Monday, December 30, 2013

What Size of Snowboard is Right for You?

When the winter months arrive, it may be time to put away the longboards and skateboards. But that does not mean you have to go without boarding altogether. Instead, look at it as a time to visit your skate shops in Georgia for snowboard gear. In addition to the boots and bindings, you may wish to look into helmets (especially if you plan on stunting), goggles, stomp pads, snowboard bags, wax, snow pants, and other snow gear. But one of the most important parts of your purchase is the board itself. Determining what size of board you will need depends upon a number of different factors.

Height and Width

If this is your first time hitting the slopes as a boarder, it may be best to follow the traditional height formula for picking out your board. It is recommended that the overall height of your snowboard is about 88% to 91% of your own height. Do you have little time for measuring yourself and computing the math? Then you can try the chin measurement. Usually, a board that falls right under the chin of the rider will be about the correct height. When it comes to the width of your board, consider your shoe size. If you have smaller feet, a wide board is going to be hard to maneuver, while bigger feet may get in the way of a rider on a narrow board. The weight of the rider also comes somewhat into play, with a longer board being recommended for a higher weight, and a shorter board for riders of lighter weight. Because weight distribution tends to be different depending on your gender, it is also recommended that you choose a board that is meant specifically for your gender, although unisex boards are available.

Terrain and Style

Many of the ski resorts in the Rocky Mountains boast the offer of natural powder, whereas in the Eastern United States, icy conditions are more common. Although it will mostly come down to your personal preference, a longer board may offer better speed in powder, while a short board may have better control on slippery surfaces. But if you are interested in a specific type of boarding, you may forgo most of these recommendations altogether. People who are more interested in racing and faster boarding, for example, will usually be looking for a longer board. If you are more into half pipes, jumps, and other stunts, then a shorter board is usually best. If you are still not sure what to look for in choosing your snowboard, consult a sales person at your skate shops in Georgia.

The Holiday Pyro Musical 2013

I snagged these photos from my brother's album in Facebook but, of course with permission. This is the third set taken from his photography collection. The Holiday Pyro Musical 2013 was a blast with awesome spectacle of lights. Now, most of us love to watch the fireworks and as the year 2013 comes to an end, I am happy to share to all of you the these beautiful fireworks display.
Fred Nobillos Photography
Fred Nobillos Photography
Fred Nobillos Photography
Fred Nobillos Photography
Fred Nobillos Photography
Fred Nobillos Photography
Fred Nobillos Photography
Fred Nobillos Photography
Fred Nobillos Photography
Fred Nobillos Photography
I hope you enjoyed viewing the photos. If you plan to do fireworks in your neighborhood to celebrate the New Year please keep it safe. Thank you for stopping by in my blog! Happy New Year to each and everyone of you.

Successfully Searching through UCM Apartments

When you are making the transition from high school to college, there can be a lot of exciting and scary decisions to make. One very important decision you need to make is where you want to live. You’ll need to find student housing that is close to your college so that you can quickly and easily commute to your classes, but what other considerations do you need to take into account when picking out an apartment? It is important to find the right place so that you can have a successful transition into college life. Here are some factors you should consider when you are looking at different UCM apartments.

Picking a Price Range

With your limited budget and whole new set of financial responsibilities, you want to be careful about how much you are committing to spend on your monthly housing costs. You should realistically consider how much you’ll be spending on groceries, school supplies, entertainment, gas, etc., in order to determine how much you can afford to spend on housing. Come up with a realistic price range for housing that will fit your budget so that you can limit your housing search to apartments that fit inside your price range.

Picking Someplace Safe with Space

Having a housing budget doesn’t mean that you should simply pick the cheapest housing you can find. If you just move into the cheapest housing, you may find yourself quickly regretting that decision. There are some housing qualities that you will (and should) pay a little more for. The first is safety. You need to make sure that the housing you pick is not only close to campus, but also in a safe neighborhood. Saving some money on rent is not worth risking your safety or your peace of mind. For this reason, you may need to be willing to spend a little more to get yourself a place somewhere that is more highly populated in a safe neighborhood. The next housing factor to consider is the space you want. You can choose either to share your room with a roommate or pay a little more to have a private room. While having a roommate can be great for your social activity, if you think you need more privacy to be successful in your studies, then you will want to spend more and look for UMC apartments that offer private rooms.

At the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Okay, let us explore NASA's Kennedy Space Center today. I just open my folder and picked these photos. If you are a frequent visitor of this blog, you have known by now that we live just about 10 minutes away from #KSC. My husband and I can go there any day and anytime we want. For less than $60, Floridians will get to enjoy a pass which is good for 1 year. That's fabulous right?
These machines are great help to speed up on purchasing a ticket.
On a busy day though, these ticket machines ain't enough to accommodate the guests
but, there's no problem with that. There is a ticket counter across this area.
If you are in Orlando and visiting Disney World,
spare a day and visit Kennedy Space Center for an exciting Educational tour.
One of the amazing attractions here in Kennedy Space Center is the Atlantis.
OMG! It's my favorite especially the video showing and the grand entrance to the showroom.
At the front of Atlantis attraction in Kennedy Space Center. The $100 million home of the Atlantis.
This dancing fountain is located near the ticket center outside of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.
A shot of the US flag with the Atlantis icon on the background.
The spacious parking lot. Each area is named after an Astronaut.
Outside of the Kennedy Space Center Complex.
The view heading to the entrance and ticket center of the Kennedy Space Center.
This is the entrance to the Kennedy Space Center.
One of the restaurants inside the Kennedy Space Center.
On this particular day, we were headed to the Atlantis attraction.
This year has been an exciting year for us. We get the chance to visit Kennedy Space Center more often because we have a yearly pass. We usually stayed an hour or two and come back the next time to check out other attractions. We were able to watch quiet a few rocket launch in the Space Coast. One time we did watch a rocket launch in KSC in the Apollo Saturn V Center area. I believe it is indeed the best viewing area for rocket launch of the Canaveral Air Station. That's all for now friends. Thank you so much for visiting my blog as always. Have a safe and Happy New Year!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Amazing Photos: Holiday Pyro Musical in CDO

Remember the photographs I posted here: Amazing Photos: Steel Wool Photography? Well, he is back and here are the collections he snapped during the Holiday Pyro Musical taken in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.
Fred Nobillos Photography
Fred Nobillos Photography
Fred Nobillos Photography
Fred Nobillos Photography
Fred Nobillos Photography
Fred Nobillos Photography
For those of you who sent an email, private message and comment inquiring and proposing for a possible interview regarding his photography, I regret to inform you that he is not available at this time. He is thankful and appreciate the communication you sent his way.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Don’t Let a Bad Vacation Experience Ruin Your Business

When you are in a business that has the opportunity of making people’s dreams come true or dashing their hopes into oblivion, it is important to have the right outlook and protection. Travel agent insurance can help make sure that your business is protected from the possibilities that something goes wrong during a person’s once-in-a-lifetime trip.

The Vacation of a Lifetime

As a customer service oriented business, it is nice if a travel agency can make things right when something goes wrong. The problem is that by the time anyone knows that anything is wrong, it is too late to make it right, and the person who experiences the inconvenience has his or her vacation ruined.

You cannot help it if you signed a person up to see penguins in Antarctica, and the business that is leading the expedition goes bankrupt. Nor can you help if the person goes on the trip and ends up breaking a leg. Unfortunately, even with waivers and clearly understood rules, the person may hold you responsible for the terrible trip and the expenses incurred. If the person does, he or she will tell all of their friends on social media, and may even file a lawsuit.

In the Courtroom

Even if the case is without merit, you will still foot the lawyers’ fees for your company. That may be enough to drive you out of business. Lawyers are not cheap, especially if you have to hire the best one to make sure that your company’s rights are not trampled on by a sad story.

That makes having travel agent insurance a no-brainer. The right insurance can help insulate your company against the unexpected while still providing those you serve with a modicum of help when it comes to making a ruined vacation a little more right. While the people who will sue are few and far between, the wrong lawsuit can be devastating for everyone involved including the business and those who work for it. Letting the insurance company take the brunt of the problem helps keep morale and the possibility of the company remaining in business high.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Awe-Inspiring Photos

I call these awe-inspiring photos taken in the neighborhood last Sunday. I love looking up the sky. It somehow ease my pain and disappointments. Come on, I am not different from you. I am happy and contented with life but, I have moments too. Instead of posting my rants in Facebook, I will just sigh up in the heavens.

First ,7th and 9th Photos - taken at State Road 407 , Florida

2nd, 8th and 3rd Photos - taken in our neighborhood

4th, 5th and 6th Photos - taken along Indian River, Merritt Island FL
God answers prayers
in the way
that is best for us.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Gorgeous Florida #Sunset

I love taking photos of sunset. I am using my Samsung camera in taking these gorgeous photos. I am always seated on the passenger's seat so; I am free to take a snapshot. Yes, we are on mobile at 60mph so; I am pretty much contented with these photos.

This was taken along State Road 407 as we were heading to Orlando from Cocoa Florida.

The weather was so nice, cool and breezy.

On a bad weather, this road will be battered with heavy rains and hail.

The winter time here in Florida is truly remarkable! We still have 85 degrees sometimes but, mostly it's below 75 with cooler temperature.

If you plan to escape the cold temperature up north, come to Florida and enjoy a nice swim at the Florida Beach. I hope you will have an inspiring weekend. Thanks for stopping by. Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Importance of Drug and Alcohol Treatment

People with drug or alcohol addictions often have some unhealthy thinking patterns. They are very good at convincing themselves and others that they don’t need help. They often deny that there is a problem at all and when confronted with it, they claim they could stop if they wanted. All of these things, unfortunately, prevent many addicts from seeking help. But treatment from places like is so important when it comes to dealing with an addiction. Here are some of the reasons to consider seeking treatment if you find yourself addicted to substances.
Can’t Do It Alone

You may think you can handle your demons on your own, but chances are you won’t be able to. Not because you aren’t strong enough as a person, but because addiction is just one of those things that is best dealt with while a support system and other help surrounds you. Being in treatment will help you stay accountable for your actions. It will give you a chance to get feedback and advice from other people. It will also force you to detox and stay away from those substances at least during your stay at treatment. Going to treatment gives you a chance to do all of these things without the pressure of doing it all on your own. Seeking help doesn’t mean you’re weak; it simply means you are smart enough to know you can’t do it alone.


Most people feel as though they don’t need therapy, but in reality, most everyone can benefit from therapy in their life. This is especially true for people with addictions. Therapy can help you talk things out. It will help make things clear for you. In therapy, you will also work on changing your negative thinking patterns and behaviors. Learning to recognize these things and figuring out ways to change them can change your whole outlook on life. Therapy can help you get there. When you go to a treatment facility like the one at, you will likely receive individual therapy, group therapy, and if needed, family therapy. Admitting you need help is always hard, but it will be worth it in the end.

Sunrise Along Port Saint John Boat Ramp

It is Flashback Wednesday still in Beyond Photography.  I am sharing these pictures that I took while I was in Indian River. What a beautiful day huh?

The only building that you see below is the VAB - Vehicle Assembly Area of rockets. The area across Indian River is where NASA's Kennedy Space Center is. It's about 15 minutes drive from here and no traffic at all.

This is Indian River, a great home for manatees, dolphin and maybe, alligator. I said maybe because I have never seen an alligator in this area yet. But, along the canals towards Kennedy Space center, in both sides ... oh yeah, every time we pass by, there are gators. It is expected because the area is part of Merritt Island Animal Sanctuary.

I do believe though that there are gators lurking underneath the murky waters of Indian River. This area where I took these photos is a boat ramp in Port Saint John and the next area is Nicols Park. In the premises of the park, there is a sign which says "Beware of Gators".  

This boat ramp is about 5 minutes drive from our place. This place has an awesome view at sunrise. Truly a gorgeous one.

It’s No Gamble to Get a Car in Sin City

Getting a used car in Las Vegas may seem like a dicey proposition. After all, is that really where you want to gamble when you go to Sin City? You might be surprised by the answer because getting a used car isn’t really a gamble if you know what you are purchasing.


There are a lot of ways now to verify whatever a dealer may claim on a vehicle. Websites abound that can tell you about the vehicle based on its vehicle identification number (VIN). Moreover, most dealers will be happy to provide you the information on the vehicle.

Safety Checks

Many dealers provide safety checks for their used vehicles that cover all of the possible problem areas. These checks certify that the vehicle is good to go, and they usually come with a limited warranty.


Buying a used car is actually better for the environment than buying a new car. With the amount of raw materials that goes into making a vehicle, even an electric one, the most environmentally sound vehicle is one that has already been made. If a vehicle is driven until it can’t run anymore and there are no replacement parts, then all you have to do is compensate for the gas mileage.

The Wallet

Used cars are generally cheaper than new. That means lower monthly payments and less interest on those payments. In this economy, that is a great thing, especially if you have done your homework on the vehicle’s reliability and the dealer offers a safety check and inspection on all of its used vehicles.
All of these things combined make getting a used car in Las Vegas an easy decision. Not only will the dealers and salespeople be honest and fair, but you will have the research to back them up. You will be doing something good for the environment, and you will be saving money. The only thing left to do is to go out and hit a jackpot, but even if you don’t, your new-to-you car will still make you a winner in a town where the house always wins.

The Citrus-Themed Floats in Orlando Citrus Parade

For my Flashback entry this week, I will be sharing these photos that I took during the Orlando Citrus Parade. Hubby and I watch this parade in Downtown Orlando which is scheduled every last week of December. The Orlando Citrus Parade is done annually in Orlando, Florida. This is a holiday celebration for the two annual college football bowl games: the Russell Athletic Bowl and the Capital One Bowl. This event is planned and produced by The Florida Citrus Sports Foundation and has become like a tradition which is already a part of the annual Orlando Bowl Week.

Who are in the Parade?

The parade consists of high school as well as the Bowl-attending university marching bands from the Big Ten Conference and Southeastern Conference. One of the great attractions in the parade is the theme park characters from Walt Disney World as well as the characters featured in Universal Orlando. There are local celebrities and national celebrities too. Also in the parade is the Mayor of Orlando, the firemen, the veterans, the military and police personnel and many more. The most applauded participants in the parade are the men and women in uniform.

If there is an Annual Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California and Lemon Festival in Menton, France, here in Orlando, we have the Citrus Parade. It is actually the same concept. While California is using flowers for the Roses parade, Orlando Parade uses citrus just like in Lemon Festival.

Main Attraction in the Parade:

The main attraction in the Citrus Parade in Orlando is the citrus fruits used in each floats. Yes, all the floats are decorated with citrus. It could be oranges, lemon, grapefruits, tangerines, calamondin, kumquats and more.

If you wish to come and see the Citrus Parade this year, please come early to get a good parking space. Most of the time it is not free so; $5 to $10 is alright and let me warn you, do not just park anywhere or else, your car will be towed. It will be big time hassle!

Make sure also that you are aware of the streets that will be closed for this event. I suggest, you should find a good area by Lake Eola. It has wide streets so; your kids can see the floats clearly without obstruction. Bring finger foods, drinks and folding chairs too. The weather is always cool so; make sure you have a jacket to bundle when needed.

Have a great Wednesday everyone and I will see you in Downtown Orlando for this event. I will be watching the parade by Lake Eola. See you soon and Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Bright House Networks TV

This post brought to you by Bright House Networks. All opinions are 100% mine.

Sometimes, when I am preparing for lunch or dinner, I love to watch my favorite show on TV but, I do not want to leave the kitchen while the gas stove is on. Believe it or not, I can watch TV in the kitchen while cooking at the same time. Thanks to Bright House Networks TV for this amazing service that they have for their subscriber.

Make Any Room a TV Room! That is basically what it is! BHTV or Bright House Networks TV is an amazing feature because I can watch my favorite show anywhere in the house. I watch TV in my kitchen a lot. I also watch it in my garden.

Bright House Networks TV or BHTV is both a free app and a Website so; subscribers can view live HD programming anywhere in the house using the iPad , iPhone and other Android gadgets as well as computers but,  BHTV only works within the range of the home's wireless network only. Therefore, I cannot use the BHTV away from the wireless network of my home. For more information, check out BHTV’s FAQ and download the app here.

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