Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Watching the NFL Games

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Taking Snap Shots

When we have road trips, I am always on the passenger seat and taking snap shots was my past time activity. I wanted to capture the beautiful view that I saw so; I can share it here for all of you. I am only using my Blackberry or Droid phones.This picture is showing the image of the wide intersection with high tech camera at the top of that posts. It captures those motorists who run the red lights! This picture below was taken at the Banana River while we are going to Cocoa Beach.
Such a beautiful day in Port Canaveral and so many people are having fun times doing boating and fishing.
The Banana River on both sides as we drive on the Causeway Road going to Cocoa Beach.

Show Your White Teeth

When you have beautiful natural white teeth, you are so lucky. There are only few people like you who are gifted with that blessing of complete set of natural teeth. People lost one or more teeth when they were teenagers and already wearing a denture in adult life. Most people suffer tooth decay one time or more with agonizing toothache experience. That would be too painful ever to think about. Having a Family Dentist is a relief and it pays when you have the regular visits. When I was teaching before, the frequent reasons of school children when they were absent was toothache. How do we give a remedy for this type of problem?

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kids On Gadgets

My nephew who will turn 9 years old on the 8th of next month talked to me using the ym texts. When my brother and I were 9 year's old, our generation was different. We probably play the native games on the cemented sidewalks and play jackstones or basketball. No computers or PS3 or DSi games. In fact, I my first hands on with my desktop was 7 years ago and I was a struggling pc user. Most of the time I would call my cousin or my brother for help if the screen was hidden. Funny huh! Anyway, my nephew asked me that we will talk using the ym but, he was not on my list. He just asked me what to do and with simple instructions, we were able to use the video cam.Kids are skilled when exposed with gadgets. When I gave my simple instructions, he was able to fix the blurry video camera and added a friend in his yahoo list. He also wanted to talk to me using the skype and since he forgot his old account, he asked me how to create a new account. He reads the instructions and was able to contact me. I was a pround aunt!

Affordable Price

If economy goes down, everything else dive rock bottom. If there is crisis, as much as possible we are trying to stay fit and healthy. But sometimes, we are vulnerable to sickness and when that happens, we are seeking for immediate and affordable remedies. We look for affordable medications and canadian pharmacy offer the access of canada drugs at affordable price.

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On A Clear Sky

On a clear sky, the beach is calm and inviting. I can't blame people loves to purchase a house in the coastal area. When we live in Mississippi in the city of Ocean Springs, there was a big house which was currently renovated and most of the materials they used were from huge boulders and granite with thick steels. It suffered bigtime damage during Hurricane Katrina.It would be nice to wake up in the morning with the view of the beach. Then, watch the sunset in the evening, that would be nice huh?The only disadvantage about living near the beach is the hurricanes. It can really wipe out huge building and when nature roars, everything on it's way will be gone!
It is still good to live far from the beach. We can always go for swimming anytime we wanted to.

Plastic Surgeon in Miami Beach

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We heard that statement many times but, when you are beautiful and encountered an accident, the need to have a plastic surgery is eminent. Dr. Rian Maercks is a plastic surgeon who resides in Miami Florida offers the aesthetic services such as plastic surgery, laser and skin care, and injectable fillers.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Last Birthday Of Dad

February of 2010, my father-in-law had a big celebration during his 90th birthday. It was the plan made by his two daughters. That was a fun celebration because the huge clan was there. Cousins, children, in-laws, granchildren and close friends were all there. He was bragging about him being a good player of bowling using the Wii Console of course. He was healthy man but, he keeps on saying he was just tired. Two days before my birthday in July, he just died on his sleep. His funeral was the best solemn military funeral that I ever attended. He was a Major in the Air Force and it is an honor to know him. He would always call me "my Amy" and keep reminding me that I am his youngest daughter. Rest in Peace Dad.

Call Your Doctor

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Happy 10th Birthday Kuya

He is my handsome nephew and he just celebrated his 10th birthday. When he was still a baby, I love having him sleep over at my place especially when his mom was pregnant for the second child. Everyone of us noticed that he was an intelligent child. Imagine at one year old, he can read numbers. Kids would love books with cartoon character but, he would prefer flipping my Reader's Digest collection or the reference books.He loves books and every time, when I asked him what he would like for Christmas, he would say maps of all the states in the US. If you have maps which you do not use, I will gladly gave it to him, just a thought :-). Anyway, he is the only nephew that I have who keep a constant communication with me thru FB. He said he wanted to become a doctor because he wanted to help people who are sick, just like him. It crushed my heart because he knew that he is beyond an ordinary kid. He is attending a regular school and he had no problems with his classmates and teachers. He is an outstanding student in his class and belongs to the honor roll. He is a gift to us and we love him dearly. When I asked him what he wants for his birthday, he just said a Mc Donalds birthday party at school and a celebration with family. I just said Okay and he was overwhelmed with happiness. I told my mom to do something about it.
Here he is at school in his uniform, enjoying a Mc Donalds burger.
My brother and sister-in-law decided to have his birthday celebration at the beach. His wish was granted and here he is smiling with happiness!

Mom's Advice

The Author of this post is Velma Baird

My mom has always told me that I need to work less and spend more time with my family. I know in my heart that she is right and if it were up to me I would love to be at home more. Unfortunately, when your entire job is being on the road selling products and setting up booths at conventions it’s hard to be flexible and have a great deal of say so regarding your personal life. My dad has suggested many times that I find a new job that will give me normal nine to five hours and allow me to be home on a regular basis but I kind of like being out on the road and seeing a new town every night. The main reason I took this job was centered on the fact that the money was better and we needed a more steady revenue source. The other day I was checking my email and a friend of mine sent me A at least now it looks like I’ll be paying less on my energy bill every month and maybe I can take some time off the road.

Awesome Hotel

This is a cappuccino machine in one of the hotels here in Orlando. When we still live in Mississippi and we came to Orlando to purchase a property, we stayed one week in a hotel just to process the final papers. It was fast actually considering it was a short sale. Thanks to our good realtor who is a Filipino. Anyway, this Cappuccino Machine caught my eye because it was in gold color and looks like a family heirloom one time. The hotel is neraby Disney Theme Parks, has a huge swimming pool with beautiful landscape. Their customers were alright, a mix of tourist and local. There is a NO SMOKING in all areas of the hotel premises and if caught will have a $250 fines! For us that do not smoke AWESOME! But, for those who can't live a day without a stick called it ridiculous! Well, I hope all hotels will have this kind of brave regulations. Peace to all smokers out there.

The Best Plan Using Straight Talk

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

On Cam at Downtown

During the last days of the Anthony Trial, we went to the Orange County Courthouse to observe the big event. It was Sunday and Freedom Day was approaching so, there was nobody in this area except the press people from Fox, CNN, NBC, and many others. This is not your ordinary day in downtown Orlando, this street will be jam packed with people. In fact, we did not pay any parking fee at this time.On this side of the courthouse, no soul at all! As we move towards the front of the courthouse, there was a huge vacant space where an elegant makeshift for press people was being made as a platform to relay their news. It is a Press Village and each famous TV station has its own space. At the front of the courthouse, there were good numbers of people who were waiting for the slot number for them to get into the courtroom for the Anthony Trial. Of course, there were news men and paparazzi.
The picture above is a local reporter from Channel 13 interviewing a man about his opinion about the trial. I do not think it was being aired because my husband was standing at the background and it was not a good sight for viewers, LOL!
After lunch, when we came back in this area, the people on the line started to go and when I asked, they got their number to get in the next day. I will be #49 so, I can get in for they allowed 50 slots for the public. The guy wearing blue holds the number but, this camera man won't leave him alone. He was trying to be nice and when I asked about the number, he signaled it was gone. I know he got only 48 on the list but, I did not insist anyway. My hubby loves to be interviewed on cam but, nobody wants to interview him, LOL. I keep teasing him about this incident.

Trac Fone is a Great Blessing

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Path of Hurricane Irene

It is past 1AM now and yap, I am still awake and watching TV. Here is the latest update of Hurricane Irene and it is obviously heading away from Florida Coast. The clouds in the sky were dark and it was raining earlier because we have the rain bands around some places of Florida.
I snagged this picture from google. Let us all pray for the safety of the people living in the East Coast.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Activities Online

There are so many activities that we truly miss on living Mississippi. We miss Dad and our gardening moments. We miss the comfort of going to the beach anytime because it's just 5 minutes away from the house. We miss crabbing on the Pier and miss eating the fresh blue crabs. We also miss the company of our cousins and friends where we enjoyed having birthday parties and get together activities. But most of all, we miss going to Beau Rivage, Hard Rock and the Grand. These casino hotels are just awesome stablishments because their games are mostly popular as Poker Sites USA.

Did you know that there are Online Casinos for USA Players? In UK, it is legal to play an online games but here in the US, they are still fighting for its legality. Besides, a lot of Websites were being questioned because of the Best US Poker Sites. If you want to play games, make sure that they are approriate and the company is legal to open an online game.

There are certain cases that they just wanted to unwind. As for me and my husband, we love to play the machine and if we are hungry we move to the buffet area. How about you? Visit the link for more information!

My Interest of Maps

I like to look at the map and learn it's history. You know those stories about the travel of Marco Polo, the charm history of Colosseum in Rome, the mystery of the boulders of the Stonehenge and many more. When I was in College, I have an Atheist Professor for World History and I was fascinated with his stories. His name is Professor Burton and I also like his wife, my Professor in Sociology subject. Anyway, their stories were fading into my memory therefore, I need to refresh my knowledge about it.Now, I need to refresh my knowledge about this map. I will start at the East Coast. I need to ignite my interest of becoming a bookworm once again.

Steel Lockers

When I was working, we have a locker similar to the picture below. I like my space because it was located at the top and on the end corner. We also have a long bench like this and during my break; I would lay there for 30 minutes. It was comfortable for me because I can fully stretch my legs. If you own a school, a business company or if your office needs a steel locker, check out This company has been in the business for 7 years providing a high quality merchandise to the marketplace. If you want to order or have any questions regarding their products, you can visit on their Website or you can call them at 1-800-448-2870. This company provides steel lockers in standard, vented, designer, and specialty such as clear view lockers. If you want to order a kids locker, this company has it too as well as accessories and benches. Their products are made up of a heavy metal or solid plastic and available in different height as well as to how many tiers. Using their Website, you can shop as many as 30,000 different quality locker solutions plus you can enjoy choosing from their beautiful accessories. Check out the Website now!

Pumpkin Display for Halloween

In two months time, Halloween Season will be here and trick or threaters will be knocking our doors for some candy cones. We had our breakfast at Cracker Barrel this morning and after the meal, I immediately went to the shop and look around on their display. I really had fun and I noticed that they have display for Halloween decors, shirts and costumes. Are you ready for fun and excitement?
I am ready but still, my mind is not made up for what costume will I be wearing :-)

Un-break my Heart

When you are young, you easily fall for someone and mistakenly thought the attraction as love. Have you ever shed tears for someone? Oh! I shed rivers in fact! He bid good-bye and left for the US to continue his studies and never heard of him since. I thought that was the end of my world but, lo and behold! I can't feel the pain or was there any pain at all? I have friends who are in the "young generation" category LOL! Every time they asked for an advice, I keep telling them if it is not meant to be, it never will be. Bless the heart of the young for they will mature early!

Un-break my heart
Say you'll love me again
Undo this hurt you caused
When you walked out the door
And walked outta my life
Un-cry these tears
I cried so many nights
Un-break my heart
My heart

The lyrics above was taken from Tony Braxton's song titled Un-break My Heart. I still have so many tasks to write but, sometimes I got lazy. If I am not in the mood to write, I need to find an inspiration. So, I click my favorite Online Karaoke and I sang my heart out! No practice for theree years (uhm) so, imagine how agonizing it must be for my husband who had to endure the melody that waves across the living room!LOL!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Used Cars in Tampa

In less than a year, we bought two cars. The first car started to show problems after 5 months so; we decided to return it. We got our money back and we bought another car which we are currently using. So far, this car is our baby and it has only 33 miles when we bought it with amazing car fax information. If you want to buy used cars, there are so many car companies out there but, each company differs with prices and the level of customer service. The Website is a good resource for used cars in Tampa and they have excellent customer service reputation. If you are looking for Ford Explorer, Ford Expedition, Chevrolet Malibu or Impala, you can call the used car dealer in Tampa at 866-708-0086. If you visit the links which are provided here, you can view the used cars in Tampa at reasonable price. If you live nearby Tampa Bay Florida, you can locate the car dealer at Park Blvd at Pinellas Park, Florida. I just saw a 2001 Cadillac Deville with 26,800 miles on it, such an amazing price of $8,995. Watch their video blog of used trucks on their Website. If you see any car you like, good news is that you will only have a 30 second credit approval and they have a 30 second online credit application too. That is pretty fast right? All you have to do is to visit the site, view their used car display and choose the car you like. Check it out now!

Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene is currently pouring heavy rains in Puerto Rico right now! And as it moves closer to the US mainland, Florida can be on it's path. Now, the entire state is on alert on the weather report. As for us, we will not take it for granted. We are heading to the grocery today to stack up our pantry for hurricane supplies. My husband was here during Hurricane Charlie which hit Orlando and did severe damage. So, Floridians are not taking anything for granted especially about Hurricanes! I pray that this Hurricane Irene will not hit the US mainland.

Scholarships and Grants

Today here in Orlando, it is back to school! We went to the grocery yesterday and it was crowded with parents and children who were having a last minute shopping for school needs. I bet the kids are excited to see their school, eager to mingle with old classmates as well as looking forward to meet the new schoolmates. Anyway, I was looking for college scholarships online because I really wanted to go back to school. I am a procrastinator of my plan but, I really feel the need to switch a career now. I was searching for financial aid information online that offer grants for physical therapy students and I found it.

Any health related career is one of the in demand line of work in the US and so; my goal is to get a scholarship to finance my schooling. Is it possible to get a scholarship for students which are completely free? Try to check a Website here and you will be provided with useful tips and advice on how to earn a scholarship or grant for college. If you want engineering grants, you will get it here too. I am scouting for a grant on this site right now and I am inviting you to check it out. Visit today!

The Courthouse

This is the Orange County Courthouse here in Orlando, Florida. Remember the case of the mother of Caylee Anthony who was acquitted for all counts regarding the death of the toddler? Well, the whole world witnessed the case because it was shown LIVE on TV and this is the famous courthouse.When I took this picture, it was on a Sunday that is why there is no one here. The front of the courthouse was crowded with people who wanted to get in the court room for the next day. Oh by the way, the mother is back in Orlando in connection with the check fraud she was found guilty of. It is all about the probation issue of that case. Most people ignore that fact but, the media thought that she is an interesting news still! Most of the people I know, just shrugged that news.

Get the RevLocal Services

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If you want to revolutionize your business using the local search marketing, you need not go any further. Just click the links which are provided here and you will be amazed with the services they have for you. For more information, you may call the toll free number 800-456-7470.

The Sunset

We had a long day today and when we did all the appointments we had, it was already sunset. I took this beautiful picture along the airport.Now, let us see if you have a good eyesight. Find the duck with no legs, the beak of a bird, and a chick. Thanks for stopping here. Come by next time.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mosaic Tile

When I went back to PI for 3 months, my purpose of staying a longer vacation was to extend the living room, make a second floor and a roof top. My husband would call it the observation deck which oftentimes, I would tease him for using such terminology. I was supposed to include the cosmetic renovation of the kitchen too by adding the mosaic tile to give that elegant look. Here in the US, a kitchen with a back splash such as glass mosaic tiles and mosaic wall tile adds impact to the home buyers.I love watching HGTV and when they are doing a kitchen renovation, they do not take for granted the back splash. It adds the value of the house if the kitchen is nice with a beautiful and high end back splash. It does make a tremendous difference especially when it tied down everything in the kitchen. That is why I would like to have one for my kitchen too. There so many colors to choose from and the price differ according to the kind of materials you want. If you are planning to have a kitchen or bathroom renovation, consider having a mosaic tile. They are truly beautiful for your home.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shrimp Boats

When I crave for shrimps, craw fish and blue crab, I immediately remember this place near Hard Rock in Biloxi, Mississippi. The back area is a wharf where the shrimp boats dock. Hubby and I would really love to buy large shrimps for less than $3/lb. Here in Orlando, my gosh it's $9.95/lb so; my mind goes back to this place which a sumptuous feast of seafood is so accessible.Did you know that while the fishermen are shrimping, the birds are on their tail trying to steal some of the meat? Well, it's intimidating for the fishermen but, it's interesting to see really.

Rubber Mulch For Landscaping

Our yard should be inviting and not an eye sore of the community. A well-manicured lawn usually depicts the kind of family living in the house. Do you have a big yard? A simple yard work doesn't really hurt our time. The trimming of the bushes and creating a beautiful garden is rewarding especially if we receive a compliment from our neighbors.Have you heard about rubber mulch from Rubberecycle? This company is the innovator of tire recycling industry and only process scrap tires which are really a good cause to preserve the environment. Their product is affordable because it comes directly from their own plant to the consumers. Rubberecycle offers the top quality products making their company a gold standard holder and they are on top among competition if there is one that exist. Their product is good in playgrounds because it is safe, long-lasting, kid friendly and environment friendly as well. The view of your yard will transform into beauty if you add this quality rubber as a landscape mulch, arena footing or equestrian footing. Did you know that this company supplied the play safe rubber mulch at the White House? That goes to show that their product is phenomenal when it comes to making your yard beautiful and inviting. This product is available in different attractive colors, odorless, non-toxic and it reduced the growth of weed which is very important. If we talk about landscaping, include this product in your list. For more information, visit the Website today.

Butter Peacan Ice Cream

I went to a Filipino Store few days ago and bought a halo halo fruit mix. Sometimes, my cravings are bad so; when I crave for a halo halo, I can make one right away. My ice cream in the fridge is a peanut butter pecan flavor which is so delicious.For hot and humid summer, ice cream and halo-halo are the kind of chillers I need! Yummy!

Garden Rain Chains

If you have been following my blogs, you know that I am not over with gardening. I miss my gardening moments while living in Mississippi. My father-in-law has this huge yard but, I only make the front yard as a flower garden and the side area as a vegetable garden. Big yards are hard to maintain so; I am only dreaming to have a good size yard where I can plant my vegetables and grow a flowering plants. Anyway, while doing my gardening, my neighbor called me over to her place to brag her newly bought rain chains. Actually it was a rain gutter chain, in good style with attractive design. It really adds as a beautiful accent outside her house. My husband first heard about this accessory from our neighbor and he admits, a rain chain was really a nice piece but, garden rain chains would be more awesome he said. If you have a big yard and you want to accessorize it, visit the link which is provided in this post. You will find amazing rain chains which are so beautiful. A rain chain adds a remarkable and brilliant glamour in your garden. Check out the Website now and find the piece that you like the most.

The Color Purple

Do you like Purple? I noticed that I am attracted to this color in fact, I have gadgets that are purple. When we do our grocery, I always buy fresh flowers such as the picture below. I forgot the name of this flower. It is so pretty don't you think? Here's the pen that was given to me by a realty company.Then, my purple Acer Notebook with my purple USB Connect which was turn-upside down but, it's purple too.
Anyway, purple is a range of hues of color between red and blue. Purple occurs by mixing the primary colors red and blue in varying proportions. Purple is a secondary color from blue and red. Purple can be equal to the primary color magenta. I don't know about color theory but, a "purple" is defined as any non-spectral color between violet and red. The spectral colors violet and indigo are not purples but, they are purples according to common English usage since they are between red and blue. Confusing eh?

Online Universities

Having a family is not a hindrance to go back to school. I was watching an interview of a successful lawyer and I was inspired by her will and endurance to finish the degree she wanted to have. She had that great determination and fascination of career focus to land the job she longed for after graduation. Her motivation is her family and she wanted to give them the best life, the best education that they deserve to have. She decided to go back to school and enrolled in one of the Online Universities. Juggling from being a mother, and a student was not easy but, she thrived with that situation and she reaped the fruit of her labor triumphantly! A successful lawyer with a beautiful family said, her decision to go back to school is the best decision she ever make. If she can do it, we can too!

Anyway, if you want to study in art history or fine arts, photography, graphic design and music, there is a degree program available online. Not only that, if you desire to pursue a business management, communication, marketing, criminal justice and the list goes on to remind us that whatever degree we wanted to study, it is available online. There is an online degree programs in healthcare which is in demand in the country right now. If you need a Federal Student Aid, check out the Free Application using this link and start planning your life ahead.

Sonic Chiller

Back in Mississippi, the weather is as brutal as Florida but, the sea breeze along the Gulf Coast is a lot better so; hubby and I always love to hang out along the beach. Going to East Beach, we ordered some food at Sonic and would park our car and watched people play the volleyball.One of my favorites at Sonic is the frozen Java Chillers either Mocca or Caramel with cheesticks. I can eat this for my lunch. If you have Sonic in your area, try this Java chillers, so yummy and creamy!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Goodbye Ernie

This is Ernie. One of my favorite dogs but he lived in Mississippi. While we lived there for almost two years, Ernie always tagged along with his daddy (that's my cousin). Wherever his daddy go, Ernie is with him. His daddy had a house washing company, he had to go when his daddy had work to do too.Ernie passed away when one night, he had problems with his stomach and he was 12 years old. My cousin loved him as a dear child. I must admit, Ernie was really smart and funny. He would come towards me inviting to play as he would run back and forth with a wagging tail. My cousin was really devastated when the vet can't save him. When we all got together, we always talk about Ernie and the funny tricks he did when he was still alive.

Appliance Removal in Chicago

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Healthy Meal

From home to my work place, my time was not enough to do all the tasks I have in one day. When I was teaching before, I had to wake up at 4 AM because my shuttle bus will pick me up in an hour. My commute will take less than an hour if there's no traffic and most of the time; I ate my breakfast at school. That was a tough schedule for me and having a nutritional supplement from Herbalife was of great help. If you are always in a hurry but, lack the time to balance your meal, check the Herbalife Distributor in your area. The product of this company includes protein shakes, protein snacks, fitness supplements and personal care products. If you want to supplement your body to boost your digestive health then, contact your Herbalife Distributors and they can show you the products of this company. Improve your nutritional well-being so you can enjoy a happy and healthier lifestyle. If you have weight loss concerns, change your nutritional habit and check their products to help you out. Their products are delicious and healthy and it's easy to prepare a healthy supplement. Visit the Website today and live healthy!

A Visit to Mississippi

We might be going to Mississippi next month for important matters. I am a little excited because I will be seeing few of my co-workers in the casino and would again visit my favorite casino and buffet in the area. Hubby and I can also visit my father-in-law's resting place, it's been almost a year now. We also plan to visit New Orleans and dine in the Cafe' du Monde and eat the beignets.
This is a Catholic Church located in New Orleans, the first Catholic Church built in 1715.
I like this place but, I don't want to live here though. I still like to live in Florida even though the humidity here is brutal but, the lifestyle here is great!

Blue Global Media

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

House Washing in Ocean Springs MS

The house of my father-in-law is currently in the market and we have buyers. We are actually waiting for everything to run smoothly especially the inspection. When we moved out, my sister-in-law who is the executor of the state handled all the cosmetics of the house such as re-painting and clean-up of the entire house. Don't get me wrong, the house is beautiful but, we all wanted to show make it more presentable so that the house will be off to the listing right away. This is the company who we hired to clean the exterior of the house. He pressure-washed it and it looks like NEW! That was really amazing! Even the concrete on the driveway looked so brand new! If you want to clean the exterior of the house, call this number and look for Johnny. They are in the business since 1976, no wonder that their job is EXCELLENT! If you live in Biloxi, Ocean Springs, Vancleave, Guttier, Saint Martin and nearby these places, hire this cleaning company now. Call the number today and ask for an estimate. I assure you that this company is really reasonable! Don't forget to mention my blog (smile)!

Non Profit Jobs

Working in the nonprofit jobs arena is gaining popularity. This market seems to be attracting many different types of people. Students graduating from college, recently retired people, and many people who want to change their careers. When entering the world of the nonprofit career you should consider looking for a job that you are passionate about and knowledgeable in all aspects. For example, if you care about the environment, poverty, or feeding the poor countries of the world, then go for that path and you should follow that desire in your heart.

Once you have selected a nonprofit organization, you might want to first volunteer to see what resources they have and if you will fit in the organization. Many volunteers have ended up as full-time employees. One of the most important jobs in any non-profit is the ability to raise funds. This is usually a top placement and high-paying job in the organization. If you have creative writing skills this could also be a great advantage when looking for non profit jobs. From writing newsletters to direct mail campaign and even producing small magazines, your writing skills would be beneficial to the company.

Fundraising for a nonprofit will compensate you greatly. Salary's run in the area of 50,000 to as much as $100,000 year plus bonuses. Another area you might want to investigate is the job of events coordinator for the non- profit. This will be the ideal job if you like planning a party. Some of your duties could include working with volunteers, seeking corporate sponsorship, managing the events calendar and working on the budget just to name a few. There are pros and cons to working for the nonprofit organizations. Before you make a career change you should investigate and see if this is the right choice for you.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Emptiness and Melancholy

Our friend just lost a husband few weeks ago, a battle of cancer which was really unexpected. When I arrived here in the US, it seemed too many had died. In fact, four of them were really close to my heart, 3 close friends and my father-in-law who died 2 days before my birthday. Just sad right? Today, a friend called my husband to have her last will and testament notarized. That is really a good decision a parent should do. Having seen death of others passes you by, you would think that life is really a blessing everyday. We should have a will for peace of mind for those who will be left behind.Our friend invited us for dinner and she said, we were the first guests in the house who she invited for dinner after her husband died. Seemed like a point of getting out of the shell lil by lil. I felt her pain and I could see misty eyes. But, my husband always divert the topic to funny memories so; the visit was pleasant and she laughed her heart out with the jokes cracked by my husband.Awhile later, while our friend had spoken her pain of losing the husband, these cute and beautiful dogs were lying so peacefully. We were just listening to her and I took these pictures. The first picture depicts emptiness and melancholy, don't you think?

Glimmer of Hope

Here's one of the pictures that I took while living in Mississippi. We always drive across the bridge that connects Biloxi and Ocean Springs. I usually work at ten in the evening and my husband would come pick me up at seven the next day. So, I always saw the sunrise along the Gulf of Mexico. This is a sunset though after a big storm. Still cloudy but, there's a promise of hope amidst those glimmering light :-)I don't miss my work but, I miss Hardrock and Beau Rivage where hubby and I always frequent almost everyday. We live just 5 minutes away from these hotels so; we love hanging out in this cool casino and dig in to the buffet area.

Friday, August 12, 2011

All You Need is Tarp

When purchasing your tarp you have the option to choose the materials, colors and the size. There are polyester, canvas, mesh and vinyl tarps just to name a few. Tarps have many uses and are multi-purpose coverings which actually helps to protect your investment. It is whether you're covering an RV, boat, or even farm equipment, you only need tarps. If you ever been in a coastal area that has been hit by a hurricane, you will see many blue tarps covering what used to be the roof of a house. These are generally heavy duty polyester tarps that can withstand heavy winds and rains.Tarps are very useful to the camper too. It keeps them dry on heavy and rainy days and also serves as a shade from the blistering sun. Most tents cannot withstand a heavy rain so many campers will bring a colorful tarp to put over the tent. You can always tell the well-prepared camper who has brought a blue tarp with him when it's raining at camp grounds.

If you can't find a standard tarp in your local hardware store, you can have one custom made. This would mainly be items such as a large boat or RV which are seasonal vehicle and must be protected for several months when not in use. A custom-made polyethylene tarp is ideal for this purpose. So when you need to protect your possessions from the weather, remember a tarp is an economical option.

Bittersweet Longing

We just heard a very good news today that the property of my father-in-law had a buyer and they already pay the earnest payment or the good faith deposit. Everyone is happy with the update but, at the same time hubby and I had a bittersweet longing for this place. The picture below is what we call, our lazy days in Mississippi. Everyday, would park the car at the front beach and just enjoy the sea breeze from the Gulf Coast.We heard that it was a young couple who bought the place. I miss that property. I had so much fun raking the leaves at the backyard, oh okay, I am just kidding. Of course, the yard was hard to maintain because it was huge. But, for the money that the new owner paid for the house, they got a good deal for that! Life is really amazing to note that parents work so hard most of their lifetime to buy the things they wanted most in life and when they die, the children inherit what they saved.

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