Friday, July 30, 2010

Luxury Holiday

Do you want to stay in a place which is known to be one of the best in Great Barrier Reef off the coast in Queensland? Actually, Melbourne's exclusive Sunday Age voted this place as one of the Top 10 Luxury Holidays. Spend a relaxing vacation for a Great Barrier Reef Holidays in Queensland, Australia. It is located with in it's own National Park which is Orpheus Island National Park. This place is an adults-only resort for people of over 15 years old. You will enjoy fun activities such as scuba diving, game fishing, seaplane charters, sunset cruise, canoeing, guided walks through national park, and many more. Planning for a Queensland Honeymoon too? This place is a romantic getaway that offer activities that would create a lasting memory. Check out the Website now.

Home Search

For three days now, we were looking for houses in Florida. We end up liking some property condos in the good neighborhood of Metrowest area. We also look some properties in the outskirts of Orlando. Anyway, whichever offer will be accepted first, we are good to go. If we live in Metrowest then, I can find work in Universal Studios or Disney World. If in the outskirt area, I probably end up building my daycare business. I am open for every possibility right now. I keep my finger crossed! Both areas are in good location and excellent neighborhood. We are actually looking for a house, double garage, three bedrooms, two baths, more than a thousand square feet, ready to move in and with a pool. Well, so far, we have to sacrifice one or two wishlist that we have. We are still hoping to find our place tomorrow. We did give our offer today though.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Planned an Affordable Destination Wedding Online, Without a Wedding Coordinator

Thanks for the post from Beth Crosby

I can't believe my wedding has come and gone! Because my family is so big, we decided to do a destination wedding inviting only immediate family and a few close friends. We would then plan a big casual pig roast reception back in my hometown where my parents and most of my family still live.

When we returned from Italy after getting engaged, I wanted to start planning right away. I used our satellite internet in Utahconnection to get online. I didn't know where to start! However, after some searching, I found that there are a lot of resources out there.

We ended up planning almost everything online, without a wedding coordinator. We found a website that sold custom message-in-a-bottle save-the-dates for our guests. We found and booked the condo where we'd stay the week prior to the wedding. We checked to make sure there were no requirements to marry on the beach. I researched the best wedding dress styles for my figure and narrowed down my favorites. We booked our flights, ordered our invitations, created our own website, and set up a honeymoon registry.

It was so simple. We were able to plan our wedding just the way we wanted and still remain within our budget. I would highly recommend to any new bride-to-be to do as much research as possible online when planning her wedding. Thank heavens for rural internet service in Logan UT.

Destin Florida

Planning to enjoy the beach? Destin, Florida is a place that I can recommend for you to visit especially at summertime. Do not be afraid about the spilled oil from the Deepwater Horizon. There are so many places in Destin that are oil free. You will love the place for sure.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Favorite Cars

Who doesn't love cars? When I was in high school, I started collecting miniature cars. Since that time, I began to dream of one day driving these elegant innovations of automobile. Well right now, I own a fuel efficient van and can accommodate six passengers. It maybe what I can afford as of this time but, the following cars will always be my favorite. I have been wanting to own an infiniti g37 which is a mid-size sport sedan powered by high output V-6 engines. I specifically like the color of the picture shown above but, loves the new convertible version of the G37. It is very elegant and the size is enough to tag along my family for a cozy ride at the Gulf Coast. The elegant design of saab 9-5 is like a trophy that I can show on the pedestal. The exterior design is truly an art. I can drive this car and enjoy the total entertainment from it's audio system device. The second generation is an awesome car. A car that has a built in GPS is an awesome feature that I can't resist. Well, the lexus and the chevy cobalt are the other two cars that I like. I just saw them on the highway and can't help myself but dream on driving one of these favorite cars someday. What's your favorite car? What features do you look for in a car? Share your ideas here.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thank You Lord

This is my favorite religious song and I want to share with you the meaningful lyrics of Thank You Lord. This picture was taken after a storm an hour ago. No traces of dark clouds and bad weather only the fascinating blue skies.

Thank you, Lord,
for the trials that come my way.
In that way I can grow each day
as I let you lead,
And thank you, Lord,
for the patience those trials bring.
In that process of growing,
I can learn to care.

But it goes against the way
I am to put my human nature down
and let the Spirit take control of all I do.

'Cause when those trials come,
my human nature shouts the thing to do;
and God's soft prompting
can be easily ignored.

I thank you, Lord,
with each trial I feel inside,
that you're there to help,
lead and guide me away from wrong.
'Cause you promised, Lord,
that with every testing,
that your way of escaping is easier to bear.

But it goes against the way
I am to put my human nature down
and let the Spirit take control of all I do.

'Cause when those trials come,
my human nature shouts the thing to do;
and God's soft prompting
can be easily ignored.

I thank you, Lord,
for the victory that growing brings.
In surrender of everything
life is so worth while.
And I thank you, Lord,
that when everything's put in place,
out in front I can see your face,
and it's there you belong.

Litigation Lawyer

Have you heard about Austin business litigation lawyer? If you live in Texas and you need a lawyer, ask help from them. They will hear you out from the beginning to end. Let's talk about the oil rig eruption last April. The oil spill in the Gulf Coast is one major problem that fishermen, crabber and shrimper affected tremendously. It was a domino effect actually. And most of us who lives in the gulf Coast are hurting. When the shrimper can't get the normal caught for the day, he will be forced to sell the shrimp at higher price to cover his expenses. Restaurants can't sell the shrimp dish at low cost and people will not go eat in a restaurant with expensive menu. If people will quit going to a restaurant, waitresses will earn a little per day. If she earned not enough for her consumption, she will find a second job. And so on and on! The whole scenario is that there is crisis in the Gulf Coast! If it is natural cause, we will ask help from the government. But, the calamity is man made! Who are responsible to this huge economic and environmental catastrophe? Everyone should take a stand and if you are affected, make the legal action now.

AC Expert

I was in the garage most of the time today. What am I doing? I was moving some of our things from the house to the garage. Tomorrow is a busy day because we hired someone to clean the whole house. The painter will start repainting the walls so that buyers will love this house. Lastly, the expert AC service man will also come to fix the AC in the house. I hope the service is as good as the services offered by air conditioning Austin TX AC experts. In the prior post, I blog that our bedroom is warm compared to the other rooms in the house. What we do right now is to open our door to get the cool air in. It is really a hassle. Anyway, since there are three groups of workers tomorrow hubby and I will take time going to the mall. We knew them well and we trust them that everything will be done accordingly. We want this property ready for open house as soon as possible. Next week, we also have a schedule to meet our realtor. Everything is ready and we are excited to find our new home.

Blog Hop : Oh Noh

Hello everyone! As much as I wanted to bloghop, I got a limited time to be on my desk because we are still busy packing. We are like whirlwind for the past weeks now. We are still busy looking for some houses and going back and forth from Mississippi to Florida. As a matter of fact, we have a meeting of our realtor nextweek. Sigh! If I did not visit your blog, don't worry, I am taking down notes (wink). When this is over, my face will frequent in your blogs. Oh yeah! Just like before. Thanks for the visit, see yah again!

Secret Menu Tab of ampm

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of ampm. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am addicted to Facebook and I am sure you are too. I use it to know the real time updates of my family and friends. I enjoyed updating my wall too and some of my friends love to hang out using the apps. There are times that I caught them playing games for so many hours. It was fun seeing their progress level on their favorite games. This is truly a fun Website to use and a good place to stay connected with our family as well as our friends. For me, the fun part in Facebook is when people leave comments on my post. I love giving comments to the wall of my friends too. Facebook builds up strong relationship, trust and good communication. Anyway, if you love apps then, you might like this tab. There is a secret menu tab brought to us by ampm. I love hotdogs that is why the hot chihuahua is my favorite. This menu is my favorite because it has nacho cheese and jalapeos in a bun. Let it be known to all that on August 2nd, you can create your own ampm secret menu concoctions on Facebook. It is easy to find the secret menu items because it it can be found in the Secret Menu tab on the Facebook page. Please visit the Website and leave a comment under your favorite items. Looking for fresh yum? New Yums will be coming out every Monday starting July 26.

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Food Stop

When I arrived LA, my friends Rose and Gene picked me up at the airport and went straight to Downtown Disney. Here in Naples we ate late lunch and I ordered something that can fill me up. I can't remember the taste of my food but, I think it was alright. I was not that hungry that is why I can't recall the taste.

I don't eat ice cream but with Haagen Dazs, I can probably eat a serving. Well, this is Rose favorite ice cream and so, we dig in LOL! If my mood is eating ice cream, I love rocky road! Yummy!

First stop in LA, food treats! I love that vacation! It gives me a full relaxation from my 10 month work in the casino.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

SEO for Plastic Surgery Services

Have you noticed the generation of Hollywood stars in the 40's? The actresses were flawlessly beautiful. They have natural looks and they are contented with their looks. It maybe because spa and plastic surgery are not the trend of that generation. Nowadays, modern medical practice is everywhere and sought after by the people from all walks of life. Most of the Hollywood stars are not glamorous off camera. But since they are in the entertainment industry, they have the right to make the imperfections perfect. I have nothing against that and I truly respect their decision. As long as it makes them feel good and it can build confidence, I would still idolized them. For those men and women who are not in the limelight but seek the service of a plastic surgeon, I would truly understand. I can't pass judgement on them. They have personal reasons why they need to enhance their beauty and figure. Anyway, there are medical practitioners out there who need a plastic surgery seo for their Website. They need it so that their Website will be searchable and indexed correctly. There are potential patients out there who needs knowledgeable medical practitioners. If you are a surgeon, do something on your Website so that those who search for your service can reach you out!

Air Condition

Our AC is acting strange lately. In the house, our bedroom is the only room in the house that will not cool as it used to be. There are nights that I woke up sweating and when I checked the AC, it reads 74. The living room, kitchen area and the rest of the house feels chilly but, the temperature in our bedroom is not. We already called the AC service man twice but, he can't find the solution of the problem, There might be a damage tube that cause the cool air from leaking. It must be somewhere above that ceiling which prevents the cool air to run towards inside the bedroom. Well, we are still looking for a company who are knowledgeable on fixing AC problems. We are still looking for a reliable and has the skills to determine the problem of AC just like the service men of Round Rock AC. Right now, I turned the temperature into 70 to cool me down as I sleep even though the rest of the house are so cold. We close the ventilation's of the other rooms though so that they will not freeze. I am hoping that our AC will be fix soon or else, we will suffer the consequence of paying higher monthly bills.

Friday, July 23, 2010


I love the HD2 phone of my husband. First and foremost, the screen is big and a lot of display which are the most needed apps. The build quality is solid metal and glass and it is really true that there is no plastic bits to be found.

Here's more:

The 1 GHz Snapdragon processor is verified; in phone browsing speed is seamless; and a 576MB of RAM which is a huge contributing factor which allows multiple applications to be open at once.

HD2 is using an HTC Sense user interface on top of its Windows Mobile 6.5 Operating System. Which is an easy preloaded access to Windows Mobile productivity tools like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.HTC HD2 has a 4.3", 800 x 480 Capacitive Touchscreen with 5.0 MP Camera; microSD slot pre Loaded with 16GB which is super wow! It has Accelerometer, Proximity sensor, and Light sensor too. Plus it has a WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, GPS and many more.

HTC HD2 has a 3.5mm Headset and Micro USB Data/Charging Port. It has two movies pre-loaded: Transformers and Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. This phone is truly amazing!

Divorce Lawyer in Austin

We heard it over and over again, couple wanted a divorce for various reasons. I am open to the idea of divorce especially when one partner is not happy with the other. It would be between the two concern individual to decide whether to save the marriage or not. If you live in Texas, you can find divorce lawyer Austin in your area who listen and take your case in the right manner. I had a friend who divorced her husband because they can't stand to each other's behavior. Both had their share of arguments and they can't find means to resolved their indifference. The only solution is to give each other's space and time so that they will regain respect to each other. They don't have children and it is easy for them to make the process faster. Both parties agree and both are decided on their own will. It would be damaging to keep the marriage when one party wanted out. The other individual should let go and should not let the ego get in the way. There will be happiness beyond that moment. They made a good decision.

Angry Sky

There is a tropical storm that will hit the Gulf Coast this weekend! Bonnie would definitely hit the spill site. According to the news, tropical storm warning was in effect for some areas in Florida and Louisiana. The places such as the west coast from East Cape Sable north to Englewood; also Destin-Florida to Morgan City-Louisiana, including Lake Pontchartrain.

Here is the picture of the angry sky in my area. It would be worst to the places I mentioned earlier. In every storm, everyone should take extra precaution. Be safe everyone!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


When my father-in-law died, it was one of the saddest moments of our lives. We lived with him for almost two years and everyday we had fun activities to keep us busy. Both dad and my husband loves to dine out. We practically dine out almost everyday. We enjoyed eating seafoods such as crawfish, king crabs, oysters and lobsters. There are times that we just hang around in the house and played the Wii games. He loves bowling and we will trully miss him. As of this week, we are clearing his home and put it on the market for sale as soon as possible.

Did you know that we found antique mantle clock around the house? He died 90 years old so, some of his belongings are really as old as he was. His daughter took care of all his asset and put it all in the trust to divide it equally to all the siblings. Well, life must go on for the living and all we can do right now is to let him go with a prayerful heart.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


After quitting my job, I decided to go back to school. I wanted to pursue my Masters Degree and start the business that I dreamed to have. Of course I prefer not to live in a boarding school even though it is much better that way and gain privacy.

My friend Vivian who studied Education in UK, lived in a boarding school just like Alexanders School . We had a good communication for the past months now and she showed me her dorm room. It was a nice place and has a very quite environment. My friend loves her room because it is easy to maintain and has everything to it. Her place is located in a good location too. She can go to a store nearby and visit a park in walking distance.

It is different with me though. My place is gated and the grocery store is 15 minutes away. Anyway, I am just excited for this enrolment process and looking forward for my first day of class. I am hoping to finish this course with high marks.


One of the fun activities that I want to experience is to visit Alaska and use the snowboards. I lived in a tropical place all my life and when I moved here, I have been living in Orlando, Florida. No snow of course and if it is winter, the weather is just freezing but snow is seldom to happen. Anyway, my husband and I already planned to visit my brother-in-law in Missouri come winter time. I was so excited and looking forward for that visit. It will be an exciting moment for me if I can play the snow by the backyard and take pictures.

Here in Biloxi - Mississippi, we never have snow for years. Last Winter, when the weather man reported that there might be a chance that we will have 6 inches snow, many went excited! But, it never came! The weather only frozen the water by the canals and lakes. That is why when winter comes this year, I will be packing and heading to Missouri for sure! How about you? Share your experience while playing on snowboards.

Birthday Treat From HardRock Biloxi

Today, we had a good dinner and claim my free birthday treat from HardRock Hotel and Casino. Hard Rock has a good marketing offers for everyone! Birthday treat to the Satisfaction Buffet is just one of their amazing deals! I had a wonderful dinner for FREE and I won in one of their slot machines. How cool is that? I am not a big time winner but, I did enjoy my time in Hard Rock Biloxi today. Thanks Hard Rockers for an excellent service.

Glass Showcases

Every month, I make sure that I can send "Balikbayan" package to my family back home. I always send it to a store owned by a nice couple who have four adorable daughters. When the youngest needs more of her mother's time and support in the school, they decided to close their store. I can understand how hard it was to choose betwen family versus fianacial source of income. Of course, they have to chose one and that is to let go of the business.

Their store has a lot of glass showcases which are really elegant. They sell and mark it on sale as well as all the products inside the store. I was a little sad too knowing that it was the only store where I can trust to send my package. Lo and behold because the family decided to keep that service continue. Having that business do not demand much of their time because the customers can send the package through them by appointment.I was so relieved upon knowing that they will keep that business! Today, the couple has a quality time to spend to their daughters and enjoyed tracking their school activities.

My Maestro Guitar by Gibson

My husband gave me a birthday present which I truly love. He gave me a full size black colored acoustic guitar, a maestro made by Gibson. Music is my passion and strumming guitar is a forgotten hobby that I missed when I left the Philippines. I played guitar since my elementary years and I learned to read notes by practice.

Music became part of my life especially when I was in fifth grades. After school, I was always excited to go home and play my cousin's guitar. I had this crazy moment when I do not spend my snack allowance and saved it to buy a song magazine (wink). And everything will be alright as long as I can strum my guitar and sing my sad songs. When I was in high school, I joined a choral group and church choir and after the practice, we always take turns to strum our favorite music. It was fun! For me, the sound of music is soothing and I can be in a fantasy land where all I can feel is peace of mind and satisfaction!


We have a closefriend who phoned us early in the morning to rant about his experience that day. When he went out to pick his morning paper, he saw his mailbox shattered into pieces. The design of his mailbox is a Notre Dame Football helmet because he is a big fan of them. Anyway, he was so mad about it and asked us if we could help him order a durable mailbox online. Of course, we did not order the same mailbox but similar to the picture below.

The Residential Mailboxes are made and distributed with high quality at reasonable price by This company also provides commercial mailboxes. They have 2500 mailbox and curbside decor products which are available on line. If you are planning to purchase a new mailbox for your home, visit the link provided here and view their amazing mailbox designs. Check their products first because they offer unbelievable prices for an elegant design of Mailboxes. If you are looking for a post mount, column, multi-unit and wall mount mail boxes, they have it all. For more information about their products, just visit today.

Mc Donald's I Love

Back in the Philippines, Mc Donald's is one of my favorite fast food chains. I love the taste of their crunchy fried chicken and the tasty cooler goodies! I also love to collect their kid pack collectibles. I am still a child at heart by then, LOL! Right now, I am so over with the fun of collecting for myself but, I do buy them for my niece and nephews.
This is the McDonald's near Canal Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. I was just attracted to take the picture because when I stand in this angle, the tree is right at the middle, LOL! Just a shallow fascination (wink)!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Share Your Ville Video Contest

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Johnsonville Sausage. All opinions are 100% mine.

My husband and I love to hang out together. We usually do fun activities such as going to the beach, driving on the coast, go fishing and have dinner. The best activity that we love to do everyday is cooking and eating. Today, I saw my husband in the kitchen with Johnsonville sausage on his hand. He was cooking for our breakfast. I took my camera phone and started to take a video of him. Click the link below to see how he loves this product. He was actually caught off guard but, he never complain. He did not know that I will upload the video for his favorite sausage. When he saw this post, he was so proud and happy!

Do you like Johnsonville sausage too? Did you know that you can win cash and other fabulous prizes if you join the "Share Your Ville" Video Contest today? There will be 5 winners who will share the $21,000 CASH and Prizes. The Gander Mountain, Coleman, and Hefty will give the prize to the winners of Johnsonville “Share Your Ville” Video Contest. The winner of the Professional Category will take home $10,000 CASH· The first 50 videos will automatically receive a coupon for FREE Johnsonville. Hurry! This contest is open up to July 20th 2010 only.
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Water Lilies

I watched the water lilies bloom everyday. When I was growing up, our house is at the edge of Cagayan de Oro River. We have a small wooden window over looking the river view. Back then, the river was deep and clean. On the shallow waters, beautiful lilies grew wildly. Some smells good that when the wind blows, the smell of lilies floating like healing scents.
Sometimes, I would pick them and offer it to the altar. By just looking at the picture above, it reminds me of my younger days which were full of FUN TIMES!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sample Resume

I just quit my job from the casino few days ago and here I am, browsing to some of the sample resume online. I made a nice resume when I applied ten months ago in the casino and I need to update it. Resume is a vital tool for every applicant. It simply project the personality of the applicant and every entry on it is crucial. A resume can create a lasting impression or a factor for rejection. If you are looking for a job, make sure that you created a resume that speak about who you are. It is like a window of your personality and the total profile of your capabilities. If you are looking for a positive result then, make a presentable, accurate and updated resume. Good luck everyone!

Sun Regal Resort Review

It was May when I booked Sun Regal Hotel in Orlando for a 3-night stay with a very affordable room rates. I was not familiar with the hotel eventhough, I always roam around Downtown Disney area. Since it is a Disney hotel, I was so excited and I choose a tower view with two beds. When I checked in, the employee on the counter was not friendly! I showed her my reservation paper which she never attempted to read nor touch. Her action implied: "you fool, we don't need that"! -kind of attitude. Well, I knew why she never read the reservation paper! She gave me an ugly looking room. This is the bed and as you noticed, all wrinkled! My reservation of two beds? I got a single bed in this very tiny room with the view of the rooftop of the adjascent building! What a nightmare! I pick up the phone to complain! Bummer! There is no dial tone! Plus? All the guts inside the telephone is making a rattle noise, LOL! Is this really a Disney Hotel? Anyway, I went to the front desk and told the employee that I booked my room two months ago to get the right one and the room she gave me 912 is a disappointment! She replied, she can't do anything for me! Action Implied: " that's your room...take it or leave it"!
The whole stay in SUN REGAL HOTEL? Disaster! If they could have only given me the right reservation that I have in the paper, I would zip my mouth and have a good vacation in their resort! But, all the employees that I encountered were very mean and unprofessional! Oh by the way, they charge me for three days use of their resort! I call it hidden charges $15/night plus taxes. NOT WORTH IT! We did not use the resort! Telephone issue? Not fixed for the entire duration of our stay! That is an absolute DISASTER!

Men Pen Cosmetic

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of The Men Pen. All opinions are 100% mine.

The picture below is a cosmetic concealer stick for men. The pen concealer stick was developed 4 years ago and was made to hide skin imperfections specially for men. Women worries on blemishes most of the time and men discreetly share the same concerns too. For that reason, this concealer stick is a makeup tool made exclusively for men. This product is available in 17 different shades to choose from. You can purchase this product in mens cosmetics.
If your skin is prone to acne or if you are having problems with scars, this is the right product for you. If you want to hide your moles and if you have redness of skin, awkward with rough spots, and other sorts of blemishes, mens makeup all you need. This product is made mainly to help men improve their confidence and to make them feel good about their looks. Men are like women who worries on skin blemishes. Eventhough they are discreet on this problem, they too need products to hide imperfections of skin. For more information about this make up, visit the link provided here.
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Favorite Place

We went to Florida to see some houses and we already have some preference. Hubby and I really wanted to buy a property nearby the lake or beach just like this one. This is the place of our friend in Florida and she had a private dock for her boat. A tiki bar beside the lake is truly wonderful. We love fishing and this area is good for that activity. We went boating one afternoon and it was the best place that I wanted to unwind. I am hoping to find a place like this to call home.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Boomtown Donation For a Cause

One of the casinos in Biloxi donated 720 lbs of food to the United Ways initiative for Back Bay Mission. Boomtown Casino is located in Biloxi, Mississippi, one of the many properties owned by Penn National Gaming, INC. Penn acquired Boomtown Biloxi on August of 2000. This effort goes to show that Boomtown is not only committed to give fun and entertainment for guests but also, service to the community in need. By the way, this casino offers guest the thrill of penny and nickel games, $1 and $5 slot machines, Blackjack, poker, roulette and many more. If you happen to be in Biloxi, Mississippi, visit this casino and try your luck!

Bad Weather Adventure

My husband and I love to travel a lot. In between work days and day offs, we make it sure that we had time to do the things that we love doing. After I got out from work yesterday, we visited my FIL in his assisted living facility. I had a tear-jerking moment when he says, he hoped that we still can see him back alive! We told him we will be back in three days and he was relaxed! Anyhow, we managed to do our roadtrip late in the afternoon.

The picture above was taken while we are on the bridge which connects Biloxi and Ocean Springs, Mississippi. The black rain clouds were part of Hurricane Alex that reached Mississippi and Florida. As we drove to I-10, we crossed a heavy rain with zero visibility. The weather was so bad that we made a detour and rely merely on the map. Oh, I love reading the map and was actually enjoying the view of the tiny cattle and horse ranch along the way. I never sleep for almost 20 hours so, half of the time I doze to sleep. Picture taking was halted!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cheap Flights

Are you browsing the Internet to find cheap flights? Well, there is a company committed to give such services convenient and good deal to travelers like you. This company was launched more than a decade ago with one motivation: serving as a one-stop-shop for travelers. offers local and international flights, holiday bookings, travel insurance, car hire and so much more. If you are looking for booking services such as ski and cruise for your family or corporate travel adventure, check this Website now. Did you know that provides not only total convenience but also the best value for your travel adventures?

The list they cater is endless such as 75,000 airfares and offering to more than 118 countries. So, if you need to book singapore airlines or united airlines, have it here instead. Convenience and value is guaranteed! For more information on their services, visit the links provided here. Have fun and enjoy your savings.

We Need to go to Florida

We need to go to Florida today because we found a good deal apartment and is available for rent soon. We started our road trip after lunch and it's late but, we are doing okay. After 7 hours travel we still in the middle of Talahasse. I did not sleep for more than 24 hours now because while on the road, I blogged, tweeted and Face booking. Oh, we pass by an area where cellphones are totally dead and on the I-10, weather is so bad. Instead of using GPS, we use the map and I am loving it. We expect to arrive past midnight. Its raining bad right now.

Jacques Lemans Watches

Lately, as I have mentioned in my early posts, I love to collect branded watches as long as I can afford it. I prefer unique designs, quality of the item and authenticity. I have few cool watches and jacques lemans watch is another item which is great. The picture below is a cool watch that I wanted to purchase because it is made of stainless steel and the color black is really awesome.
It has a black patterned dial with luminous hands and black hour markers. It also has a precise Swiss Quartz movement, water resistant with scratch resistant mineral crystal. The crystals are Swarovski set in the bezel. I own a cool watch but nothing like this one. I do encourage you to visit the Website today and order a new cool watch. This company offers Free 2nd Day Shipping to Continental United States which is good. At Jacques Lemans Ladies Watches, you will find the coolest watches ever and the p[rice is absolutely affordable. Check it out now!

Disclosure Policy

is valid from 02 July 2009 This blog is a personal blog. For questions about this blog, please contact amiableamy in the message section. If my post has a sponsor, it may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content or advertising post may not always be identified as sponsored content. The owner of this blog provides opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question. It is the sole responsibility of the reader to weigh the product endorsements as legitimate. This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.