Monday, February 28, 2011

Airplane: Fun Pics

Hubby and I went to Wal-mart today, having a grocery and bought his new computer. As we were ready to leave, I saw the Alliance and Virgin Atlantic air planes heading towards Orlando International Airport and I took these pictures.
I wanted to capture the angle of a plane showing my giant fingers barely touching it. I guess I was not fast enough for that caption.
I just want to do some experiment here, so bare with me:-). If I did have a photography class, I would have known what kind of photography caption I had right now. Expect that I will be posting here more of my experiment pictures soon.

Foreclosure Condos

Two weeks ago, hubby and I met our realtor and checked out some foreclosure properties in a 5-mile radius of our place. Luckily for us, we found a nice and right on our budget condo which was a potential "property income". It was a 1B/1B with a nice size patio for only $14K. Unbelievable price right? It can be rented for $600 and in 3 years, a return of investment is likely to happen. The condo is not a move-in ready because the Residential flooring is torn and needs new carpet/tile. We were so excited but, our realtor called us an hour ago that the property was already sold to someone. Home buying needs patience and perseverance, a reality that home buyers should possess or they will get discourage at the end. Now, when we bid on a property, we play it by ears. If we get it, lucky us and if we don't, we are enthusiastic to find another property. Presently, we bid on three properties and hoping to hear a positive response from one of the listing agent.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Discovery: Final Launch

Today, I requested my husband that we will drive to Cocoa Beach area or to Port Canaveral to watch the historic event of the Final Flight of the Discovery Space Shuttle. It is an hour drive from Orlando but later in the afternoon, we decided not to push through the plan because of the heavy traffic heading to Kennedy Space Center. We watched the launch outside from our home.I could have gotten a closer picture of the Discovery Shuttle but, a thick cloud was on it's way covering the nice shot. As the shuttle flew higher, all I can do was to take the shot of the needle-like image in the sky. This is it! I was a bit disappointed but, there's two more to launch so; I will go by then.Here is the closer look of the launch using a nice camera. I just took this picture on our 50 inch TV :-)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chocolate Truffles

Are you craving for your sweet tooth? C'mon, it is the food for the gods! I may be exaggerating here but, who among us doesn't like chocolates? I bet, most of us does and if you are still in the state of denial, I will lure you to a Website of delicious chocolates!

I personally love creamy white chocolates with nuts or fruits inside. But, milk chocolates that are soft in the inside makes me feel like in heaven. The creamy butter that melts in my mouth brings pleasure on my taste buds. Do you want to order a delicious chocolate truffles? Visit and check out their delicious chocolate products. You can order chocolate that fits for every occasion such as Valentine's day or St. Patrick's Day. One of the best gifts that anyone would love to get is a box of chocolate. It would truly warm the heart of your love one. Check it out today!

Blessings in Blogging

For me, blogging is my sideline business and it does bring "moolah" in the bank. Anybody who has the patience to face the computer most of the day and creative enough to take this "work-from-home" business seriously, I guarantee that it can support your luxury. The opportunity of landing a good high paying job these days are scarce so; blogging is a rewarding job which you can enjoy and earn money easy!
These two gadgets were just few of the things that I bought thru blogging. When I have errands to do outside my home, I make sure that I have these two tiny goodies with me. Internet on the go, fast and reliable using this USB connect. I only use this lappy while I am not on my desk at home. If you have no alternate laptop, this netbook will come in handy. Enjoy blogging y'all!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Printer Ink Cartridges

Just the other day, I was very busy collecting my documents for Immigration purposes. I had to prepare two sets of every supporting documents, one for Immigration and the other for my file. As I was copying my original documents all of a sudden, my HP printer ink runs out! That took me another hour to go to the store, buy the needed ink and get done with what I'm doing. What a stressful day that was! Do you have extra office supplies in your office? If not, you better have one to avoid the delay of your business dealings. If you are looking for a discount ink or discount printer, check out the Website of inkgrabber. This company is the leading online supplier of affordable cartridges for printers such as Lexmark, Brother, Dell, Canon and many more. It is very easy to order plus, you can track it without a hassle. So, if you are planning to buy ink cartridges, think inkgrabber. For more information about their products, visit the website now or you may call them at 866-203-4476.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cagayan de Misamis: 1924

*This is a Re-post with permission from the author himself..

Shared by Enrico Ramon Lluch.

President Emilio Aguinaldo visited Cagayan de Misamis in OCtober 5, 1924. This photo shows a make-shift covered stand, which after careful study, indicates this to be on the spot at the present day Divisoria, Tiano Brothers Street end, facing the Rizal Monument.
The corner house in the near background used to house "Mama's Favorite" Store in the 70's.

I am posting these, scanned from Tita Tellie Velez' collection -- in celebration of our city's charter anniversary.

On June 15, 1950 former President Elpidio Quirino signed Republic Act No. 521 in the MalacaƱang Palace. It granted the status of a chartered city to the Municipality of Cagayan de Misamis. This was made possible through the efforts of then Congressman Emmanuel Pelaez, who eventually became the Vice President of the Philippines.

Cagayan de Oro was declared a highly urbanized city by the Ministry of Local Government on November 22, 1983.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Me and Blogging Moment

One of those rare moments, enjoying my time under the old oak tree. Talk about inspiration? This is heaven! The place is so quite and surreal! While living in Mississippi for 18 months, I did enjoy the beauty of the Gulf Coast. Even in a stormy weather like this (as shown in the picture), you still can see the awesome sky kissing the horizon. (Smile) Okay! Enough for this dreamy description, there's truth to what I say though, right? Shown above is the bridge that connects two cities in the state of Mississippi, Biloxi and Ocean Springs. I took this picture when Hubby and I did our afternoon rides in Front Beach area. The blurry big building at the end of the bridge is Isle of Capri in Biloxi, MS. It is one of the hotel and casinos in the area. If you travel down South along Highway 90 at Beach Boulevard, check out the affordable buffet at The Buffet (one of the restaurants in the ISLE), enjoy the meals wholeday.

This is the signboard of Fort Maurepas Park, the location of the park which already inaugurated last October 5, 2009. The park is located at Ocean Springs Mississippi. It has a playground, sitting area for those who loves to relax under the old oak trees while enjoying the view of the beach. This is one of the best places that I love to hang out specially when I am blogging.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Home Project

I made 3 months vacation in the Philippines and did my home project for 45 days. It is very costly but, I am contented even though I had limited time. I made a 24 sq ft extension from the old building of my place, and here is the ground floor which extended the dining/living room area. I have a vaulted ceiling which I preferred to have in my home, here it is.

The second floor with the outside stairs. My 24 ft extension is a preparation for another extension (scratching my head-confused LOL) on the front space . I have a spiral stairs for the roof top and the view at the top is spectacular!

Here is the closer look of my extension project. The first floor, the second and the roof top=== all concrete and done in 45 days. I was so relieved!
I used polycarbonate to shed my terrace on the second floor and temporarily, I used stones to accent the beams of the building.
So far, I am contented with my project. Hopefully I can finish my home project next year when I come visit.

Internships in Israel

Do you have plans to travel outside the country for schooling purposes? Well, here is your chance to grab this opportunity of studying abroad. If you dream to become independent, check out the summer programs in israel. If Israel is where your family come from, it will be great won't you think? You will re-connect with the customs and traditions of your family and it will be an exciting moment if you experience it on your own. If you decide pursue your studies, there are internships in israel which will support your schooling. Once you are enrolled, the school will help you find israel internships so you can support yourself and continue your studies. If you are determined to finish your education, act now! For more information about studying in Israel, just click the links and you will be directed to the Website. Good luck on your studies!

Income Property

I have to admit that Scott McGillivray has the good charm that women would look for a prince charming. Look at that smile! Surely it would melt the ladies heart! Wait! Before y'all turn on your fantasies out there, let us talk about business. Oh yeah, who wouldn't want to work with him? Doing some dirty work to improve my property and ends up generating an income? Whooo! That's a dream come true and this handsome clean cut guy is a key to that dream. Oh by the way, I snag this photos from his fanpage which I think, Scott wouldn't mind. Oh yeah, we are friends...close in fact! LOL, I'm dreaming of course. I love watching HGTV and Income Property is one of my most favorites. Besides the tantalizing appeal that this host has, Income Property has all the ingredient which an aspiring landlord would want to know. My husband and I decided to invest in buying a condo and rent it as income property.
I am not scared to become a landlady because in this kind of business, generating an income is a good possibility than losing. As long as you take precautionary measures; the property is in a good location and the property is built correctly then, nothing to worry. I know that there are so many aspects to consider but, the most important is the WILL to have the business by heart.

My husband and I are inspired in Scott and his TV show. He is a good mentor and I noticed, on cam- he is very patient with all the problems incountered. I know that this business is not flawless. The facade of the show is only 10% of the real situation in generating an income. But, I know in my heart that hubby and I can do it! Thanks Scott McGillivray for the inspiration.

Home Property

When I met my brother in law for the first time last year, he told me so much about how he loves living in Hawaii. They just moved to Missouri after they bought a home property in a historic area of that state. And yet, the experience of living in Hawaii for so many years was no ordinary. He said, his family missed the beautiful island of Maui and Waikiki. He told me how they love their neighborhood and the food which is lechon (roasted pig) is always a favorite. One time, I asked my husband if he consider living in Hawaii but, he just gave me a look and I can understand why. Hawaii is a beautiful island with lush greenery around and the beaches are truly amazing. But, my husband point out that living in Florida is the best place for us. We end up buying a condo property here in Orlando which I had no complains. In fact, we are currently in the process to buy another condo for income property. As I have said in my previous posts, this is the right time to buy a property in real estate. The collapsed of the housing market is in the favor of home buyers and we are taking advantage of this opportunity.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jewelry for Valentine Gift

Why most women prefer to recieved jewelry for Valentines day? There is something special when a woman open her gift reading her favorite jewelry brand, right ladies? I am not materialistic but, I had to admit that I got excited just by knowing that I got a Zales gift.

My hubby gave me a diamond necklace and well, if it's diamond, it is a stealer! I loved it instantly!

I am not a chocolate lover but, hubby decided to give me one anyway. Isn't he sweet? Godiva offered a valentine special for chocolate lovers and when I was at the mall, I can't believe my eyes seeing men come and out of the Godiva Store. Most of the women that I knew of are contented with a bouquet of flower. Having a jewelry box with the flower is a bonus that would melt a woman's heart. Definitely!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Me and my Valentine

Every day, hubby and I just go wherever we waanted to go. Simply no plans at all. After we checked our mails, we decided to have a buffet at Rusty's Seafood and Oyster Bar at Cocoa Area.We drove less than an hour to reach this place. The view in this area is fantastic and right on this area, you will see the cruise ships leaving to their distination such as Bahamas and Carribbean.

This is banana river, such an awesome place to go fishing and sunbathing. Oh! If you have a yacht? This is the best place to have your baby floating as the sun gleaming with so much joy!

Here is the Norwegian Cruise Line at Port Canaveral in Florida. Kennedy Space Center is just few miles away that is if you want to visit NASA.

So, we were here earlier today and had our Valentine lunch date. I was full and tired as we head back home. Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Logo Design

When I arrived home from my lone vacation for three months, my hubby was busy on his business. I saw a box of business card laying on the office table and when I tried to pry on the logo design, it wasn't bad but, I just don't like it. I plan to keep the design but, I want to create something that looks like a corporate logo design. Am I too ambitious for having that on my mind? Actually not! What I am trying to make is that, I wanted to alter the color design a lil bit. The present color design is flat and boring and I want to change it. Of course, I will not discard the ordered calling cards because I have other ways of disposing them. In our neighborhood, there are so many stores that allows people to leave their calling cards on the specific counter. Walk-in customers usually take those calling cards and it's a free advertisement, right? Anyway, we did that before. It was actually a good tool because we got clients from our neighborhood and nearby. Business was doing great at that time and we need that kind of flow. Hoping for the best this year though.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cover Letter of Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence

This vary in case to case basis. Here is a sample on Filing a Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence for those who are married to a U.S. citizen and still is married. File this form with in the 90 days before the second anniversary of the date you accorded conditional resident status.


I- I-751-Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence
* with a Mailer
*Filing Fee/Biometric Fee Money Order $590
* initial evidence : answer to #9
*Permanent Residence Card (copy of front & back)

II- Evidence of the Relationship
A. Wedding Moments
1. Wedding Cards
2. Wedding Pictures
3. Wedding Invitation
4. Wedding Ceremony
5. Wedding Guestbook

III-Evidence of the Relationship
B. Wedding Certificate
C. 2 General Affidavit of Friends (known you since you became a greencard holder)
D. Joint Bank Accounts
E. Joint 2009 Tax Return
F. Joint Ownership of Home
*certificate of the title of the car
*title and abstract
*owner's policy
*special warranty deed
*commitment for title insurance

G. Health Plan Coverage
H. Welcome Letter from HOA
I. Joint Responsibility for Liabilities
* Mortagage Tax
*HOA Fee
*Maintenance Fee

Friday, February 11, 2011

Phone Matters

My husband wanted to organize his smart phone and requested that I should activate all the apps in it. It is a smart phone and therefore, it has anything that you can want in a phone. He complains about email matters and so, I added some email solutions for him. In a day, he can use it and I know his business will be fine and he will thank me for saving him. Actually, for a millionth time. He is not a gadget man but, he learns fast though. Of course, aside from apps that he could used for business, I will also add those social networking sites. Who in this point in time that won't like it? Everyone does, right? Would you believe that his got his newest phone for a half a year and he doesn't like it. You know why? All the apps that he loves are not downloaded and neither activated. So, I end up doing it now and it's easy as 1-2-3! Boom!

At Citywalk Universal in LA

To lighten up my days after working for so many months, I decided to visit a friend in LA. When I arrived there, my friend invited another friend with her husband and the FUN begins!
Here we are in citywalk taking a post in Universal Studious famous area. If you are with Filipino friends, the hang-out activity will be a blast. Picture taking is an activity that is 99% a priority. Say cheeze!Heading to Universal Studios.Here I am taking my favorite past time, taking pictures.
My vacation passed so swiftly! But, I enjoyed it. Wished I could bring my family here.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Most Haunted Keeps Me Interested

This is a guestpost by Darius Boone.

When I look at the television guide each week I always try to plan on trying to find my favorite travel shows. However, with the direc 4 u TV I know that finding my favorite show and watching it is going to be very easy.

Then when I look at the different channels I can quickly see that Most Haunted is on television once a week most of the time. That means that I can rest easy and watch the show that I absolutely love without having to worry about missing anything because of my signal going out.

Now most people may think that this is not a travel show, but I have to beg the differ. The reason that for me this qualifies as a travel show is that it is going to show me different areas of England that I have never seen or been to before. The fact that it provides the history of the region helps me learn more about it as well, but without this information I know that it would be impossible for me to learn about the area. Then I could never decide on where I want to travel to and see.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Animal Kingdom

Anytime I want, I can visit Disney World, one of the the most favorite tourist destination in the world. As a Floridian, locals are given special rates to each park and it is affordable. I love all the parks in Disney World and I love the different themes of their hotels. They are all enchanting and amazing! I took this picture in one of my visits in Animal Kingdom particularly in Kilimanjaro, my most favorite attraction in this park. Why? Guests will have the chance to tour Kilimanjaro and see LIVE animals roaming the area. It is pretty safe and the place is awesome especially for animal lovers. Make this place in your wishlist.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lombard San Francisco

This is the famous Lombard street in San Francisco, California of which I visited last May. This street is a one way section and has eight sharp turns which is considered as one of the most winding street of the world. I love this place and in fact, I promise myself that I will comback and stay in San Francisco for few more days. There is so much to see in San Francisco and the travel will not stop here. By the way, if you travel in San Francisco, it will never be complete without the visit of Lombard Street.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Boys Clothes

Everytime I go for online shopping, I have three priority stops and these are electronics, shoes and boys clothes. I love to shop online in fact, I do it frequently which expecting a delivery is a thrill that gives me joy. I live according to my means though so, it never bothers my finacial capability. How about you? Do you shop online? Check out and see for yourselves the many affordable collections that they have. If you are looking for boys shirts, pants, sweaters, shoes and accessories, this is the Site that you should consider to look into. Their collections are trendy and the price is right on your budget.Visit the link now and enjoy shopping everyone.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Curious Little Chipmunk

Chipmunk is omnivorous and known to be larder hoarders probably in a good way to having enough food for the winter. They have cheek pouches which help them collect as many food as they can and bring it to their burrows. This curious lil chipmunk is very observant and it never was scared of me when I stood so close to him. As you can see, he made a posed!

I took series of pictures as it kept on looking at my direction probably wondering what I am doing. Did you know that because of the sound that they make probably is the reason why it is called chipmunk.I think squirrels are cute but, even if it is cuddly hug-gable, you can't make it as a pet. I asked my husband if I can pet it just for once, he was like ..."what?..." LOL! Here it is, still posing for me and loving my attention!

Cheap Seat Tickets

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Food Network

One of the favorite TV Channels that I stunningly love is FOOD NETWORK. Geez! I am so crazy watching their show line up and couldn't get over it! Right now, I am watching Iron Chef and it inspire me to cook which I am not good at :=)!

In photography, I love to take pictures of the food that I ate. For me, it is interesting, colorful and I can drive myself to eat more LOL. I ate a lot but, my metabolism burn the calories that I ate before I can wink :-) which is a good thing huh?

Car Connection

Would you believe it? Last December, I subscribe few magazines about cars and I just received my first subscription. I just love to know each cars that I saw on the street especially when Hubby and I are having a road trip. One time, I saw a Mini Mini Cooper Clubman on the road and I told my husband that I want it as my second car. It is very spacious inside and it looks great too. Well, mazda is a consumer friendly car because the price is just right on the budget especially in this time of recession, this car is totally awesome! Visit the links which are included in this article to view some interesting reviews on these cars. If you are planning to buy one this year, check this Website first to know some of the helpful ideas. Looking for bentley and Mercury Mariner 4X2 ? Don't look anywhere else but, right here in car connection.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Favorite Place in Ocean Springs

Do you love to take pictures? Well, I do! It is a hobby that developed when I was in Elementary grades!I love to take pictures and whatever it is that I find interesting, I took a snap of it. Above is an example of the kind of caption that I am interested to capture. This is Ocean Springs in Mississippi showing the view of the bridge and the casinos in Biloxi area. We are on the Front Beach and since it was a nice day to unwind on the beach, I can't help but take few shots of this wonderful place.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I love to travel and my vacation to the Philippines gave me so much joy that I would treasure as long as I live. It was a long vacation but, 3 months is not enough to visit the beautiful places and meet the friends that I longed to see. Now that I arrived home safely, Hubby and I plan to do cruising. What an exciting thing to look forward to right? Anyway, have you heard about iTravel If you plan to have a vacation, visit this Website and shop for your trip. You will find an exciting and right on the budget travel packages which this Website has to offer. Planning to have a vacation to Mexico and Cuba? Do you want to find a good deal of flights and hotels? Don't look somewhere else! This Website is a one-stop shop on all your travel dealings. They offer cruises and tours too. All you have to do is take a pick of your destination and check their site to find the lowest price guaranteed! What are you waiting for? Visit the link now!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Coco Jam at Duty Free

Last Jan 28 was my scheduled flight back home and I decided to come early at the Manila International Airport. I got there at 6 PM eventhough my flight will be at midnight. Since I was so early, I was able to check my bags and did my security check in two minutes. I was in the secure area at 7PM then, I decided to go shopping. I roamed around the duty free stores inside the secure area. I bought Pili Nuts which reminded me of my old flame LOL. I also bought dried mango which is a Cebu Fiesta brand and a coco jam for hubby. The store clerk sealed it properly so it will be accepted when I pass the gate.

Everything went well and when I arrived Guam, my coco jam was confiscated! I told the lady officer that I bought it from Duty Free, it was sealed properly with a receipt inside the sealed container and I came from a secured area heading to my connecting flight. Well, she did have her reason and she confiscate it anyway. If you plan to have a carry on such as coco jam from duty free, beware! It will not get through in Guam! I hope Duty Free will stop selling COCO JAM to avoid the hassle from the customer.

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