Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Endeavour Mission Arrival

The Final landing of Endeavour will takes place on June 01, 2011. All in all, It has 25 missions to space and it's the 12th mission to the International Space Station. It is set to land at 2:35 AM and I expect to hear a loud "boom" tomorrow.
Here are the astronauts of the Endeavour. They will be safely home after the 16 day space travel.Thanks for visiting. Come by next time.

Web Hosting Company

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Beach Boulevard View in Daytona

This is the map showing part of Florida from the point of Orlando going up north to Saint Augustine Beach. We had a 3-day and 2-nights vacation in Saint Augustine last week before Memorial Rush. Here's some of the pictures I took along the Highway of AIA.The huge Daytona Beach Resort, when you book a room here, you can get the view on the beach from your room.When hubby and I travel the road of AIA all the way to our hotel, we saw the beautiful view of the long beach. The hotels and rental homes like these are occupying the Beach Boulevard area.
Huge houses, rental homes, cottages, apartments and condos are the common sight that I saw along the beach. The design of the building is beautiful and unique. There are houses built high in stilts and I saw Deltec designs too.
While my husband is driving on the car, I am taking pictures. While on mobile, I took this picture to show you the distance of the beach from the road.
More pictures to come soon. Keep coming back okay? Just click the tag below.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Wart Remover

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It is very embarrassing especially if it is located in an area so visible enough for others to notice it. You need a wart remover and you should act now before this fungi could spread more. For more information about wart or mole removal, visit the link which is provided here.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

At Fort Matanzas in Saint Augustine

When hubby planned to visit Saint Augustine, Florida, I immediately research where to go first. After checking the hotel called Castillo Resort on the Beach Boulevard area, it's already late to be 0n the Fort at 5 PM.We visited Fort Matanzas on the second day at 11 AM. There were almost 30 people aboard on the ferry with us together with the two touring guides. The ferry ride is FREE for less than 10 minutes and we are not required to wear life jacket.
The tour guide gave a brief history of the place and it was pretty interesting to know the historical facts about the Fort Matanzas. The scenic view in 360 degree angle is amazing! The weather was great with Blue clouds and the white sand beaches surrounding the area was really amazing. I saw some people fishing, sun bathing and having outdoor barbecue. I enjoyed the tour on the Fort with my husband and all we did was take pictures of what's in there. It was an educational tour and we both love the experience. If you want to visit this place, visit Saint Augustine, Florida and stay on AIA road.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hiking Boots

Summer is here again and the weather is favorable for hiking, walking, camping and nature trekking. If you love scenic walks, spectacular views and exciting trail, having a comfortable footwear is a must. You should wear Hiking Boots which give you the ease of your stride, comfort and shape that gives freedom and contour of your foot. Of course, being active in sports activity comes with all the accessories you need. Protect yourself from all the nature threat by wearing the right gear. Any recreational activity would be fun and enjoyable to participate if you wear the right boots and the comfortable sports clothing's you need. Do you need to shop now? Check out the link today!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Beautiful Day

Good morning everyone! This is a beautiful Day isn't it? I attended the mass last Sunday and one of the parishioner said, "It's Good to be ALIVE!" I was thinking, it is good to be alive indeed and thank God for that!Here in Orlando, I always complain with the scorching heat! I shouldn't be! Despite the heat, we are alright and we can go out and enjoy the good weather. Too different in the Midwest where weather threatens the place with Tornado's and flooding. I should be contented and will keep in mind, that people living in those areas needs my thoughts and prayers. We all should be contented!
This week is beautiful, amidst the scorching heat and muggy feel to it, I am loving it as long as I stay indoor:-)
Thank you God for the blue sky! Let us all be thankful everyday and don't forget to say a lil prayer to those who are devastated by Tornado specially in Missouri. May God bless them all.

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Wishlist

Most of us have our material wishlist right? This is something that I dream to have in the future eventhough, the chances are vague, a lotto winnings might make it a reality :-) On my list is a Recreational Vehicle or better called an RV normally has kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom and a living room. In an RV show, the cheapest brand new price that we saw was $89K. Can I afford? No can't I:-)Here's another material thing that's on my wishlist: A good size kitchen with complete steel appliances and a granite countertop. This is an easy task and can be accomplished in due time.
Wishlist is just a list, no big deal if it will not realize. This is just an inspiration to have and if we work harder, we might. If not, let us all be contented of what we have for now, okay? :-)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Perfect Morning

I am using my Blackberry Phone lately because it's handy and easy to download in real time to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. It is like few seconds publishing of what I saw and observed around my world. This is one of the pictures that I called awesome since I am using an ordinary gadget and considering I am in mobile, this picture deserved to be called perfect.
My husband was driving and I am taking pictures, which I usually does. Since the sun is starting to come out, I was aiming at the sunshine above the bushes but, to my surprise, I got this. The sun is gleaming between the branch showing a scattered glare at the top and bottom of the tree. Just a normal light in a perfect morning, couldn't ask for more, really:-)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fort Matanzas National Monument

We will be visiting Saint Augustine, Florida soon. One of the places that we wanted to see is Fort Matanzas which is located in the area of salt marsh and barrier islands along the Matanzas River. To reach the Fort Matanzas, visitors will have a FREE ferry ride towards the place. Fort Matanzas was constructed using the Convicts, slaves, and troops from Cuba. This would be an educational tour for me and I am excited already. As I googled it, this place is 50 feet long on each side with a 30-foot tower and the marshy terrain was stabilized by a foundation of pine pilings.As what was told, the standard staff for the Fort was one officer in charge, four infantrymen, and two gunners. All soldiers at Fort Matanzas served on rotation from their regular duty in St. Augustine. Five cannons were placed at the Fort: four six pounders and one 18 pounder.
I really hope that we can visit this place on the first day so we can do other activities in their downtown.
If you want to visit this place, put this address in your GPS: 8635 A1A S, St. Augustine, FL

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Freschetta by the Slice Pizza

This post brought to you by FRESCHETTA®. All opinions are 100% mine.

FRESCHETTA® By the Slice pizza is undoubtedly my favorite pizza ever. Yesterday, hubby and I were thinking to prepare an easy lunch, hang out together, just stay indoor and watch TV. We decided to buy Pizza and I picked up one of my favorites: Six Cheese Medley and  Chicken, Spinach & Mushroom for hubby.

FRESCHETTA® By the Slice has four flavors and aside from the two flavors I mentioned above, I can't contain myself from eating the BBQ Recipe Chicken and Vegetable Medley too. The idea of buying by the slice in the grocery store is just perfect. No leftover pizza, great savings and besides, by the slice pizza of Freschetta is the right portion I need for a good meal. Husband and I  pretty much agree on this fact! The taste is so good and even if it's frozen, once I took it from the oven, the quality is not compromise. The crust is cook perfect and the taste is just delicious with cheesy toppings that I love the most. It's so funny because by thinking about it makes me drool and I am craving for more right now! Try it and you will love it! Check out on Facebook and LIKE the page and if you have twitter account, please follow @FreschettaPizza  to know the latest news in town.


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Inside MCPO Airport

Hubby and I went to the airport this week to visit our friends. While he was busy talking to some of them, I was busy taking these pictures.
It just dawned on me that despite of the economic downturns, the tourists heading to Orlando never diminished.I'm standing on the second floor garage building looking down on the arriving tourists who were heading to the rental cars. Much as I wanted to roam around the airport, I just stayed with my husband while checking my FB and Twitter account online. There are sitting area provided in most places around the airport and is in wi-fi zone. I did access for FREE!We are on the A Terminal Side and these tourists are coming from B side terminal. Heading to Disney World? Make sure you don't come during Hurricane Season. This summer is the right time to visit Disney!I just wanted to show you some area in the airport. Next time, I will show you the foodcourt.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Buy Tickets Online

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Amazing Race: Unfinished Business Winner

The Amazing Race 18 is also known as The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business. It is the eighteenth installment of the reality television show The Amazing Race. It features eleven teams of two and each returning from a previous edition, in a race around the world for 1 million dollar prize.
For the second time in the history of Amazing race, two women as a team made it to the TOP! Lakisha and Jennifer finish FIRST for this Unfinished Business Episode. The first time they join the Amazing Race, they were eliminated after stopping to use the restroom in China. This time, they are the WINNER! They traveled 40K miles and 23 cities around the World. This episode started on Sunday, February 20, 2011. It aired on CBS channel every Sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. but, the finale was aired two-hours on May 8, 2011. The show is hosted by Phil Keoghan. I like them as a winner! Congratulations! Woot Woot!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Peaceful Sky

I took this picture at the roof top of my place just before the break of dawn. I love this part of my place because it feels peaceful. When I'm here, all I could do is pray:
Thank You, O God,
for hearing my prayer
and granting my request.
Thank You for all the kindness
You have shown me.

Thank You, Father,
for Your great love
for giving me my life,
for Your great patience
in preserving me despite my sinfulness,
for Your protection in the past
and for the opportunity to serve
and honour You in the future.

Thank You, Lord Jesus,
for keeping me numberless times
from sin and death by the toils of Your life,
the sufferings of Your Passion,
and by Your victorious Resurrection.

Thank You, Holy Spirit of God,
for bestowing so many graces upon my soul
and for having so frequently
renewed Your life within me.

May my life, from now on,
be a sign of my gratefulness.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beautiful Sunrise

I love watching the break of dawn! Yesterday, we had to pick up our neighbor for a ride to her workplace. They had an accident and their car had minor damage so, we have to help them. My hubby had this compassion to anyone who needs assistance without expecting in return. Even though the gas price is ridiculously up, we still offer to help!
I was at the passenger's seat the whole time. All I did was capture the sunrise. Did you know that it's my favorite time of the day? It gives me the feeling of serenity and the sight somehow brings promise that the day would turn out great.
Try it! Try waking up early and watch the sunrise at it glimmers to your face. You will have that Peace of mind thanking God for the fresh air you breathe and a new day, new life as a blessing. Have a blessed day everyone.

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