Monday, August 31, 2009

Birds at Snapper

We went to the other city nearby called Gulfport, Mississippi but we travel in US highway 90. The good part when you travel this highway is that you wil enjoy the view of the beach and the birds. We ate lunch at Snapper Seafood Restaurant along the way and this flock of birds caught my attention.
I took pictures as they fly around and showing us some tricks of diving so fast. They are so playful. Well, just like a kiddo, I throw some leftover bread crumbs to them and they started calling the others who are flying on the seashore.
Then, they got so many and the waiter said, "please don't feed the birds". LOL. Well, I am done taking pictures and even had one video so, I quit.
This is the Snapper Seafood Restaurant along the beach and still in Highway 90 of Mississippi. They just make the building like a trailer, three storey high. Every building on this side, one from the hurricane. It is so useless to build a regular building right?
Back to the birds now.
Hoping you enjoy the pictures.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Enjoying the View in the Reading Garden

After lunch at Hard Rock, we cross the street and visit the Katrina Memorial and Reading Garden. I guess I took a picture of that tree before and they cut it down and made this artpiece of fish, turtle and other sea creatures. I was just taking my souvenir and post it here as my back up files and for you to have a glimpse of this place in Mississippi.
Right where I stand, as I already mentioned in my post before has a 12ft high water surge from the Gulf Coast just behind that building. Wide area are still unoccupied, only debris from that event happened August 29, 2005.
If you see some of the featured videos I embed from youtube, this part are flooded and slapped by huge and angry water surge. No wonder buildings, houses are swept off to sea.
These are plaques for Biloxi Residents, signage for this Reading Area located in Highway 90, Billoxi Mississippi.
Beautiful carving right? It's not done yet. Wonderful piece of art.
Have a Happy Sunday!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fourth Anniversary When Hurricane Katrina Hit Mississippi

I saw some of this devastation when we travel in Highway 90 from Metairie, Louisiana heading to Mississippi last March. It still looks like a ghost town especially in the Gulf Coast area. It is really sad but, the good thing was that they are rebuilding their city. Because of the vast area of destruction, they can only do so much. They will be back, i know they will. That storm hit Mississippi on August 29, 2005. View this personal video from hurricanetrack channel.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Cartoon Fun Effects from Kodak

Using the Kodak Easy Share Software, I edited this picture I took today using the Fun Effects tool. This is a sample for cartoon effects. I seldom play the tools in this software and I just happen to do it fast. Sharing you a sample of this very easy to use tool from Kodak.

Coloring Book Fun Effects

Do you have Kodak Camera? I like to use Kodak Camera because we already have the printer, an easy tool to print pictures at home. The Kodak Easy Share Tool is very fun and easy to use also. Today, I was just having fun playing the fun effects of this tool. Just try it.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Saint Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square

These pictures were taken at Jackson Square at New Orleans, Louisiana. This is the famous Saint Louis Cathedral and accross this church is where you can find the famous Cafe' du Monde.
The woman seated with a big umbrella at the middle of the street is a card reader. They are locals who make a living with this palm/card reading. The other men shown with drums and saxophones were local artists that entertains tourists. They sang good and some tourists gave them something too.
This church was built in 1789 but completed in 1850. A Renaissance and Spanish Colonial Architectural designs and visited by Pope John Paul II in September 1987. It felt so good that I had the chance to visit this Catholic Church also. The inside design is so grand. I will try to post the video next time.
Just a plaque on the wall inside the church showing the history of Saint Louis Cathedral.

Casio Pathfinder Titanium

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Flowering Plants

I always love gardening. I just stayed home waiting for job to come to me...hahaha, kidding, I am just having this gardening to keep me busy. Here are some of the plants that survive the summer heat.
Though we have so many withered plants which I can't save really, I am satisfied that some survive.
The periwinkles survive because it grows through most of the year. It grows well in shaded areas without water and will grow fine in direct sunlight if watered occasionally.
This plant, I forgot the name....heheehe. More flowers in here.
I planted those flowers in the middle area- shown here.
I planted some seeds in a flower pot and have it grown already. I will transfer this in the ground once it's ready.
Here are the other flowers in that flower bed in the middle.
We have roses too at the front yard, they bloom a lot. We have less than 10 varieties of roses in the garden. How about you? Do you have a garden?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Birds and the Beach

See the pictures below? These little dots-like creatures are birds on the beach. They just stay in flocks. They are not intimidated with the presence of people. These are the birds that we sometimes feed. Its fun because they hop on your hands.
A nice day at the Schooner area of Biloxi, Mississippi.
There were private boats here and also for tourists that goes to the Deer Island nearby. You see the island in the picture too.
Enjoy your Sunday friends.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Backlot Tour Continues

I have now time to post some of the pictures I took during my travel at Disney World. This attraction in Hollywood Studio is called Backlot Tour. It will show the tourists all the tricks of movie making and all the movie magic. This is the last phase of the tour that I so loved to experience on and on and on.
I love the backlot tour because I don't need to walk and all I would do is take pictures, sit, relax and enjoy the tour. In this area, the driver will stop and tourists will experience the earthquake, fire and flood. If you have a child with you, inform the child that it's fake and nothing to be scared of.
In here, tons of flowing water heading to your direction plus the earth is shaking. Scary right? Well, the water will flow underneath before it hits you. You will get wet though because of the splashes if you sit at the left side. Other that, tourists are safe in this spectacular attraction. You should visit this if you are in Hollywood Studio, Disney World in Orlando.
That is a train carrying tanks of gas and it was caught on fire. It will really explode and you will feel the heat but, so far it's safe...LOL. You will feel your face burning really. Some of the tourists were scared and others will just stare blankly and grin. As if waiting and on guard. LOL. As for me, the first time, I was fascinated but, at the back of my mind, "What IF"? LOL.
These water are tremendous and I was really moving to the right side because it seems it will drown us...LOL. There is no way to get out, we are trapped. One kid was shouting, "lets go, got scared!". Anyway, later though he was enjoying and had fun.
See the propane tank? Yep, it will give this area a blast! Of course, Disney makes it safe for the tourists and did this attraction for fun and entertainment. You should try it, I highly recommend this attraction.
As we moved in this area. We are just saying oh, wow. Boring, this is it? Then, when the car/bus stopped, the adventure begins. Boom....LOL! It is like you are inside a movie.
This is the picture before the "ACTION". I say, hmmm....boring...LOL! Then, it happened. It was a blast! Dang! Love to do it again and again.
As the fire, earthquake and flood subsides. Ohh my goly wowww. This backlot tour is amazing! On this day, I came back twice...hehehe. The other visit that we have, twice too. So, I have four visits and I want to do it again. LOL! Oppsss.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Rio Gwapa

Since this blog is all about the places and people I met as I travel, it is but right to give acknowledgement to a sweet blogger I met in blog land. She is RIO, a friend that I know in blog industry. We never seen each other yet, but somehow we connect and the bond of friendship continued for months and hopefully for years to come. Happy Birthday girl. May you have a wonderful birthday today and may all your dreams come true. I know half of it were realized already. I just wish you Happiness and love that you deserve to have.

Thanks for being a friend and chat mate in cbox hahaha. I hope you will have more friends to mingle with and hoping for the best of everything. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL.

Increase Your Link Tag

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Road Trip to Pensacola

These pictures were taken last April when we are on our way to Pensacola, Florida. These pictures were still in Alabama though. Notice the tall buildings? The right way is heading to the Carnival Cruise Ship. I posted the pictures of the view on that side already. I mentioned in my other posts that those bildings are my favorites in this area. They stand so tall and grand. Amazing design too. That huge building by the way is the RSA Battle House Tower, the tallest building in Alabama.
Heading to the tunnel now. Remember the movie Daylight? If something like that happen in here, anybody will be trap really. Under the sea tunnel. Scary huh!
When you are at the middle of the tunnel, all radio, GPS and cellphones are dead. The tunnel is under the water/sea.
This is the exit of the tunnel. As you can see on the sign, it has an arrow that says, Battleship Park in Alabama. We will plan a trip to visit that place and I will take pictures to show you the old battle ships.
Oh, I like this view. Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How Orlando,Florida Got Its Name

Click the picture to read the story behind the city name of Orlando. You can find this stone memorial in downtown Orlando. This place is nice to hang out. The view is spectacular and there are so many restaurants with in the vicinity and shops too. Be sure that you park your car in the right parking lot. Or else, your car will be towed away.
There are so many kinds of birds here. They like to swim the lake (of course) and some people feed them too. They are not shy to the people who are enjoying their presence.

This is Lake Eola pathway and it circle the whole park. Tourists and locals blend in and enjoying the view of this place. Some do their jogging activities, others walk their dogs and there are people who set up a picnic.
This is the beautiful view of Lake Eola. When you visit this place at night time, you will enjoy the different colors of the lights at the center of the lake.
The birds are having fun in their own territory. You can feed them close by and touch them. As long as you will not alarm them with your movements. Ohh, nearby, there are homeless people that may ask your pennies. It's up to you to share. Just be careful in every places you go. I will have more pictures tomorrow.

Disney World's Indiana Jones in Orlando

These are the pictures taken at Hollywood Studio, Orlando Florida. One of the parks that you can visit in Disney World and Indiana Jones, is just one of my favorite attractions. Today, the show will be cancelled in memory of a tragic accident to one of their stuntmen. The name is Anislav Varbanov, he was pronounced dead yesterday after injuring his head during rehearsal on a tumbling roll for the "Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular." This news was published in
I like this atractions because they will tell you the movie magic but, though there are so many tricks in this stage show, their stunts are real.
As you can see, they use fire, gas and at the audience area, you can feel the heat of the explosion. Safety precautions were observed though.
This is where the stuntment, jump from those tall buildings. No matter how careful they are with all their movements, accidents do happen to stuntmen. I gave them a THUMBS UP for the wonderful show they always put up on stage. I salute the stuntmen of DISNEY. They deserve that.
All these stage props are huge. The brains behind these show needs to be praise too for a world class show. If you visit Hollywood Studio in Disney World, watch Indiana Jones.

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