Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Studio Backlot Tour at Hollywood Studios

Okay, would you like to ride this?

And is not afraid to experience this?

Then, you are so ready for an exciting #Disney treat!
Visiting Disney is truly a fun way to spend a quality time with your family and loved-ones. It's not only for kids but, for kids-at-heart too. Strolling down the theme park, experience the thrilling and heart-stopping rides, sharing a hearty meal at Disney restaurants, shopping for souvenirs, watching a stage show, meeting Disney characters and playing games are just some of the fun activities which you and your family can enjoy inside Disney theme parks.

There's a lot to explore inside and believe me, one week is not enough! But, make the most of your time while you are here. Get a fast pass to save your time and make a plan the night before. List down the attractions that you want to visit. Focus in one area and move to the next to save your energy. On a rainy season, bring your own ponchos to save big bucks. It's quiet expensive and if you have a big family, it might hurt your wallet.

I took these photos at Studio Backlot Tour. This attraction lasts for 35 minutes. In this attraction, I get to experience the behind the scenes and see the special effects in movie making. This attraction is one of my favorites because I don't need to walk. It's tiring to walk around Disney you know LOL.

By the way, when you visit any Disney theme park, get the guide at the front that way, you can refer which attraction to go first and so on. Remember, plan your time wisely and save your energy.

Here are my favorite attractions in Hollywood Studios theme park:
1. The Great Movie Ride
2. Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
3. Star Tours
4. Lights, Motors and Action
5. Studio Backlot Tour
6. Beauty and the Beast
7. Fantasmic
8. Voyage of the Little Mermaid

I know ... I know ... LOL, those are easy attraction to check out. I am not a thrill-seeker but, if you want the wild ride, I highly recommend these two awesome adrenalin rides!

1. Rock and Roller Coaster
2. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Now, when you enter the Hollywood Studios, go to Sunset Boulevard first , take one fast pass take note of your time then, watch another attraction. When you come out, it will be time to go to the next attraction and you will be happy you did. When you are done with the second attraction, get another fast pass and move to the next attraction in your list. The same strategy to manage your time inside the theme park.

You will probably see all the attractions in your list if its on a weekday but, if it is on a weekend or holiday, the queue is long and that can kill your time in the theme park. If that happens, don't be mad. Just enjoy and make sure the kids are happy.

On every trip to Disney, I noticed that kids are crying because they want to see Mickey and the parents wants to see the Lights, Motors and Action stunts first, LOL. Come on daddy! Children's happiness first okay? LOL.

That's all for now folks. Hollywood Studios is not as crowded as Magic Kingdom so; if you want an easy stroll and you have more time to spend in Disney, Hollywood Studios theme park is a great place to visit. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you had a great time reading my post. I am sleepy so bye for now. Mwahhh!

Roofing Tips: How to Maintain Your Roof

Keeping your roof properly maintained can prevent a number of problems with leaks to missing shingles. How can you adequately care for your roof to help it last longer and to reduce the issues with leaks? At, you can find a number of great tips to help you maintain a roof. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Tip #1: Maintain the Shingles
One of the major issues a roof will face is dealing with leaks when there are missing shingles. The missing shingle problems normally occur after a windstorm, or in the spring after they endure a heavy winter. You need to take the time to climb on the roof at least once or twice a year to look for signs of missing shingles. Correctly replacing the missing shingles will provide additional protection to the roof. To replace the missing shingles, purchase some new shingles and nails. You will need to completely remove the old shingle, and secure the new one in its place. You can use some tar to secure it with the nails, or there are some roofing cement options to choose from. Maintain your shingles properly to provide adequate protection for your home.

Tip # 2: Clean the Roof
A lot of people do not take the time to correctly clean their roof. If you allow dirt, leaves, twigs, and other debris to accumulate on the roof, it can reduce the lifespan of your roof. It usually forces a roof to age quickly, and it will end up leaving you with problems. You need to make sure you are removing all the excess debris from the roof to keep it clean and protected. Clean out the gutters and downspouts to prevent them from becoming clogged. If they become filled with a lot of debris, they are unable to do their job to remove the water from the roof.

Tip # 3: Fix Leaks
Look for signs of leaks near the chimney and around any areas where there are holes in the roof. You need to inspect the attic to search for signs of water damage. If you notice light streaming into the attic, it indicates that you have a slight leak somewhere. Use roofing cement to close the leak, preventing water from getting into the home. You can learn additional roofing maintenance tips at

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

On Our Roadtrip: Beautiful Mountain

When I did my home renovation back home, I hired a dozen of carpenters and masons. It was only a 90-day project so, they have to finish it with in the allotted time frame. They came from a mountainous region so; when they arrived in my town, all they have in mind was going to the beach. On their free day, they went swimming to the beach and they were so excited like a child when parents announced for a Disney Trip. Oh yes, they were!

Little did I know that when hubby and I traveled from Florida to Missouri, seeing the mountains and driving the gorges along the interstate was more exciting than I thought. I was thinking, wow - such a pleasant sight! Living in the coastal is beautiful but, seeing the mountains was spectacular specially when we don't travel this far and not in the direction towards the Midwest.

Beautiful isn't it? We made a stopover in Tennessee and what a gorgeous place. I love seeing the mountains. Maybe in the next year or two, I told hubby that we should visit Chattanooga.

I was wondering where these trucks are heading and they are too many. Traveling from Florida to Missouri was one of the best road trips that we have. Honestly, we booked a flight to Kansas but, we canceled it. We decided to have a road trip instead. The weather in October was beautiful and we were happy with the decision that we made.
I took the photo above at early morning, outside the hotel where we stayed for the night. I was wondering what's it like on a snowy days here.

It was a foggy morning and it's about 7AM and we were ready to hit the road after breakfast. What a gorgeous day it was! This is the front of the hotel and yes, the hotel was built on a hill. The view is so surreal and I could live here you know. A very peaceful and beautiful place.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Look Up : Blimp in the Sky

The weather is so nice and cool today. We were driving by the neighborhood and saw a blimp in the sky. I cant figure out what advertisement it has and blimps don't usually wander in our neighborhood. They usually fly over by the beach area. I was thinking they probably will land on the airport just next to our neighborhood.

It is pretty big because when the blimp was above us, it covered a big area around us. It was like a huge umbrella or a big bird shadow covered us below.

Since the trees are tall, I wasn't able to see if the blimp really went to the airport. I have no idea where it went if it's not the airport. It's about 5 minutes away from our place.

Well, as of this time, we arrived at home and the blimp already passed by and I was still taking the pictures.

Zooming in and hoping to see the name printed on the blimp but, no avail because I can't see it really.

That's all for now.  I have so many photos to share but, I can't keep up. Almost every two weeks I got sick. Oh boy! I hate it! When I am super quiet in my blogs, you should know that I am not feeling well. Thanks for stopping by.

Which Murray State Housing Is Right for You?

Murray State housing has much to offer young college students. One can find villages or communities that are within walking distance to campus that offer both privacy and social interaction. Modern amenities accompany these communities, including pools, hot tubs, laundry facilities, high speed internet connections, and much more.

Stressful Preparation

There are many stresses involved in preparing for college life. For example, young people often feel like they must decide right now what they want to do for the rest of their lives. They must then pick a handful of colleges that they would enjoy attending and hope that one of them will accept their application. They are forced to consider how they will be paying for school and where they will live while they are attending classes.
With average student debt amounts on the rise, many students are concerned about living expenses. Should they get a job on campus? Should they sacrifice their standard of living by choosing to live in crummy apartments that probably still cost too much?
If there is one piece of advice that many college graduates could offer new, incoming freshmen, is that they should just relax and stress as little as possible. In order to do this, new students should just take the time to think about what is most important to them and pursue it rather than get overwhelmed by the enormity of choices available.
What’s Important? 

When it comes to college life, students can be as involved as they want to be in social activities. Consider, though, that this is an important time in life to choose to be social. College is the time and place where proper balance is established between studies and play and where lifelong friendships are forged.  
It is also important to be close to campus and to live among people who have common ages and interests. For example, one single woman of twenty-five searched only for living quarters that had older students rather than freshmen living there.
Murray State housing boasts of a variety of options for students. How to narrow the list down must depend on what is most important to you.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Orlando Makes Me Smile

I love living in Orlando and if there's one thing that I despise? It's the crazy traffic. Well, if the city booming and since Disney World, Sea World and Universal Orlando are here too, crazy traffic is expected. Other than that, I love living here. This year, we are planning to move back to Mississippi though. I know right? Totally the opposite state but, there are many things that we can do for fun there too. I will surely miss Orlando Florida and we will be visiting here often because we have two investment properties here and we have no plans of letting it go. We love Orlando and yes, this place makes us smile.
Taken by me during the Citrus Parade in Orlando.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why Are Some Car Dealers Better than Others?

Whether you want to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle is insignificant when investigating car dealerships. The shopping guidelines are pretty much the same in both situations. Buyers need to complete research, find a reputable dealership, and test drive the vehicles of choice on various road conditions. One slight difference is that used vehicles should be checked by a private technician to ensure that they are in excellent shape. Kansas City car dealers are usually honest, but there is always that one bad apple. How can you avoid crooks? Here is some good advice.

Reputation Is Gold
Never underestimate the value of what other consumers think and mention in online reviews. These concerned citizens want to help others by sharing their experiences. They want to prevent others from falling into similar traps as they did. Customers posting positive statements want to further the business of car salesmen who went beyond the call of duty to offer the best possible service. Read as many testimonials as you can find on the Internet, and ask trustworthy relatives and friends for recommendations.
Aim for a Large Inventory
Establish which type of vehicle you want to purchase. Not every dealership in your area has that brand or model on their lot. One location may only sell used or new vehicles, while there are dealerships that deal in both types. Visit numerous local car suppliers in person or study their website from the convenience of your home. Verify store hours if you want a chat with a salesperson.
Evaluate Prices
This is one of the main differences between car sellers. The automotive industry is very competitive, which means that there is always wiggle room. However, why start with an inflated price tag when there are dealers willing to be reasonable? Comparison shop before deciding where to purchase your next ride. Inquire which companies offer financing. Not everyone has the means to pay cash for a car.
Look into Customer Service
It should become quite clear during an initial investigation who really appreciates customers. Dedicated Kansas City car dealers pay attention to the needs of their car and truck buyers. They make satisfaction their highest priority. They even have “Service and Parts” departments that are open extra hours to fit today’s customers' hectic schedules.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Quick Visit in Magic Kingdom at Disney World Florida

I was trying to find my new photos of #Disney but, I am in a hurry today so; the easiest set of photos that I can share right now are the ones taken in Magic Kingdom. I remember we went here at 3 PM because there are activities at night time that we wanted to see.
Halloween at Disney World
It is still hot in October in Florida so;
wearing caps, shorts, flipflops and sneakers are the best.
This is the Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom.
the castle...
heart stopping ride
Indian Village
A good place to see fireworks at night.
ice cream time
Taking a souvenir photo.
Pluto time
This month is the best time to visit Disney because it's not crowded and the wait for the attraction is not long. Disney visit is more relaxing before and after Valentine's Day event. If you hate crowd, visit on weekdays particularly Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Go there early and avoid the holidays. Just a tip. Have a great day y'all.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to Find Experienced Plumbers

Finding the right plumber to work on your home or business building can be a difficult challenge. It is important to find a person you know you can trust. Sadly, there are some plumbing companies that try to cheat people out of their money. How can you find Salt Lake City plumbers you can trust to work on your home or office? Here are some tips to follow that will prevent you from hiring the wrong people.

Legal Requirements
Always research the legal requirements needed to practice plumbing in your area. If you are building a home, there are city requirements for plumbing needs along with state requirements. Ask the plumber for a copy of their plumbing license to verify their information. Ask the plumber if they have liability insurance. The liability insurance is needed to protect homeowners from serious repairs and expenses related to plumbing needs if there is a problem after they leave your home.

Research the reputation of the plumber before you hire them. You need to make sure you are hiring a person that other people trust. Ask your neighbors for a reference as this will help you to find a plumber you can trust. You need to research their reputation online. What do the reviews say about the plumber? Were they late to their appointments, do they charge reasonable fees, can they provide emergency services? The more you learn about the plumber, the easier it will be to narrow down your list to hire the right one. As you research the company, find out how long they have been in business. You want to find a company that is established in the area, and has been around for several years.

Compare Quotes
Based on the plumbing needs you have, you need to call several plumbers and compare quotes. Some companies will offer a bid over the phone, but this is something you need to be skeptical about since they cannot give you a true offer until they see what must be done. Ask about emergency plumbing services to find out how much they will charge, and how quickly they can come out to your home. The best Salt Lake City plumbers will price match quotes, without jeopardizing the quality of their work.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bundle Up, Stay Safe and Warm

The thought of having below 28 degrees of temperature while living here in Florida is exciting. Today, we get to experience that and most of my friends are wishing of rain so that; we will get to experience snow but, that's not happening though. As I went outside, the sun is shining so bright, the wind is chilling to the bones and yap, we need to bundle up since we are not used to this temperature.
It was 17 degrees below freezing so; here is the frozen bayou but, it's thin ice though.
There was two gators down the water but, it's not visible on the picture.
They're not moving and they hate cold. The bird is teasing them lol.
Here is the close caption on the water. It's fascinating to see ice.
These are snowflakes on the top of the car.
I braved myself to have this photo taken without my coat and mittens on.
 It lasted few seconds and I was freezing.
My hands were numb , silly me.
The bayou and it was frozen with thin ice.
The sun is shining but, it was still very cold.
It was 7AM , cold and breezy.
I went closer and took a photo of the frozen fountain.
I took few shots and ran inside the car to keep me warm.
Wooo! It was freezing cold!
I live in Mississippi and Florida so; having a below freezing temperature is quiet an exciting experience. Other than that, I am happy that our temperature is not brutally cold. Though we have a scorching summer, I am totally happy for that. Less hassle and most of all, we get to enjoy the beach most of the time. Buddle up you guys and stay safe and warm!

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