Sunday, October 30, 2011

Solar Pool Covers

How's the weather in your place? Are you ready for the Halloween this week? We all know that in most places, the Halloween this year would be different and exciting because the snow is showing up. Gosh! Winter is so early right? Do you miss the summer? I bet you miss swimming in your pool and enjoyed the sunbathing moment with your friends. Anyway, winter is here and so; it is time to cover the family pool. Are you planning to buy solar pool covers? Check out the link and find the pool covers that best suit on your budget. What is the theory behind pool covers anyway? As I read through, I gathered that pool cover is based on raising the pool water temperature by absorbing sunlight during the day. It will also retain the heat at night and preserving the heat which is generated by a solar pool heating system, heat pump, or gas heater. It is good to cover the pool because covers float flat on pool surface and it keeps the water free of debris. It also reduces overall pool water evaporation as much as 95 percent and reduces heat loss due to rapid night time evaporation. Did you know that it reduces the cleaning time and deterioration of water quality? Visit the link for more information today!

What is the Best Hosting?

Are you looking for a web site hosting? You should check out the Web Hosting Geeks now and read the reviews of their satisfied clients. Of course, you should consider their honest opinion and you can base your decision from their experiences. When hiring a hosting company, make sure that they have the services that you need. If you click the links above, you will read that most of the clients are satisfied with their services and few have issues with the customer support. But, you should really check it out because in every company, some customers are really hard to please. Besides, you will have many options which hosting company has the best plan for your Website. The best hosting company is the one that provides your hosting needs and that varies to the need of most clients. Anyway, when you visit the links above, you should check out the best Web Hosting Providers for 2011. The lists of the hosting providers vary in their price, plan features and the past clients will definitely influence your decision to subscribe the hosting company or not. I would recommend that you visit the Website first and check out their services. I am sure that you will find what you are looking for.

Coach Checkbook Wallet

The friend of my brother who happen to have a seminar here in Florida wanted to buy a coach product. His wife gave him $500 to buy a coach handbag. While we were inside the store, we were given a 30% discount available to all items. That was an awesome deal. I look for a cheaper item and I found this signature checkbook wallet. The original price was $228 but, with all the discount, I only pay $83.30. It was really a good deal.It has 12 slots for cards, a separate checkbook compartment plus three more compartments for extra cards, bills and for my receipts. This wallet really works good for what I need. Oh well, I bought another coach product for my lappy.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Suites Collection

The US is in crisis but, it is not a deterrent to expand your business to other places. If you have the means to open new jobs for people and help a community gets back to work, that would be awesome! If you are planning to open a serviced offices chicago and currently searching a serviced office spaces chicago then, click the links here. The Suites Collection owns and operates as well as managed some office suites property in Chicago area. They wanted to provide a flexible business space for business owners like you. Visit the links here and check out their properties in the city of Chicago which is located in River North and the Loop neighborhoods. Are you familiar with virtual offices? The suites collection also offers that service as well as the virtual conference room rentals. I did ask my friend who lives in Chicago and she told me that the location mentioned earlier is really in a good area. That is the most important aspect when you open a business. The location matters a lot and this company offers the best location for an office space. They have affordable rental price for an office space too. For more information, check out their Website today.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Fitness Alliance

While on board the cruise to Bahamas, taking the class in the Aerobic Room was one of the activities that I enjoyed the most. I took advantage of the activities on the 4th day and I love the core conditioning and indoor cycling in the morning. The view of Nassau, Bahamas from the Fitness Room was fantastic. It was rejuvenating and I thought, doing exercise every morning is the best activity to start a healthy day. I heard that the 90 Day Review is a good resource when it comes to ideas on Extreme Body Workout and maybe, I would enroll myself in a Fitness Center next month.

Anyway, after the easy work out in the morning, my husband and I went out to International Market in Nassau and bought some souvenir items. We took some pictures and went out to an excursion that we signed up. We had the Highlights, Shopping and Beach Excursion but, we had fun with the latter activity where we stayed on the beach area. We enjoyed watching the other groups having Beach Body and Yoga lessons on the beach. It was really an interesting activity and I had so much fun watching the other group who had a demonstration on the Secret to a Flatter Stomach.

This is a guest post provided by Fitness Alliance.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Enclosed Bulletin Board in our Department

When I was working, I always check out the enclosed bulletin boards of our department. It is the center of communication between the management and us. They use it to post activities and events of a certain week. It was also use to post some important memo and latest rules of our workplace. I already adopt the routine to check it out before I start my day working. Besides, the location is just along the hallway so; it was really convenient. Inside our office, we have enclosed cork bulletin boards. My boss used it to post our schedule for the week and who will be our partner. Our work schedule changes every week so, the bulletin board is a good tool to keep us posted. It saves a lot of time and money because it is easy to relay the important notices in our workplace. Anyway, at home I have enclosed fabric bulletin boards which I have in the office room. I use it to clip my home bills and other important dates of appointments such as regular visit to the doctor. Anyway, if you are looking where to buy any kinds of bulletin board, just check out the links above.

Eyeglasses for Halloween

Are you attending a party for Halloween Night? Have you got your costume yet? I know you are so excited right now and have been preparing the party for days. We are so excited too and right now, I am helping my cousin with her Halloween outfit. Her costume is in the 80's style and she will be wearing eyeglasses. To match her outfit, we check out and found $10 eyeglasses in good quality. Check out the picture below. If you are looking for an affordable eyeglass to match your Halloween costume, just visit Zenni Optical Halloween eyeglasses. You can choose the shapes of the frame, the color and other option to customize it. Zenni Optical is the best online store that I can recommend to you because their price is right on the family budget. I had known this company for two years because of my friends who are real customers of Zenni Optical. If you want quality and affordability, you should check out this Website today. The prescription eyeglasses of Zenni Optical are made in good quality and you can buy it starting at $6.95. Visit the links above and buy the eyeglasses today. I am sure you will find the eyeglasses that will match your Halloween costume. Enjoy the party!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beautiful Prints

When we transferred to our new condo, my husband and I went out for a shopping spree. We wanted to accessorize and decorate our new place with new wall paintings and beautiful work of arts. We are on a tight budget but, we wanted to buy the designs that we love and compliment with the room. My husband saw the works of fairey shepard and appreciate the shepard fairey prints which he saw online. He told me about it and when I check on the collections, I like it. The color and the subject are really interesting and unique. The beautiful obey giant art is truly a work of art and I was dreaming to own one. Well, since these works are good collectibles, the price can hurt our budget but, we will think it over. How about you? Are you planning to buy a good painting and beautiful artwork? Look no further because if you click the links above, you will be directed to a beautiful collection that you might be interested. Visit the link now and check it out. If you love colors, people and intricate designs, you will appreciate these collections. Check the Website today and enjoy your art shopping.

The Mailboxes

I am so amazed of the personalized mailboxes of the houses along the coastline of Florida. There are bacova guild mailboxes and custom mailboxes with different designs and subjects. Hubby and I were traveling towards Saint Augustine Coastline and I simply can't resist observing the beautiful houses. Then I saw swan, gator, cat and dog mailboxes, and I was blown away that in this place, it becomes like a competition. The architectural designs of their condos and houses in these areas are phenomenal and unique. I saw a Deltec house which my hubby called a round house. There are houses that look like a triangle and their mailboxes either matches the property or has animal and garden designs. Driving along the coastline is interesting and fun because the sight is entertaining to observe. The best mailbox that I like is the mailbox that has animal designs especially the big fish. Oh yeah, there are mailboxes that are customized according to their preference. If you happen to pass by the coastline, observe the mailboxes and you will be blown away! If you live in these places and you want to buy new designs, check out the links above. They have hundreds of designs to choose from. Check it out today!

Port Lucaya Marketplace and Marina

Sun, fun and excitement, that is what Port Lucaya has to offer. But, on this particular day, we had fun and excitement minus the sunshine. It was raining hard for few minutes
The fare from the Cruise Terminal to Lucaya Port is $10 for each person, back and forth.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Moving Home

Author: Dorsey Velasquez

For the past five years my sister and her husband have lived overseas with their children. My brother-in-law is in the military and has been stationed in Asia. I was talking to my sister on the phone last night and she gave me great news—they are moving back to the United States after Christmas! I am so excited to have them closer and be able to see all of them more than once a year when they come home to visit. Of course our conversation turned to all of the things they will have to do to prepare for the move. It’s been so long since I have moved I had forgotten everything that goes into relocating. Power, gas, water, internet, phone, television -- it’s especially hard with the time difference to make phone calls to speak with service reps. Fortunately they have internet access at their home so she can do a lot of the research online. We spent half an hour brainstorming websites she should visit. Unfortunately I forgot to suggest she check out ! Oh well, I guess it’s a great excuse to call her again tonight!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mr Postman

One of the things that my husband and I out run each other every morning is checking the mail. Both of us wanted to be the first one to get our mails so; we have this child-like competition. Anyway, our community mailboxes are located along the hallway and it happens that the hallway is just outside our door. It is really convenient for us because when the postman arrives, we are the first to check our mails. It is just funny to note that every day; part of our routine is checking the mail at 10 AM.

I sign up for some magazines that I read and I plan to direct it to another mailbox. I was planning to check the price of the commercial mailboxes in our community or at the post office. I wanted to use my address to important mails only. One time when we went for a vacation, our mailbox was full of trash mails and no space for important mails. My magazines took most of the space of our mailbox too. I really need to purchase one mailbox at the post office soon. We live in a condo and our mailbox is just like the apartment mailboxes with standard size. Nevertheless, we have so many mails every day and the option is to get a new mailbox at the post office.

At The Miami Port

Miami Florida is a nice place but, since hubby and I does not like traffic, this place is not our favorite. We only come here for a short vacation and usually we stay away from the city. Anyway, last Monday we traveled from Orlando to Miami Port to board for our cruising trip to Bahamas. It took us 4 hours on the road and one time we missed our turn but, we arrived safely and on time. When we boarded the ship, time went fast!Since the room was not ready yet, we wander on the amenities of the ship. Then, when we were tired,we stayed on this area for so long to appreciate the view of the Miami Port.My husband and I were talking about this beautiful sight. We love watching CSI Miami TV show and this view was featured a lot when crimes happen on the port.
It was drizzling on and off but, all the guests were on the top deck watching the view of  Miami City.
When we arrived the Miami Port, there were so many cruise ships ready to sail away. Miami Port is one of the biggest cruise ships capital of the world. There were different cruise ship at this time such as NCL, Carnival and Royal Caribbean.
Our first plan was to rent a car from a rental company. But, all cars were rented out on this date so; we decided to drive our car and leave it in a private parking lot. It was not a nice parking lot but, it was near the port. It took us about 5 minutes on a free transport from the parking lot to the Miami Port.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Canadian Criminal Record

When I was single, I met a friend who resides in Canada. We became close friends and I was his shoulder-to-cry on friend. Yap, he confides a lot especially about his problems with his son. We had pure friendship and no strings attached. He had a son who goes in and out of jail for petty crimes. He was in jail of disorderly conduct because he cannot control his temper. He was a problem child maybe because his parents are divorced when he was still a child. He was actually a good boy but when intoxicated; his mind was controlled with the spirit of the wine. My friend was researching about Canadian pardon application. He was not sure if his son can get a job after studying college knowing that his son has criminal record Canada. The son was good in math and he wanted to become an engineer someday. Anyway, my friend was actually researching if there is a possibility on how to remove criminal record of a person. When I left to live in the US, I had known that his son is finishing College and had been working as an Intern. I was glad that his son has one foot to success now.

How To Attract Women

About a year ago, the longtime friend of my husband visited us in Orlando. He was so surprised to know that I was younger than what he thought I would be. He asked my husband what was his secret because he had problems on how to attract women. My husband thought he was just joking but, he was not. His friend asked him so many times so; he replied to just be himself. My husband is twice as my age and because of that, people would look at us with a second look most of the time. I was a teacher by profession and my husband is a notary. Both of us are busy and we had no time to unwind for partying at night. When our friend introduced us, we just click! Compatibility is a key to a good relationship. I was attracted to my husband because he showed me his real personality. He was kind and we shared the same interests such as music, movies and even TV shows. There were no dull moments when we are together. When his friend asked how to attract women, it was hard to answer. People differ in great ways. It may work for us but, might not work for others. I would go with my husband's suggestion to his friend. Just be yourself so women will like you.

Friday, October 21, 2011

SEO Services

Do you own an online business? Do you think you have enough visitors to keep your business running? You will know that if your sales are doing well. If you have good visitors meaning you are visible in the World Wide Web. That is very important because when nobody visit your Website, it does not serve the purpose right?

That is the time you need to work with your SEO. You need this company to fix your search engine optimization issue and if that works, everything will work out fine. It will drive traffic, generate sales and if your company is happy with your services, they will recommend you too. Check it out today because they have the affordable seo services and so affordable too. In fact, you will only pay AFTER you get the result. If your ranking does not improve for what was agreed upon, you do not pay.

That is a good advantage on your part. This company will make sure that what you pay serves to the purpose. They will make the SEO works for you and you will see the result. So, if you need SEO services which are affordable compared to other company, check this company now.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sailing The Norwegian Sky

As of today, I am sailing the Norwegian Sky. We will have a 4-days cruising to Bahamas and we will stop by three islands: Great Stirrup, Nassau and Freeport. This is my first cruising trip to Bahamas and I am with my husband, his daughter and her boyfriend. They are having a vacation in the US for a month so; having this cruise would be fun!
Wish us with a safe trip everyone!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

What's With The Subject?

Feet is the subject of the picture. I do not know why, I just love taking pictures of the expression such as these: I was at the airport waiting for my flight to Orlando.
I was with friends back in the Philippines. I am wearing the same color of jeans.
It's blurry this time but, I just realized that I also took this picture.
Seems that I am so fascinated with my feet LOL. Shallow huh!

Alternative Remedy

I do not smoke. Back in the city where I grew up, we have a house and we shared it with my aunt's family. Although my mother and brother do not smoke either, my uncle who lives with us is a smoker. He smokes cigarettes after meals and it did not bother us because he would smoke outside the house. Now, as he becomes older he is very sickly and the doctor told him to quit smoking. Since it is already in his system, quitting is impossible! Just the other day, he was admitted to the hospital because he cannot breathe.

I thought giving him an alternative remedy such as electronic cigarette would help him quit smoking. He can use it inside the house because there is no smell, no ash and most of all it's not a tobacco. It has flavors too so; he might like using it until such time that he will eventually quit smoking. He can use it anywhere he wants and this product has no tar at all. I will ask my aunt about it. If she agreed, I will buy my uncle a starter kit. This is the best alternative remedy that I can think of. What do you think?

Garden Trellis

I love watching HGTV. I am a home owner so; to save a lot of money while improving and upgrading some parts of the house, I find ideas through this channel. The picture below is called trellis; an architectural structures used to support plants are featured in the show too. In a country type of home, I saw garden trellis most of the time. It added beauty to the landscape of the garden. If you travel the Gulf Coast along the Mississippi State, you will see trellis in different style.
My FIL has this product in his garden and he used it to support a climbing rose and it was made of vinyl trellis. It looks nice especially when the roses bloom. When we lived with him last year, hubby bought a metal garden trellis for his cherry tomato plant. The three of us enjoyed that garden so much because it was cozy when you look at it from the road. Well, when my FIL passed away, we sold the house and the new owner keeps the garden the way it was. In fact, we just went for a visit in Mississippi last month and we drove down the old house. This picture brings back memories of him. He just loves gardening.

While On Vacation at Mississippi

For less than two years, I lived in Mississippi and I worked in one of the casinos in the area. Everyday, I passed by the Beau Rivage Resort and I wanted to work here too. It looks so huge and grand! Anyway every morning, I would treat my husband for breakfast in the buffet in this resort and the next day to other places. It was too tiring for me to prepare something after I work on the grave yard.Anyway, the area on the right is an expensive jewelry shop. This is the front of the resort. I always wanted to have a souvenir photo in this area but, as usual, we have no time to stop by and have picture taking. Even though we stayed here for three nights, we were just on the go!This is the entrance to the shopping center inside the resort. If you want to stay in Biloxi to play the slot machine and other stuff, check in this resort and also, Hard Rock which is located beside this resort.
I enjoyed our short vacation here. I love the room because it was on the 23rd floor. I love it for the price we pay. It was actually a good deal booking.
Grand front facade right? Bravo to the landscape workers.They did a good job!

Walden University

In today’s high tech society, online learning has been the trend these days. It is preferred by many because it gives them the opportunity to learn anytime and anywhere through virtual classrooms. In this way, students will no longer be going to the usual classroom but with the use of their computers they can now attend classes even if they are just at home. Moreover, the use of learning via the Internet opens up a world of possibilities for individuals to improve their skills.

If you are interested in online learning, there are a lot of schools that you can actually choose from. One of which is Walden University, an accredited online university that offers a collaborative learning environment, expert faculty, and many others. You can visit and check out which program suits you best. Walden University's online degree programs include Education, Health, Management, Psychology, Public Policy &Administration, Counseling & Social Services and Nursing. These programs provide you with the practical knowledge and skills that you can use to advance your career.

If you worry about how you will finance your education, Walden offers a variety of financial aid that will help you fund your education. You can either apply for scholarships or you can avail of the limited- time tuition savings or the monthly payment plans. So, check it out and learn about Walden University now and find out how it can help you advance your career or start a new one.

Huge Farm Land

Land is a good asset and for a long term investment, it is actually good because you can pass it on to your family and for the next generation to come. We have few acres of land back home but, the location is steep so; we planted coconut trees and bamboos. Either way, it still good to own lands because in the near future, it will become "money". The Philippines is tropical so; we can plant fruit trees and earn money still. But, here in the US and Alabama in particular, our friend who owns this huge land (as far as you can see and beyond) it's different.He do not till the land himself. He had a renter who made this land into a cotton farm and peanut farm. This is part of the farm land which he maintains daily. This is actually the backyard of their property where he had an animal farm: goats, chickens and 2 mules. The part of the backyard owned by our friend has this huge pond located at the middle. The animals love to hang out in there. The whole vicinity is fenced in but, once in a while there are cayotes that wanders and jump over the fence. They are after the goats. Our friend said that there are big rattle snakes in the area. That is the reason he keeps it clean. These are cotton farm. Well, I thought cottons came from big trees only. But, here ... it's bushes.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Great Products To Buy For A Good Cause

One of our local shops here in our city is having a 3 Day Sale and it started today and will end on Sunday October 16, 2011. I wanted to be first in line, so I went there this afternoon. There were lots of items on sale and other promotional products. Toys and household items were on 50% sale. Men’s clothing was also on 50% and some items were on “buy-take-one”. I was checking around if I can find great discount on custom sunglasses because the eye wear shops only give 10% discount on their items.

Well, my shopping spree was alright but, when compared to, I prefer to shop online and this Website exceeded my expectation. I am buying things not for me but, for a good cause. Now, if you have an event and looking for affordable products to give away, check out They have so many products to choose from because this company is the world's largest online seller that provides the need of business sectors. Click the link and visit the Website now.

I was wondering if there are great discounts to be given in the shop tomorrow though. But I don’t think I can go back there because I will have lots of things to do at home. If I have the time, I think I will have to list down all the things that I need to buy before going there. Why? It is because I have the tendency to buy items out of impulse especially during a sale day. So, the list will remind me to limit my spending and buy only those things that the group needs. This will help me learn to control myself and save a lot of money too.

Made of Steel

In today’s times, most of the modern houses and buildings you see are now made of steel. Steel are becoming very popular these days from large barns, sports facilities, churches, to small shops because it is not only versatile but also flexible. It provides strength to buildings and houses and will give you limited house repairs in the future.

Building a house that is made of steel is not anymore difficult. There are prefabricated steels available in the market today. With the use of these prefabricated steels, houses and Future Steel Buildings are easily erected compared to traditional house construction. This can be costly but steel gives you an assurance that your house will last longer and can stand in the midst of a natural disaster like an earthquake. Moreover, steel also adds artistic expression in a construction of a house or a building. It does not only add strength but it also gives beauty.

Future Steel Buildings and houses that are made of steel requires an expert. You can browse online and find a company that suit your construction needs. Some of these companies provide you with a variety of styles that you can choose from. Most of all, choose a company that will suit your construction budget and will offer you great benefits and discounts.

Blomus Fireplace

Are you using stainless steel? Stainless steel is preferred by many because it does not easily stain, corrode or rust compared to ordinary steel. Even in my own house, I prefer using stainless steel especially on my kitchen because I find it clean and hygienic. If you can observe most hospitals, fast food chains and other food processing plants use stainless steel because it has an easy cleaning ability. Moreover, it gives a modern an attractive look on every houses, shops and other establishment.

There’s a huge variety of stainless steel equipment in the market today. You can actually find a number of it from blomus stainless- the stainless store. The blomus stainless steel store provides you with stainless steel design that will give your house a modern look. If you’re planning to make a nice fireplace this winter season, try having a stainless steel blomus fireplace. Stainless steel are good for fireplaces because of its ability to resist scaling and retain strength at high temperatures.

Using stainless steels for your home can be a bit costly. But if you try to see the big picture, you can actually save a lot of money because it gives a long term value compared to other materials.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Foggy Day

It was a foggy day at Biloxi when we woke up the next day during our three days vacation. As you can see the gray cloud at the far end of the picture below, it was pretty cool actually. I took these pictures at our room on the 23rd floor of Beau Rivage resort. It was a pretty sight!This is what it looks like when the fogs stayed in the city of Biloxi. I cannot even see the streets down below.This is the picture of the front garden below (Beau Rivage).
This is the picture showing the sun wanting to come up.
I cannot see the Biloxi city during foggy day.

New Beginning

For some people, moving to a new place may be exciting but not for others for it requires a lot of patience most especially if you are International Movers. Moving is not just packing all your things but changing environment as well. You are to start anew, meet new people and adjusting to the new cultures or norms of the society. I should know, for I experienced such things.

In my case, I hired and paid for an International Shipping company to bring my things to the US. So, if your family is moving to another country, it is best to get the services of an International Moving Company because for sure, you cannot bring all the things with you. There may be items that you just cannot let go but may be heavy to bring so better leave that to the Overseas Moving Specialist as they already know what to do. Forget all the hassles and let the experts do it for you.

Besides, you have other things to worry and that is where you concentrate more. You not only meeting a new neighborhood but you are going to an entirely different place. Get acquainted with your new place first then worry the rest later.

Never Give Up

I was a teenager once and there were times I felt so alone. Although I had sets of friends, I still felt empty. Until I joined a group and met other people who, like me, shared the same interest in music. But, other teenagers are not like me. They found friends who are bad-influenced. They started to drink and late, found drugs as their refuge. They thought, it helps them with all their problems.

As a parent, this is not too late. Your teenage child needs your attention and love. Help them seek for a professional help. In fact, finding a teen drug rehabilitation center is one best thing that you can do. Your love and support for your child is what matters the most. If you want to know a child who is recovering from addiction, check the Website of Newport drug rehab for teens.

You will get a lot of information which is very helpful for you and for your child. This company provides services and programs such as counseling for individuals, academics and teen nutrition, assisted therapy and many more. You can save the life of your child when you give your time and showing them that you care and love them. Call this company now!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Beau Rivage Resort in Biloxi

This is Beau Rivage Resort in Biloxi, Mississippi. This is my favorite hotel and casino in this area because it's big and grand. We stayed for three nights and our room was on the 23rd floor of the resort. There was a Wi-Fi in the rooms using the Ethernet cable but, around the resort premises, I cannot access it using my iPad2. There was a password but, not all guests were given the password, a HUGE set-back! We moved to another hotel for that reason. This is the bathroom which is huge with a separate restroom and a standing shower plus, a soaking tub.There was double sinks and the bathroom was spacious, clean and has a phone line in the rest room. The soaking tub was truly a big plus in the room. I enjoyed it.
The double sinks are spacious. Yep! I love their bathroom. I do not like the location of our room which ends 004 , ahhhh...too far from the elevator.

The Business Partner

My friend in college now lives with her family in Toronto. Despite the distance, we still communicate. She invited me to visit her place and I am considering the possibility. She said, she is always glad to receive guests at her home where she shared it with her husband and son.

She mentioned that she is free on weekends because that is the time that she and her family go somewhere to bond. But the one weekend, she mentioned that she just stayed home because her husband had to meet a business partner from another country. The business partner was in Toronto for a business trip and while they are having a business meeting, there was a woman waiting outside. The husband of my friend later found out that his business partner invited a friend who works in Toronto Escorts agency.

Although hesitant to go, her hubby had another business meeting again. He asked my friend to join him but she begged off since it was his hubby’s business meeting. When her hubby returned home, she asked how the meeting went. She was amused with her husband’s answer because he thought differently about the Escorts in Toronto. It turned out that the woman was very intelligent that is why the business partner was proud of her and he is a regular in Toronto Escorts services.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Poolside of Beau Rivage Resort in Biloxi

Three days are not enough to spend a full vacation in Biloxi. In fact, I was not able to see my friends because of the hectic schedule that we had. When our cousin visited us during our stay in Beau Rivage, he showed us the way to the poolside. Much as we wanted to stay and use the pool, we can't even find time. We are always on the run to finish our appointments for the day.So, this is the poolside and it's facing the Gulf. The pool is really clean and no one bothered swimming because the heat was a scorcher.There are people who are enjoying the warm breeze by the Gulf. They are actually British an Canadian, just having a nice afternoon.This is the gym and no one was here because everyone is gambling and playing the slots. That is a big possibility.
This resort has a spa and saloon. Hubby gave me a go signal to take advantage of the service.Anyway, on our vacation, we accomplished most of our business transaction in the area. This is nearby the hometown of my husband so, we certainly can come back here anytime.

Give Them Hope

It is sad to know that some people we know got hooked to alcohol or drug addiction. Some of them usually resort to these kinds of addiction when they felt so alone or lost and they do not have someone to talk to. Most often, it has something to do with his personal affairs in life. It may be because of family problem and he can only find solace and forget all the problems when he is intoxicated with legally prohibited substance. But the problem occurs when he is already a threat not to himself but to others as well.

People facing this problem should be given a chance. Let’s give him hope and show him that there is life after facing his ordeal. But he has to get well first. And when everything falls into place, he can start a new and a better life. San Francisco alcohol rehabilitation is a good place to start anew. They help people to get back in shape as well as heal the mind, body and spirit.

If you know somebody suffering from this addiction, you can help by introducing to them drug rehabilitation center in San Francisco. It may not be easy to convince them at first but at least you tried than doing nothing at all.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Farm in Alabama

When we had our road trip to Alabama, I was so excited. Hubby has a friend in High School and they have been communicating through emails and phone calls. They are up to date about their latest achievement in life. Oh I am talking about family, children, career moves and what they do most of their life now. High School had been 4 decades ago or more but, it was amazing that they remember all the crazy things they did in High School.Yep! I was excited because Alabama is a pretty laid-back place just like Mississippi where you can see people loves eating Southern food, enjoys family activities, attend the church and has the passion to work to provide the family.The thought of traveling to a dirt road was on my mind. It was not the case, gone are those days just like what we saw in the movies. Anyway, the road to our friends' place is long, narrow and winding! Our GPS cannot even locate the place and of course, Internet signal was limited.We were able to reach his beautiful and new constructed home and at the back of his big house was the farmland with animals. He got almost a hundred goats and the amazing part, he had names to all of them. Most of the goats are pregnant and in few weeks, kids will be running in the big yard. They love their farm animals and they do not butcher them because they treat them as babies. They sells them but, not eat them.Aside from goats, they have donkeys and chickens also. I was asking the wife if they had fun having a roasted chicken all the time and I see horror in her eyes. LOL, sorry! Yeah! They do not eat their own pets because they are family as what she says. I keep teasing her but, she was kind enough to explain and she even retorted that they are not that hungry enough to eat their pets. We all burst out laughing!That night, the four of us were reminiscing the men's high school bully days. They are the bullies at that time but, that was 4 decades ago and so different from the bullies we had nowadays. They do not hurt people in those days and up to this time, they remain friends. If you live in the country, people know each other and their generation. We had a good laugh that night and we sleep at midnight. We had a wonderful time!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Plan Your Vacation Now

Once in a while, you need to relax and unwind. Taking a break from your busy life is good to loosen up a bit. Pamper yourself a little so that you will come back with a renewed mind and spirit. By doing this, perhaps you can take a vacation somewhere with your family or friends or your special someone. You can book a flight to go to your planned destination. But before you do that, try to check if the airline is giving a huge discount. Why spend for more if you can spend for less?

A lot of airlines are offering cheap flights so, you might be lucky to avail the discounted price. You can call the ticketing office or simply browse online to check it out. I suggest you go to the Website of united airlines as they are giving discounted price not only with domestic but with international flights as well. All you have to do is to think first, which place you are planning to go then check with the airlines if it is available. If they offer cheap flights then, book right away. Once you are done, you can start making an itinerary, which place you want to visit. Why don't you do it now?

Resorts and Hotels in Biloxi

When you travel Biloxi Mississippi to unwind by the beach along the Gulf Coast, I would personally recommend Hard Rock, Isle, Palace and Beau Rivage. For simple reasons, I stayed in these hotels. This is another hotel and casino that you might check out. My neighbor works here and so many times, she invited me to visit Grand Casino for a free buffet. Their price is a bit too high compared to Hard Rock, Isle, Palace and Beau Rivage. The Harrah's in New Orleans is a sister-company of the Grand and though I love their casino, the hotel rooms are priced beyond our budget.The Beau Rivage is a grand resort and casino and my favorite casino place to hang out. Well, I do not really gamble but, I love their shops and buffet area. The only set back in this place? You cannot access the Wi-Fi anywhere in the vicinity. They have it but, you can only use one computer per room because they are using Ethernet cable. I cannot access Wi-Fi using my iPad2. I tried asking for the code but the lady in the front desk can't give it out. Well, that is why ISLE is a big thumbs up for that. Anywhere in the property, Wi-Fi is Heaven!
The room in Beau Rivage is great because we only paid an affordable budget. I love their soaking tub and the huge bathroom.
You can actually find cheaper prices if you keep checking. There is an IP which you might check it out also. All these hotels and casinos are just located in BILOXI area and walking distance too. There is a Best Western at the front of Beau Rivage too. Well, if you want the good service for your money, why settele for less right? I live in this place before. If you have questions, I might have information about it. Just leave a comment here. Thanks for stopping by.

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