to do and where to go. Of course, once in a while, I will be sharing photos from Florida too.

Thank you so much for dropping and reading my blog. See you next time.

Music Craze

I am a hopeless romantic. My heart aches when I hear sad songs and easily inspired with music that has soul and speaks about undying love. As early as my elementary years, I love to listen to music, sing-along with it and I play the guitar too. I have collections of songbook. I'd rather starve than missed buying an issue of a song magazine. Oh my goodness, that was really terrible as I look back now but, it was my happiness and obsession. It lasted for 6 years I think. I still have those song magazines and can vividly remember the cover and the dates LOL. At that time, On Sale is not a common thing. Oh boy, I spent good amount for my music craze. Wheww!

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Isle in Biloxi is Now Golden Nugget

2012 was the last time we stayed in this hotel. It was called Isle by that time. May 2014, we came back to Biloxi and looking for a nice place to stay for a week and found out that the Isle has a new name, the Golden Nugget. Hubby and I dine in their buffet three times and some servers that we know by face were still there. One actually recognized me.

They change the paint and the name and did some renovations inside the casino. I actually like it now than before. I also noticed that those wasted areas before were re-use for gambling areas. This time, all areas in the hotel and casino were functional. They have shopping area too and opens more boutique type stores inside. Bubba Gump restaurant is also open.

I wonder how their rooms look like now. I wonder if the furnishings and appliances are changed. So far, Golden Nugget is booming in business because every time we went inside, people were in and out the casino. Parking lots were also full all the time. People were checking in. Most gambling machines were occupied and most guests were hanging out longer.

I saw some of my co-employees were working here too. Actually, seen two dealers that I know. They were busy with the guests on their table. Golden Nugget also cut an X sq ft of the buffet space of the buffet and transformed it to a boutique store. Not bad at all.

The food in the Buffet is not as great as before though. The price per person is too high. Before, they have buffet deals and this time, very limited.

So far, I like the new casino and hotel now. I like how they re-arrange the gambling areas. More slot machines and table games too.

Right now, I watch the prices of their hotel rates. I might check in just to see the rooms and how it improves from the old Isle set up.

I kind a hoping that they change the carpet, paint color, decor and bedding's. I hope they lighten the rooms. See the bed above? Do you like it? 

I like this coffee area. The coffee maker should go, right?

This bath tub should go as well, LOL.

Well, I will be staying in their hotel for sure. One night is good for me.

By the way, this area over looking the Biloxi Bridge is really nice.

I like the idea of having the terrace. The only thing that I don't like is the AC below. It's truly annoying and loud!

I will show you next time the photo of the new Golden Nugget.Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Chili's in Le Vista in Orlando

Have you been to Chili's lately? Hubby and I loves to dine out ... a lot ... and one of the many places that we love to hang out is #Chilis at #LeVista in #Orlando, Florida. The truth is, there are times that we are lazy to cook after a long day so; dining out is an easy option.
Half Flatbread Appetizer
There are 5 reasons why we love to dine here.
1. Chili's is Conveniently located to where we live. It probably less than 5 minutes away.
2. Affordability of the food so; the price alone is like a magnet for us.
3. Comfortable Ambiance and though there are instances that this place is crowded , guests are seated in a timely manner which is really important.
4. Friendly Servers and not passive. You know what I mean right? Servers here knows their menu so; when diners are having a hard time ordering, they can suggest for you. Pretty awesome!
5. Pleasant Experience and that's because the food is delicious.
A Memphis Dry Rub of a Half Rack baby Back Ribs with Fries.
Half Rack of Baby Back Ribs in Original Sauce with Black Beans
Hubby's enjoying his food.
Chili's in Le Vista, Orlando, Florida
Chili's Le Vista is located near Orlando International Airport
along Semoran Boulevard
Chili's at 6949 S Semoran Boulevard,
Orlando, Florida 32822
(Phone #) 407-859-3234

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Having Lunch at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi : The Buffet

The Buffet, that's what the buffet area called in the Beau Rivage Resort. It's one of the four casual dining areas in this casino and resort. It is true that the variety of food selection is unrivaled and the tastes of every menu they served is truly delicious in fact; the Buffet at Beau Rivage is my favorite buffet location in Biloxi. I love the variety of food that they have, the appetizing desserts and the over-all ambiance of this place. On this particular visit, we dine in for lunch because I was craving for crawfish.
Having my dessert at The Buffet.
Aside from the casual dining: The Buffet, Terrace Café, Stalla, and Coast Restaurant; they also have Fine Dining areas which are : BR Prime and Jia. For those who are like me who enjoys dining than gambling, there's a lot of areas to hang out in this resort. They have Snacks, Roasted Bean, Scoops, as well as Pool Bar and Cafe', the places where guests can enjoy Quick Bites while having a good time here in the Beau Rivage Casino and Resort.
My 3rd plate LOL ... eating crawfish. is the only food that I ate on this visit ,
well ... aside from the dessert.
Do you want to know if they have Bars and Lounges? Yes, they have. For sophisticated dining experience, check out Eight75. I still have to ask them next time why Eight75. How did they come up with that name. If you feel like dancing 'till dawn then check out The Coast Nightclub. Their Breeze Bar is also nice to hang out where guests can enjoy a cocktail while playing the video poker.
This gigantic flower vase at the center of this hallway smells great
because they keep the flowers fresh all the time.
Hubby and I loves to dine in the Buffet on a Wednesday because of the discount they offer. We both love the ambiance of this place and it's huge. The hosts and servers are pretty much on their feet! They don't keep the guests waiting for so long. Once we pay our meal, they have us seated right where we want to be seated.
The side view of the Beau Rivage by the Beach Boulevard.
This photo is showing part of the Beau Rivage Casino and Resort as we drove by the Beach Boulevard.

If you want to visit Beau Rivage Casino and Resort, here is the address :

875 Beach Blvd,
Biloxi, MS 39530
(228) 386-7111
Part of the front view of the Beau Rivage.
We booked a hotel room for a week here and we stayed in one of the top floors. Our room has the biggest bathroom and a gigantic bathtub with an awesome view of the Biloxi City.
Heading to the Beau Rivage is about 15 minutes from our place.
Anyway, this bits and pieces of information is all I can share for now but, I will be sharing more about Beau Rivage and the gulf coast area next time. Thanks for stopping by.
Here's a short video while we drove on the Beach Boulevard:

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Enjoying the Visit at the Kennedy Space Center : #Atlantis

As a Florida resident, I get to enjoy the affordable Annual Pass price in Disney World as well as in Kennedy Space Center. My annual pass will expire soon and I was hoping to use it one more time before it does. Visiting the Kennedy Space Center is always fun and exciting for me. Each visit is a  different experience but, I enjoyed every second of it. The Atlantis is an attraction that is truly spectacular! Imagine seeing the real thing that has been traveling from Earth to the space and according to KSC's fun facts, the Space Shuttle Atlantis has traveled in space for 125,935,769 miles in total. That's amazing! Seeing it up close, I can see the traces of beating that it endures ... scratches and all but, the historic Atlantis sure looks so great.

The sight is priceless especially right after the door opens. I could almost cry! Honestly, that's the feeling ... knowing that Space Shuttle Program has ended. As the guests moved to the long winding hallway, everyone goes to a huge room to see a video , the history and it's first travel and the last. It was fascinating and I was watching attentively! When the video was over, boom ... door opens and this gigantic space vehicle was right in front of me!

I love visiting the Kennedy Space Center. This is the only place that I truly missed when we moved to the Gulf coast.

Anyway, have you been to Orlando lately? Have you visited Disney World? If you have the time, check out the Space Coast and for an hour drive, you can reach Kennedy Space Center.

Though Atlantis is my new favorite attraction next to Apollo/Saturn V Center, there's a lot of attractions that I am sure you and your family will enjoy. You can relax in the IMAX Theatre and watch a full length Science-space related movies. You can try the Shuttle Launch Experience and if you love an adrenalin rush ride, this attraction might be your thing. If you love walking, you may explore the Exploration Space: Explorers Wanted. This place is truly educational. I can stay here for long hours. And yes, the Rocket Garden , you should not missed too.

Back to Atlantis Attraction, this is really a great place to unwind and read Science related facts about space, the astronauts, the Atlantis and so much more. Even the "How Astronauts Go" has an exhibit too. Well, have you ever asked that question too?

The Space Shuttle Atlantis is a vehicle and it launched like a rocket and flew in orbit like a spacecraft and when it landed on the runway, it's like a glider. That's a fact provided by #KSC. This lovely vehicle is now on display at KSC in Florida.

The picture above is located at the entrance of Atlantis attraction. An upright and full-scale replica with external tank (in orange), with solid rocket boosters, (2 of them) and stands 184 ft . Pretty awesome right?

Here we are inside the Atlantis attraction. There are over 60 interactive exhibits inside Atlantis building so; if come here ... you can stay here whole day and you will never get bored.

This area is heading to the exit and the souvenir shop in Atlantis.

Before heading to other attractions, I took a one last look and take some pictures too. The husband is taking a picture from a mezzanine area on the right where the games and other exhibits were located.
So, when are you planning to visit the Kennedy Space Center in Florida?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

At the Pier by the Harbor in Ocean Springs

Today, we went to Aunt Jenny's Restaurant to celebrate the birthday of my sister-in-law. Hubby and I went to this place about 4 years ago and we thought the food was not that great. Today made no difference. Still, we enjoyed the gathering because we wanted to be around on her birthday. After dinner, we went to the pier by the Harbor in Ocean Springs at the Front Beach and just hang out by the pier. Check out the view that I took. More to publish soon ... so, I will see you around right?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Walking on the Bay Bridge : Biloxi and Ocean Springs

I don't know how to start really. When we sold the house in the Space Coast area in Florida, we were too busy packing, moving, follow up with the papers, moving to another state, looking for a house, buying a house, moving our things from one storage to another storage, moving to our new house, unpacking, arranging, selling one of our condo property, fly back to Florida, back to Mississippi, party for my birthday, surprise visit from Spain and now ... here I am, ready to get back on track. Wheww! It was a whirlwind huh? I took a lot of pictures since May and I will be sharing them in this blog.

The first time we drove on the Bay Bridge heading to Palace Casino Resort in Biloxi, Mississippi, I said to my husband, "I didn't know how I missed the gulf coast". How pretty this place is. That's the resort and we stayed there for a week since we were still waiting for the closing of the house we bought.

The photo above was taken at the Front Beach in Ocean Springs Mississippi. The building at the far end is the Golden Nugget Casino formerly, the Isle Casino. Since we were back here in May, I walked on the bridge and rode a bicycle on that long bay bridge. Oh my goodness, I did it! I was so happy and felt accomplished! Now, who wouldn't fell in love on this view everyday of their lives? I would!

One evening right before sunset, a cousin and I went to walk by the beach and on the bridge from Ocean Springs to Biloxi (one city to the other city). We started at 6PM and hubby picked us up at 8PM in Golden Nugget at the end of the bridge. I thought I couldn't do it you know. It was a long ways. The view from the bay bridge was fantastic and breathtaking so; it has kept me going to the end. There were sailboats and shrimp boats as well as occasional display of dolphins swimming visibly by the bay. It was a glorious evening and I will be walking/running on the bridge again sometime.

While walking on the beach, cousin and I played on the sand. We put a mark on the sand with our foot. My footprint is smaller than her even though I am so much older than her. We spent probably almost an hour by the beach before we decided to walk on the bridge.

While on the Front Beach, I snap a lot of pictures.

Pictures of the sky, sailboats, people, dogs, shrimp boats, and anything interesting on the sand.

Here she is making a heart shape figure.

As the sun sets on the horizon, we were halfway walking on the bridge. It was breezy and a nice evening. I had fun taking pictures and enjoying the glorious display of nature.
Thanks for reading my post. See you next time.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

#Autoparts Search

I was directed to the billet grilles when I tried searching for outdoor parts of our Buick Rendezvous. Unluckily, I can't find the image of the parts that I need and I also do not know the name of the parts that I am looking for. Meanwhile, as I was browsing, I found some parts that we wanted to add on to our vehicle which is really good you know. Are you searching to buy #autoparts? For sure, you will find the parts that you are looking for especially if your car is a newer model. Go and check it out.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tinker Bell's Butterfly Garden in EPCOT

There are so many beautiful things to see in EPCOT in Springtime such as the amazing and spectacular gardens, topiary displays, outdoor kitchens, appearance of designer celebrities from HGTV, concerts, festivals, and more. If you haven't been here in Springtime, you should schedule a visit this time and I am sure, you'll going to love it.
This is Tinker Bell topiary by the Tinker Bell's Butterfly Garden.
entrance to the garden
The blooms inside the butterfly garden.

the chrysalis

The butterfly garden is just a good size area located at the Future World in Epcot. This is a fun place for kids who loves butterflies. The flowers are beautiful and colorful. I will be posting more photos that I took in EPCOT on my next post. Please comeback to check them out. Thanks for dropping by.

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