Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Boomtown's Employee Appreciation

Patry Chef Joseph of Boomtown Casino had an artistic hand in making this extra ordinary creation. These are edible arrangements made up of fruits and vegetables.
Unique arrangement and table set up made these pastries and sweets so delicious.
The table display of cakes.

Trade Show

For the past weeks, my husband and I always went to a trade show. We went to RV and boat show which I must admit, it gives me an idea which one is better than the other. Each trade show was different because of the venue that they choose, quantity of display and even the tradeshow banner stands that they used differ. One trade show has a miniature landscaping and it was very inviting and attractive for the prospective buyers. Banners and advertisement helped a lot to attract a trade show. Those that are lively and colorful banners are useful for trade show because it would get the attention of prospective buyers. The last trade show that we went to was really cozy because there were so many display not only RV and boat but other products as well. They also have activities for the kids to entertain them while their parents are busy viewing the trade show. Of course, canteen was accessible so; getting hungry will not likely to happen. I had so much fun with the display, food and the setting of the place. Since there were other products which was displayed on the booth, people had time to unwind for few minutes. I am excited to see another trade show which is coming next month.

Post It

Are you a systematic person? When I was in high school, I set my schedule from the time I woke up and ends with sleeping time. I see to it that my books and notebooks are arranged in my school bag and I have a schedule when to study each subject. I used 3M Post-it Notes and planner in my scheduling. Looking back, I like the set up that I have had when I was in high school. Having a goal for the day eventually helped me realized one objective at a time. I set up a time for studying and a time for meeting my friends. I make sure that my schedule is balance and not focused on studies but, also in co-curricular activities too. Planning is really essential to our lives. We can accomplish things in life if we set up our goal one day at a time. If we have the objective for the day, we can accomplish it if we do it. During those days, it is easy for me to finish my task by aiming what needs to be done. Planning and accomplishing should go together which is a recipe for success. I graduated with honors in my class and had the good grades which were my passport to a university.

Satellite Internet Service

I remember when my father was working in the far east, communication is really scarce. The only way to contact him was through long distance call which was very expensive at that time. If there were emergency, telegram was also popular. The access to communication technology was limited to those who live in the city. If a person lives in a remote area, he needs to travel to the city to call or send a telegram. Well, that was two decades ago because in this generation, technology is zooming beyond our expectation. Remote areas can access to a satellite internet service providers these days. If families separated with distance halfway around the globe, communication is not a problem. They can talk online using the Internet and even see each others webcam. What a comfortable life we have for having this access right? Well, Internet providers are not always accessible in some areas. But, having a satellite Internet service gives us access even if we live in rural areas. We have amazing technology at present. With just a click of a finger, we can communicate to our love one who resides abroad. Having internet access gives us the comfort of shopping online and surfing the things we need to know. I cannot ask for more. How about you?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Harbor in Ocean Springs

Today, we went to the Harbor in Ocean Springs, Mississippi to unwind and enjoy the beach. My husband brought his fishing pole and there were so many people on the beach sun bathing, playing and fishing.The beach area was too windy to fish so, we last only for 20 minutes. Other people had stopped fishing already because the wind was too chilly.
There were few boats who went towards Deer Island. On the beach side, the kidz were playing volleyball and the other teenagers had sunbathing activity.

This beach is part of the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and so; this beach extend endlessly.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Home Quick Fix

I was watching a TV show that tackles about flipping houses. I started watching it when I was in Orlando and I never missed any single episode. I was fascinated with how the first time flippers find ways in solving their unprecedented problems. I was amazed when the show gave ideas on how to use powder actuated nail gun, choosing tiles and the right color of grout and applied a stage to sell the house after flipping. There were so many ideas that I learned just by watching the show. I also have this fascination in collecting tools. In fact, when I visit a hardware store, my eyes were glued on any tools for carpentry especially those tools which are easy and handy to use.

I stored all the tips and ideas on my mind so that when it is time for me to extend my own house, I have ideas on what to do. Two years ago, I just did a little project renovation on my floors. I chose the materials and everything looks good to my project. At home, I bought some necessary tools which I often used for quick fix in the house. I learned to fix and trouble shoot because there is no man in the house. I guess women learn these things especially when there is nobody to call in an instant, right? What do you think?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We will be going back to Orlando next month to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary. We will be staying in this area...uhmmm...actually, it is our friend's place. When we lived in Florida, we frequent this place. We used to have our breakfast and snacking here. We also watched people boating and fishing around. Can't wait to spend few days in this place.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Posed a Pic

This was taken a year ago in Orlando while we visited our friends in the airport. My husband worked there and so, I went there frequently too. PT Cruiser is my fave car at that time and so, I just took a short posed from one of the cars in the garage. Yes, this is not mine. Anyway, next month we will visit Orlando and see our friends there once again. Can't help but get excited to it.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Oceanfront Beach Resorts

I am looking for a vacation getaway this summer where I can relax and keep me away from my work. When I viewed the beautiful scenery of Myrtle Beach, I planned to have a vacation and stay in one of Myrtle Beach Resorts. This place is awesome because of the magnificent hotels built in the location facing the clear view of the sky, horizon and water.

Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts include chain of hotels in the area. By checking the Website now, you will be in great awe by looking at the various services and amenities they offer to their guest. This place is beyond perfect for me that is why I recommend this place for your travel getaway. I love strolling by the beach and unwind while taking pictures of the inviting sea and the blue skies. Those activities were my heaven. I know that I can find my total relaxation and privacy right here in this place.

Beach Resorts Myrtle Beach is a place not only for romantic getaway but also for family fun. The vicinity has access to many golf courses for the couple like us who enjoy outdoor sports. Museum and amusement attractions are good treat for the kids in the family.

Seafood Delights

I am so lucky to live here in the Gulf Coast because the seafoods are abundant and therefore, it is very cheap. My husband loves raw oysters and I prefer fried.
Clam is my favorite and I love to savor the taste of the soup in it.
Crab legs is very popular in every buffet dinning in the hotel and casino in this area. They usually have this menu during dinner. For at least $20/person, you will have a festive seafood meal. Come and visit Biloxi and Ocean Springs, Mississippi to satisfy your seafood cravings.

Boothbay Harbor

Have you ever dreamed of visiting a place where you can enjoy festive seafood meals, boating and have a relaxing room with fantastic view of the waterfront? Does it sound too good to be true? Boothbay Harbor Maine has all these accommodations for you and your family. Visit the link which is provided here and discover the beautiful place below called Brown’s Wharf Restaurant, Motel and Marina.Brown’s Wharf is located in Boothbay Harbor, Maine which offers the best view and fantastic accommodation at affordable rates. If you travel by a yacht, this is a good place to spend few days of total relaxation. This harbor provides slips for your boat which has a reasonable rate and very safe.

Are you craving for seafood such as lobsters, oysters, clams, shrimps and mussels? Boothbay Harbor Dining can satisfy your seafood hunger. Check out the prices of their menu and you will be amazed how affordable it is. So; looking for a vacation getaway which is totally relaxing and satisfying? Check out the link now and make your reservations.

RV Show in Gulfport

March is a busy month for RV display here in Mississippi. On this particular day, we went to Gulfport to see the new RV's and the prices. There are only few motorhomes and mostly trailers which are truly beautiful. This is small and the price is affordable because I think this is the only display here which is used. It sold out fast because it looks like brand new.My hubby is busy looking for a long trailer this time.
This is what we need really. Easy to drive and everything is there. Kitchen, bath/bedroom and living room. The price is way beyond our means for entertainment. It is 90K dollars.
I love this trailer better but, myhubby doesn't like to pull a long trailer on a truck. He rather picked the above unit.

Buy Gold for Investment

When we are working, we set aside few percent of our income to savings. That is the best way to save money before paying the bills, right? Saving money is an investment and a good resource when the need arises. For those who have so much money in the bank, investing to buy gold is an option to consider. Others, just buy gold to complete their collections. It is an expensive hobby but, a wise and a very good option to consider. You will constantly have a high yield of your gold investment because the exchange will always go up. Are you interested to invest in gold? Check out the Goldline International for more information about gold investment.

Hotels in Biloxi Mississippi

The city of Biloxi is just 10 minutes away from where we live. When Hurricane Katrina made a devastating strike in this area, most establishments including big hotels and casinos were levelled. At present, these are the big Hotels in Biloxi that made its way back after the storm.

Grand Hotel and Casino which is a sister company of Harrah's Hotel in New Orleans. The Isle of Capri is a hotel and casino and we always love this place because of their affordable buffet.

Then, there is Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

My favorite hotel in this area is the biggest and it is called Beau Rivage.

The Palace Hotel and Casino is one establishment that is planning to expand their property early this month.

The Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino or IP is one of the tallest hotels in this city.

The Treasure Bay Hotel and Casino which is located in Beach Boulevard area.

This is the only casino in this area that do not offer hotel accommodation. This is BOOMTOWN, smallest casino in this city.

Myrtle Beach Hotel

I love to go places and take pictures of the beautiful view that caught my eyes. My husband and I love the beach and we are looking for a place to spend our Wedding Anniversary next month. After seeing the beautiful scenery in Myrtle Beach area, I am considering this place as one choice for vacation destination. Please visit the link of Myrtle Beach Accommodations for more information.Myrtle Beach Hotel is located in South Carolina with the spectacular view on the beach. The property is surrounded with all the access of entertainment and outdoor activities such as playing golf and shopping. The vicinity also has theatres, parks and museums. Choosing this place as a vacation getaway will be full of excitement and fun.

Myrtle Beach Accommodation is worth the money simply because of the location and the fabulous amenities that they offer. If I choose the Romance Package, it includes daily breakfast buffet and a night of fine dining. Upon arrival, a bottle of wine and a fruit basket will serve as a welcome for the guest which is simply divine.

Beach Boulevard on Highway 90

I took this picture yesterday along Highway 90 on Beach Boulevard. Winter is finally over and the beaches that streched all across the Gulf of Mississippi is getting crowded. It is very good to feel the warmth of the sun after winter, don't you think?
I was in mobile with a 35 mph so; this is the only good shots that I can show you. Expect to see more beach photos on my blog during this season.

Myrtle Beach Resorts

Springtime is here and this is a beautiful season to spend a vacation in Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts. The picture below is the magnificent view that you will enjoy if you stay in Myrtle Beach Resorts. I imagine myself sun bathing in this pool area while watching the calm view of the ocean front. I would love to spend few days in this cozy place and have fun in the warmth of the sun.Are you planning for a vacation where you can enjoy the beach, the scenery and at the same time play the golf? Playing few rounds of golf with your love one would be exciting, right? Check out the link provided here and you will be amazed with the luxurious amenities that they offer. Myrtle Beach Resort is located in South Carolina, the home of many tourist attractions and a vast number of amusement parks. The best place to spend a relaxing vacation is right here.

Consider the Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort as your first choice of vacation getaway. The total vicinity is truly wonderful and the spectacular view by the beach will make your stay relaxing and rejuvenating. Visit the Website now and make a reservation for you and your family.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Victoria Secret: So Sexy Hair Products

I just added these Hair Care Products in my collections today. I just feel the need to change my shampoo and so I got this smooth, straight and silky. I also got these mousse and straightening balm to set a different style for my long hair. The smell of these products are light and nice. Check it out in VS outlet in your area.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Home Property in Detroit

Despite of the economic crisis that we experienced for the last years, we still purchase essential needs which are important to us. We need food for nourishment, clothing to keep us warm and home to give us shelter. If you live in Detroit and San Francisco area, is a company that you need to find your dream home. Are you looking for a property for sale? offers millions of properties across the United States that are currently for sale. If you are planning to buy a property somewhere in Detroit, this Website is the best online site to start looking. You can also find San Francisco homes for sale in It would be exciting to live completely on your own. Or, live in a property that you dream for all your life. If you love a busy city life, Detroit, Michigan is a good place to live. Detroit is known to be the largest city in the US and the home of Detroit Historical Museum. I love to visit a museum that is why, this place top on my list. Of course, I am a big fan of NBA Detroit Pistons so; it will be exciting to see them play live. The climate in this area is not bad at all. If you love warm weather, the summer temperatures sometimes are exceeding 90 °F or 32 °C. At night, the beautiful and relaxing Detroit International Riverfront has truly the best to vierw. This place is also famous for the Eastern Market which is a historic commercial district in the area. How I wish to live this place. How about you? If you are searching for property here, visit the link now. You can check out the list of property for sale now. This company is here to help you until you purchase your dream home.

Silk Milk is My Kind of Drink

This is SILK, my favorite milk. This particular milk is made of SOY, the source of complete protein. A complete protein is one that contains significant amount of all the essential amino acids that must be provided to the human body because of the body's inability to synthesize them. For this reason, soy is a good source of protein. If you want to reduce the amount of meat intake, food or milk rich in soya is a good alternate.

Planning to Move?

Are you planning to move to another place other than where you live right now? It is not easy because it will involve so many changes in your life. Adjusting to the kind of environment you are in and finding a new source of income. You will probably away from your friends who are your constant companion. Well, those were just few of the concerns that you will encounter once you move from one place to another. I am speaking on my behalf that is why I know what I am talking about. Now, let’s go back to moving to another place topic. Are you looking for apartments or any properties for rent? offers millions of properties across the United States that are currently available for rent. You need it and that’s for sure. What are the things to be considered in finding new Apartments? Select a good neighborhood is one and the amenities must be essential to your needs. Finding a place where the possibility of getting a job is just around the vicinity. To avoid the hassle of finding the right apartment, just check out the link provided here to view the available properties. You can also check out some tips about moving so; it will be easier for you to adjust. This company is the leader in online real estate therefore, it is best to refer you to them. Visit the Website now and explore the tremendous service that they will offer to you. They will also provide the “how to guide” in searching for a rental place to live. This Website is very informative and very helpful in your moving plan. Do not take my word for it, check out the Website now and see it for yourself. I am convinced and I know you will too.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Deer Island Coastal Reserve

There is a barrier island off the coast of Biloxi, Mississippi called Deer Island. It is approximately 400 acres and the closest island to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It was believed that Deer Island was inhabited by the early Choctaw tribe before European settlement. It was named Deer Island because the deer would swim to it when they were being hunted. When Europeans arrived, the Choctaw were driven out of Biloxi and Deer Island.According to my husband, there was an old hermit who live there but, died in 1959. After Hurricane Camille in 1969, the place was no longer inhabited. Upon the death of Captain Baker, the owner of the island, it was sold to many people who own parts of it. The island now serves as a tourist attraction for those searching for Native American pottery and arrowheads. It is also a popular fishing spot. You can see the island from the Hard Rock garage or by the long beach on Beach Boulevard.
One day I will visit that island and I will post it here.

Buying a Cheap Auto Insurance

When we arrived in Mississippi a year ago, we only have one vehicle. Now, we have three and we are scouting for cheap auto insurance online which have better coverage. A company that provides great customer service and really exist when we are in trouble. Who needs expensive car insurance anyway? We are in crisis right now and the economy is collapsing but, we will not compromise our car insurance coverage. There is a Website that offer cheap auto insurance quotes that fits our budget. It is easy to find because we only need to type the zip code and instantly we can view our preferred rates. How about you? You can get the lowest rates available when you purchase online too. You will be provided with companies who offered cheap car insurance. If you want to get the lowest cheap liability auto insurance, just get your quotes available online. If you need full coverage auto insurance, you can also purchase online. There is a nice resource company that provides us all the company and we have to choose what coverage we want and what we need. Having this kind of service which is available online makes life less complicated, don’t you think?

We Love to Sing-along

According to the history of my family, lol... I have an uncle who is a musician. I love singing very much and my first exposure was when I joined in a church choir. I missed those moment really. I was in high school when I stopped because I have a hectic schedule at school. I love singing during masses every Sunday and when I am at home, I play my guitar. No formal classes. When I was in the University, I was a Glee Club member up to my post graduate course.
When we have family gatherings, everyone will sing-along and we take turns of the microphone. Now, we have a new generation ... ages from two to elementary, they took over the scene. They will sing before they can read, FUNNY RIGHT?
This is the youngest of my nieces. She can sing "twinkle, twinkle lil star...." ohhh, looks like she got my talent...waaaa! LOL.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Car Shipment

I just bought a van for myself and was truly proud of what I had done to my earnings. I told my family about it and they were so happy of what I had accomplished after working for just three months. While talking to my brother, I found out that he needs transportation for his new business. If only I can Ship My Car back home, I would. In my place, having a car is still considered as a status symbol. You can't afford to buy a car just a snap of a finger. Even if you work for three months and save all your money, cars are very expensive to buy. Unlike here, you can buy it so easily. If you can't purchase it for cash, there are so many financing institutions that would offer such easy payment plan. Therefore, the individual has a lot of options to consider in owning a car for personal transportation. The car is a necessity here so; it is very affordable. Anyway, if only I could find a way to buy a car here and send it to my country, it would really make a difference. That is another story, don’t you think?

Brazil Product

There are two products of Brazil that I love so far. These are: chocolates and flipflops on which I am more and more crazy about. As we all know, Havaianas flip flops are manufactured in Brazil. They are using a secret rubber formula and these colorful flip-flops are soft, light and highly durable. This product offers authentic comfort and quality for men, women and kids. Their first creation was in 1962 and since then, Havaianas sandals have been worn on beaches and used as casual wear all over the world.
The picture above is not Havaianas but, since it is made from Brazil, this flip flops define comfort.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cheap Eyeglasses from Zenni

Reading an article from a contented customer of Zenni Optical was truly inspiring. I encourage you to read and check out If you are using eyeglasses and wanted a back up, order it from this company. They have the latest modern materials, manufactured it and market the product direct from their factories. Their product is affordable because they have no middlemen, no retail overhead, and no advertising budget. These reasons alone made the difference why their customers are satisfied with the low prices of their sunglasses. They provide fashionable and stylish products which you will simply adore. This company valued top notch customer service satisfaction. Their products are in a very high quality and great durability. It is very safe to wear, comfortable and at a reasonable price. According to the author of the said article, you can purchase an eyeglass starting at $8. It is truly affordable and a big help in our budget especially in times of crisis. Visit the Website today and choose your style, color and design that fit your budget. Zenni Optical is the only company that provides eyeglasses which is easy on our budget. Do not procrastinate, visit Zenni Optical and order your eyeglasses today.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We Are the Reason - Christian Song

Lately I have been listening to religious songs in youtube. With all the chaos in the world, crisis in economy, and the arguments in politics, I can listen to this song and close my eyes in peace. I hope all of us will come to a point to assess our individual's strength----> WE ARE CAPABLE OF LOVING. Let us strive to be good each day and make this world a place to live in HARMONY and RESPECT. Hoping you will enjoy listening and learn something from with in our soul.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Buffet in Harrah's Hotel in New Orleans

February 8 is a memorable day for me because we went to New Orleans to be in the crowd welcoming the NFL SAINTS team as the Champion of Superbowl LXIV. I am a big fan you know. There were 80,000 people in New Orleans that day and the parade started early evening. It was fun and since we arrived at 1PM, we had time to wander the streets of New Orleans. It was freezing cold walking on the streets and the people were wrapped up and some even have a blanket with them. Nobody cares because everyone does anyway. We stopped at Harrah's Hotel and Casino because the wind was blowing so hard and besides, we were hungry.

The food selection in the buffet were plenty even if we came in late at almost three in the afternoon. The people we met everywhere were friendly. We happen to meet a family who loves BOOMTOWN casino buffet in Mississippi too, my workplace.

These are the food choices that I had eaten. If only I can take pictures of the food display but, it is not really allowed as what I knew of. If you are in the casino area, no taking pictures and that's the rule.

We had a good time with our meals. On this day, Harrah's giving a 50% discount of the buffet and we only pay $23 plus tax. It was worth the money and the ambiance where we were seated was awesome. They open the function room for the elite because the dining buffet area was already crowded.

The corn that you see on my plate look like the "binake" LOL. The taste is nowhere near it. This is spicy. The binake is sweet and creamy and the smell is good and tempting. I saw other guests love it though.

The clams are my favorite and I ate so much.
Look at the salad, delicious huh? The food selection in the buffet was really great. We stayed in the casino for almost three hours. We played few of the slot machines and we didn't win, LOL.

Here is what I like in that function room, the art on the ceiling. The cloud painting was amazing.

Here I am, desperate to take a picture of the people around us using my smartphone.
Just showing you the elegant ambiance of this area. Beautiful isn't it? This casino/hotel is the sister company of THE GRAND CASINO in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Needing More Space

I love shopping but, I usually buy things for my family and relatives back home. Usually, I look for the quality, price and check the brand of the product first. For my own use, I buy things which are on sale. Because of that, I need more space in my closet to store all my favorite shoes and clothes that I bought. Right now, I am still trying to re-arrange and store my other things in a box. I will surely have problems when we will move back to Florida. With all the things that I have, I will be needing help from a company just like Raleigh NC self storage. Most people who do not have enough space in their home rented a self storage place. We rented one before when we moved to a smaller apartment. We can't bring all our things to the new apartment because it is fully furnished. We need the storage to store all our important things and appliances. Having this kind of company in our area is truly a blessing. It is very convenient for people like us who do not own a big house. Self storage is all we need right now.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum

After work, I told my husband that I will apply for another job vacancy in the other casino. We decided to take a 30 minute relaxation on the beach while waiting for the office to open at eight. As usual, I had to explore the vicinity. Here are the pictures that I want to share to all of you.

This is the entrance to the museum so; I just went up to this area.Here is the view from the entrace and the welcome signage.
My hubby counting the seagulls and Looking at the Deer Island at the adjascent place.
Just for your info about the ordinance in this part of the beach.
Got more photos to share so; just visit me here everyday.

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