Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sleeping Bags

On the first night when we moved to our new home, I pull out our sleeping bags from the box and I used one set for me. The house was ready to move in but, the thought of having so many home buyers who walked inside the bedroom seemed untidy to me. I decided to cover the whole carpet in the bedroom with a blanket afraid that something will crawl in the middle of the night. The first night, our appliances and furniture's did not arrive so; sleeping bag is a great alternative. It was very comfortable and I sleep so soundly. My thoughts of crawling creatures don't exist at all. My whole body was all tucked in and I felt secure. This thing is not only good for camping but, a good alternative in uneasy situation. Of course the next day, I realized that my imagination was just wild. The whole carpet was very clean and tidy. Nevertheless, I did my general cleaning in preparation of our moved-in day. Our furniture's and appliances arrived early that day and we fixed our bedroom first. Keep a sleeping bag set in your closet because it is very useful especially when you encounter a situation similar like mine.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Logo Design Company

I sure did miss my Glee friend's way back in College Days. I remembered the exciting stage performances, the music that we sang inside the little theatre, the camaraderie and most of all, the good times. December is a time for Reunion and get-together party and so; we decided to have one for our group. We even planned to have a T-shirt printing as a remembrance so, we started searching for a Logo Design Company. We are still trying to design a logo which we can use in all our Glee dealings and communications. So far, most of us are willing to push the get-together and volunteered to purchase the t-shirt once the design is finalized. The scheduled event would actually conflict with another party that I am committed to attend. Nevertheless, I would definitely try my best to come and be with them on this special moment. Most of us are blessed with successful careers and a family of our own. It is good to see them all soon and I am so excited to know the latest achievements of their lives. How about you? I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends. Don't forget to share your blessings especially to those who are in need! Have a blessed Christmas!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rice Cakes and Etcetera

One of the favorite foods that I missed in the Philippines are Mongo Siopao and "kakanin" such as PUTO and SUMAN of which, rice is the main ingredient. My neighbor who can prepare these goodies deliciously offered her services to make one for me.
I gave her enough budget good for 30 person and we decided to visit Devine Mercy Hill. It is a religious and a holy place for devotees of the Devine Mercy. It is where you can find the 50 ft. statue of Jesus, who is the source of the Devine Mercy.
What a nice activity to enjoy the food that I missed; having a good time with my mom and neighbors that the company I enjoyed so much.
I still love the simplicity of LIFE. The simple taste of food that satisfy my food craving and the fun that could last a lifetime.

The picture above is called Peanut Kisses, locally made from Bohol, a place in the Philippines where good food and amazing scenery is located. I had a wonderful Christmas Holiday in the Philippines!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Del Monte Pineapple Plantation in Bukidnon

My friend I were planning to visit DAHILAYAN in the Philippines where the longest ZIPLINE in Southeast Asia is located. Sometimes, planning would yield to realization but with us, it would only caused us procrastinating. So, when one decided to go, it's no turning back! We grabbed our stuff and GO! Here we are at Camp Phillips Bukidnon.

If you want to visit this place while having a vacation in the Philippines, just book a flight to Cagayan de Oro City. From the airport, you can ask a taxi for around 1K-1.5K round trip or better yet, pay 2,500 heading to Dahilayan Zipline. You will pass by Del Monte Plantation too. If you are looking for an affordable tour guide, drop a message here and I will share to you the contact number of a tour guide that I know.

We are just having fun in the middle of the pineapple plantation. Did you know that during harvest time, you can eat as many pineapple that you can eat for FREE. Strickly for eating in the premises but, you can't bring home for Free!

Filipinos call this place as little Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines. The weather is very nice and cool. When you visit this place, protect yourself from cold weather. You should reserve a jacket.When I was in college, I frequent this place because some of my friends lived here. Oh I love this place. I love the pine trees and the cute and colorful houses of the employees.
The Pineapple Plantation of Del Monte Philippines is located in Mindanao, just few hours drive from the city of Cagayan de Oro.
The picture above shows how they water this pineapple farm. In some areas, they water the farm using a private plane.
If you want to visit Del Monte Pineapple Plantation in Bukidnon, hire a taxi or contact a Filipino tour guide.

Friday, December 3, 2010

XU Glee Club Batch 90's

The best days of my life as a student was when I joined Xavier University College Glee Club. Our conductor/trainor/musical director/mentor was the late Professor Lino Y. Abrio. I was accepted and become a member since 1989 up to 1995.

When I auditioned and was accepted, it made my life exciting and fun. I love to sing and being in the choir. Music is an inspiration and as a Glee Club member, singing gave me the power to dream. These pictures was taken when we went to Ateneo de Davao University to do a concert. I can't remember how many days we were in Davao but, all I remebered was the happy moments. We have fun as we chartered two buses to Davao.
I am proud to say that all of us in these pictures graduated a Bachelors Degree and landed a stable job.
Thanks to LongLong and Father Cuna for their precious time and financial support to XU College Glee Club.

I missed the song, the music, the faces, the friendship, the laughters and the performance.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Divine Shepherd Memorial Park

Divine Shepherd Memorial Park is located in Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City. Almost 10 years ago, one of my close friends was buried here. He died of a car accident and it was the first time that I was able to visit this place because of him.
For all these years, every All Saints Day and All Souls Day, I visited not only him but also my dear Tito and some friends that I have known for life.
When I arrived the Philippines, I visited Divine Shepherd to say a little prayer for them who holds dear to my heart.
Life is truly precious! We should not waste it for nothing! Do something nice to others everyday!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Big Year, Big Break

This guest post is written by Bill Manley.

I don't think I've been more ready for a Christmas break since I was in college, 15 years ago. This year has been a pretty busy one after getting promoted at work, my pay increased, sure but so did the workload, of course! I've been burning the midnight oil pretty regularly here, especially with the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, so it's hard to catch up.

Either way, that's why I'm ticking off the days on my calendar until December 23. That's when the wife and I are going to visit our daughter, Sarah, for the first time in a few months. We'll trim the tree, roast marshmallows and sing Christmas songs just like we always did. It's truly going to be great! I'm looking forward to just taking it easy at Sarah's. It will be nice to spend the time with her and her husband, plus her three adorable dogs who may just be spoiled more than a grandchild would be! Plus, after hearing about this great Phoenix sears hvac offer they've started redesigning like every room in the house, so it'll be all brand new when we get there. Can't wait! One more day down!

Friday, November 26, 2010

My Project at Home

When you have limited resources, you could only plan a project according to your capabilities. When I arrived here in the Philippines a month ago, I decided to extend my place. I hired 15 workers and make one bedroom and a dining area. Here are the progress for the last 8 days now.
The picture above is the progress in 5 days. They are done with the second floor flooring.
The picture above is when they did the posts.
Here is when they did the mapping.
This is when they dug the hole for the posts about 4 feet deep.
The second floor concrete flooring was poured in. The picture below is when I took the picture at the second floor showing the street below.
Showing the materials ... the wood framing would costs a lot. So, if you have these wood materials, after the concrete project will be completed....will be useless. On my part, I will either donate it to my relatives or, make a wood house in my aunt's place. These wood framing materials costs almost $1,500.
Some workers were having a fun time up there. careful!
Anyway, it is now in their 8th day, they are framing the rooftop.

They will stop for 8 days after working for 12 days just to season the concrete flooring. They will resume after those days and probably, my project will resume for another 15 days and will be done by then,HOPEFULLY!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Philadelphia Flyers

Guest post of the week by Nestor Nielsen:

I am a huge Philadelphia Flyers fan, so needless to say I was hugely disappointed when Danny Briere was suspended three games for laying the wood on some punk Frans Nielson of the New York Islanders. This is a disturbing trend because my Philly boys are known for toughness, and the nancy boy commissioner Gary Bettman is trying to crack down on the crosschecking and bad boy style of hockey for some reason, even as he encourages fighting and rough play of the legal kind. Like how is my boy supposed to know when to say when? Seems a little contradictory to me, all this encouraging of violence and discouragement of crosschecking.

All of this started when I was watching a game on my expert satellite TV between the aforementioned Islanders and the best team in the history of the world, the Philadelphia Flyers. Anyone who watches the Flyers knows that are awesome and have kick butt colors and will beat your brains out and give you H-E double hockey sticks. So when Frans got laid out it was no surprise, and the crowd cheered and even Islanders fans left the game with renewed respect for Philly. Then the suspensions happened, and now everyone's angry. Seriously Bettman, quit micro-managing the sport.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lechon in the Philippines

If the US needs to have TURKEY for thanksgiving, in the Philippines, it is LECHON. It's been two weeks since I arrived Cagayan de Oro City and still I am craving to find a tasty lechon. My husband call this roasted pig.
The family of my husband (except the brother) had no idea what's the taste of a lechon. His brother who lived Hawaii for so long, loves lechon and was able to share the preparation of cooking a Hawaiian lechon which is very different in the Philippines. The other siblings of my husband would wonder what's the taste of our lechon but, since we can't find a place to buy or make lechon, there's no way that I can share how delicious lechon is, right?

Friday, November 5, 2010

I Am in the Philippines

March 27, 2008 was the date I traveled to the US for the first time. It was a bitter sweet moment because I left during the reading of honors in the school where I worked for 12 years. That was a decision of no turning back. I sat in the airport lounge thinking of my future. For almost 3 years, I am back to my beloved homeland and I am so happy.

The experiences of seeing the jeepneys, commuting, the crazy traffic, the lechon, and the faces of my family and friends that I longed so dearly got me so excited. I will be in the Philippines for three months and I will make the most of my stay here. It is good to be home.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Multiple Sclerosis Diet

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Friday, October 15, 2010

I Love Disney World

I love Disney World. I have been here many times but, can't get enough of it. I love the fireworks display and everything inside. The amazing characters that I met and all the wonders of cinema magic really brings out my childlike emotions and enthusiasm.There are so many parks in Disney World that I still yet to visit. When I am inside the park such as Hollywood Studio, Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom, I usually go to my favorite attractions OVER and OVER again. Sigh! My bad! Every park and every attractions really brings thrill and excitement to the YOUNG and Old-alike!
The castle at night is truly enchanting! It changes colors from time to time and the music can be heard in the entire, I am now in my hallucinating world of fantasy! But, kidding aside, Disney World is the perfect place to bring your family! If you surprise your children and let them choose where they want to go, it will be memorable!

Inside the park, I can't help but noticed some families have their separate route. Children wanted to watch the stage show of Lion King and father wants to see the motor cross stunt! The best way to save your time and watch most of the shows is PLANNING and get the FAST PASS! Get along with your kids! After all, this place is really for CHILDREN. Children-at-heart goes second, LOL!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gay Places to Visit

As I sit here and flip my albums, I realized that I have so many gay friends and I love them all. They gave me inspirations and no matter what activities I go to, they always gave colors to it. I have a long lost friend in high school and recently found him in one of the social network. He lives in San Diego Hillcrest Area and a successful nurse. Most of my gay friends are successful. I am so proud of the career accomplishments of my friends because I was with them in their struggles. There maybe certain beliefs that we don't agree but, we manage to maintain friendship for long years and that's because of the respect we gave to one another. In fact, I am more closer to my gay friends than the "others" who pretend to be righteous. Back home, we love to hang out in Restaurants and Coffee Shops just to observe the people around us. We admire the fashion wear, make up balance or hair styles and they would give a big sarcastic comments. I would laugh! Of course, I love being with them because they are sincere and I am safe. They are the kind of friends who I can trust and every moment with them is FUN. Anyway, if you are planning to visit gay places, click the link here and I hope you will enjoy. Have Fun!

Biloxi Offshore Kickoff 2010

May 20-23, 2010- (Biloxi, Mississippi) Hubby and I went to Hardrock to enjoy the lunch buffet. We forgot about this big event happening on this date. It is the 6th Annual Smokin' the Sound, racing boats are here in town. I took these pictures at the Hardrock parking garage, a good location to see the spectacular boat race.

Those cars parked below owned by the spectators from different places. Most of them are tourist who come to Biloxi and enjoy the fun activities, eat good food and stay in the resorts in this area. This event is the first race of the year for the Offshore Super Series powerboat Racing Association. It was indeed spectacular! Colorful race boats with an airshow of helicopters that hover above the boats as they race for speed. It truly roars and the excitement is non-stop adrenalin rush!
The picture above shows the helicopter as it hovers the boats on the race. There were premium viewing areas provided by the sponsors such as Beau Rivage, Hard Rock, Small Craft Harbor, The Isle Casino, Pt. Cadet Marina, and The Dock Bar & Grill. Luckily for us, we are not in the premium area but, where we are is just an amazing place to watch it close.
A snap shot taken from where we are, Hard Rock Biloxi parking garage. Those who are not contented with this place, pay for a wristband to see it closer. Wristband prices were $ 10 to $25 and amazing location awaits you.

This is good for me and my hubby and it's FREE! Thanks Hard Rock! The roaring sound of the speed boats on the race is really LOUD! This location is perfect and the shade with the breeze from the Gulf is all we need to enjoy a world class spectacle such as this Smokin the Sound!

Family Vacation

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dining Area

We are so happy with the condo that we bought this year. It is move in ready and all we have to do is decorate and put the furnitures into place. After living here for few weeks, unpacking is endless. Everyday is a task to get done. Here is our dining area which is good for four. This room is what we need for now and we have so much room for the two of us. I still need to add some wall decors but for now, it looks like this.
This is what the dining area looks like when we first move into this condo.
On the far right is our kitchen. I will show you next time how we created a space into this not-so-spacious kitchen.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

At Night in Ocean Springs

This picture was taken on our last night in Ocean Springs. The sky just turned so strikingly beautiful. We were in awe as we gazed up the sky! It was already sunset when I took this picture. Isn't it lovely?
We bought some groceries at Walmart and as we drove back to the house, this was the sky...just perfect! As I close my eyes right now, this view is so vivid in my memory and I can't help but, smile!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Website Hosting

I have three main Websites and was very proud to say that two of which already have domain names. I am still planning to find a good website hosting company for the other blog. I was actually looking for affordable and reliable which can cater to my needs as a blogger. The bandwidth and email should be unlimited because I blog a lot and download so much files. If I have problems relating to my Website, I need a company that has an excellent customer service who are available 24/7 at least. As a blogger, I need a hosting company that is fast and never slows down. It would be a disappointment if ever I encountered problems and can't resolve right away. How would you feel if you tried to contact the hosting company and all you get is an answering machine? A live person is great especially when there's technical issues encountered. I am still contemplating whether to get it or not. But, having a good hosting company would really help me a lot. The possibility of getting a Website Hosting company will be realize soon. It will make my blogging business rolling. The price and features matters a lot that is why, I am still scouting for one. I will let you know once I have it. How about you?

Harbor Landing

When you appreciate the beauty of the places you visited, it is but normal to miss them. This was taken in Harbor Landing Restaurant in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.I love this place because of the view of the Gulf of Mexico. My favorite food is kicker, it's a side order and it taste spicy and so yummy. This place is also a yacht club. They have a huge storing facility at the other side of the building which house the boats. Today, I miss this place and the view of the beach.

Bad Weather in Orlando

If it's Hurricane Season, Orlando will always got a bad weather. The pictures below were storm clouds and it did rain so hard in some parts of Orlando. Other areas had only dark and scary clouds but, it fades away so quickly.

We were supposed to have our grocery at Walmart but, we decided to stop in Golden Corral to have dinner instead. We stayed less than two hours and when we went out, the storm clouds had passed.I took the picture of the clouds above the Golden Corral building. The wind blew wildly and we went in in a hurry before we will be caught by the rain.

The picture above was the scary clouds that started forming. It seems that it was ready to swallow us in whole!

Houston Auto Repair

Few days ago while we were driving on the highway, there's a huge smoke emitting from one street ahead of us and it made the traffic slower. It was then we realized that there was a car caught on fire. It actually looks like an Acura TL . I got scared! Because recently, our car is acting up strangely for few days. Then one time, our car just quit in the middle of the traffic. It was a scary situation! After seeing that incident, we decided to have our car fix. If you live in Houston, visit Houston auto repair. If you need services such as oil change and brake job just check it out today. It was truly a stress-free feeling once we knew that there were only minor fixes for our car. As of now, I am confident to use it. It was indeed different when it drives smoothly and no humming sound.

Grilled Chicken With Shrimp Scampi

Hubby and I had nothing to do today so, we decided to find good eats. We decided to go to RED LOBSTER and I chose this entree'. Hubby ordered only the scampi and potato with sour cream.

I never had grilled chicken for a long time so, I ordered this and guess what? I had no regrets because it's tender and the taste is so good. I can only wish for a steamed rice. Try it!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Office Room Decors

Today, we went shopping and looking specifically for furniture's and wall decors to put in my office room. We first called our friend because she loves the home store that we will be going to. The three of us ordered our lunch meal first before shopping around the store. This store has a restaurant and the food is really great and affordable. Of course, since I do not have a breakfast meal, I ordered a full fish fillet entree'. We sit there for a while and talk about the good times just to kill the time. Then, I showed them the book shelves that I wanted to buy. Actually, we end up buying so many stuffs for the kitchen and the office room. I was almost tempted to buy a clock which looks like a hermle clock but, we prioritized the big furniture's first. I was happy with what we purchased today. In fact after our dinner, I assembled the kitchen rolling table and put the necessary kitchen wares under it. For the office book shelves, I will assemble it by the weekend because I will go to Disney World tomorrow. I need some relaxing time away from the house and enjoy my favorite park. Everyday, wall decors and furniture's were being put together in each corner. Probably, I will finish unpacking in two weeks time. Moving to a new place is FUN, right?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cagayan de Oro City Fiesta 2010

It is so nice to see these pictures right? These are the property of SOCORRO, taken during the city fiesta of Cagayan de Oro 2010.
After seeing these pictures in her FB account, I asked her if I can share it to my readers in this blog. She gave me permission of course.
I remember this area. I saw the sign of DXCC so, this is Velez St nearby the junction of Marcos Bridge( W), Macabalan (N) and heading to Lapasan on (E).
The location of the photographer is in the park of VICENTE de Lara which is nearby Central Bank and the Provincial Capitol of Misamis Oriental.

I can only imagine the crowd in this area who came from the East side of the city such as Lapasan, Cugman, Gusa, Bugo who occupied this place because it is very convenient.

Here's one of the participants of the parade, I guess that is Bugo National High School. I am not really sure though. I wish to come home next year for the Fiesta Celebration!

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