Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cute Little Friend

Christmas is a time of joy, expressing love and care, and sending well wishes to someone who has touched our lives. I am so grateful that there are people who made me feel special like Shana, Kevin and Emilia. I met this family in Orlando, I mentioned about it in THIS POST. Anyway, here are the pictures of Emilia a year ago. Do you think she really posing? Nope! That is why, I snap a picture right away and here's what I got.
See how she smile at the camera? I just set it for 10 seconds delay and look at her. She is adorable, smart and funny.
Emilia in her playful mood. Yesterday, I received a card from them with her latest picture. It was really nice of them to remember me and wish me well.
I wish this family all the best in the world. I am so grateful that I met this family and for giving me courage to follow what my heart desires.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Thank You Dhemz and Greg

I was so surprise today! I got a Christmas Greetings from Dhemz and Greg in California. It was so nice of you to remember me. I appreciate the thoughts that I am in your list, LOL! Thank you so much. I wish you all the good life for the new year and more blessings financially. I wish you joy, love and good health too. I really enjoyed your family news letter, hehehe. Now, I can save your full address that I keep wanting to have. I know, I ask Rose about it and lost it! I am this whacked hahaha. Anyway, have a wondeful new year Dias Family!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Comfortable Leather Sofa

When I was at work, we have this executive lounge room with comfortable leather sofa that I really like. It is not as beautiful as the designer leather sofas in but, when I am fighting to stay awake, it is as good as my bed at home. I always wanted to own a leather sofa for my house back home. In the link provided here, I saw a lot of designs that I love. Their products are truly beautiful and extra innovative in style. Well, since I work in a graveyard shift, looking at the leather sofa in my work is truly tempting to just lay down and doze off to sleep. That would be trouble for sure. Anyway, there is a leather sofa that I like in called Ikos Contemporary Designer Leather Sofa. It features sliding seat and back movement made with genuine Italian leather which is made in Italy of course. If you visit the Website, check on the sofa that I mentioned. It is truly a contemporary design and if that furniture will be in your living room, your guests will adore it. By looking at it, it is very comfortable and a stunning furniture that you would surely love.

Time After Time

Who would want a home without a time piece? In my case, I would be lost without it. Just like when I am working, if I left my wrist watch, I kept asking to somebody about time. I need it to know the time for my lunch and break time. I can not simply track time with out the clock. At home, wall clocks are important. We actually had it in the bedroom, the center piece facing the bed. It is good to see that when we woke up, we knew the time right away. In our bathroom, we also had one. It is really good that we can track the time while taking showers and do some other things in the vanity area. The most important clocks in the house are located in the living room and kitchen. Of course, time is essential when we are cooking. I bet you will agree to that right? We don't want to overcook our food do we? While we anticipate watching our favorite games on the TV, the clock guide us to track the time too. Wall clocks are not only a decoration on the wall but, a thing that helps our schedules on the dot!

Happy Birthday Lovely Umma

Dear Umma,
I know you visited my blogs here awhile ago and left a comment. Just wanted to greet you in all my blogs girl. Happy Birthday and may you have a wonderful Birthday celebration this year. I know its a blast! We really wish we can see your daily rantings girl but, I know it will be soon hehehe. May God grant all your wishes my friend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Web Surfing

Internet access is now part of my life. I would go crazy if we lost the internet connection. For primary reason, I use the internet to talk to my family and friends back home. It is a necessity to my needs and I am getting used to it. Others are sensible enough and can relate about what I am saying here for sure. Anyway, I always go online whenever I want to know the latest in the news and entertainment industry. I used different kinds of search engine to get into the topic that I wanted to read. How about you? Have you tried using Rapidshare Search? If not, just click the link provided here and check it out now. It is a search engine that you can use for your Web Surfing activity. As for me, I love watching TV and sometimes the headline news are not enough. That is why I always dig for more topics on the subject that I wanted to know more. It is amazing that search engine simplify what we are looking for. It provides us all the links related to the stories we wanted to know. Web surfing is really a fun activity and search engine is a great tool to access the links of what we are searching for.

Pacquiao vs Mayweather Fight

The most awaited fight in the boxing industry will be happening on March 13, 2010. Manny Pacquiao is the pride of the Philippines with boxing record of 55 in total. He was called the PACMAN in fighting arena and Filipino named him as "Pambansang Kamao". Manny Pacquiao has won 50 fights with 38 KO on the record. He won seven World Titles in seven different weight divisions and the only boxer to win the lineal championship.
This year, Pacquiao defeated Ricky Hatton with the most anticipated Battle of the East and West. Pac-man brought home the IBO and Ring Magazine light welterweight titles with the lineal light welterweight title too. Manny Pacquiao took the WBO World welterweight title when he won the fight over Miguel Cotto via technical knockout. That fight made him the first fighter in boxing history to win seven world titles in seven different weight divisions. What a record right? The first fight of Manny Pacquiao for 2010 is against Floyd Mayweather, Jr. If you are interested to watch the fight, please buy the Pacquiao vs Mayweather tickets in the Website provided here. How I wish I can watch it live. If I can file a leave of absence in my work, I would definitely go and support Manny Pacquiao. If Manny is in good shape, he can beat Mayweather Jr.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Health is Wealth

I was in the break room and I was eating cake and pastries. Some of the employees came by me and whisper that what I ate was really delicious. I told them to help themselves because there were plenty food to choose from on the table. They declined and say they are on a diet. My body metabolism burns the fat so fast so; I guess I was just lucky. Some people struggle for a diet and exercise but, always end up hopeless. That is why for others, a Liposuction is a great option to consider. It can help bring back confidence and a beautiful body shape. Removing excess fat and reducing the number of fat cells is achievable. If your health is affected and you are not comfortable with the way you look, this option is not bad at all. Whatever makes you comfortable of doing, just do it. Make it an accomplishment that is good for you and build up your confidence. Visit the link that is provided here to see which product that might help you maintains a good health. As for me, I will just enjoy eating the foods that I crave and exercise after. It is working for me so far.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My NFL Week 15 Picks

I am enjoying Football game this season because I have a team and I understand the game better now. When I was in College, I have a PE Subject and we study the rules of some Sports such as Baseball, Volleyball, Softball but not Football. When I arrived in the US which is basically a Football enthusiast, I just can't appreciate it. This year, I have a favorite team and I look forward on watching most of the games. Here is my top picks for NFL Week 15 :
  • Cleveland BROWNS
  • Tennessee TITANS
  • England PATRIOTS
  • Arizona CARDINALS
  • Pittsburgh STEELERS
  • Houston TEXANS
  • San Diego CHARGERS
  • Tampa Bay BUCCANEERS
So far I lost with the following teams that I pick:
  • New York JETS (FALCONS won)
  • San Francisco 49ers (EAGLES won)
  • Chicago BEARS (Ravens won)
  • Denver BRONCOS (RAIDERS won)
  • Minnesota VIKINGS ( PANTHERS won)
  • Washington REDSKINS (GIANTS won)
    Of course my Personal Favorite Team SAINTS of New Orleans who got 13 wins lost this week to Dallas COWBOYS. My friends at work would ask me teasingly " Who dat say they gonna beat them Saints? Who Dat? And with a stoop shoulder and sad face I answered: COWBOYS DAT! LOL! HAHAHA....Well, this week Saints had 13-1 but, its okay right? That is not a bad score for this season. They are still good for the SUPERBOWL.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Insurance is Important

I am so glad that I am already 3 months in my job with no absences or tardiness. It means that my 90 days probation is over and my full benefit as an employee will take effect immediately. I must admit that the company where I am working right now really takes care of the employee. At least I do not worry about Temporary Insurance or other things because the in-charge who takes care of the employee benefits did a good job always. Health insurance is very important to me and that is what keeping me from holding on to my job. Come to think of it, if you are sick without health insurance, you will be screwed! That is why I am so thankful for this company who gave me the opportunity to work with them. Having this job is a blessing really. I never thought that I can find a permanent position especially in the kind of economic situation that we have right now. I was so glad that God works in mysterious ways. When I took my interview, I do not even know what they are hiring for. But because of the full benefits that I am getting, I took the challenge. Here I am now, contented with all the insurance benefits that I have from them.

Time for Sleep

Working in the graveyard shift is really hard. I need to get 8 hours of sleep each day to keep me awake on my working hours from 11 PM up to 7:30 in the morning. At first, I feel like a zombie. I was doing my normal job and one of my co-worker said, "BOO!" and realized that I was asleep for seconds. That was really funny! Well, I was able to survive that nightmare and for three months now, I am well adjusted. We have no leather beds at home but sometimes, I took the comfort of taking a nap in the leather chair of my father-in-law because it is very comfortable. I am blessed with a thick hair and sometimes it feels so warm and sleeping in that chair kept my head cool. Anyway, it is time for my sleep now and I am a bit too lazy today thinking that it is "my Monday". I think everyone felt the same way, right? We are excited during weekends and during weekdays, we are lazy because we have deal the workloads over and over again. For whatever reasons, once we are at workplace, we wanted to get the work nicely done, right? Just enjoy your work and have a good sleep when you needed it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Termites Gave Me Headache

After working for two years, I was able to buy a house and lot property located over looking our city. That was 10 years ago and this property is my prized possession. I made minor improvements in the house like building a division and added tile flooring on the whole floor area. My mother and my cousin live there for almost two years while I am living here in the US. Recently, mom has kept reminding me that the termites damage all the door jams. These tiny creatures can really eat the whole house if we just take it for granted. My mother did some remedy and apply some termite baits but, the colony was not destroyed. I am planning to make my property bigger next year so; I will have them cure the soil first. It is truly annoying to see few termites popping out from somewhere. There must be a colony nearby. I told them to maintain the application to terminate the termites. When I come home, I will have my major project done and the termites should be out of sight. Are you having problems with termites too? If you did, click the link provided here and good luck to both of us.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fall Festival

Living in Mississippi is really different in Orlando. The traffic here is not bad at all and easy lifestyle is common in this place. When we drove on the beach area, we saw family were fishing; friends have fun time walking on the bridge, gatherings are always family oriented. Just like when they have a Fall Festival in Saint Alphonsus School in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.
On this day, they have two big events happening in the city. We made plans to see the display and we passed by the school first. I wanted to try this but as you can see, the line was long with kids hehehe. Shame on me to even think of trying, LOL!
An elementary grade pupil climbing to the top.
The parents here are very supportive to their children. School activities are priorities for the parents...well, as far as those parents that I knew.
The school had so much games and display for both parents and the children.
These were the decorations that they had all over the school campus. I think it was per classroom because it was all over the place.
I was just wondering how many kids missed these kind of events in their lives because they have irresponsible parents. Hmmm!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Credit Scores

I am planning to buy a new truck before the end of the year. My eagerness to have a truck started when I saw a brand new Hummer on display. Since I can not afford a Hummer, I told my husband that we will look for a truck instead. My worries now are the loan approval since it will depend upon the credit reports that they will gather. My name is common and without the middle initial, my name has many faces. When I tried to view my credit report in Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, it was fine until I saw one account that is not mine and is in my list. I was not even in the US when that account was opened. I already inform the company and made a letter requesting them to delete the said account in my account list. I hope that my credit score is way above the requirements so that, I can choose the truck that I wanted with low interest. I already plan to pay it off in two years. Yesterday, we "test-drive" the Dodge RAM. It was alright but, I am still looking for a nicer and fancier truck. Anyway, if you want to check your credit score, visit the link which is provided here.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Excited for the Snow

Once in a blue moon, the Gulf Coast of Mississippi will experience a slight snow. I was excited today because according to the weather forecast, at 6:00 PM tonight, there will be changes of the weather. Actually, it is freezing cold right now as we went to Lowe's to buy some Christmas Paraphernalia. I was glad that I wore my boots because it would be a huge mistake if I did not. Anyway, as of this time, it is cloudy and we are expecting occasional showers this afternoon. The reading is 53F with Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph and there is a 40% chance of rain. Tonight, there will be a steady rain and according to the forecast, there will be ice and snow too. The showers will continue overnight and the readings will go colder up to 37F with the Winds NNW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain is 70% and the rainfall is expected to be around a quarter of an inch. Actually, though I am excited with winter, I am not feeling well today. It seems that I have a slight fever. When I got home, I had a chill already. I might call in sick tonight too.

I Am Mourning

As you noticed, I blog about Thankful Thursday yesterday. Thankful and grateful that I met a nice family through Barbara. She was a mother to me. In fact, when I got married, she presented herself to stand on my side as my mother. Yet, on my wedding day, she was not around because she was mourning of the sudden death of her husband. And today, she passed away...too suddenly. We were expecting to see her again when we go back to Orlando. She also wanted me to be her assistant to go over the tools of her husband and put the price so she can have it on a garage sale. Well, those were unfinished plans.
I missed her terribly now. I was just shocked to know that she died in pneumonia. She was spending a Thanksgiving Party with her family in Georgia and when she came back to Orlando, she was not feeling well. The daughter is a pilot in American Airline and she was supposed to be in Orlando today to pick up the mother and visit a doctor. The mother of that family I posted in my Thankful Thursday post, came by to check on Barbara earlier today and found her dead. They were close friends and she called my husband, informing the bad news. I am sad of her passing but on the other hand, happy that she finally find the PEACE she wanted. The passing of her husband last year devastated her and the ashes was with her all the time. She kept telling us that she will be buried with the husband. I know it will come but, not so soon. I will miss you Barbara. Rest in Peace my friend.

By the way, if you wanted to buy a property in North Carolina, check out jacksonville nc real estate. Just visit the Website and you will surely get the property that you are looking for.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday

When I was in Orlando, I met this beautiful family through Barbara, a friend who is like my mother. Arriving in the US for the first time was like being in a NEW WORLD. It was Barbara that I get to talk to and she knew that I needed to work because I was bored at home. When my husband went to work, he drove me to her place. All we did was talk and went out for grocery even if she really do not need to. Anyway, knowing that I have a background in handling children at school, she recommended me to this new couple. The man worked in a prestigious hotel in Florida while the woman managed a booming Spa business in Orlando. They are desperate to find someone who they can trust to take care of their beloved princess in their wonderful home.
I met both the woman and the baby in the morning and the moment I walked in, Emilia held my hand as a gesture of welcome. The mother was amazed because she thought there was a "click" between us already. I knew the mother liked me, that's what I thought, LOL but, she waited for the decision of her husband. Later that evening, we came back and I met the husband. He too was delighted to see the reaction of his princess towards me. I was with Emilia for four months and she was just 15 months old at that time. She is very adorable, sweet, intelligent and happy. We both love to watch educational TV series, we play tag (that was tiring for me, LOL), we dance a lot and she loves to run. In four months she can recognized pictures and say the words properly. I used flash cards to teach her new words and everyday, she had tricks to brag to her parents. When I announced that we will move to Mississippi, the mother cried and the father was disappointed. Both of them were shocked because they have so much plan for me to have me stay with them forever. Of course, eventually, we all knew it will never happen but, as long as I live in Orlando, they can always call me. The parting was painful for all of us. The mother was in tears as I hugged her goodbye and my heart was crying too. They gave me a bracelet with a message "YOU WILL BE MISSED". ---to be continued.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Balikbayan Box Thru Manila Forwarders

I sent Balikbayan boxes to the Philippines whenever I have the chance. Last October 6,2009, I sent these two boxes via Manila Forwarders. That was my first business transaction with them and the box was a jumbo size. It was expected to arrive 2 months after and I was tracking it online after 3 weeks. I was really amazed that my boxes arrived in Manila November 5. For four weeks, my Balikbayan boxes arrived in their facilities. After 2 weeks, it was released and my mother received the boxes on a Monday.
I was truly impressed with their services. My mother told me that the boxes was wrapped in a giant bag or cellophane and all the package tape was in good condition. I usually cover everything with package tape and every time, I can use 3 big rolls for two boxes. When you send your boxes, pack properly to avoid untoward incidents. I can transact again via Manila Forwarders and I certainly would recommend it to all of you. Since I live in Northern Mindanao, per box costs me $120. Not bad after all.

Click here to see a FILIPINO STORE in Mississippi

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I love my iPod

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Yamaha. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love music and I listen to my downloaded collection through my iPod. I always carry it with me wherever I go especially when my husband and I have our short road trips. When he is driving, he played his own favorite music and my iPod is my only refuge. It was really funny that we both have our own separate favorite music.I also use my iPod in capturing videos and I can spontaneously shoot video wherever I am.

I was never bored since I have my iPod. Whenever I got extra time, I play games on it and I use the Genius Mixes feature a lot. I can surf the net too because it is a pocket computer with built in WiFi. Have you heard about the powerful Yamaha Yamaha PDX-60 Speaker Dock? I can watch my favorite movies too in wireless from anywhere where Wi-Fi is available. If you have no iPod, grab it now and buy the Yamaha yAired wireless technology too to get instant connection. It is guaranteed with no sound delays and the sound quality is really great. I love my iPod because of the music, and the video. The Yamaha PDX-60 is a good buy for this season. Please visit the Website today.
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