Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beautiful Tiles

Supposedly, my home project would only last for 20 days. But as of this week, it will be 45 days total in building a two storey bedroom size extension of the house plus the roof top. I am not disappointed in fact, I am so glad that I made this decision. I hired plumber, Floor contractor, carpenters, painters, steel workers and helpers to push the project to the limit. Here's the picture of my tile flooring and I love my preference with no regret.
I bought three kinds of tiles one for each floors. but, my rooftop tiles was lacking so I ordered few pieces which unfortunately halted the work for few days now. Anyway, the workers did have an alternate work to accomplish their job. Days are not wasted actually because there's so much to do for the time being. For this week, there will be finishing touches done and I hope, everything will be accomplished according to the time frame, I hope! My lessons for this project: Double the financial budget, expect for untoward expenses, more patience and feed the workers aside form their salary. Sometimes, after dinner I gave them wine to show them my appreciation for their work that day!

Blogging for Financial Gain

It was 2005 when I pass a website and commented to an article posted. I have to register to post my comment and that's the start of being in the blogger world. That was 2008 when I posted my first entry convinced by a friend that I can build a business website. There are so many things that Internet can do to our lives and part of it is earning money using a website! My friend was right! It truly augment my financial capacity and built a business venture online. Financial gain, financial freedom, call it as what you want and the truth is, while at home earning is easy with my website. My blogging activity has helped me pay my bills and sharpen my skills in writing. It is a gradual process of learning! The best motivation that I have is to learn and do the tasks for the day! Pretty rewarding was when I got my remuneration for the effort that I made for the month. It will never become a boring day for me and will always be an interesting activity when I sit on my computer table. When it comes to online business, earning tops the priority!

Home Project

Few days from now, my vacation is over and I will head back to Orlando. I am not too excited as to the first flight that I have before. But, I was excited to find me a new job and save then, I will comeback to finish my project completely! Inspired with my favorite home TV show, I love my home project as I have my vacation here for three months. It is like a ppc search marketing which I expect to have a return of my time investment. I know that my vacation during this time is not the way I expected it to happen but, I enjoyed it even if it is tiresome. I thought that everything will be scheduled smoothly as I planned it but, it double my effort, double my expenses and double my stress! The thing is, for this week it will be finished! I have few finishing touches and I will be glad to go back home with project done! Overall, my vacation is worth it! I have accomplished one of the things that I wanted to have in life! God is truly great! For nextweek, I will have a bonding time with my family and friends.

Rooftop View

My nephew would say, "why is your airplane here is so big?" I would laugh out loud about it! We live uptown and near the airport. Actually, we can see the runway from my rooftop. The view in my place is spectacular because I can see a 360 degree and all those surrounding mountains are just beautiful.

I can see the sunrise and on the other side, the sunset! It feels heaven when I am up there on the rooftop! The picture above is the view of my place from the rooftop, facing the airport. Gorgeous sky today!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Search for Web Hosting

This month, one of my domain sites will renew for another year. I set it up automatically to one of the best web hosting pad that I knew since I started blogging 4 years ago. I choose that option because I am so busy with so many activities and by doing so, it gives me a worry-free mind. All I have to do is grab an opportunity, write it and submit it on time. I do not want to experience another hassle moment where I forgot to renew my domain site and it freezes everything. The posts that I submitted came to an error during the most critical step in blogging which is the approval. How did I solve it? It took me a week to set back my site and manually, they approve my posts. Of course, I got paid though delayed for so many days. I then promise myself to opt in automatic renewal. I can say based from my experience, it truly is a hassle-free and very convenient. No more searching for web hosting company because I am currently satisfied with what I have right now. For me, web hosting search is done for my domain sites because I already found it.

Message Board

I have been so patient for so many months regarding visitors who leave messages on my message board called cbox. There were so many spammers who leave a comment but OUT OF TOPIC linking the website that they promote. FREE add on my blog is a NO NO! If your company will be reviewed, it's because I truly appreciate it. You can't just post a link in my message board for FREE because that is spamming! Leave a comment in any of my posts, I will publish it if it's not a spam!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wedding Photographer in Cagayan de Oro City

Do you need a professional photographer for your upcoming wedding? All you need to do is contact this person at XU Library in High School Department, Cagayan de Oro City Philippines and just look for Lito Homonlay.

I had known him since College Days in Xavier University. His talent and skills in photography sharpened through the years. For every activity in XU, his talent in photography is highly in demand. He covers all kinds of photo engagement activity most especially Weddings, Anniversary, Seminars and Yearbook. If you are having a difficulty or in need any assistance as to how to contact him, just leave a comment below. This photographer is highly recommended!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

RV Accessories

My husband and I are always present whenever there is an RV show in our place. We even take an effort to go and watch the show in the neighboring states like Alabama and Mississippi. Personally, I love to own one in the future. I love to travel and having an RV can be a lot easier to enjoy the road trip. Do you own an RV? Are you planning to buy an rv accessories? Check out the Website today for they have so many accessories that might fancy your likes. They have caravan water tank , pop top cover, portable toilet and many more. Visit the links now!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Reunion of XU Library Kapamilya

I really do not have the time to have a real vacation because all my days were spent with my home project. When the XU Library Kapamilya invited me to attend the get together party, I did not hesitate to join. Fresh my my migraine attack, I had a wonderful time with them at Opol Beach, Philippines.

Shown in the pictures are some of the XU Librarians and my co-workers in college. We are called XU Library Association of Working Scholars, a group of XU Students who are self supporting with the help of the remuneration that we received as an SA-student assistant. They are part of my life who have been instrumental of what I am today.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Travel Destination

I love to travel and I do like to explore places that have an amazing food services. I love to eat and so; exploring the best Restaurants in Las Vegas Area is truly addictive. Apart from going to the casinos and play the slot machines, there are places in this area which are fun to visit. Check out the links provided here and have fun exploring!

Have you been to New York City? High rise buildings will truly amazed you. Not only that, this enchanting city that never sleeps would give you a momentum of real fun. Why won't you click the Website now and start planning your travel with your love one? Make your life this new year as exciting as you want. Travel and see the world by exploring the possibilities that you never dare to imagine.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon

Here are some of the pictures which my friend took when we visited Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon, Philippines. The park is truly an amazing place to visit and is good for Educational tour. One of the amenities that I love is this place where guests can choose a spot with a table that serve as a venue.
Downhill is a nice place and all green environment. It has a playground for kids below 12 years old.
This can be found near the entrance, such an awesome image.
Kids love this place because of the beautiful animal displays. It looks like the animals are made of fiberglass and it looks like real. Here's the family of tigers and the picture at the far end are crocodiles.

Here's the fish pond below the restaurant. This is a nice place to hang out especially when you book a room in the adjacent area. There is a P 2,800/night good for 3; P3,200 is a family room good for 4 persons. The rooms were cozy and very elegant , good for honeymoon :-)

This is the second fish pond that I saw in this area. Naming the kind of fish in this pond is not my forte hehehe but, I sure love this area..
Here's Sean posing with the snakes!
Visit Dahilayan, Bukidnon Philippines and I can assure you that you will love it. The awesome view, the amenities of dual zip line is outstanding!

Auto Repair in Houston

Are you having trouble with your car? It certainly will give us so much stress when our baby is not in good shape, right? As a car owner myself, I want that my baby is in good condition so; I can drive at ease. If you live somewhere in Houston, you can count on Houston auto repair for all your car troubles. They can repair any kind of car troubles and if your car is an Acura TL , no worries because they can fix it. Make sure that you have an oil change regularly and see to it that you have a brake job as it needed. Trust only the name in any of your car troubles. Check out the links provided here and visit the Website today.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

UMAC Balikbayan Box in Orlando

When I went home to visit my family in the Philippines, I decided to send a Balikbayan Box. Actually, I sent 4 boxes from Orlando which arrived on time. It was exactly two months as what they promised and the good thing was, it arrived before Christmas. I sent the 4 boxes in October around second week.

The big truck has a logo UMAC, Philippines and when they deliver, they took pictures of the box with the recipient as a receipt. Excellent idea right? The next two boxes, it was a FOREX cargo truck (sister company) who delivered my boxes but the same employees. For three years, I am satisfied with UMAC services. I highly recommend it to all of you who are planning to send Balikbayan Boxes to the Philippines. Note: Just make sure you seal the whole box evenly and put a computerized address to all sides. So far, I have no problem and hoping I won't have in the future.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Beach Resorts

Planning of having a family vacation for this holiday or on New Year's Eve? Check out Camiguin Island in the Philippines and discover the amazing view which is beyond your imagination. Book your holiday vacation in any resorts in this island and discover the amazing amenities that they have. If you are interested in boating, eat fresh sea foods, see the white island, this is the right destination. This place has the activities which all your family will enjoy doing. The view of the blue skies and blue water will ignite a romantic ambiance for lovers who seek total relaxation. A quite evening will definitely ends with a filling dinner on the seaside. Visit Camiguin Island and start planning family vacation that would last a lifetime.(photo courtesy: Rusty Pimentel)

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