Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fresh from Florida Parade

As promised, here are the pictures that I took today during the parade.This is my favorite float and I admire the flower design, so artistic and beautiful.Was disappointed to see no oranges here...Hubby and I went to Downtown Orlando early because when there is a big activity in Orlando, the streets are terrible with traffic. Actually, an hour early is not bad because we were able to find a good parking lot for $5 and it's along Central Avenue. We found a good spot right along the Summerlin Street near the Lake Eola Park. It was shaded and not so crowded.
Click here if you want to see more pictures of the floats in the parade----> Orlando Citrus Parade 2011. Happy New Year to everyone. See you next year!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Economic Crisis is Everywhere

If you think there is hunger in your country, the US is no exemption. The US economy is in crisis and it is a common knowledge that right here, there are people who need help too. There are people who are applying for food stamps and when big companies are giving out free turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas, you will be amazed of the long lines of people happy to have the free stuffs. These people lost their jobs and struggling to make ends meet. There are families who lost their homes and all they have are each other living in a compact car. It is a wakeup call that since they rely on food stamps, of course they cannot afford to have a medical plan.

I heard about Ameriplan which is a discount medical and dental plan and an alternative to insurance. If you do not have a family insurance, check it out and maybe you and your family can avail a discount dental plan at reasonable price. There was news a while ago that a dental clinic for the needy was jam packed with people who cannot afford to visit a doctor. It was a blessing in disguise and they are doing what they can to assist everyone. They lack volunteers though because serving the people for free is hard work and needs patience and perseverance. Do not despair because economic crisis is not only in your country. It is all over the world and all we need is extend a helping hand to make this world a better place to live. Start with your neighbor.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Really Lonely

Author: Joseph Sandoval

When I moved here I was really lonely at first. I spent so much time working and when I wasn’t I was too tired to get out and make friends, much less go on any dates. I had a good time watching my directv missouri at first but even that got old after a while – there aren’t any real people coming through my TV screen! The best thing I did after a few months of being bored here was sign up for an adult kickball league – I’ve met SO many people through this sport! It’s actually so much fun…we go out on the field, drink “sports drinks” all night and get to just play around. There’s nothing like a no pressure situation to help your guard get lower and for me it was all a matter of feeling comfortable in my own skin. Moving here was the most independent thing I’ve ever done and it’s been hard being away from my family – no more safety net for me! Life is tough enough without going through it alone.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Disney's Yacht Club

We went to Disney World at Epcot to unwind and since we have an all-year pass to all four parks, we can visit these parks anytime during weekdays. We went to Disney's Yacht Club Resort first to have lunch and we proceed to Epcot. This is the ferry ride that we took and I enjoyed it because the view from the lake is awesome.I took this picture from the Ferry Boat dock of Disney's Yacht Club Resort. This area is gorgeous and they have their own spectacular amenities bringing world class accommodation to tourist all over the world. The picture below is the view at the lakeside.This resort offersroom service, fitness center and spa, beauty salon, shopping area, baby sitting and child services, and more. So, if parents wants an hour or two for a romantic time, they can leave their children in the baby sitting services.The standard room in this resort for this season ranges from $360-$2150. The more beautiful the view is, the more it is expensive and you can only reserve it for a minimum of 4 days to 6 days. Pretty expensive huh?For 360 degrees, the view is amazing and you will not regret to stay in this resort. Your time to visit the theme parks at Disney World will be used wisely because you are near to everything. The ferry boat is just right there at the lakeside area of the resort.Visit disney during the winter season because the weather is cool. If you want the heat of the summer, do so but, it's really hot like 110 degrees. I do not recommend that you will visit Disney during Hurricane season because it's rainy and it will only ruin your vacation. I saw tourist who feel miserable soaking wet and trying to find their way to the hotels. Just a tip. But, if you have no other time, maybe you will find your luck and will have a good time.
I love Disney World and I hope you can visit Orlando soon with your family. It is a nice place for a family vacation.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sci Tech Daily

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If you want to save more money these days, check out some of the available coupons and promo codes offered by this Website. Sometimes, we need to unwind after we read some serious news online. Therefore, it is a good variation that provides some good deals suggestion. With the coupons and promo codes they gave away, this site provides amazing deals that will really lower down your expenses if you use the coupons they provide. Check out the Website now and grab the coupon deals they provide. It is a good marketing strategy that benefits both the site and the readers, right? Sci Tech Daily also accepts links that contains science and technology information. Just let them know through their contact form. Visit the Website now and discover the amazing news about science and technology!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Prescription Eyeglasses

Happy Holidays everyone! Are you done shopping for Christmas yet? Of course, I am not done shopping in fact yesterday; I was at the mall crashing with the crowds who did the same thing. It is always good to do the role of Santa every Christmas. I have a long list but, I do not want to break the bank for Christmas presents. I was checking for affordable gift ideas online and I found products which we often times overlook to buy as gifts. Simple, fashionable and most of all, affordable eyeglasses are available for free shipping at Zenni Optical. These cheap eyeglasses are priced for less than $10 and though these products are cheap, the quality is not compromise at all. Zenni Optical manufactured their own products and directly sold to the customers therefore; their prescription eyeglasses have no overhead charges. From $6 to $46, you can buy prescription glasses for your family and friends as a gift for Christmas. I have known this Website for two years now and they continued to amaze me. My friend introduced Zenni Optical to my cousin when she wanted to buy an extra pair of eyeglasses. Since then, Zenni Optical prescription eyeglasses are affordable yet, durable and fashionable as well.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone

Even though I stayed for three months in CDO last year, I was not able to see the beauty of Cagayan de Oro during Christmas. The project at home made me so busy. One night when my friends wanted to hang out, I got the chance to see the beautiful decorations of our village. Armed with just my low batt cellphone, I wasted no time and took these blurry pictures. I wonder how it looks like this year. The gate of our village always maintain a beautiful decoration for Christmas. Inside the village, houses have amazing decorations too. We did not stay for very long because three of our friends will have to go home towards the downtown and the other village. I miss my place every Christmas because it is always nice to be HOME for Christmas.
I love to attend the Simbang Gabi or Midnight Mass. In the village, the mass starts at 4 AM and it is just good to become part of the tradition.
Christmas in the Philippines is meaningful and celebrated with a joyful heart. "Wala nga talagang tatalo sa PASKO sa PINAS." (",). Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom

I took these pictures during Halloween in Disney World's Magic Kingdom. We went to the Haunted Mansion to know what's the new scary stuffs that they added to this attraction. This lady below is not new at all. In fact, I was waiting for her to roll her eyes.I don't see this when we went last year so; this is newly added. When you touch this, you will hear a sound and water will come out from the stones.This is fun for the kids and kids at heart. While waiting for the line to move towards the door, you can touch this stone and it will make a sound. If you touch the harp, saxophone, trumphet, xylophone and more, it will create a beautiful sound of the musical instrument.This piano will play by itself and if you look at closely, something is moving here.This is the line towards the mansion but, as we move towards it, we enjoyed touching the tombstones and other interesting wall decors. There are so many tricks in here and I bet, children will have fun manipulating these things. It's fun and not at all scary.Click HERE for more pictures.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Insurance is a Must

Our economy is in crisis and most of us are affected by this economic turmoil. It is very common that some families cut down expenses but, what worries me is the alarming ratio of people who cut down their healthcare insurance. Yesterday, I saw the news on TV that there is a dental clinic in the city that offers free dental services for people who cannot afford to have one. This is really good too but, I was just amazed that all of them admit that they do not have the insurance. They cannot afford it so; they cut it down from their expenses.

Having the health insurance in the family is already stress-free. Insurance maybe a burden to pay for now but, in the long run, it will save you more money. How? When any member of your family will get sick, insurance will cover all the expenses. Well, depending on the coverage that you pay. When you get sick, it will definitely consume all your savings because medicines and health services are very expensive. You should think twice now! Find the best health insurance quotes and look for the lower health premiums that you can afford.

The Best Way to Advertise

How was your Black Friday shopping everyone? Did you buy the gadgets that you have been dreaming to have this year? I bet you did! I was shopping on that day and it was amazing that affordable items were displayed even outside the store. There were logo canopy for BOGO (buy one get one) items and the products look so inviting. Even today, they used the big canopy to display the different Christmas trees on sale. Anyway, the spirit of Christmas Holiday is here and every store has their own way to get the attention of shoppers. Some companies promote their products in the stores by using the beautiful trade show flooring and colorful logo mats to advertise their products. If the display is unique and attractive, shoppers are usually drawn to that area. This is the best way to advertise a product and by using the bold colors and the company logo, shoppers will recognize the brand faster. When you drive down the road and see the logo canopy in an open space, curiosity will pull you to drive down to the area. This advertisement works especially when there are car shows, trade shows and more. Don't you think?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Digi Cam Captions

Oh Yeah! Do not bother me or else... (",)LOL. Well, I seldom drink coffee so, I am okay when I wake up in the morning. Some people are not in good humor especially before breakfast right? Anyway, these are the pictures taken while we were in Alabama visiting a friend. I took the time in taking some pictures using the zoom and the natural light in the room.This house sits on a farmland and have no WiFi connection. Not that they cannot afford to have one but, WiFi is not a necessity in their household. I have a Digi Cam that I seldom use so, I tried to get a sample of its functions.I had nothing to do so; I was exploring the different functions of my digi cam. They have collectible items in the house and I took theses pictures as a subject of my photography. Well, I failed! I am not happy with these pictures. The lighting is so bad as well as the angle. Considering these are the best shots that I have for these things.I am not good in taking indoor photos. I tried to get a picture out of an ordinary camera. Maybe, I was using the wrong function because it does not come out right.
The stuff above is really beautiful and vinatage looking. The detail of the subject is a work of art but, I failed to capture it in this camera. The zoom is not enough. I need a macro zoom.
The last picture was taken so bad. The picture is so blurry. I still have to master how to use this digi cam before I can use a DSLR. The focus just so bad. HMMM.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cheap Airport Parking

Whenever you need a parking space in the city of Orlando, you can find it easy thru mco parking. Cheap Airport Parking is a Website that provides the parking location that is conveniently located to where you need to go. There are parking spaces here in Orlando which are covered and within easy walking distance to the airport. If you want a valet parking, that is not a problem. Just click the link above and you will be directed to the Website. You pay for less but, you park in a secured location.

Why pay for a higher rate when you can pay $3.95/day at Cheap Airport Parking? You can choose from valet parking to self-parking, whichever you want. The rates are almost the same really. Most of these parking spaces offer baggage handling assistance and shuttle service to/from the airport. If you prefer the valet parking covered or outdoor, they offer Free Newspaper and a bottle of water. When you are in a hurry, these things are not really necessary but, it is always good to have it for free right? Click the link now and reserve your parking today.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Condo Property

Finding a perfect home is impossible so; we tried to take it easy this time. We bid for two houses last week and presently waiting for the response from the sellers. If we cannot get any of the two properties, we decided to just focus on finding another Condo Sale. We own two condo properties and they both have been paid off. Right now, we are ready to find a new property that we can rent out for some extra income. We really wanted to own a house with a big yard but in four months we have had no luck in closing our bids.

Anyway, while I was checking some condo properties, I was curious about the properties in Asia especially Singapore. I visited Condo Expert Website and I found a condo property nearby East Coast Park for $1300 to 1500. I thought the price is about right considering the location is great and the unit is ready to move in. If you are planning to migrate to Singapore because of work transfer, finding a good place is not hard. The Condo properties in Singapore are vast and the amenities are contemporary. Do you want to check it out? Just visit the link above.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Spending Time Together

Are you planning to have a date with your husband on Valentine's Day? Where do you plan to go? I bet you want to visit a place where you can spend time together, right? Visit a place where you can have the time to relax and away from the busy life at work. Do you want to surprise him with something unforgettable? Sometimes, we need to do extra special for our husband and surprise him with unexpected moments.

The relationship between husband and wives are sacred in the eyes of God. Spending time together is important so you can create that moment that will linger forever. When you are both alone and away from the stress of work, you ignite a spark of your relationship as a couple. It adds another year of a romantic and happy married life. The bond of marriage stays stronger if you find time to spend alone with each other.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lake Front House

Our friend lives in a beautiful neighborhood with the backyard facing the lake. They have a private boat dock and a cozy Tiki Bar. Their backyard was transformed into a beach front complete with Adirondack chairs and Picnic Tables. They added white sand to make it look like a beach front. It is really beautiful. The front of the house has different set up because it looks like a park with beautiful landscape and a flower garden with four Park Benches in each corner.It is a cozy place to hang out and we love to visit them. The tiki bar is all set for a party anytime. The green Adirondack chairs that they have are cozy and comfortable to sit on. Boating is the favorite activity during weekends. Friends love to hang out in their place for fishing and grilling. Everyone loves the sitting area in their backyard. Anyway, if you have a big yard, you should buy Adirondack chair because it is made for comfort. The design is truly the work of art. The design of Adirondack chair enhances the beauty of the backyard. If you plan to buy, visit Terrabound Solutions Company, the right place to shop for Adirondack chairs and other accessories for your backyard. Check it out today!

A Good Day

"We do not remember days; we remember moments." - Cesare Pavese Poet, Novelist (1908-1950) How nice it is to wake up each day with this beautiful sunrise.
"Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries. " -Sister Mary Corita Kent Artist and Educator (1918-1986) This will be more beuatiful if shared to someone you love most.
"The purpose of morality is to teach you, not to suffer and die, but to enjoy yourself and live. "-Ayn Rand Writer and Philosopher (1905-1982) That is why we need to live life according to the norms of the society but, most especially in Christian way. "People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within." -Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Psychiatrist and Author (1926-2004) "A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely" -Roald Dahl British Novelist (1916-1990)"Some people think only intellect counts: knowing how to solve problems, knowing how to get by, knowing how to identify an advantage and seize it. But the functions of intellect are insufficient without courage, love, friendship, compassion and empathy. "-Dean Koontz Author (born 1945)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Finding the Right Product

Some people are just lucky to have a flawless and beautiful skin. I have to accept the fact that I am one of the unluckiest ones. I have been buying Skin Care Products especially Acne Products since I was in my elementary grades. During my Adolescence, it became my major problem. According to my dermatologist, I need to stay away from oily foods and should take enough time for sleep because stress and fatigue can cause it too. Though I am not proud of the scarring results, I got used to it. I switch products from time to time. I have breakouts from time to time. But, using treatment products help diminish, and prevents more breakouts. There are services that offer medications on Skin Problems and that include products with problems on Age Spots. If you are concern with your skin and wanted to lighten the pigment of your skin, visit Murad Website. If you buy products worth $60, you will get the free shipping plus a free gift. That is a deal that you do not want to miss right? Their products are clinically proven so; take advantage of this deal today.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Mens Cologne at Aeropostale

In less than a week, Black Friday shopping will be my top most activity for the day. I will not push myself inside the shopping mall because I know people are rushing to the stores. I have my wish list ready and that includes the school shoes for my nephews and nieces. My cousins were asking for mens cologne from aeropostale. My sister-in-law from the Philippines told me that the products of Aeropostale are popular for teenagers. She wanted me to buy the fragrance especially Hailey and Promise Me. The small size is very affordable and the budget that she sent is about right.

Anyway, I like their belts too especially the braided and the leather. My brother had been asking me to find him a leather belt. If you are planning to shop, hold on to your budget because the prices can only go down for Black Friday and for Christmas Season. This online store has the holiday deals too and they offer up to 40% discount. For more information, visit the Website now and make a wish list. Have the fun shopping on Black Friday!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Yacht Club Resort

Last Monday, Hubby and I were bored at home so; we decided to go to Disney's Yacht Club Resort and had our lunch in one of the restaurants of the resort. Since we had a yearly pass, we decided to visit EPCOT, one of the theme parks of Disney. The picture below is the dock area for ferry boats, the best transportation to visit Epcot or Boardwalk.Part of the grand building of the Yacht Club Resort facing the lakeside. If you have the money, you should check in to this resort. The money you spent is worth it because the access to all theme parks is easy and fast! The amenities in this resort is amazing and jaw-dropping!The picture below is part of the landscape of Yacht Club Resort. That is the life-size replica of a wrecked ship.This is the scenery that awaits you if you stay in this resort. As far as your eyes can see, that is Disney Property and you are in the heart of it! Okay, with this perfect scenery, it will cost you $350/day to $2,150/day on weekday rates with maximum of 5 days booking. Wheewwwww!
If you want to know the amenities, you can check it out in their website.

Puppies vs Babies

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puppies vs. Babies for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love freebies, contest and sweepstakes in fact, I won several times.  Right now, I am very excited because of this unique contest between Puppies vs. Babies. Come on, this is truly exciting because both are cute, right? Check out the picture below and let me know what's on your mind?


If you ask me, I would say that babies are cuter than the puppies. I love the giggles and the reactions of babies. I can play with them and they smell good too. Babies are fun to be with especially when I took the time watching over my nephew P-J. Puppies are cute but, sometimes they are unpredictable and let us all face it, they are animals no matter what and they have limitations compared to babies. My nephew already mumbles words and that is truly amazing. It is really good to hear them talk but, puppies will never do that, right? You can voice out your opinion by casting your vote now. Share your comments below and I would love to hear your ideas. The winner of Puppies vs. Babies online contest will have the chance to win $5,000. Let us give our support by casting the votes up to November 23, 2011. For more information, just click the links above. 

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It Is Not Too Late To Quit

Two months ago, one of our friends died of lung cancer. Dana Reeve, the widow of Christopher Reeve (Superman) also died of lung cancer. There is a shocking truth about their deaths, they do not smoke! Smoking will only harm you and other people. Do you want that the next victim will be one of your family?It is not too late to quit smoking! Do it now and stop for good! Every time you light a cigarette, you are burning your money and your days started ticking. Quit smoking for the sake of those people who loves you!

The View of Nassau Bahamas From the Deck of Norwegian Sky Cruise Line

Exactly a month ago, we travelled to Miami Florida to board the Norwegian Sky Cruise Line which was heading for Bahamas. The weather for that week was cloudy but, it was not a deterrent to cancel our trip for four days. It was an instant booking because we had a family from Spain and we wanted them to go with us too. We arrived at Freeport Grand Bahama Island on the next day and we stayed there from sunrise to 5:30PM. The port is clean and there were transportation waiting for the tourists. I admire the systematic accommodation that they have and we feel at ease when we transact the ride to our destination because the fare/rates were posted clearly on the information board of the port. We paid $10 each (back and forth rides) towards Port Lucaya and the Marketplace. It took us maybe 15 minutes ride towards that destination and it was a long ride really.The place is beautiful and no one approached us to beg for money. I am sorry but, I cannot help but compare it to my experience in Bohol when the bus driver charged me double than what we agreed upon. Anyway, the place we went to is beautiful and clean. It was pleasing to the eyes of the tourists!The next morning, we arrived in Nassau Island. This is Nassau, the home of the world famous resort --> Atlantis and the Paradise Island. Did you know that I was looking for trash on the port and found none? There were temporary tents built along the port, selling for local goods but when I look at the water, it was very clean and so blue. Most of the tourists noticed that too. You can access the Internet for free from the Port connection. But, if you stayed on the ship, the access is not too good because of the strong wind. Some of the cruise staff who were Filipinos took advantage of the free wifi. I saw them occupying one small sitting area inside the Port building and chatting to their families back home. I would recommend that you should visit Bahamas and see Nassau Island. I heard from the locals that the most expensive room in Atlantis costs 25,000/day and you can only book it for 4 days and more. I tried to search for it but, the highest rate available to public costs less than $800. I don't know if that $25K/day is true or not but, the view in Nassau is worth a million! I love Atlantis and it is really huge and grand!

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